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The Republic of Lyceria -A Roman Republic Themed RP-

The Republic of Lyceria
All know of the Republic of Lyceria, even the empires so distant as to be of legends. The peninsular or Lycia was once a divided region, ruled by cheifs and Kyrian Republics with no one leader, nor one faction in any position to conquer the region. In time, however, one of the Kyrian Republics, The Republic of Lyceria, had began to grow, it had skilled Generals and had supplied its men with effective arms. While its Tactics were brutal and quickly formed enemies they were just as effective and the strong position of its Capitol resulted in every attempt at conquest being a Lycerian Victory. While not all offensives resulted in success, they were enough and before long it reached Coast to coast. In time they would conquer the south, victory by victory. By this time Lyceria was known throughout the sea of Mycuria. Their Next great difficulty was the powerful and unified Hypurian Cheif, who were prone to infighting but quick to unify against outside threats. The War against the Hypurians was summed up in three battles. First, the Battle of Grecia, an easy victory for the Lycerian forces and resulted in the Slaughter and Enslavement of the people of Grecia. Second was the Seige of Sepuria, Hypurian forces managed to capture the northern Lycerian City of Sepuria before being forced out of the City due to Lycerian control of the Cities supply lines and the size of the aproaching army against the smaller Hypurian one that had been mustered in a hurry. Then, after a series of smaller engagements, the two forces squared off in full before the city of Tylerica, both forces comparable in size, equipment and training, yet Lycerian Forces managed a decisive Victory. This was managed by the Lycerian Commanders quick thinking after what looked to be the beginnings of the end, pulling his forces back across a shallow river before rallying them to face the charging Hypurian Force, this allowed the Lycerian Forces the strength of their sheild wall, the high ground and forced their enemy to be fighting from the edge of a river. Once they had won this battle the City of Tylerica surrendered and was swiftly followed by the surrender of the rest of the Hypurian Cities. Now the Republic has reign over the entire Peninsular and many regions beyond but the Poltical system is rotting at the core and it is only a matter of time before some form of reformation, but what.

The RP
You will be playing either a Regional Governor, A Lycerian General, a member of the Senate or some combination of the three. Once you have told me what you wish to be and I have an estimate of the players I will create different regions, armies and wealth sources for you to claim, with some spare for NPC characters that will be open for later joiners to take control of. The setting is similar to Rome before the Caesar-Pompey war. The specific facts of these wealth sources and regions will be kept vague, ergo no specific numbers to encourage RP over Min-Maxing. The Regions will have pros and cons, such as resources or instability. I will encourage you to form factions within the politics of Lyceria and I will personally have atleast one faction being used for story telling purposes but feel no expectation to join it. I know this is far from complete but if you have any questions shoot them at me. We will all be working 'together' to develop the Nation of Lyceria but successful military campaigns or political victories will gain you power more then it will give the Republic power. If you end up with enough support to risk a civil war and win, you can round up and execute your enemies, reward your allies and so forth but the players will still have plenty of roles to play and reforming a nation through civil strife will not lead to a stable land

Wars, Battles, Election and the like will be mediated by me with results based on the information you give me as to how you approach and solve the given situation with the resources at hand

Please state your interest below!

Nation Building - The Republic of Lyceria (OOC)
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Welcome all! Please get a basic CS up and I will look forward to seeing you all. I am planning on waiting atleast a couple weeks before starting due to where I work getting a bit focused around the end of the year so the question I have to ask is Should I start towards the start of the holidays or toward the end? I know some people may be away or busy during the holidays so its good to get an idea.
Well my Holidays are pretty busy so without y'all voting I have decided to aim for the end of my holidays for the start, which is about 7th of January so dont think this is dead. It aint!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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I'd love to get more info on it.
Welp ask any questions, specifics like how provinces will be divided, where legions will be who will control them and how many, etc. Are all being worked on ATM.
However, to try and reel you in here is a hastily edited edition of the WIP map
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