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Fandom The Cosmos - Character Page


Todd Howard

A day in the Mojave makes you almost wish- No!
Welcome to The Cosmos Character Page!
Here you will create a character or characters who will determine the fates of the Universe alongside other characters.

Here is a Simple CS (Feel free to add to it!):

(Picture Here, Or A Description.)














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Tali'Zorah vas Normandy New

Todd Howard

A day in the Mojave makes you almost wish- No!
Tali'Zorah wanting Shepard by LordHayabusa357 on deviantART | Mass effect  tali, Mass effect, Mass effect characters

Name: Tali' Zorah

Race: Quarian

Occupation: Admiral of the Admiralty Board, Crew member of the SSV Normandy.

Height: 5'5

Weight: 120 LBs

Age: 22

Personality: Somewhat Shy, Smart, Decisive, Kind, Adventurous, and Competent.

Omni-tools are multipurpose diagnostic and manufacturing tools as well as computers used for a variety of civilian and battlefield tasks, such as hacking, decryption, or repair. When activated, an omni-tool can appear over either of a person's forearms and/or hands, and occasionally both, as an orange hologram.
The M5 Phalanx is the product of the Alliance's Offensive Handgun Project that developed a close-in weapon to be used on armored or shielded targets with no loss of stopping power in comparison to the soldier's assault rifle, Which is Semi-Auto and deadly at close range.

Tali regularly upgrades her Enviro-suit software to scan for toxins and pathogens. She has to run decontamination procedures for even traces of infection and has to scan all her food and drinks for contaminants. Her Enviro-Suit protects her from common Illnesses and Infections because Quarians have a weak immune system. The suit also self-repairs in case of a breach and can be armored up.

Though she may look a bit physically delicate to human eyes, she actually has good endurance and pain tolerance.
Like many Quarians, Tali is a machinist, tinkering with technical systems to keep the Quarian Flotilla running. Unlike most Quarians, she’s a genius when it comes to understanding technology. The Normandy's engineering crew was very impressed with how quickly she figured out how the experimental frigate’s systems worked. Within days she had learned enough to work alongside the team managing the prototype Tantalus drive core.
Tali is an expert hacker of software and hardware. She’s exceptionally competent at electronic warfare and intrusion. It is possible that she learned the more specifically military aspects of these skills set from Systems Alliance Marines, Presumably Staff Lieutenant Alenko.
She’s one of a limited number of persons skilled enough to take control of a VI or even an AI within seconds.
Tali can make machines attack anything or anyone nearby. She can take actual control of them, as she does in the comics. She needs her Omni-tool and her arsenal of custom-written attack programs to do that, though.

Tali was born in 2161. When Commander Shepard meets Tali on the Citadel, she is in the middle of a Pilgrimage, an important rite of passage among the Quarians. Such a rite doesn't just prove the young individual's worth; it's also a pragmatic mission to find something useful and return it to the Migrant Fleet. Tali hasn't yet found such a thing, but she did come across audio evidence of Saren's attack on Eden Prime. She arrives at the Citadel to trade it in for money and Fist the human mobster tells her to meet the Shadow Broker in the wards.
This is a lie; he's actually sending her to Saren, who is desperate to keep that audio file under wraps. Fortunately, Shepard and Garrus are both trying to take Saren dow, and the solution is to rescue Tali and obtain that evidence before Saren gets it. Once that is done, Tali presents that evidence to the Council and Saren's guilt is accepted as fact. Tali may then join Shepard's crew, both to help take down the Geth threat and complete her Pilgrimage.
During the mission, Tali provides insight on the Geth and the Quarian people alike, and she helps Adams keep the Normandy's engine running smoothly. She is fascinated by the Normandy, but it feels oddly quiet and sparsely populated compared to the ramshackle, crowded vessels of the Migrant Fleet. She also reveals that she is the daughter of the famed Admiral Rael'Zorah, so Tali is under a lot of pressure to succeed and prove herself. Rael'Zorah supports his daughter, though rather distantly.
Two years later, during the events of Mass Effect 2, the Illusive Man includes Tali on his list of dossiers for Shepard to look into. Garrus is another familiar face who's on board and now it's Tali's turn.
She is on the fringe world of Haestrom, working to collect evidence on a star that's dying unnaturally fast. The Geth have since muscled in and Shepard must fight to evacuate Tali from the world, then escort her to the Normandy-SR2. Once again, she helps maintain the engine, but soon enough, she receives a strange and highly distressing message from the Fleet. She is facing criminal charges of treason and must return home for a trial. Shepard flies her there and the truth is revealed.
For a time, Tali had been acting on her father's orders to bring back Geth pieces for study, but the pieces have since assembled themselves into functioning Geth platforms, threatening the fleet and capturing a ship. Tali and Shepard look into it and the horrible truth is that Rael'Zorah assembled those Geth on purpose, to practice fighting them in preparation for an upcoming invasion in Geth space.
Rael himself is dead and Tali is desperate to hide this truth, or else her entire family's name will be ruined. Shepard reveals that fact to the court, Tali had her name cleared successfully. She goes on to help disable some key components in the Collector base during the final mission.
She now works as an Admiral alongside Commander Shepherd and fights off Enemies of the New Earth with the Normandy's crew.

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The Dark Lord New

Todd Howard

A day in the Mojave makes you almost wish- No!

Name: Davoth, The Dark One, Nameless One, Lord of the Fourth Age

Race: Human-like Demon-Lord

Occupation: Supreme Lord of Hell/Immora

Height: 6'0

Weight: 260 LBs

Age: Male

Personality: Cold-Blooded and Ruthless. He was once a caring and loving lord who wanted to give his original people, but failed and was sent to Dusk by the Khan Makyrs. He would offer a single chance for his enemy to join him before he would attack.

Two Plasma Cannons, A Grenade Launcher, A Larger Variant of the Slayer's Crucible, and A Energy Shield.
A large demonic red mech suit, fitted with all the weapons above. It is very powerful and takes alot to take down, It is resistant to EMPs, Hacking, and Your Standard Nukes as well as other things.


Absorption- Much like the Doom Slayer, The Dark Lord has the ability to not only absorb souls on an advanced level, But also heal when he directly strikes his enemy, making him a tough foe in battle.
Demonship- He can call upon his vast Army of Demons to fight, and can command them how he pleases. He cannot call upon the Icon of Sin, But can call only two Large Titans to fight, alongside with his human soldiers.
Ram- The Dark Lord can ram into his enemies and stagger them that way using a powerful Thruster on the back of his very large and red mech-suit.
Portal Summon- The Dark Lord can summon a portal just by thinking of it, Much like how The Father (VEGA) opens up portals for Slayer to move around the Universe.

The Nameless One originated as Davoth, ruler of the realm of Jekkad which preceded all other worlds, He was one of the first beings created in the New Earth universe. Although Jekkad was considered a paradise, Davoth sought to grant his people the gift of immortality as he was Jekkad's only immortal inhabitant; when his own efforts failed, Davoth created the Maykrs and the Father to devise a solution as their machine minds could work on the problem in unison. Although the Maykrs eventually succeeded, they deemed the knowledge too dangerous to share with Davoth as they had concluded that he would eventually become a threat to all of existence. The Maykrs worked together to seal Davoth and Jekkad away, then rewrote their history to portray the Father as their creator and Davoth as a wayward servant. Angered by this perceived betrayal, Davoth was consumed by vengeance and gradually warped into the Nameless One; in turn, Jekkad became a realm of chaos and evil that in time would come to be known as Hell.
In time, the Nameless One and his legions of demons managed to reach into other worlds and conquer them. As the conquest continued, the Father confronted the Nameless One and tore out his life sphere, preventing him from taking a physical form. The Father was reluctant to completely destroy his creator and instead had the life sphere stored in Ingmore's Sanctum high above the Blood Swamps; he then had his own life sphere stored alongside it. Although the Nameless One could not lead his armies in person, he continued to command them through dark whispers and was able to influence the minds of others, particularly those who were susceptible to corruption. This power allowed the Nameless One to initiate a plot to destroy those who had betrayed him, using a weapon that they themselves would create.
At some point after Hell's alliance with the Maykrs began, the Nameless One planted the prophecy of a "chosen one" in the Khan Maykr's mind - an unknown being who would rise to threaten her rule. Eager to destroy this perceived threat, the Khan directed the construction of the Divinity Machine using a fragment of the Nameless One which had been stored by the Father in the coffins of Urdak, hoping that the machine would identify the chosen one before they became a threat. When Taras Nabad came under siege, the Nameless One planted visions and seditious thoughts in Samur Maykr's mind to convince him that the Khan was leading her people to ruin. Unknowingly compelled by the Nameless One, Samur released an imprisoned stranger and placed him in the Divinity Machine, reversing its polarity to empower the stranger and turn him into what would become The Doom Slayer.


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