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Name: James Thornal
Title: (If applicable)
Nicknames: Jamie

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Strengths & Weakness:
Very strong willed but a poor fighter. Good at communicating with others but has a tendency to wind people up if they get too cocky, even though he can very rarely defend himself.

Skin: (Please provide me with the skin you will be using on the server as this needs to be lore friendly)

Personality: Big ego but usually friendly, unless you're a jerk.

History: James was a simple man. Had a loving family, good friends and a happy home as a child/young adult. However he wanted more, he finds himself in this land with nothing but the clothes on his back and his trusty walking stick. He doesn't know what he's going to do, or how he's going to do it. But he sure as heck knows he wants to do something. Maybe not becoming the most adventurous or, devious villain. But to have fun and maybe make some friends on the way. He wears a 'monk like' robe to keep him cool but to shelter him from winds and rain too.

RP Example: I can give some fairly detailed examples here, just not with Minecraft (Not sure what exactly you're looking for here)

Define Meta-Gaming: Using outside knowledge in a roleplay - or any game - scenario
Define Power-Gaming: Roleplaying in such a way that doesn't allow others any option, similar to god-modding

How would your character deal with the following: (Not necessarily in Minecraft)

Someone walks up to you and threatens to steal from you:
Someone requests that you help them get back to a nearby villiage: Help them get back to the nearby village trying to protect them best they can.
Your Character finds themselves alone and surrounded by vicious wolves: Hope to hell he can escape or someone comes to rescue him, because there is no way he can fight back.

Personal Info:
Age: 19
Past Experience: I've roleplayed an awful lot, Never on MC though
Minecraft Account: jamiesauce12



Resistance is futile.
Basic Information

Name:Kyros Manearys


  • The Blue Raven
  • The Cyan Coward
  • The Navy Reaper
Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Half-Elf, Half-Human


Sexuality: Heterosexual

Character Alignment: Lawful Evil - Lawful Netural

His human mother (Deceased)
His elven father (Alive)

Organizations\Affiliations: None

Kyros is a very cunning individual. Doing work along the lines of what he has been doing his entire life has given him a lot of confidence, which aids him as he completes the contracts he is given with brutal efficiency. This confidence of his may sometimes backfire, as he is almost always sure that his way is the only one that is correct, often ignoring the input of others unless given overwhelming evidence, leading to him being stubborn. He is generally very hard to convince due to his skeptical and careful nature. He is bound by no moral code, meaning he shall attack and execute anything, without a hint of mercy.

Kyros never could hold onto many friends. This is largely due to his reserved nature. He takes quite a bit of effort to open up. Without a care for the feeling of those around him, he can come of as being insensitive and rude, which wards off many people before they get the chance to befriend him. This made him quite a bit of a loner. But, he is still a professional in terms of manners and he knows when it is and it is not his turn to speak. If he did get to find a companion that he could rely on, he would treat them with respect and kindness to the best of his ability, which is not too much.


A bastard of an elf, Kyros was cared for by his lonely mother alone. He never knew his father, and he only had a few spiteful stories from his mother to go off of. Needless to say, he never was a noble and never knew any luxury in his childhood. He lived with whatever common commodity his mother could work and create. When his mother died to disease, he knew he had to look out for himself through whatever means necessary, and that meant that he would have to steal. He would steal from the rich, he would steal from the barely well off, and he would even steal from other children on the streets with him. He did not care for anybody else but himself.

He would try his best to stray as far away from gangs as possible. With him them being filled with much older and bigger children, he would much rather sleep alone in rooftops and whatnot, instead of alleyways next to people who would disrespect him. Besides, he did not need them to survive. He could do things that they could not do due to his extreme skill at sneaking, stealing and most importantly, running. It's how he avoided getting caught all those years. Once he had taught himself to read, he started to read books in the library that helped him develop some of his magic. He also used this skill to intercept many of the important letters sent by the nobles at the time, reading and relaying the information to the those who found it to be worth their coin.

Later on, he started to take on people who were richer and richer, leading to him finally learning how to use weapons. He learned how to fight up close with his dagger, being very proficient with it. He knew that he did not have a margin of error in fights, leading to him preferring to run away. But that did not meant that he was not ready to defend himself when needs be. Dealing with more capable people, meant that he had to know how to use better weapons. He learned how to adapt a sword into his style of fighting which included dodging and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.



Weapons & Armor:

+A dagger - It is just a standard dagger which he sharpens often. He sometimes laces it with poison if he knows that he is only going to get one opportunity to strike.

+A single-edged sword - Although he is good at using it, he only rarely resorts to it as his dagger mostly gets the job done. It does give him a more defensive option at a moments notice and is strapped to his back. The sword itself is not too long as if that were the case it would be impossible to pull it out from the scabbard on his back.

+Black Leather Gloves.
+His custom rogue overalls, as shown above, with everything being either Black or Blue with the exception of a few decorations.
+Sturdy Black Boots
+A dark blue cloak with a cowl, made of a very fine velvet. (Imagine the cloak, cowl and face mask dark blue.)
+A face mask that covers his mouth which is the same colour as his cloak.
+A few throwing knives

+Expert at sneaking and doing things that involve stealth.
+He is very agile.
+Good at close quarters combat - His fighting style is very defensive and it depends heavily on who his opponent is and how they fight. If he fights a large, strength type character, he uses his agility to dodge strikes until his opponent opens up to a strike which he opportunistically takes. If he is fighting against another agility type opponent like himself, he tries his best to change anything about the environment and the circumstances of the battle so that he has the advantage and can afford to go on the offensive. He often tries to incorporate his magic into his battles to make it easier to get this advantage. Until he does so, he rarely goes for attacks and mostly dodges, with him escaping from such situations if given the opportunity to do so.
+Lock-picking - He can effectively pick a lock.
+Good at lying
+Can throw knives with good accuracy.

-Cannot carry much - This means that he will not be able to carry too heavy objects. Doing so will slow his speed down significantly greatly.
-Cannot use heavy weaponry -The heaviest weapon he can use without losing effectiveness is a one handed sword. Anything else would make him slow and clumsy. He therefore sticks to them and daggers.
-Fragile - If he gets caught by a solid strike, it is over for him as he cannot sustain too much damage.
-Golden Loyalty - He is a professional. So this means that unless he has something personal in the matter in terms of something he cares about, he is not going to stay loyal to a certain side. Even then he might prefer the gold.

RP Example: Don't really understand what you mean with this.

Define Meta-Gaming: When a person uses knowledge they've gained outside of the RP in order to give their character an advantage in RP.
Define Power-Gaming: Do not know.

How would your character deal with the following:

Someone walks up to you and threatens to steal from you: Depends on the someone. If its someone he can take in a fight, he will try to lure them into a disadvantageous position and then either run or quickly hit them when they're vulnerable. Otherwise, he'll just run and try to get out of there.
Someone requests that you help them get back to a nearby village: He will help this person, for a price.
Your Character finds themselves alone and surrounded by vicious wolves: He will try to find a way to escape. If he is 100% dead, he will just accept his fate.

Personal Info:
Age: 18
Past Experience: I have some experience rping. I also used to play tons of Minecraft when I was younger. But this will be the first time I will be rping in Minecraft.
Minecraft Account: Shadow211121
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Hey! Super interested in this! Just got back into Minecraft, and would love this! Question, are there any big mountains on the server? I really want to build my castle on top of one.
Name: Bryce Highmountain
Title: Lord of the Longtower
Nicknames: "Littlemountain," a name given to him by bullies at a young age.

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Strengths & Weakness:
He is a capable leader, overthrowing his half-brother through his charm and diplomacy.
He has a very cool head, preferring to sit down and think about things rather than rush in guns a blazing.

As a bastard, he has always felt look down on, and will get aggressive if he is called out for it.
Can sometimes overthink things and not act fast enough
A little too protective of his people.


Bryce is a stoic, quiet man. He doesn't like to rush into situations without first thinking about it. He is quite intelligent, having overthrown his legitimate but still corrupt half-brother while keeping the Longtower intact.

History: (Please make sure you do not contradict any current lore)
Born the bastard of the Highmountain family, Bryce was raised under the shadow of the family's stronghold, the Longtower. It's a massive tower that's built atop a mountain, making it highly defensible with one of the most solid foundations possible. When he was sixteen, his biological father died and his half-brother took over the Highmountain's land. He was unbelievably corrupt, allowing bandits to raid the town in exchange for a cut and constantly extorting his people. One of these extortion led to Bryce's house being burnt down and his mother killed. This was the last straw for the young man, and he soon gathered up all of the villagers to overthrow his brother. By sneaking in through the stables, they were able to detain the guards and servants and eventually exile Bryce's brother. With no other heirs, Bryce was made the Lord of the Longtpwer, and seeks make alliances with other lords
RP Example:
Bryce was exhausted. He and his men had been traveling for over three weeks, and the conditions were awful. The roads were muddy, the air was hot and humid, and mosquitos were everywhere. It didn't help that they had been quelling a rebellion for the last five grueling months. Bryce just wanted to get back to Evelyn and holder in his arms again.

After two hours, Bryce and his men finally saw the capitol, Braford. He and his men cheered, finally seeing their home. Bryce was glad Evelyn was staying in the castle, so he only had to go home to see her again. As they approached the city, tell guards on the wall cheered, opening the gates. It was a full-blown festival in their honor. The streets were being gently covered in flower petals, the citizens were roaring and cheering, and all of the soldiers, including Bryce, waved happily at them. As it was allowed by Bryce, some of his men got off their horses and went to greet their families in the crowd. Bryce smiled, knowing Evelyn would be overjoyed to see him.

By the time Bryce reached the castle, only his personal guards were with him. Their families were also in the castle so they simply had to do their jobs. Bryce saw Evelyn, running up the stairs towards her. He hugged her tightly, spinning her around and kissing her on the lips. "I missed you so much, Evie. You were all I could think about." He noticed her tummy was bigger than normal, saying, "Evie, what's with your tummy? It normally isn't this big..."

Define Meta-Gaming: Using information outside of the RP (like the fact that a main character probably won't die) to influence your character's actions and make them outside of their personality.
Define Power-Gaming: Doing actions in order to increase your character's abilities or power and not because it's what they would actually do. (Choosing stats for the sake of being powerful in a D&D campaign, for example.)

How would your character deal with the following: (Not necessarily in Minecraft)

Someone walks up to you and threatens to steal from you: He would draw his sword and tell them to leave.
Someone requests that you help them get back to a nearby villiage: He would gladly help them and request a small favor in return, like information or the like.
Your Character finds themselves alone and surrounded by vicious wolves: He would try to fight them off as best as he could.

Personal Info: Just someone who likes a good setting and sweepimg fantasy world's.
Age: 15
Past Experience: Been RPing in general for years. Been doing this on sites for about eight months now.
Minecraft Account: DoomGuy657/Doomguy657 (Can't remember and my brother is currently on the computer and I can't check)

Other: Super excited for this!

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