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Fandom The Originals long term roleplay!

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Meta-Magic Eight Ball
Hey there everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I’m looking for a roleplay based off the hit TV show the Originals. I am a new fan to the show so no spoilers. I’m a twenty one year old female so I do ask that you are 18+. I seek long term romantic partners only.

I do however have partner requirements these are as follows: third person past tense is a must, detail is also a must as I am literate to advanced. I can use anything between 2-6 paragraphs it really depends on you and the quality of your replies. I do also ask for oc x canon pairings. With me as the oc and you as the canon. Love triangles ideally are a must. Side characters are also important we should both share these.

I have had far too many bad experiences with doubles. I can do them but as of late I have had no luck. My oc ends up neglected all the time. So please note that while I can double, it really would be my preference to put my experience with doubles to bed. I’d love to be able to really focus on my oc for just once.

I’d love to ship primarily with Elijah or Klaus. But I have been wanting to experiment with Kol and Jackson lately! As I’d like to try some stuff with the witches and wolves instead of being a doppelgänger which is what I do usually go with! This is to avoid spoilers for new fans. Anyway that’s it’s from me! I’d love to hear from some of you soon.


New Member
Hi I'm interested i only do doubles so if you don't want to roleplay that is completely fine I understand. but I do prefer a simular amount of attention to both oc's

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