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Fantasy The Hallelujah of Wantol :: a medieval fantasy

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Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
The world of Maeho is a world of magic and monsters. The races of Maeho use glowing crystals filled with energy to unleash this magic. These magic crystals are called Runes and they are found all across the world...
Runes form in nature, runes form inside creatures, its said there is a rune in each and every one of us.
They'd have to be, as that spark of mana inside a person is used to activate a rune.
Of all the lands in Maeho the continent of Wantol is considered blessed by the gods as well as cursed.
Wantol is on the equator of Maeho meaning the land has a natural flow of mana resulting in a abundance of runes and dangerous monsters. Unbeknownst to most...
(I promise Wantol has more to it, this map is just the best one i have to show the land)

Wantol was favored by the old gods, in a time long forgotten the gods would travel to Maeho disguised as mortals and they would mingle with the various races. Wantol being the reoccurring location the gods would usually visit.
That is where the legends of the Hallelujah originates...
Those born with the blood of a god in their veins, a Hallelujah is a human blessed with a fraction of almighty power.
While a normal man would need a rune to manipulate mana and activate magic, the hallelujah have mana to spare and can control magic without runes.
Needless to say war has occurred to many times to count, Wantol being a grand source of magic was targeted by other continents. The three kingdoms of Wantol would ally and betray each other over and again all because of the Hallelujah. They fought to capture or kill the Hallelujah in efforts to claim power or to destroy it

That was more than five hundred years ago however, Though they are much rarer these days...
Hallelujah still live in Wantol, the blood of the gods was diluted over time but when one is born they are easy to spot.
First thing one notices is the hair appears differently due to the magic inside them.
Often as a wild colour from a young age: green, blue, red, silver, purple...
Second thing one might notice is how they are able to activate mana without needing a rune or magic tool.
By that time the hallelujah has either been hailed as a hero for being born lucky or treated as a inhuman monster by those without faith culture or knowledge.

The three kingdoms grew and changed over hundreds of years...
Blador was once the homeland of elves, now overrun by Orcs and monsters of all sort. Within the iron mountains close to the border of Karma is the underground city of Rockhold built by the dwarfs years ago. This is considered the only safe haven in Blador.

Karma was once a land of beasts ruled by the strong and cunning, though nowadays the races of Karma have formed a democratic council of chosen representatives to lead the country. Excluding the orcs of Blador karma has the largest population with many farm lands and seaside villages and towns.

Restag like always has been ruled by humans. Specifically those with a talent for runes, though more than once a half elf or a Hallelujah has taken the throne. The current king is a half Elf woman. Restag maintains a uneasy alliance with Karma due to the growing number of orcs coming out of Blador.

In the last few months, as if it were a sign from the gods themselves... Hallelujah have been discovered in Wantol.
The kingdoms of karma and Restag (and the hidden city of Rockhold in Blador) have recently discovered some Hallelujah in their lands. Be it they were hiding and only recently been found or they changed over time to the point it was no coincidence, The blood of gods is present in Wantol once more!

The council of Karma believe it is a sign to proceed in their efforts to unite Restag and Karma to take back Blador from the monsters.
Heyo if this seems your jam ask questions or show enthusiasm. I'm hoping for six or seven players But I'm happy to start with three players. The post requirements is two paragraphs or more twice a week but your free to go beyond that provided you follow a post order which would be determined after a player count.

There's some more info below in the spoiler
Shit about the world,
In the old days when Maeho was formed it was from the power of one higher being, but the humans of Maeho worship four gods....

Altaut- the first god, creator of the world, Elves, humans, dwarfs aswell as monsters.

The first born Poco- the God of might, strength, speed, war.

The daughter Maja- the goddess of wisdom, mana, magic, study and trials.

Shenanigans- the human who tricked the gods into giving him power that matches their own, the God of surprises, wine, alchemy, hunting, deception.

A hallelujah can guess what God they descended from by their hair colour and ability.

Poco- bright colours usually that almost glow. Red, pink, orange, white.
Their abilities usually being physical in nature. For example able to regenerate the body from damage at a incredible rate or becoming incredibly strong or fast at the cost of their own mana.

Maja-colours so odd and beautiful it's almost scary. Blue, green and purple usually signal a child with Maja's blood.
Their abilities most commonly being elemental. For example creating and controlling one of the elements like fire, water, earth and air. Though anything magical could potentially be accredited to Maja.

Shen Anigans- the hair is usually grey or silver though many hallelujah have had black or brown hair.
Their abilities are seen as incredible and rare even amongst others with the blood of gods.
Poison, transparency, shadows, teleportation, creation...
Most hallelujah descended from Shenanigans are quickly regarded as demons as their abilities are odd and dangerous. Though they usually lack the iconic hair colour befitting a hallelujah.

Beastkin are essentially half breed elves mixed with creatures or magical sources.
A mermaid would be a half elf fish person,
A humanoid animal person with whether they have fur or skin and the variety of differences that animal claws/ears/etc would of come from a elfs experiment with a human and animal.
Beastkin are kinda the first version of orcs, created by elves and eventually enough escaped to form a population that rivals humanity.

Orcs were created by elves in a similar way to beastkin their purpose believed to be a warrior race that can match any including the gods and their children. Though created by the elves orcs could not be commanded by them and the situation turned belly up quick. Orcs being a race created to destroy and breed in quick succession to overwhelm the enemy. The elves didn't grasp what they had created and most died as the orcs broke free and quickly expanded their numbers, Orcs are capable of magic if they have eaten enough runes.


Cs page - Fantasy - The Hallelujah of Wantol-- cs page
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This looks really cool! Would a hallelujah's powers have to match their hair (aka who they're descended from)?

Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
I'll make a CS page today/tonight, I would do so sooner but I'm rather busy aha

Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
I will put forth my own interest.
Interest noted.
I've got a cool idea for a character for this, if it takes off.
Looks interesting tbh-
Okay! This is a really interesting concept! :)

CS page is up so feel free to make a character

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