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Stalking my prey silently in the night.
Here we will talk about anything plot-related and hash out idea's for more drama/conflicts. After all, the decreased population of wolves has been noticed by many animals, including those of prey...​


Stalking my prey silently in the night.
Thanks I was waiting for the start and never got the mention. Just give time I just got home
lol all good, like I said I know how the notifications can be iffy, so if any of you ever feel like I may be tagging you too much just let me know. I only do it because not getting such notifications can kill an rp super fast.


Stalking my prey silently in the night.
hey guys, I will try and get a post up today or tomorrow, life has kinda taken a turn on me, but I definitely do not want this to die! SSOOO I will do my damndest to get up posts.


Stalking my prey silently in the night.
Darkness_Hollow Darkness_Hollow LadyLynx LadyLynx Wolfiee Wolfiee SugaISAMOOD SugaISAMOOD Hey guys, I vanished for a bit due to health reasons but I am back in the game. What I want to know is if you guys want to try and continue this rp idea or perhaps see if we can't switch to something a tad different. I would still entail wolves gaining powers, but I think we need to go about it differently somehow. There doesn't seem to be a lot of people interested in this idea.


Stalking my prey silently in the night.
I’m fine with whatever and I will like to keep my characters
I'm still interested, and would like to keep my characters ~
Okay, well I plan to change the idea up a lot... perhaps switch it to where the powers are elemental based instead. I have a rough idea in mind...if you guys are interested and don't mind changing a little bit of the history to your wolves. This is the idea I toss to you guys, let me know if you like it. I am hoping that this may catch people's interest more.

Welcome to the land of elemental wolves otherwise known as Corvina.
Long ago there was a legend of two very special wolves who were mated by density. They held power over seven different elements each, they were seen as the Ultimate Alphas of all the wolves.

However, a male was blinded by jealousy and killed Landon, Celcia in a maddened rage killed the tri-powered wolf, and wolves who were of more than one element became shunned.
Soon after Celcia vanished from the world and all the wolves began to fight among themselves. Wolves who were once friends became enemies and enemies became friends.
Separate packs were formed among the elemental wolves. There were fifteen packs created, as there were a total of fourteen different elemental types and one pack of mixed elementals. Those of the FallenMoon Pack vanished soon after they created their pack though. No one knows if they were hunted down, or simply put up a barrier against any who may want to harm them simply because they were mixed elementals.

As time went on the events of the past soon were forgotten along with the pack of mixed-powered wolves. It was known that if you were a mix powered wolf, then you best stay away from the other packs. Somehow a rumor was started about the return of ultimate Alphas once again. Two wolves born to be mated, each holding power over seven different elements. They are to reunite the packs of Corvina once again and create peace for all. But that doesn't actually mean it all has to go as planned right? After all who wants to have their fate written in stone for them before they are even born! Though something seems to be changing, their world is acting stranger than usual. Storms are stronger, summers seem to be getting hotter, winters are lasting longer. Most of all...wolves seem to be vanishing out of thin air with no clues left behind as to where or why... Some are blaming it on the rumors, others are hoping these rumors of the ultimate alphas returning are true. As they wish to once again be as one with the other wolves.



Stalking my prey silently in the night.
While we would get to all the other packs eventually, for the time being, the focus would be on FallenMoon(Mixed Elementals), ShimmerVale(Illusion Elementals), and SunLotus(Light Elementals)
Those in the ShimmerVale, don't really hold anything against those of the Mixed Elemental's and have in fact accepted a few mixed elementals into their ranks. They know that those of mixed kind aren't to blame for the vanishing of the Ultimate Alphas. It was simply an act of one jealous-filled wolf that ruined their world. The SunLotus Pack, however, despises those of mixed elements. feeling they are impure and a stain upon history.

Ice - You control ice, you can withstand immense cold temperatures and the hot temperatures don't hurt you much either unless others are wanting you to use your powers to keep them cool.

Fire - You control fire, this can make your body immune to normal cold weather and the colder new winters don't bother you much unless wolves are sticking to you for your warmth all the time.

Wind - This gives you the ability to move at super high speeds. Along with being able to cut off the air around an opponent or simply cause the winds to be gentle or harsh. It even grants you short periods of flight at times.

Nature - You can manipulate plants or grow them. You can also sometimes form a connection with another wild animal and communicate with it. But this is a rare side of the power and takes a good amount of time in order to train with it.

Earth - This power gives you the ability to move the very dirt and rock below your paws. So even if you are blinded or deafened by an enemy the ground can tell you their movements.

Water - You have complete control over water and can even breathe in water. You can control the temperature as well but aren't able to control ice.

Electricity - Your ability lies within electricity, causing pulsing waves electric shock, lighting from the sky, or just a simple little zap of static.

Light - You are able to provide light to those around you. You can even bring them warmth and light the darkest nights. Your body tends to hold a glow around it.

Shadow - You have control over the darkness, blending with shadows or stealing away the light of day.

Poison - You are able to form different types of poisons. They can hurt, kill, or simply put another to sleep.

Healing - This gives you the ability to heal yourself and other's wounds. But it also has the power to make you empathetic and other wolves tend to feel relaxed around you.

Fog/Mist - This allows your character to control fog/mist or even make your body fade into it. You can even see through the thickest fogs with ease while others struggle.

Illusion - The ability to create illusions depending on how strong your power is, is if they are tangible.

Space/Gravity - This allows you to teleport yourself or someone you are with. You can also trap a wolf or prey within an area that contains heavy gravity. It has no effect on you but can be very effective on others.

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