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It had been several months now and things were finally settling down for the most part as things had become routine amongst the students and staff. Classes had been progressing smoothly thanks to the founders having gotten an excellent staff while also teaching as well. All the students had been hand picked by them after all and they were rather thrilled with their students' progress. It was also exciting as Halloween was just around the corner which meant there would be a large feast and many fun activities for the students. Professor Black stood outside waiting for all the students to join him for his lesson as he was about to begin his lesson for the morning. He was going to be showing them a rather impressive creature this morning so Professor Gryffindor stood beside him. The two would be working together today ready for the excitement that would more than likely have all the students happy for the lesson.
Marshall Vespasian Morgandy
Slytherin Student ✥ ✠ ✥ Metamorphmagus


“No, you can’t follow me. You’ll have to stay in there Mrs Clucks. If you follow me to class there’s no telling if you’ll get eaten by the demonstration-of-the-day, and as my emergency food ration I take offense to that.”

Lodged between the door and the frame, Marshall balanced on one foot and nudged the really rotund farmfowl back into the bedroom. There was a serious of aggrieved clucks and a flutter of wings, but the plump poultry never quite left the ground. Once she was a fair distance away, the door shut quickly and his hands soothed down the perceived rumples in his overcoat. She must’ve been bored in there, but with the cats and owls roaming the place, he was more afeared that she would charge at the other pets shrieking war cries of pheasant fury than he was afraid of any of the other beasts preying upon her.

Clad in slytherin green robes, the overcoat would help keep out the morning cold as well as the muck if the lesson became more energetic. He still didn’t quite fancy the colours, but green and silver-grey made surprisingly good camouflage and the dungeon dorm also reminded him a shadowed forest. There was comfort in the darkness, away from the prying scrutiny of light. A strange familiarity for him.

In the first few days he had travelled to classes by himself, but after a few months he had grown more accustomed to waiting for the others so that they could go together. Barely containing his excitement, Marshall’s swift strides brought him to the common room where his eyes scanned the fountain and furniture, then swept up to the arcs of the staircases as he searched for the others. Sebastian and Nicholas were foremost in his mind, but so were Calista and Minerva, but he’d lost track of them after breakfast in the dining hall.

“It’d better not be puffskeins today.” He muttered under his breath. He already had a living lap-warmer that laid eggs; he didn’t need one that invaded his nose.
This might have been different from her previous school, but it was closer to home. She didn't need to travel so far just to learn about magic and everything to do with it. There was so much wonder in the castle, that was older than everyone there combined and yet the newest building she had been in. At least it was everyone's first time at the school, despite everyone being of different ages. Noticing many things, she could see who knew each other, maybe from their private social circles. It almost felt like she had been picked off the streets, but she didn't take it personally. At some point, she would make friends and until then she'd try to get to know others better.

Layering up, UK weather could be brutal if you weren't prepared for it and the north of the country was worse. Even in October it was cold. Uniform, an extra jumper woven with a warming charm, her school robe topped with the winter cloak. Still, it was cold. Eclipse was warm though, as she sat on her lap, purring as they waited for the others to come. Lyra supposed everyone would still be learning altogether, not many people had showed up this year. Maybe because they weren't sure if it would be any good. There were many things that she was enjoying. Especially the common room. It reminded her of the night sky, most of the time, being so high up in the tower.

Taking a bite of the apple she had taken from breakfast, she shivered a little with a smile on her face. "Morning." Lyra greeted, a warm smile upon her face, offering an apple or a banana to the newcomer. That was something she had taken to do, bringing a piece of fruit, or several, to have throughout the day when she felt herself getting hungry. And if others wanted anything as well. Her brother had taught her a spell to enlarge her pockets so that she could keep her notebook there, as well as other things she found throughout her day, anything she found interesting. "Did you sleep well?"
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Sebastian Black
Sebastian Black wasn't sure why the forest near Hogwarts was so forbidden. He hadn't come across anything wildly out of the ordinary while on his ventures there, but that was likely because he hadn’t yet explored the forest deeply enough to. Not out of fear of running into something dangerous and not making it out in one piece, but more so for the safety of his cat.

Emery, a green-eyed feline with raven-black fur, accompanied Sebastian almost every time he hung out in the forest, often sitting with him up on the sturdier branches of tall trees while the solitude of being out there alone helped to clear the wizard’s mind. This morning was no exception, though after a short while, Emery decided to jump back down to play with whatever tiny scurrying creatures she could find.

Despite coming out there that morning with the intention of studying ahead for the Care of Magical Creatures class, Sebastian instead found himself lost in a thick book titled "Transfiguration", occasionally stopping to turn some berries he had picked into different objects with a simple incantation and wave of his wand. The preoccupation only came to an end when he heard Emery meowing up at him from down below, who had conveniently learned to tell her human friend exactly when he needed to start heading back inside to avoid being late.

Sebastian shoved the book into his bag and climbed back down the tree, kneeling after his feet hit the ground and gently reaching his hand out towards the cat to offer his gratitude. “Thank you, my girl.” he said, smiling slightly as he scratched behind her ear. To be a little more discreet about the fact that he was coming from somewhere he shouldn’t be, Sebastian decided to walk back to the school building rather than travel there by broomstick — as magically apt as he was, he hadn’t yet learned how to Apparate, but it was definitely on his ever-growing bucket list.

As the dark-haired noble and his cat entered the grand building, the latter ran off like she usually did when the young wizard was about to be busy, likely to go play with other students’ pets or nap in a vacant part of the castle. Sebastian, on the other hand, headed towards the Slytherin common room to catch some of his friends before they left for class.
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Nicholas De Beauregard
It was hard to believe that an entire moon cycle had passed already since Nicholas first set foot inside the rugged castle grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

So far it had been a far more pleasant experience than the formal palace of Beauxbatons where he had been forced to endure countless other young wizards of noble birth speaking of nothing but the most banal topics.

Hogwarts had a rustic feel to it, filled with possibility and the unexpected-something he did not always appreciate- and now, All Hallow's Eve was nigh, a wizarding favourite. What would the festivities have in store?

The young man fixed his forest green tie, shot a glance in the mirror at his bedside and strode from the room with a confident, stoic air about him. He would greet his compatriots in the common room before making his way to his first class.

As expected, Marshall Morgandy and Sebastian Black were easily spotted nearby. Nicholas approached with a delighted expression in his eyes, even if the rest of his features betrayed nothing.

'What ho my friends. I heard Professor Black has an interesting surprise in store for Care of Magical Creatures. I am quite certain he has heard your pleas and added puffskeins to the curriculum just for you, Mars.'


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