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Fandom The Hazbin Hotel - Casual Group RP

Fluffy Cookies

Angelic Demon
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It's really just gonna be average days at the Hazbin Hotel with maybe some events and stuff. Honestly, I think this will be fun and I hope you will consider joining. If you wanna answer these questions here, that'd be nice: Do you have any rules/boundaries? Do you have a specific time you're most active on-site? Et cetera. This is mostly for fun and I don't really have any plans for this, but I don't know. I figure we'll just go along and see how it goes. If you do have any plans or anything that you'd like, you can always ask or make suggestions.

This is just a re-opened thread for NickIsTired NickIsTired

I will allow Ocs too. Specifically to have my own Oc shipped with Alastor. No need for character sheets, personality can develop over time, but I do want a picture of your character in ANY style. I'll also allow AU characters as well.

Open Characters:
Charlie Morningstar
Angel Dust
Cherri Bomb

Taken Characters:
Sir Pentious

My Oc: Isabella
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Btw, could I be the child of Alastor and your OC or is that not okie with you?
i was thinking either husk or lucifer, or an oc
btw, here is my picture of Mirabelle, the daughter of Isabella and Alastor!

(Btw, Mirabelle is albino. If you don't mind it, that is)

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