The Traveler's Tavern

(Yes, all of us currently are animals. But it's open to any type of being. Whatever you're more comfortable being, or something you just want to experiment with. So have fun with whatever you want to be if you want to join feel free. It's nice having a few people to interact with it makes things more interesting.)
(As long as you make it obvious who is who and interact with other people besides just your own characters that's fine! I was actually debating on bringing someone else in myself. Different colors for different characters would be pretty helpful actually, if you don't mind.)
(Very nice, post at any time. It would seem like you're up anyway. I look forward to rping with you and your characters!)
(How is it that no-one can tell that these are Vocaloids......) The door to the tavern opened at the triplets walked in, eyes gleaming sadly. The eldest triplet, SeeU led her two younger siblings to a table and sat with them. They conversed in low tones, some words loud enough to hear. "Death.......sadness.......hopelessness"
Aries looked up from the fox in front of her to see triplets walking in and going to a table. Her ears twitched slightly at them talking. She nodded towards the fox girl and padded over to the three. She smiled softly, not really knowing whether they wanted someone to interrupt or not but being the owner she had to see if they required anything. "Good evening ladies, is there anything I can help you with today?" She smiled brightly, bowing low in greeting. As she stood back up her tail wrapped around her waist like a belt. Her body relaxed slightly as she stood in front of them.
"Of course, just one moment please." The tigress quickly walked behind the counter grabbing three glasses on the way. She filled them all with water and set the glasses on a round tray. Her ears perked up as she returned. Aries held the tray with one hand and put each glass in front of someone. She smiled warmly at each of them, her green eyes open and friendly. "If there's anything else you need, please ask. I'll be buzzing around the tavern, and any questions you might have or if you'd like some company. My offer will always stand. Enjoy your water ladies." Aries bowed her head slightly before going back behind the bar to put the tray away.

From the back of the tavern came a low rumble. The sound of crunching twigs and brush was heard from the back of the kitchen. "Aries, where are you beautiful?" A sultry voice came from the back of the tavern. A taller woman came from the opening, and stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of all the people. "A.. yes, hello... Uhm I'll be in the kitchen Aries." She quickly turned. Her bright blue pixie cut flipping with how fast she turned. She hid in the kitchen waiting for the tigress to come into talk to her.
Aniasta had began eating she wasn't aware of anything that was going on and just enjoyed her new meal and drank some juice.
Lochrose finished his orange juice with a small lick of his lips. His canine tail swayed softly as he got up to put the glass on the counter. He looked over to Aries and mouthed a "thank you" silently. He sat down again and eyed everyone with golden eyes. There seemed to be a lot of new faces. He wasn't very social, but he enjoyed the happier atmosphere with so many people.
Aniasta looked at the boy as her fox tail swayed then went up to him and poked him,"hi.... Boy..."she said as her fox tail swayed.
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Aries took all of her customers in quietly, with a soft smile crossing her lips. She nodded towards Lochrose in acknoledgment before walking towards the back room. She laughed to herself at Ania poking the boy, for such a shy girl.. She was very straightforward. It was an endearing quality to the fox. The tigress sighed contently taking in the scene of her tavern before walking back to talk to her friend.
SeeU comforted her younger siblings, trying not to think of the terrible accident and stay strong for the two. Yukari wiped Ia's tears away with a flourish, knowing that people would ask what's wrong if they saw her crying. Ia nodded slightly in thanks then took a sip of water.
Liz watched the people from in the kitchen and was trying not to laugh at the fox and wolf interacting. Her piercing ice blue eyes roamed over the triplets and then back to her friend coming into the kitchen. "Looks like business is going well Aries, it's about time our little tavern took off." She grinned happily, her slightly pointed teeth gleaming in the light. After all they had opened the tavern as a way to keep someone from buying it and a way to keep all their friends and family in contact with each other.

The woman stretched slowly, her muscles tensing in her back. She was tired after traveling so long, she came from her home and it was quite a fly to get here. She missed her old time friend though, and knew the fly was well worth it. She leaned back against the sink and looked her friend in the eye waiting for her response.

Aries nodded with a small sigh. "It's going well, better than we had hoped. It's really amazing Liz. It's really great having new faces to see beside the family. I do miss everyone though, maybe I'll go on another mercenary mission with the guys one of these days just to get out for a bit. I think some fresh air and roaming would be good for me. Well not now obviously... I have to take care of business. Why don't you get some sleep though Liz, your room is always open to you." The tigress gave the dragon a quick hug before going out into the main room again.

The tigress walked over to the triplets, she saw a tear being wiped away from one of the girls cheek. She thought it best to not ask questions, unless they wanted to talk about it she wasn't going to pry. "Is there anything else I can get you ladies? Some juice, something to eat, a room? Anything at all?" Aries put on her award winning smile, she just wanted to see them smile. They looked so sad, and Aries wanted to cheer them up but didn't know how to.
Lochrose's ear twitched at Aniasta's poking. "Hey...girl..." he mocked, poking her back with a childish grin that showed off his gleaming teeth. He looked at her with a challenging smile, declaring silently a poke war.

(lol dramatic moment >w< and yeah, POKE WARZ ROOL moohahhaaa~)
(Momizi could you make your posts a little bit longer please? A bit more depth into thought or their mannerisms/actions, it makes it a little easier to interact with your characters.)

Aries nodded once more, her smile faltering a bit. Her long tail twitching slightly until it wrapped around her waist, comforting her. She turned slowly and walked back to the bar. She smiled towards Ania and Lochrose at their little poking war. The tigresses ears fell back a little more than usual, but she but on her best smile and went behind the bar. She grabbed a notepad from under the counter and sat quietly. Her fingers flipped the pen over and over as her green eyes focused on nothing in particular. She sat in her own world, waiting for someone to need assistance.

Lochrose paused the poke war for a little bit. He looked over towards Aries," Watcha doing?" he said while he scratched the back of his right ear. Loch stood up and walked over to the tiger girl and leaned over into her ear, "Helllooooo?" His tail swished back and forth, like the soft tempo of a melancholy song.

(Loving this rp >w< and Lochy has headphones :D and ya, his name is pronounced "lock-rose" not "lach-rose" just to clarify -3-)

(heya, could everyone clarify their characters ages plz? im confuzzled and it could be a little easier to talk :DDDDDD)
(erm well Aniasta is about 20 so she's ellegable to drink)

Aniasta blinked,"pffft I win"she mumbled smirking as her tail swayed. Aniasta then yawned a bit tired from her day of randomly walking around.
(sorry sometimes I get really bad writers block....)

Yukari brought out her sketchbook and started to draw a lifelike picture of a black swallowtail butterfly. Ia watched her sister earnestly, amazed by her skill at drawing. It was a true gift, like her own gift of song. SeeU watched her two younger siblings closely.

(SeeU is 16 and Yukari and Ia are 15)

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