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300297874_629575588735885_5259229132579031930_n.jpg Welcome to The Purple Duck Inn!! I'm Nakia Niteshade. I am a mage, and I've studied alchemy. I also owe this inn. We have food, drink, and a room for travelers to refresh themselves. We also have a wide variety of goods for sale.
Don't worry too much if you don't have the coin to pay. A hard days work is fair currency at my Inn. There's only the twins: Lexie and Jaxs, Zoey and her younger litter mate Miss Blue, and myself to work the Inn and farm.
There are caves and a vast forest to explore as well. Items found in these locations I will price fairly, or trade my goods for. As I said I'm a mage and amateur alchemists, so I have potions and enchanted items of good quality made in my workshop.
I hope you will enjoy your stay, and we are always up for a great adventure story if you wish to share it over a pint and meal.
300681306_2912550585707661_7966940882741532859_n.jpgZoey is an anthro feline. She is learning how to enchant soil and plants. She loves flowers and fruit trees for their bright colors. She can be quite sassy as well if you get on her unpleasant side, or threaten her litter mate.
305524013_1511511945976106_5356842248224205337_n.jpg Miss Blue was the runt of the litter. Zoey would defend her against the others in their litter when they were still kittens. Miss Blue has a real skill for alchemy and coaxing the best of the herbs her older litter mate brings her. She loves the smells of cooking food almost more then eating it. Weird kitty.
300573597_490426459251767_3603088113650889233_n.jpg303787399_646394726772404_3311197066525307088_n.jpgJaxs and Lexie are twin Faye. They enjoy playing with the animals which causes the animals to produce higher quality products from them. Such as sweeter milk and softer wool. They, of course, enjoy their pranks. Which is why all the ducks are now purple. We all found it funny and cute. They couldn't figure out how to change them back, so yes that is where the inn got it's name sake, and no you weren't mistaken if you happen to see a purple duck waddling behind the stables into the stream. They make very handy servers as well. Quick and very polite to customers.

The Purple Duck Inn is an hour's walk south of the town Hullbeck. The inn consists of 3 structures.
The main structure is the inn itself. A 2 story building with dining and a bar on the first floor. On the 2nd floor are clean rooms with soft beds, pillows and warm blankets. At the back of the inn is a shop area filled with goods of all kinds including enchanted items, potions, preserved foods, and herbs.
To the left of the main building are clean stables for traveler's animals to rest and be rejuvenate. There is a clear stream that runs to the side of the stables always insuring fresh water for animals.
To the right is the workshop where most of the goods are hand made by the inn keep and her apprentices.
At the back of the buildings stands the farm. It has a small orchard, a good sized field, a barn with an open fenced off area with a few cows, sheep, ducks, and horses roaming around.
(all artwork in this post was created by me)
Episode 1 (2 possible quests OPEN)
Jaxs and Lexie always rise with the sun to feed and play with the animals before the inn started to serve breakfast. They grabbed the baskets filled with bread crumbs left to dry over night for the ducks, and fluttered excitedly outback towards the barn.

Zoey and I arose not long after making our way down to the main dining area. As we entered Zoey went off to the back to gather ingredients for breakfast. I waved my hand over chairs stacked on top of tables as I walked passed. They levitated sliding gently into their places against the tables. I made my way behind the bar grabbing a big pot from a cabinet setting it on the stove along with a skillet that hung above the stove. Zoey made several trips leaving the ingredients for scrambled eggs, hash browns, and portage. A basket of eggs, jug of milk, tub of hand churned butter, sack of sugar, sack of oats, and sake of potatoes were lined up neatly along the bar ready for use. Breakfast was always simple, but it would keep you full at least until lunch.

Miss Blue dashed down the stairs almost running into her older litter mate. She was very excited about getting to the workshop. She had been working on a way to make potions "not so icky", as she put it, by infusing the juice of fruits into them with out taking or adding to the potions original purpose. I am very impressed to say she's gotten quite close.

As I turned to start prepping the stove with fire wood the twins dart in chittering worriedly about signs of a wolf pack in the area. They exclaimed there had seen fresh paw prints next to the fence on the far backside of the enclosed area the livestock roamed around in. All four of us dash to the workshop where I informed Miss Blue about the activity, and instructed her to take care of the inn until we came back. Zoey grabbed 2 milky white stones the size of an adult's palm off a shelf as I went for the crossbow hanging on the wall by the back door of the workshop.

We headed to the barn. I instructed Jaxs and Zoey to go west of the barn until they say more signs of wolves, or came with in sight of the caves. They were to bury the stone in the ground and return to the barn. Lexie and I would do the same to the east. Once both stones were buried I would activate them creating a perimeter barrier around the whole property. The barrier would then alert me to anything entering. I just hoped I wouldn't have to keep it up for long. It's a major drain, and Zoey isn't trained enough to help with it. We met back at the barn to check over the animals, and so I could activate the barrier.

While I was explaining to Zoey what my method was, you should never pass up a good teaching opportunity, Lexie and Jaxs finished feeding the animals. Jaxs fluttered up to me as I finished. He expressed worry for a sheep that had a deep wheezing cough. We went to take a look. It turned out it wasn't just one. There were at least 2 out of the 5 that had the same cough. Jaxs looked very worriedly at me. I reassured him Miss Blue is more than capable of whipping up a medicine to make them better before it can spread.

We returned to the inn where Miss Blue was stirring portage. Zoey and I took over as I explained to her what was going on, and about the sheep. She frowned informing me that yes it wouldn't be a problem, but we were out of the mushrooms that only grow wild in the forest to the east of the inn. I sighed a bit telling her to go ahead and start on the medicine. We would get the mushrooms just as soon as we could. She nodded as she walked back to the workshop.

Zoey and I took over the cooking finishing the portage moving on to scrambling eggs, frying potatoes, and setting up the bar for breakfast as the first early risers came down...

Quest 1: Go with Zoey to help dispatch the wolf pack. Wolf pelts, teeth, claws and bones can be traded or sold at the shop.

Quest 2: Go with the twins to gather the mushrooms needed for the medicine. Anything else scavenged can also be traded or sold.

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