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Realistic or Modern THE POLE-VAULT, a paranormal expedition into an alternate reality.


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EXPEDITIONARY GROUP - "Task Force 88", in preparation for 'vaulting' of the ice wall.

'TYPIS ORBIS TERRARUM', an ancient cartographer's depiction of the 'Types Of Land' outside of Existan.



[Contents have been eradicated from the record. Almost everything pertaining to the expedition has been redacted, the ambiguous nature of the operation exists only as a ubiquitous enigma - abstract though somewhat tangible through what you can piece together. The liminal report itself, which you hold, is the physical manifestation of such curious wonder.]

Centuries ago, perhaps millennia, our ancestors discovered the ice wall. Until recent memory, and before our realm of Existan was reduced to a paranormal wasteland (through nuclear armageddon), our most elite brainiacs uncovered a terrifying truth. It was startling for every soul residing on what we now realize is a globe. Not a Plane of Existence, but a planet suspended amidst the Borealis. We had speculated for years regarding the curvature of our world that there just had to be more out there. Until Aksaistan, a realm beyond the wall, upon completion of their radar array, had transmitted a radio message to all whom it concerned. Our scientists revealed to (not the plane, but what we now realize as 'another' world) the existence of additional planes enveloped by their own ice wall. Alternate realities some may argue. Immediately we mobilized our troops to the polar fringe to 'vault' the pole. Countless expeditions were sent over the wall yet - none returned. Governments at the time tried burying the information and dismissing the whole ordeal as a rampant ideological conspiracy. Then Aksaistan delivered to us a revelation. An encryption was sent, then decoded. A single diagram.

This was the message:

The diagram features one side of the planet, multiple 'other worlds', the Aethertica*, and (right) the map of Aksaistan.
*Aethertica - thousands upon thousands of miles of barren snowscapes which separate the different planes.
Alifa, Brevei, and Chiylij (outposts), featuring former expedition routes (possibly Aksaistani).

Information was vastly misunderstood. Only that we could access the Aethertica through 'pole vault' but, since the disappearances, not a soul would again authorize the motion. Is it possible that our former research groups managed to reach the outposts? 'Hyperborea' seemed to be their understanding of the Outside (space). Otherwise, a lot was left to speculation. I think it gnawed at us all. The uncharted exploration, the will to endeavour, to uprise against the oppressive regimes that confined us so cruelly. And so or otherwise, the passionate unrest eventually griped our little realm of Existan, and decades of war turmoiled into tragedy. It all ended with a tumultuous nuclear cacophony. The ice wall had partially melted, paving the way to salvation, although the consequence was that 90% of Existan had been raptured by tidal waves and tsunamis. We had our freedom - though at what cost? We hardy few managed to survive the... phenomena. That spawned. The fallout wasn't the only thing to plague our now-extinct realm.

We crossed the High Barrier roughly a week ago and established camp about two miles from the ice wall. I think the group has decided - Alifa is our mission.


THANK YOU ERM for reading my idea for a post-apocalyptic paranormal alternate-reality survival-horror set in the arctic exclusion zone idea:3!! there's a bunch more I want to explain still tho reckon it's more intriguing to discover the mystique through group therapy roleplay. Aethertica is an utter hellscape. It will be disturbing (containing themes of psychological horror and violence). the expedition to Alifa will be treacherous. yea this is a scary one. perhaps.

best way to explain it is silent hill meets STALKER. and resident evil says "hi" also SOMA (perhaps) joins the chat. ever seen Annihilation (2018)? yep:3 these are the media that inspired this interest check (also my dreamshahahahah) so yippie if you get it - otherwise drop a question below! im hoping we can help build the story together and throw in your own spooky devices as well. if this garners enough interest ill release the character sheet and post an OOC link to le discord.

once again thanks for reading and I hope we can collaborate soon<3

EDIT: here's only the flesh. we'll exhume the true meat of the roleplay when creating our characters as more will be explained to properly tailor your OC. dm me for information too or if youre interested

CHARACTER CREATION: Realistic or Modern - EXPEDITE TO ALIFA, CS; a paranormal expedition into an alternate reality
OUT OF CHARACTER: Join the PVexpedition Discord Server! (a whole load of new information too).
ONSITE OOC: Realistic or Modern - EXPEDITE TO ALIFA, OOC; a paranormal expedition into an alternate reality
MAIN ROLEPLAY THREAD: Realistic or Modern - EXPEDITE TO ALIFA, a paranormal expedition into an alternate reality.
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This is super cool!! I always thought the ice wall was way too interesting of a concept for conspiracy theorists to keep for themselves!
Would love to hop on if there's still room??

Oh my god this is sooo cool! If you're still accepting I'd love to join!

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