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Futuristic The Epic of Super Mechana Chapter 1: Turf Wars


The Mercenary
In the year 3085, most of the world was involved in conflict. Unprecedented technological advancements were made in every field, from genetic manipulation, quantum computation, robotics, to cybernetics. This widespread ability for destruction gave rise to terrorism, border conflicts, and civil wars in every major nation and beyond. So much so, that for the first time in modern history every world superpower was fractured into smaller countries. The smaller countries most often devolved into chaos themselves. The only groups whom survived this age of strife mostly intact, were the corporations. In many cases, more powerful and independent cities declared themselves neutral to any fighting, ensuring their own survival. Largely defended by private security forces funded by the aforementioned oligarchs.

Super Mechana was one such city. It became both a haven, and a den of wolves for the swath of humanity whom found refuge there. The class differences between the rich and the poor were more vast than they'd ever been in such close proximity. The suburbs of the city consist merely of shanty towns. Those last refugees from nearby ransacked areas took up residence here, and scrape out nearly medieval existences. Some forage in the overgrown wilderness beyond the city. Others lend their labor, at excruciating hours, to the factories which ring the outer districts. The slums are known as the Suburbs to some, an ironic twist to the context involved with the word in earlier times.

The next is the Lower Ring. The people here are poor, but at least have running water and electricity. The bulk of the black market, and the underground that permeates all of Super Mechana, exists here. Some legitimate businesses do exist with some success, but only essential ones. Bars, clubs, markets, gun stores, etc. Very little leisure exists, but cars to take up the streets. The nicest cars always belong to the kingpins.

On the other side of the main highway is the upper ring, in which people live lives similarly to the way they did before the long age of strife chaos and civil war. They can almost entirely afford three meals a day, entertainment, and most of all are the main source feeding the underground. Here exists crime, yes, but more formally. Political scandals, police corruption, illegal gambling and designer drugs. The only criminals that cross the main highway, are those that can blend in with civilized society. That is to say, the very successful. Only those whom are extremely successful could live here. The police force have seen to that most assuredly.

Finally, there is the dot. A district of high rises and skyscrapers which pierce the clouds. Here the oligarchs who control the city, the very top politicians, and the rare successful CEO, look down upon the rest of Super Mechana. They partake in the very top-level of organized crime, however would never allow such operators in their midst. They are truly the ruling class, albeit not on paper. They have gone to great lengths to ensure this is the case, and that the rest of the population has the illusion the city is controlled by democracy instead of violence. Still, there are some cases in which their world leaks some of it's true nature through. In the way the rigid class system is enforced by the police. In the way that wages are controlled, to do so as well. Just about the only people whom ever change their social status, do so through corrupt means. Thus, corruption is the culture in Super Mechana. You are no different.

You are a criminal. Whether you have been for very long, that may vary. Either way, soldiers need their unit. Criminals, need connections. Whatever your skills, contacts, or tools, you have been recruited into a small syndicate by a rather eccentric leader. One who promises an even split of the lute, and honor among thieves. Whether this will prove to be true is up in the air, as you're meeting the rest of your crew today to discuss the details. So are you in, or are you out?

The War Dogs control the suburbs with an iron fist. So much so that residents to not pay taxes to the city, they pay to the War Dogs. These harsh rules truly befit the ambiance of the Warlord Vash, as he calls himself. The gang mainly consists of grizzled bikers whom grew up in the Suburbs, and refugees from outside have a much harder time getting in. They have plenty of genetically modified half humans, due to these people's parentage, but very few cybernetics or advanced weaponry of any kind. The only thing of value they move are drugs. Those mind-eating and highly addictive substances with likelihood for abuse and overdose. Tar, Spice, and some even harsher substances plague the streets of the suburbs thanks to them. Even some neighborhoods in the lower ring, in fact. They do not care for their customers in the slightest, and maintain a presence in the city through sheer brutality.

The Revenants, headed by Joey Cobalt, are a group of mainly arms dealers. Any drug running they do control, is mainly acquisition for their own members and parties. Joey is said to be rather talented with technology himself, or at least has an eye for it. This led to them cornering the market in high-end weaponry, to the point that they even do most of the supplying to certain portions of The Hierophants. This connection is unofficial, and therefore no true peace exists between the two organizations. Because of this massive wealth of tech, almost every member of The Revenants is genetically manipulated, or cybernetically altered in some way. If not both. Much like a member getting their first tattoos in the old days, some amount of commitment has to be shown to be accepted as part of the group. Couple this with the fact that cybernetics and other augmentations can make one a social outcast in the upper ring, and you have yourself an initiation rite. They own several businesses as fronts in the lower ring, and the bulk of their operations exist here.

At a metal club called The Jazz Room, Joey himself plays on stage most weekends. A testament to how comfortable he is as a public figure. The club also doubles as their neon-covered base of operations. Over 90 percent of Joey's external body is covered or replaced by Cybernetic Enhancements. It is believed he is the most augmented human in history, by those who know who he is. This includes some legitimate scientists. Joey is a trans-humanist, and believes that it's our right as a species to transcend our biology. He is one of the most open minded criminal kingpins, despite having the most volotile of the black market businesses. He will most often promote peace between the gangs, as long as no one encroaches on his territory, that is.

The Revenants have a loose agreement with The War Dogs, that they will not operate in the suburbs. It is unknown exactly how this came to take place, as most believe the Revenants to be the far more capable organization.

The Heiros are the most successful, and professional, organized crime group in the city. The Don, their heads, all take up residence in the Upper Ring. Their headquarters is a sprawling casino which, from the outside, maintains itself as one of the best in the city. Even legitimate businessmen go their with the intent of a good time, without ever knowing who owns the place. They control some more specific black market technology, as well as the designer drugs and all other operations useful to the high end of society. Their members almost all wear suits and drive decent cars, so that they too can blend in with their clientele.

If you were to ask anyone who knows anything which gang truly controls the underworld, they would tell you it's the Heirophants. Though the other two power players would never admit it. They claim if a turf war broke out they could hold their territory against a full scale war, but The Dons are under no such delusions. They know that they control the city as much as the politicians and CEOs do. It is a matter of which side of the coin you look at. They know, like all businessmen, that competition is good for profit. Let the others squabble over the petty trades, while they keep the golden opportunities to themselves. As long as they stay on the good side of the Oligarchs, they can maintain their lifestyle indefinitely.

The SMPD are little more than a private army. Yes, technically they answer to the laws and politicians. Those politicians are subject to the CEOs, however, and the laws are as well. Thus they are widely known to be corrupt. To the point that most citizens below the Upper Ring will call one of the gangs before the police if they have a problem. Either you have a friend or family member involved in the life, or have money to pay for the service. While usually the Police maintain an air of public servants, in times of high civil strife the streets can easily come under Martial Law. The armored cars, and even tanks, to fit the scene and all.

Highly advanced laser rifles capable of ripping through metal are the height of weaponry in Super Mechana. Gauss rifles, and other conventional rounds do exist but only the very-advanced are useful. To combat this, energy shields capable of observing a certain amount of the blasters' firepower are commonplace for gang enforcers. There are also certain metal polymers capable of resisting lasers, but this is always a cat and mouse game, one trumping the other and vice versa depending on who's better funded.

Energy shields are only capable of observing forms of energy-based attacks, and do not protect against physical means.

The extent of genetic manipulation is vast and varied as well. Families of animal-human hybrids are common in the lower rungs of society, and some even exist in the elites. Most had ancestors whom were originally made as supersoldiers, meaning their animal features are more than practical. Some have jaws capable of biting through steel, others can run at top speeds matching a cheetah. It depends on your particular genetic-lot. Some were manipulated within their own lifetime.

Psykers, or psychics, have their genes spliced to bring out the mind's latent abilities. Some can start fires, others have telekinesis, and some can even manipulate physical forces like gravity. It's bounds are not currently known.

Age: 24
Appearance: Jason is a muscular man standing at about 6'2". He's clearly an athlete, and his posture gives off a good bit of pride. He has somewhat pale skin, and dark, long, curly hair. He doesn't dress nicely, more often instead opting for tshirts and jeans. He has more than a few scars on his arms, hands, and less so on the face. Mainly tiny ones that are only visible in the right light for the ladder.

Origin: Jason was born in the Lower Ring, but mostly had a quiet life. Like many young people in Super Mechana, petty crime became a hobby during his teenage years. He never joined a gang proper, but instead ran small cons with his close friends. Robbery, grand theft auto, anything to get him out of the house. His absent parents were pretty at peace with this. They knocked him around sometimes, but no more than anyone else as far as Jason was concerned. Mainly when the cops came home with him.

As soon as he had enough money to move out, he did. He had found he had a talent for fighting, and began distancing himself from his more rambunctious buddies. He noticed them getting more and more reckless, and the carefree nature with which they went to lockup so often gave him pause. He realized while he appreciated the money he made from crime, he never wanted to go to prison. So he kept his nose mostly clean unless he absolutely knew there was a safe and easy score for him.

This more neutral stance to the crime life led him to underground fighting. He taught and worked at a kickboxing gym during the day, and at night made his rent money. He worked his way through two or three champions, in their own right, before he was spotted by one of The Don of The Hierophants. He became the man's personal prize race horse, so to speak. Fighting specifically at his request, and winning more often than not. THIS life, led him to the arena.

Underground mma was one thing, and there was good money to be made betting. This, as a sport, didn't satisfy the Lord's of crime. They kept the things running mostly for profit, but had their own passtime they kept even more hidden. In an underground complex they ran full scale squad death matches. Guns, explosives, military tactics, it became both a proving ground for their enforcers and an incredibly complex war game. They would settle internal disputes, place bets, and even test new weaponry in the walls of the infernal place. The money was too much to turn down, for a young man who had been broke for his entire life. Jason stayed, and competed, in that underground warzone for only two years before he asked to be decommissioned. The Don liked him enough that he obliged, and thanked him for all the entertainment he'd given him. Jason had never participated in the criminal activity of The Heirophants, and thus was not a member. This is why he was allowed to leave the life altogether.

Jason had no desire to go back to being broke, however. He began making plans, and connections, using the few friends he had. He would start his own little syndicate. Small, and efficient. Running quiet jobs that wouldn't get the attention of anyone large and in charge, hopefully. Just enough to make everyone money for a few years, and then retire. That's the best case scenario, anyways.

Abilities: Cain is a lifelong martial artist. What began as teenage brawls and even assaulting police to escape, eventually turned into a hobby. Then, with a little guidance from a good teacher, an obsession. He learned every useful technique he could for breaking a man, and applied them each in real world situations throughout his career. Almost obsessively, meticulously disregarding those techniques which were less useful. Keeping an arsenal of whatever he deemed proper combat.

He is a jack of all trades, using a mixture of wrestling, joint breaking, and kickboxing to adapt to whatever opponent might be in front of him. This allowed him to survive in the underground fighting rings devoid of rules, where no weight class could protect him from larger or faster opponents. Unfortunately, this means a specialist could easily overpower his strength of speed. This means changing tactics constantly is a must. Then, he applied his impressive physique to marksmanship, preferring to use small nimble firearms and las-weapons to supplement him in close quarters combat, and keep him alive in gunfights.

Weapons and Equipment:

Sidearms: Two Colt M1911 handguns in shoulder holsters, .45 Caliber, are under his jacket at all times these days. A budding criminal can never be too well armed, and bringing lead to fights helped with getting past energy-shields. Their compact design helps to remain incognito, a much needed bonus to any criminal's arsenal.

Vibro-knife: a vibrating tungsten-alloy blade. Often worn in the beltline of his pants. It is capable of tearing through even laser-resistant alloy, though it's small length makes this impractical against most vehicles. It's perfect for disabling a heavily armored police officer, however. Styled after a classic marine combat knife from before the civil war days, for nostalgia more than anything else. Six and a half inch blade, four inch handle.

Jason owns a small pocket-device capable of generating a small dimension in which to store weapons. It is about seven feet tall, and a foot and a half deep, or roughly the size of a coffin. Within this he currently has two weapons:

A .50 caliber sniper rifle, with a hundred rounds of "special" ammunition. Otherwise it's functions are basic. Due to it's bulky nature, even an athlete like Jason would have a hard time firing it up close.

Anti-Matter Charge Rounds x25: releases a small amount of Anti-Matter which with eat away all forms of matter within a certain orb, on impact. The orb becomes one foot wide, and a small explosions occurs due to the vacuum left behind. The explosion is about the size of a hand grenade. Energy shields provide protection from the Anti-Matter effects, but not the explosion.

Poison-Gas Rounds x25: upon impact these rounds release a cloud of Neuro toxin which covers a ten foot radius. The toxin causes severe disorientation upon the first breath, paralysis at the second breath, and comatose on the third. If inhaled for sixty seconds straight, one will die.

Hellfire: a laser-capable SMG about the size of a laptop. Light enough to be easily fired with one hand, but more stability is gained with two. The rapid-fire model is capable of spreading an incredibly wide area with laser fire in front of the user, similar to the spread of a sawed-off shotgun. Obviously the lasers still fire in succession, but the spread in accuracy is dramatic. The model was originally designed to give effective cover fire up to a hundred yards, after this becomes impractical. The lasers are approximately grade two, capable of boring melted-holes in an average car. Armored cars are a different story, but damage would occur after taking sustained fire.

Basic Energy Shield: Capable of withstanding 4-5 heavy laser rounds before bursting. Moreso from smaller rounds. Just enough to keep one alive during a hasty retreat, if needed.
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Hello one and all! That interest check will likely grow a bit over the next couple days. Right now I'm looking for four members to join our brand new group of low lives and bandits! Us, being

EmperorNorton1 EmperorNorton1 and Just_Dragon Just_Dragon (say hi to the people, please you two)

I'm hoping having a couple of co-moderators will help keep this thing alive and moving. My last roleplay didn't get very far off the ground, so we're at this with renewed vigor! Hopefully the lore I dropped can keep you brainstorming while I finish my character sheet. It should come in the next day or so. In the meantime please hit me with ideas and questions!

I go off of a two-day communication system. Meaning if it's your turn to post and you can't get to it within 48hours, let us know and we will accommodate in one way or another. This might skip your turn, or I might control your character with your consent. Whatever doesn't hold up the narrative.

If you can't make this, you won't be penalized. It is simply to make sure everything keeps chugging along around everyone's schedule.

Further Disclaimer: this will largely be an action based rp. Gunfights, hand to hand combat, and other street level warfare being in every other scene at least. If you don't enjoy this, this will not be the roleplay for you.
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I'm interested in this.

I'm also a little amused that based on the setting and your character,energy weapons are common and technology capable of compressing space (for storage) is accessible,on top of possible cyberware and mutations/psychic abilities.

That's a pretty high power level to start at.
I'm interested in this.

I'm also a little amused that based on the setting and your character,energy weapons are common and technology capable of compressing space (for storage) is accessible,on top of possible cyberware and mutations/psychic abilities.

That's a pretty high power level to start at.
Lmao what can I say, I've been reading a lot of Warhammer 40k. It's true, it might be a tricky world to navigate. Keep in mind that level of technology would be military-grade. I usually use my characters to illustrate what is the high-end of your available power level. Notice my pocket dimension isn't huge.

Do you have an idea for a character you'd like to play? DM me and we can discuss specifics. The others will be thrilled to see you interested im sure
I'm going to dedicate time to character stuff since school's officially over for me now😎

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