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Multiple Settings The Eternal Bond [Closed!]

Should I create a Discord?

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The Eternal Bond
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    You are an adventurer, a wanderer, or just a person roaming your world. Regardless of who you are, you're lonely. You don't really have a place to call home at all. Either you lost your family, you ran away from them, or you've never had one to begin with. You yearn for allies that will defend you, assist you, and most of all, accept you. Then one day, you met him. Through some circumstances, you met a strange boy who called himself Coda. You've never seen, let alone met someone like him. You don't know where he even came from and he refuses to answer questions about his past. A real enigmatic type who seemed carefree and almost rebellious. But the longer you hung out with Coda, a weird feeling swelled up in your chest. The way he treated you felt...nice. Downright friendly. You felt something you have felt in a long time, acceptance. One day, Coda turned to you and asked if you wanted to join him. Join him in traveling to different places and escaping to worlds you've never seen with his band of adventurers. He holds out his hand to you. You take it. Little did you know, you've formed an eternal bond. And nothing will be able to shatter it.
coded by natasha.
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I'm interested. I have been thinking about a character where in his world he is being chased as a suspect or fugitive that ultimately leads him to jumping ship with Coda, and whatever characters will be present.
Glad to see this gathering interest! I'll wait for more folks to join, then I'll create an OOC and possibly even a character sheet later today.
Ooo I like the sound of this! Very interesting plot and so much room for creative characters :)
Arguments could be made that I shouldn't, but goodness do I want to. A feel good, found family rp is just what my soul craves.
Gonna close this thread for now. I'll open it up again when a slot opens up.

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