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Fandom The Hazbin Hotel - Casual Group RP

funny thing is, I watched Hazbin Hotel and liked the premise of an Overlord being missing, so he will arrive at the Hotel, being missing for a decade
He sounds really cool, ngl. I can play my Oc Molly McToutle. She's a fox demon, also a sinner. In life she was a pyromaniac.
Nice, Joshua, or Josh is also a Dealmaker demon, he usually carries a golden cane with deep crimson Nordic Runes on it
He also primarily listens to the radio, enjoying the broadcasts of Alastor
I actually based him Off Alastor, while also enjoying Inventing Like Pentious
Yep, He Enjoys Classical music and Various Genres of Metal Music
...and has an extensive armory of Angelic weapons, including some made by him
by the way, would you like to see some of his demonic forms?
download (8).jpegthis is his full demon form, he also has wings being a fallen angel, usually you might get him in his 2nd demonic form (Picture above this)

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