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Fandom The Ranos Region: A Pokemon Roleplay

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Action, Adventure


Welcome to The Ranos Region, a region of both high technological advancement and a region swamped with Pokemon from all regions. It is rumored that even legendary pokemon have laid eggs in this region, so it is the perfect place to explore and find out about rich pokemon culture and research the possibility of new legendary pokemon being born. Also explore our wonderful gyms and participate in the yearly pokemon league tournament should you beat the gym leaders, batteling against trainers like yourself for a chance to become champion.

Hi all, this is a roleplay I've been thinking about doing for a while, been super into pokemon my whole life and I'm hoping to do a successful pokemon roleplay. So starting off I want to let everyone know that this will essentially be a starter level roleplay meaning you can have your starting pokemon but all at fairly low levels, most of the roleplay will take place between character interactions, catching new pokemon, and progressing through the gyms as well as dealing with baddies. All pokemon will be avaliable in the beginning excluding legendary's, just because I don't want any super powerful pokemon running around at the start. This includes fan made pokemon should you want to come up with something yourself, as well as any new forms of pokemon (Ranos Region Pikachu for example or something) that you come up with. That being said leveling will be done off screen really, your pokemon should go up around 6-7 levels in between gyms for you to beat them, but I won't be making the gym battles easy either, I may incorporate the gym missions from the newest game to make them a bit more challenging outside of regular battles. As for anything else if you have questions just ask.


Would be interested in this roleplay. I've had a interest in Pokemon for awhile and with Sword and Shield out, might be well to pick up a pokemon roleplay again.


I would like to ask a few questions for you @Blackvelvet while you are working on the character sheet.

1) Does the 1st pokemon technically have to be the popular starting types (ex; the Grass/Fire/Water trio from each region, Pikachu, Eevee, ect) or can we start with any pokemon as long as it isn't a full stage or legendary?

2) Would we be collecting our pokemon through the lab as like in the game? And if so, can a trainer have a second (yet weak) pokemon with them before collecting their pokemon from the lab if they choose?

3) Since we have a lot of interest in the roleplay, are we going to have a limit of one character per account? I did originally plan to play as twins or siblings, each having their own goals in mind, but I have a backup just in case.

4) Would it be alright if our character had another goal in mind (maybe they choose not to be a Pokemon Champion, but rather, a pokemon breeder or researcher instead, Just as long as it doesn't take away from the main focus of the RP too much)?

5) How will catching pokemon work in this roleplay? Same with the pokemon battles. I am curious to see how you will approach this.

That is all.


@NovaBlast I didn't answer any of these in the rules, which I should have done, but I may update it to include these:

1. Any level 1-10 pokemon is acceptable, so long as its not legandary or full stage, though I would like to stay away from pokemon that are generally of a higher level/ full grown (Kangaskhan for example) if at all possible.

2. You can start with as many as you want, but again within that 1-10 range and not overly powerful, some trainers may have had pokemon when they were young and such even though they didn't train them, and you may not even get your pokemon from the lab, such as in the new game the pokemon are givin to you by the region champion.

3. No limit on characters as long as you can handel them, I may elect to bring in a co-gm if it gets too out of hand.

4. The focus of the roleplay is going to be on the interactive part as well as battles, 50/50 for the most part, so yes its fine if they don't want to become champion and have a different goal in mind because there will still be battles outside of the gyms and lots of interactions.

5. Catching pokemon will be on a want basis, I don't intend to tell someone they cant have a certain pokemon (except legendaries, cant have 20 mewtwo's flying around can we), I expect any catches to be written though, just so I know and in the middle of a battle you don't suddenly pull out a pokemon that has a type advantage just because. As for battles they can be done collaboratively (through pm) or in character (don;t expect much detail for this) if collaboration isn't possible. You could also use resources like pokemonshowdown to do your battles, but thats up to you, I will still expect it in some for of writing.

I hope that answers everything.

. D O V E

I, Dove, willingly join hands with the players of this RP to create a piece that will forever be remembered by future generations and also would like to be the best pokemon pageanter of all time

Edit: The baka below me shamelessly pulled me here


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I'm with Dove on this one

Consider me sold and interested! Won't be making a gym focused character but a trainer nonetheless

Rosa Kane

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I too would like to place all blame, curses, vendettas, blood grudges, and associated fault for my presence here at @AI10100 's feet.

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