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Fandom ๐‘ป๐‘ฏ๐‘ฌ ๐‘ฏ๐‘จ๐‘ต๐‘ฎ๐‘ฐ๐‘ต๐‘ฎ ๐‘ป๐‘น๐‘ฌ๐‘ฌ โ€” the 100th HUNGER GAMES


๐’…๐’†๐’”๐’•๐’Š๐’๐’š ๐’Š๐’” ๐’•๐’‰๐’† ๐’๐’๐’๐’š ๐’Ž๐’š๐’•๐’‰.
the hanging tree
a century in the light
the 100th hunger games
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In penance for the Districts' avarice twenty-five years prior, resulting in the destruction of themselves and the Capitol, this year's pool of Tributes shall consist of past Victors and their loved ones. These Tributes represent a century of Panem's victories and serve to remind the Districts of the fruits the Capitol bears.


With the 100th year of The Hunger Games upon Panem, the people can barely remember the dull flames of the Rebellion. Those who do will tell you that nothing has changed โ€” if any, it has gotten worse. The attempted Rebellion twenty-five years past only resulted in worser conditions for the people today. The Capitol has carried on as it always had, with President Snow still at the helm, despite being 108 years old. Climate change is an undiscussed, undisclosed phenomenon that has made living conditions worse, and those conditions are only worsened by the reconstruction done after the Rebellion. Dissent is futile, sometimes even ridiculed, but not everyone forgot the hope of the Rebellion. There is a desperation creeping up the throats of every District citizen, and the straw that breaks Panemโ€™s back is the Fourth Quarter Quell. This will be the year when the Districts attempt a class Revolution.

Outfitted with the pageantry traditional to each Games, the Fourth Quarter Quell promises all the more opulence and celebration. Districts have been worked to the bone in preparation for the Centennial. There is promise, however, of surplus food, new clothes that are befitting of a celebration, raffles for much needed items and even items that are typically only afforded to the Capitol. There is the promise of the additional Renaissance Gala that will be held the night before the Interviews of the Quarter Quellโ€™s Tribtues. Despite the garrishness of such an event, the Festivals in each District will wipe away any feelings to the contrary, providing much-needed meals and enough dance and drink to heal all the wounds. Overall, the Centennial and its accompanied Games are expected to subdue the Districts, unlike the last Quarter Quell.

In fact, people were so preoccupied with the promises of a cornucopia, they almost forgot about the caveat that accompanies any Quarter Quell: the sadistic twist, which after a century will be felt as a knife in the gut. This theme is not solely for the profiting off of nostalgia. While you won't find Cesar Flickerman and Brutus Templesmith discussing the 3rd Quarter Quell, this Quell's theme is clearly a message to those who still recall the glory of struggle, the beauty of Rebellion. This 4th Quarter Quell is tantamount to a redo, a clean-slate version of the same theme, only more twisted. It is not just your children, or your Victors, but you โ€” any of you who associate with the wrong people. The Games is no longer a simple bloodbath, but a political statement. This is apparent to anyone selected โ€” each Tribute has been chosen with a direct message or benefit in mind, and each will be expected to film a series of propos, to be treated as guests of honors and celebrities, prior to the Games. They are, after all, pawns in a much bigger game.

These Tributes won't be so quick to the slaughter, though. No, in an attempt to repeat history, many of these Tributes are rebels, or at the very least, contrarians to the Capitol doctrine. As a collective, they will light the match that leads Panem into a true Revolution.


THE HANGING TREE is a canon-divergent The Hunger Games roleplay set 25 years after the events of Catching Fire. It follows a cast of Tributes who are Reaped for the 4th Quarter Quell. The plot will follow these Tributes as they attempt to start a Revolution โ€” not just a Rebellion. This Revolution's exact political doctrine is to be determined, but it will be based on class liberation. It will also be a decentralized movement, likely with each participating Tribute acting more as a beacon of hope and an organization leader rather than the leader (so everyone is a piece of a larger pie, but no one gets a single say). This Revolution has learned from the mistakes of the past โ€” i.e. trusting District 13 with all manners of leadership โ€” and will rely on everyone's participation at all levels. The goal of this Revolution is to avoid forming a system of the minority (i.e. Snow's Panem) or a system based on a majority (i.e. Coin's Panem) and instead to a system based on the ethics of care.

In this alternate timeline, Katniss Everdeen dies as a martyr, killed by Peeta Mellark in an episode caused by his mental conditioning. Her death is televised across Panem and serves as a boon for the last flames of the Rebellion. President Coin got so far as to sit on the throne of the Presidency about 9 months into the Rebellion. As his final act in office, President Snow launched a nuclear bombardment of District 13, which was thankfully evacuated at the time. However, this also meant that Coin and her military had nowhere to retreat to, leaving her to a vulnerable Presidency, especially as the war was far from over. The Capitol was pushed back far enough into District 12, which was destroyed by firebombing following the Quarter Quell. President Coin held the Presidency for 7 months, even hosting a Hunger Games consisting of Capitol children as a morale boost amongst her struggling troops. During this time, some Districts fall or surrender, thus making Coin's Hunger Games an unpopular decision. The end of the Rebellion is sealed when the Capitol launches a siege against its own state, trapping Coin, who turns to authoritarian rule as more and more people voice dissent and demand she step down. This leads to mutiny. It is in the wake of her assassination โ€” which many believe was done by Paylor โ€” that President Snow manages to regain control of the Capitol.

After a year and six months of fighting, the Rebellion dies. Peeta Mellark is the only surviving Tribute from the 75th Games, and he becomes a propagandic tool, both used as a moral standard and as proof that not even the Mockingjay could evade the inevitability of Panem's order, of the Capitol's hand. He is largely forgotten in present day, though some may remember his face from their childhood โ€” plastered on abandoned buildings or in ads on the television, a figure akin to Uncle Sam. Today, the location of Peeta Mellark is unknown, though most believe he is dead.

In the decades since the Rebellion, climate change has continued on, and the conditions in most Districts are bleak. In Districts 4, 7, 11, and 12 โ€” where the Mockingjay's presence was strongest โ€” the conditions are the worst. District 12 is still recovering from being burned to the ground. District 7 had a wall built to separate the population. District 11 experienced massive social reform and an increasingly militarized state. District 4 suffered a bioengineered bird flu that forced the citizens to submit in exchange for medical attention. They are not the only Districts that suffered, though. You can read more about each on the LORE page.

Hi there! Thank you for reading this far <3. The Hunger Games brainrot is real w/ this one, and hopefully we'll muster up others going thru something similar. Please read thru the rules + the roles, though do note that we're accepting a handful of original characters.

Your mods,
demonology demonology & .V1LLAINISM._ .V1LLAINISM._

original characters
Because there are many opportunities for other characters, we are accepting MAX 3 ORIGINAL CHARACTERS that are unlike the roles provided. There are some suggestions and requirements for what we would like to see in some of these original characters below.

  • Some preference will be given to OCs that are 40+ as we would like to see AT LEAST ONE ORIGINAL CHARACTER as a parent to a Victor or older Victor. Bonus points if this OC mirrors or foils THE HERMIT. However, we still are open to OCs of any age.
  • We would love to see OCs that are products of the District they come from. Integrating the lore already written and even adding your own is welcomed and encouraged.
  • All of the roles have to do with the characterโ€™s guilt, complacency, family/home, and capacity to love and how these elements have determined who they are. Any OC that plays off these themes, especially in an unexpected or unique way, are welcomed and encouraged.

district 2
A logical, low-level Gamemaker who has worked to rig this year's Games to align with the Revolution's plans.

district 3

The child of two Victors, who could be Wiress and Beetee, and the genius who has helped keep President Snow, Caesar Flickerman, and countless other Capitolists alive. You are a biotech and surgeon of unsurpassed talent. By your fingertips, people are turned immortal. You were Reaped because of the secrets you keep.



district 4.

TAKEN. Left without any family by President Snow, you are known for your golden tongue and the way in which you sing the praises of those who have entrapped you. There are ways in which you keep your head above water, such as with your connection to THE REAPER and the secrets that you keep above others.



district 4

The grandchild or heavily removed cousin of an early Victor, who could be Mags. You did not know of your relation to a past Victor until your name was announced. Does it matter? You were going to be chosen anyways. Year ago, you were set to be the Career that would volunteer as one of D4's Tributes. Instead, you kept your mouth shut and defected, sentencing yourself to a life as a Peacekeeper and a shame to your family and District. Your Reaping today is because of this cowardice.



district 9


Your family was slaughtered in penance for how you won your Games. You have never mentally left your Games as a result, and your years as a Mentor have taken an equal toll in this regard.



district 7

21 - 24.
You are the Victor of the 95th Hunger Games. You won your Games in such a manner that, like many before you, you were punished. This time, though, you were subjected to abject torture โ€” you were brain-washed, turned into a creature of thoughtless violence.



district 12

22 - 25.
TAKEN. You are the Victor of the 93rd Hunger Games. Due to your inflammatory statements, you were captured, tortured alongside THE BERSERKER, and had your tongue removed. This was five years past, and since then, you have been an agent of Revolution.



district 12.

You are the parent of a past Victor, who died a few years back, and a bootlegger in District 12. You are wracked with the guilt of a parent who has outlived their child, part of a Revolution you may have little faith in but know they would have wanted to see become reality.



This roleplay deals with death, murder, mental illness, etc. Overall, heavy themes apply, and it is required that each writer deals with these themes appropriately.

Please be 18+

OOC will be done over Discord. Posting will be done on RPN. Quality over quantity is preferred, particularly during the more action-heavy parts of our story, meaning 1-3+ paragraphs per post is the ideal.

Each writer is expected to post at least TWICE per MONTH. There will be activity checks which will ask you to link to two posts at the end of a month. If you don't meet the activity check, a mod will reach out to you. If you don't respond in TWO WEEKS, it will be assumed that you've ghosted the roleplay and your character will be considered opened or otherwise killed off.

No bigotry will be tolerated. No godmodding or killing off playable characters is allowed unless otherwise specified or agreed upon.

Heavily featured characters from the novels are not canon unless decidedly so by certain players (ex. One role offers the option of their parents being Wiress and Beetee, etc.). In the event that a player wants to bring in a canon character, it is up to them what they change or donโ€™t change, though obviously some elements of the canon timeline should be altered (ex. If one wants their character to be the child of Wiress and Beetee, they will probably need to make Wiress and Beetee the winners of much later Games, maybe even leave them out of the Quarter Quell, etc.). If thereโ€™s a role that doesnโ€™t have any connection to a canon character but youโ€™d like to make them related, go right ahead as long as the canon character isnโ€™t already attributed to another role. If youโ€™re unsure, just ask.

may the odds be ever in your favor
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Whoa!! This sounds so interesting, a few characters in particular too ๐Ÿ‘€
thank you!! we're excited to see everyone's take on them + oc ideas :3
hi everyone! The cs is up here.
bump! weโ€™ve decided that our application deadline will be Friday, May 24th! If you want to chat with anyone about character ideas or your take on one of your open roles, please donโ€™t hesitate to reach out to my PMs!
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