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Fantasy The Cat of the House

Aspen watched her as she took the things from him and ke sorta swelled with joy, before she would of probably slapped the things away from him but here they were now. Even if she wasent talking that was okay he didnt mind. He watched her closely and looked at her wounds from a distance. hed have to call the doctor again to dress her shoulder at the very least. as he grew up he was able to learn a bit of first aid from experience. He noted that there were some things to work on but nothing bad over all. But either way he stepped away finally and let her eat in peace as he went to sit by his desk and read more that he was reading last night.

He slowly read the words and skimmed here and there taking in information he thought the might need, he only looked up when he saw movement once more. "You done?" he asked as he bookmarked the page and went over grabbing her dishes and going to leave them out for a servant to take them. He then returned and sighed as he looked at her not moving from the bed he decided to call for the doctor so they could continue what they started.

There came a soft knock and the doctor entered and he saw her and nodded "Ah so you have turned human. And i see have taken a shower good...im sure it felt good to wash off the auction house off you..." he nodded before placing his tote again. He then dug in it and produced gauze, a gauze pad and ointment. Slowly he walked closer to her "Will you lt me bandage you my dear?" He ask as he held up the things in his hands to show there was no needles in sight.
Eroh ate quietly savoring every bite not paying him much attention but looked up when he spoke again but handed it off to him. The plate was nearly licked clean, but she seemed content for the time being as she watched him silently. Her attention snapped to the door though with narrowed eyes not wanting any more company only turning into a deathly glare seeing the doctor. She immediately shrank though seeing the tote, without any ability to easily defend herself, just getting out of the situation seemed best but she gasped in pain at the sudden movement nearly doubling over. She eyed him threateningly but decided to sit still when she was sure there were no needles.
The doctor frowned as she shrank back and pain hit her once more. it seemed some more pain medicine was in order as well. He sighed and slowly went over and sat down beside her. Gently and as careful can be he began to apply the ointment then the gauze pad then began to wrap it firmly yet gently so she had some sort of movement with the arm. Finally he was done and fiddle with the wrapping here and there making sure it was good before he smiled "Good! it looked way better than last night so its healing well at the very least...hmn now lets see here." slowly and gently began to look her over with his eyes. There were scratches that needed help with.

"Aspen can you get the band aids and the pain meds for me? oh and the bottle of water?" Aspen nodded and went to get just that digging in the tote and produced the pill bottle along with the other items asked for. "Now just stay still for me please..." he then using the same ointment began to gently dab at the scratches and putting band aids on them as he worked slowly not to spook her. When he was done he nodded handing her the bottle of water and then took out three pills. "Here you are dear...this should help with the pain." he said holding the pills out to her.
Eroh watched him with narrowed eyes but let him work, Aspen's oversized T- Shirt making it slightly more difficult to work but she sat still. She flinched as he tightened the wrap with a warning hiss, tucking the arm defensively closer to her body. She sat there allowing him to work but looked ready to go after him with one wrong move, even in her human form she held the same dangerous look to her eyes daring someone to even try and mess with her. She quietly took the water but eyed the pills, they had only added to her drowsiness last time and she didn't want that though another wave of pain had her finally cave and take them. She pulled the blanket closer to her body though seeming to have a chill, without her fur it was significantly cooler in the room in only an oversized shirt and pants. Finally she at least dipped her head in acknowledgment of his help but still looked very distrusting of him.
He nodded slowly when she finally took them and slowly stood and looked to aspen "She should be be good for the day." He nodded before beginning to pack up. "Call me if you need anything else okay?" Aspen nodded "Thank you!" he spoke and waved him off. He slowly sighed and looked to her and hummed and slowly walked over and crawled into bed to sit opposite of her and watched her "I know you dont like him but he means well." he nodded as he watched her he then blinked before he frowned "Now that i think on it i dont know your name...As you probably gathered im Aspen. Aspen Valgaris heir to the Valgaris pack blah blah blah...." He rolled his eyes softly before he looked to her "You dont have to answer me but it would be nice to know your name so i dont have to call you cat all the time." he chuckled lightly.
Eroh finally relaxed slightly as the doctor moved away from her and gathered his things while she stared him down, making sure he didn’t manage to sneak out a needle. She glared at Aspen though once the doctor left when he climbed into the bed opposite her, it was large so he wasn’t anywhere near her but she still didn’t appreciate it. She stared at him as he spoke his full name though she had already gathered he was some kind of royal though she admitted she didn’t know the werewolves king even had a son. Not that she’d ever cared enough about them to learn, having spent her life trying to avoid the species as a whole.

Not only was she a lesser being in their eyes but being a cat a number of werewolves found it fun to chase them down just for the sake of it. She had thankfully always been agile enough to avoid them however she had frequently stepped in the way for those who weren’t. Sitting there silent she watched him weighing her options. She wasn’t getting out of this room in her condition without serious injury and being called Cat was getting on her last nerve.

“Eroh.. Eroh Conwyrn.” She finally spoke her voice smooth and beautiful though it held venom to it as she spoke.
Aspen watched her as she silently decided to talk or not he wouldent lie he was on the edge of his seat to hear her talk. When she did however he stared for a moment, her voice was also pleasing to the ears as well. Finally he nodded "Eroh....lovely name." he smiled at her with a nod. He however thought he had heard that last name before in his studies before. He thought on it for a moment try as he may be couldent think on it. Nothing a trip to the library couldent cure! But for now he had other books to look through he was sure that just asking her would be faster with his questions but he was sure that that would take a lot longer. He was silent as he thought on this before looking up at her "Ill leave you alone then." He nodded and scooted out of his bed and over to his books.

He got comfy and began to research on werebeasts, werecats in particular he did this until lunch was served. Lunch was brought up for the two of them with a soft knock and the servant brought it in on a tray. They even included one for Eroh. This perked Aspen up and he looked to the food "Ohhh this looks fantastic!" He looked to the servant and smiled "Thank you as always and for adding another for Eroh." The servant nodded and they chattered for a couple minutes before they excused themselves. Aspen smiled as he looked to her and brought it over with her drink. "Here you go! I hope you like it." He nodded with a smile.
Eroh watched him for a while as he climbed back out from the bed and made himself comfortable going back to the reading he had. She just snuggled back into the blankets slowly starting to drift off again. She had barely rested while in the auction house and the current safety Aspen’s room had all of her exhaustion hit her at once. She peacefully rested until she heard a knock on the door.

She watched him curiously chatting with the servant having near heard of any royal actually being kind to their servants which only lead her to more confusion. So far Aspen had been nothing but absolutely nice towards her and anyone who came near him which was a far cry from the things she thought she knew. She perked up though at the plate and a soft “thank you” was spoken. She quietly ate not able to argue the fact this food was amazing and far better then anything she had recently had.
Aspen perked at the the thank you and he smiled "Oh you're welcome." He then sat down and began to eat his own food he hummed happily as he nommed bite after bite. Taking sips here and there as well he stole glances her way from time to time. He wanted to talk to her but he guessed she was still not ready to talk to him fully which was fine. But he wanted to ask questions that the books were not answering, all they had were books of different kinds of werebeasts and that was really it. Like sure it was nice but he wanted to know other things like who she was other than her name.

Eventually he finished his food and drink and gathered his other dishes while he waited for her to finish eating. When she did he gathered her dishes to and placed them outside the room. "Ill be right back going to exchange some books okay?" He nodded to her and grabbed his books and went to do just that. He placed the books back and then focused on his books on families, royal or rich that they had on hand. He swore he had read her last name in a book once the only problem was which was it. Not knowing which is was he decided to get any and all. When he left he had a stack of books which caused chuckles from the servants as he scurried back to his room.

When he returned he smiled at her "Heya im back." He informed and went and places the books down. Grabbing a few books off the top he hummed and walked over "I got you a few books to read...i didnt know what kind you liked so i got you a few. We have a fantasy, romance, and a travel book as well." He placed them where she could reach and went back to his research.
Eroh ate quietly ignoring all of his glances her way but left him be since he wasn’t bothering her any. She handed him the plates before watching him leave off to the library again. She was yet to see what he was reading about so deeply but it seemed rather important since he’d been doing it nonstop since she’d woken.

She looked up when he returned when an even larger stack and tilted her head slightly curious. She blinked though when he set down a few books for her and she seemed to brighten up. It was at least something to do while she was stuck just sitting there with him in so much silence. She read the descriptions of each before settling on one and made herself comfortable in the bed. After reading for a bit, her attention was drawn to the window though when she heard the faint sound of raindrops. She loved watching the storms and just seemed to smile to herself.
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Aspen was silent as he began to skim through page after page of royals and more well off families, it was records that he had to study at one point cause he would attend balls and galas. That was not so much anymore unless it was one of his friends that was hosting or he was specifically invited to one. They were all the same to him having to gone to so many, but his friends seemed to know his feelings and all would throw themed parties for him. He shook his head as he found himself thinking of parties and focused back to the book. Page after page of wrong last names he sighed softly. At least the books were alphabetized by last name so it was easy to find and go onto the next book.

He was three books in when his ears picked up the sound of rain hitting his window. He looked up to the window as well and then to Eroh who was smiling for once. He smiled as well "Do you like the rain?" he asked as he set down his book and stood going to the window he slowly unlatched the window and opened it. The sound and smell of gentle rain poured into the room, he stared outside for a moment before he looked to her then to the book. "How is it? The book i mean." he asked her as he went and sat down in his chair. "At times like this i usually like to read and sip a nice cup of tea....actually that sounds good would you like some? I can probably get some sweets too to go along with it."
Eroh seemed more at ease as the smell of the fresh rain shower drifted into the room along with the cooler air just contently watching him open the window. She pulled the blanket closer around herself, while she loved the cold being a bit skinny she had no body fat to keep herself warm. It reminded her of home, she always sat outside to watch the storms though she knew that wouldn’t be an option here. The open window would do for now at least. “Always have. It’s peaceful..” She was just watching it pick up with the faintest of smiles but blinked at his question looking down at the book. “It’s good..haven’t read much in a while.” she however perked up slightly at the offer of sweets “sure..” She was still curious what he was so diligently reading for but wasn’t yet willing to ask.
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Aspen nodded "Tea and sweets it is." He walked over to the door and opened it and flagged down a servant and began to chatter with them with the need of what he desired. He went to talk on for a bit more about how their day was and such. Eventually he let them go to go brew tea. He then returned to the books and began to skim again with a sigh. He would find it he just didnt know where...he was quiet for a moment until he heard the knock on the door. He perked and went for the door and opened it and let the servant in that brought in the tea on a tray setting it down she smiled "Your tea Master Aspen enjoy it you two!" she nodded to both of them and bowed before she left.

Aspen shut the door and took that as a sign to take a break. He hummed happily and began to pour his tea he then looked to Eroh and nodded "Come, take as much sweets as you want! Same with the tea well until they run out that is." He nodded and plucked a scone off of the plate and sat down and began to sip the tea and nibble the scone happily.
Eroh shifted quietly watching him socialize with the servant just growing more confused by each interaction he had with those around him. Everything she had seen at the auction house was just cruel, short-tempered men there for cheap servants or brides they didn't have to care about, yet Aspen had been nothing but nice so far. She wasn't willing to let her guard down though, knowing how badly it had come back to bite her before but was at least significantly more relaxed than she'd been when she first arrived. After all he hadn't given her a reason to fight yet but she was still trying to figure out how to get out of this place.

She blinked when the servant returned with the tray, eyeing it until he poured a cup and waited until he had taken a sip and nibbled on a Scone before she ever even attempted to move. Finally, she climbed out of the covers but kept the blanket wrapped around her body, almost like a security blanket. Reaching with her left arm she struggled slightly to pour a cup, still keeping her right arm closer to her body, it was getting uncomfortable again. She picked up a few scones before moving away again. She however decided to sit in the windowsill bench which was significantly closer to his desk than the bed so she could watch the rain as it began picking up. She occasionally glanced at him like she was wanting to say something but decided against it though looked at the stack of books he had. Her confusion only grew when she saw the titles of the books.
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He sighed as he sat down at his desk and hummed now that he had his tea and his scone he could get back to his research. He slowly began to flip through the book he chose taking tiny sips here and there. Letting Eroh sit on the sill to enjoy the rain a bit closer than on the bed. Slowly he went down the line of names with a sigh before he came across the name he was searching for. He perked and stared as he started to read the info by it. The Conwyrns were royals of werecats however they were more on the lower rung of royals and he knew that lower rung meant that they were probably picked off for auctions. He frowned at this and he glanced to Eroh quietly. He felt bad now for what he did. he slowly closed his book and began to tip his tea in thought. If she really was a Conwyrn it would mean she was a royal like him. but who in the family was she?

He finally looked to her and frowned "So Eroh Conwyrn....A royal? We you a cousin in the family? A Princess? What?" He asked her curiously he patted the book he was just reading "It says that the Conwyrn family is a family of werecat royals unless you share the same name?" he asked as he took a bite of a scone.
Eroh was just quietly staring out at the rain not paying any attention to him reading, just wrapped up in the blanket trying to get comfortable. She shifted wincing slightly when she moved her shoulder wrong, it was still bothering her but she wasn’t willing to admit to needing his help. She nibbled on the scone enjoying it not even remembering the last time she’d had sweets.

She just blinked looking at him then down at the book when she finally realized what he’d been trying to figure out. “We are…” she frowned though when he seemed so clueless about her species. “You wolves don’t pay any attention to anyone but yourselves do you?” She shifted to face him fully looking rather irritated. “Did you even bother to research who you bought before you just started bragging about it?” She hissed slightly clearly still angry about it. “Each species has royalty. Or used to at least…I am the princess to the species of Werecats. We weren’t always your species pet’s and servants.”
Aspen was just curious so when she hissed back he frowned his inner wolf wanting to bow down to her and show he meant no harm at all. He leaned away and his head slowly retracted as well as she spoke about who she was and that all species had royals and what not. He looked down to his feet and rubbed his arm uncomfortable. He took a deep breath and let it out to try and get rid of the anxiety welling up inside his core. "I just...I didnt have any time to research though you were hurt and no matter who you are should receive care and be taken care of...and the money i bought you with....was my parents so i had to tell them." He tried to explain his situation He was silent as he sat there quietly for a moment. But then a thought dawned on him if she was really the princess of the werecats....why was she here and not there? The pit of his stomach twisted at a realization...she was either sold of which was less likely than being stolen.

"You were stolen...were you not?" He spoke his thoughts he hopped he was wrong but he had a fear that he was right. He watched her now frowning. Taken from your own land...your home to be a... He stood suddenly as tears welded up in his eyes. "Im sorry....i...must go." He then quickly made his exit leaving her alone in his room. He went off down the hall informing he would be leaving for a time and to serve dinner to Eroh when the time came but he wouldent be joining. He then left the mansion outside and into the woods where he shifted into his wolven form. Still a bit of a limp but he didnt care he walked quickly as he could to get to his favorite spot that he would go when he need to think.

He didnt return until dawn hit and he returned to the manor with a frown, maybe he shouldent of had run off like that but he didnt like how it made him feel. Another gripe his family had with him...being uneasy with confrontation. Would he be a good king to the werewolves? He wasent sure either way he walked up transforming before he entered the manor. Walking to the kitchen no one was awake yet so he helped himself to whatever he could find. Eating it he was still deep in thought of what to do, should he just be upfront why she was here? They already were probably on ground level again and once you were you could only go up right? Once he was done he slowly made his way up to his room and entered.
Eroh just blinked startled when he began to tear up and so suddenly stood bolting out the door. She opened her mouth to respond but he’d already bolted out the door and down the hall, shrinking in worry unsure what exactly set him off so badly. She just stared out at the rain falling quietly but reaching over picking up the book he’d been reading about were creatures. Annoyed at the lack of information and what was incorrect she picked up the pen on his desk and began correcting it. Their species deserved to at least be documented properly.

She startled when someone knocked on the door “come in…” she perked up seeing the plate of food “thank you, you can just set it on the table.” She quietly ate but winced getting uncomfortable, the pain in her shoulder returning but had no idea where the medicine had been put. After a few hours and choosing another book to read she had dozed off in the window sill curled in the blanket
Aspen walked into his room and looked about the room the bedding had been changed in his absence and all the food and tea was gone as well. He then saw her and he frowned and sighed, slowly he trudged over to his bed and crawled in wanting to get some sort of sleep before he had to confront her again. He was out in minutes and snoozed quietly curled up on the end of the bed where he resigned himself to be. But soon there was a knock and he slowly sighed as he looked up and a maid was there "Oh good Master Aspen you have returned I have breakfast for you and your werecat friend." Aspen slowly sat up sighing and rubbing his eyes with a yawn. "Hmmn Her name is Eroh." The maid blinked "Ah Miss Eroh then." She then brought in a tray and set it down and bowed before excusing herself. He flopped back down letting out a long yawn. He then stared up at the ceiling for a moment before sitting up and going for their plates. He then slowly offered her a plate of breakfast food and drink. When she took it he went to go sit down as well.

He was silent for a bit before he sighed "....Im...Im sorry i ran out on you like that yesterday. Im...not very great at yelling and confrontation. I...Well...I didnt mean to make you mad or anything. And Well I..." He sighed and looked to his food playing with a bit. "The reason I bought you...well...cause You were supposed to be my wife. Go ahead be mad if you want...but i thought you would appreciate knowing the truth why you are here." He frowned "But i didnt know you were royalty before i bo---before you came here."
Eroh had blinked awake when there was a knock at the door and the servant brought in food. She perked up not even realizing she’d gotten rather hungry and finally uncurled from the blanket taking the plate from him.

She just sighed crossing her arms over her chest as best she could with her injured shoulder, curse the fact they didn’t deal as fast as wolves. “I gathered as much. There is only two reasons someone goes to those auction's now a days payed brides or servants. And I assumed no one
with a group like yours was paying that much for a servant. My suspicion was solidified when you brought me here instead of servant quarters and those maids referred to you as lord.” She sighed “no lord is personally training servants.”

She just watched him though only growing more curious about him, she’d never met an upper ranking wolf who was so almost submissive when it came to yelling and arguing. She shifted from her place by the window and handed him the book she’d been updating “no offense your research is severely lacking.”
Aspen was quiet for a moment "Ah so you knew..." That was good at the very least? He didnt have to deal with the blow up he thought would happen. He was silent before he looked up to see the book he was reading before and he slowly grabbed it and he huffed softly "Course it is lacking." It made him feel horrible that not even the info they had was carefully taken as well. It made him think of what else was wrong with the info he had learned growing up. Slowly he put it down and looked up to her "Im sorry that you were stolen from your home...i cant imagine what its like." He watched her and then looked to her shoulder "Once you are healed...would you....i can take you back if you want." He sighed as he sat there on his bed "They probably want their princess back." He nodded to her.
Eroh couldn’t hid the absolute excitement in her eyes, a true genuine smile forming “really!?” She could only imagine how her parents felt knowing she had just vanished one day and never returned. She’d fought tooth and claw to get away only injuring herself in the process but felt like it was all her fault. It wasn’t like they could walk into town and check the auction and even if they could they didn’t have nearly enough money to get her back and they sure couldn’t break her out. A small frown formed though at his body language only adding to the growing confusion about the man sitting in front of her.

“My parents want to see their daughter. Being a royal means nothing anymore if your not a wolf.. And hasn’t in a long time…My family just isn’t willing to give up the one thing that was normal before everything …” she tilted her head slightly shifting from where she sat in the windowsill to face him fully “Your different than the others I’ve encountered… no one I have ever met saw any issue with those auctions… like it’s a thing that should happen. Your books all clearly paint you lot as saviors and the auctions a small price to pay… our species used to all be equals Aspen. We all lived in harmony.. mostly. But at some point your ancestors thought we weren’t good enough. No one in my family is willing to speak of it or allowed me to those records but we weren’t your servants.”
Aspen blinked at the reaction he got his prents would kill him when he did it but in his body in his bones it felt wrong to keep her here. Even if there was only wolven royals now that actually mattered it didnt mean she had people…her people who were waiting for her return. He listened and he slowly nodded “i wasent alive when the decision was made that this is how it should be…i was conditioned to think of it as normal and its how the world is.” He slowly sighed and leaned back and flopped over in his bed to look at the ceiling. “Its only until i got you that I realized jist how wrong it is….” He frowned as he thought on it for a moment then sat up to look at her once more. “So yeah once you are all healed up ill take you so focus on healing. its a promise.” He gave a nod and a smile.

He then blinked “speaking of…i should call the doctor so he can check your shoulder again.” He got up and went to the door and asked for a servant to get the doctor. He turned and sighed “i know you dont like him much but he is better than any doctor we can take you too thats outside.” Aspen nodded and they waited a bit before there cme a knock and the doctor came in with his stuff. “Hello you two, i hope you are getting along well enough?” Aspen smiled and nodded “yeah! Its been a bit more lively in here thats for sure!” The doctor laughed and nodded “good, good. So now lets see that shoulder okay dear?” The doctor slowly and carefully began to unwrap the shoulder and gently as he could check it out. “Hmn not bad looks good actually…im going to put some ointment on it and rewrap it okay? Hows the pain level?” He asked her as he began to dig for the oinment.
Eroh looked up at him “no one got a say so Aspen. Your ancestors decided they were the only ones who mattered and the rest of us didn’t have enough man power to fight back and win. My grandparents lost a lot of friends trying to keep their freedom but we all lost it anyway.. I’m not surprised most of you have no idea.. based on those books they make it sound like you were helping us out. Not the cause. Funny how history is always written by the winner.”

She tilted her head watching him when he flopped back on the bed but a genuine smile formed at his promise, she missed her parents and friends. Though she worried who was even still left, they had depended on her and if she’d been ambushed could imagine they’d been caught too. She shifted uncomfortably when there was a knock at the door knowing it was the doctor and wasn’t really ready to deal with him. She narrowed her eyes as the doctor carefully undid the wrapping flinching slightly, clearly still not a fan of him still. She looked at him staying still though everything was screaming at her not to “it comes and goes. Usually around a 4 or 5 I suppose..” She immediately grew defensive when he begun digging in the bag, still harboring some anger from him stabbing her the first night but settled when he just pulled out ointment.
Aspen frowned as he sat there listening to her about how his ancestors decided the fate of the world today. He was silent as he thought on it for a moment as the doctor began to gently tend to her wounds. "Its looking pretty good! let me just wrap you wounds." He nodded as he finished with the ointment and then grabbed more gauze out. He then stopped and looked at her "Would you like to take a bath first before i wrap you up? Ah here..." He dug out some pain meds "Take these they are pain meds." He nodded to her

The doctor then looked to Aspen "And now you... how are you doing?" He went over to aspen to check in on him. He hummed as he gently checked the bite wounds and the like nodding "Looks like you are coming along good too." He sighed as he shook his head "Always fighting with father huh Aspen?" Aspen pouted "He started it...its not my fault that i disappointed him yet again..." He grumbled as he sat there crossing his arms.

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