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Fantasy The Cat of the House


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The Cat of the House
(A werewolf and Werecat rp)
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When the supernatural creatures all live in relitive harmony and there are classes royal and poor. The heir of the werewolf faction gets tired of his parents bugging him to find a mate. So he goes to the auctions a place where they sell servants to the more well off families. But instead of bringing back a wolf he brings back a cat.

Aspen Velgaris

Appears to be 25
The only child and heir if the Velgaris family. Considered the prince in the werewolf circles. Much to his fathers dismay hes much more softer at heart and would rather spend his time doing other things than princely things. Got tired of his parents bugging him about a mate so him and a friend decided to go off to find one at the auctions. Didnt know he would fall for a werecat.

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Eroh Conwyrn
appears to be 25 but they have a longer life span and she hasn’t told anyone
Eroh was born and raised as a royal in the eyes of other werecats. While they were seen as a lesser species than the werewolves and other “higher” ups they still held similar government systems. Her father was the ruling “king” so she was the princess everyone adored but they lived hard times. They were frequently rounded up and sold off as slaves to whoever wanted them and they had no say so in the matter. Eroh had always been more adventurous and used her status to try and make changes for her people and stop these round ups. Unfortunately one night while she was trying to help others she was attacked and injured and they used that opportunity to drag her into the auction.​
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Aspen Valgaris was silent as he walked the grounds with his friends they were a bachelor pack of werewolf royals on a hunt of a different kind. While his friends were on the hunt for some potential servants or to add to their harems at home Aspen on the other hand was on the hunt for a mate. He was sick of his parents trying to set him up with shallow werewolf heirs that want nothing but to marry into higher status of their own, money, or new lands to hunt in. Finally Aspen got his parents to back off if he promised to actively look for a mate, then one of his friends had the brilliant idea that they never said who so if he wanted he could just buy a mate from the markets like some royals did. So here he was with his friends to find a mate.

Aspen watched his friends rough house as they walked along with a roll of his eyes, it had been a while since they had been together so they had a bit of energy pent up from it all. It was nice to see them though lately they all been preoccupied with being heirs of their own packs and getting ready to take over. And when that happened seeing each other would be even less. Walking up a hill and once they got to the top they saw the auction yard they were looking for. There were many in the markets but they were sectioned off by race the one they were looking for was the werebeasts. Slowly they made their way to the yard signed up to be buyers and found some seats with their number paddles. They then began to watch as a number of werewolves and other werebeasts came on stage to be sold.

There had been bidding here and there as the minutes turned into an hour, Aspen had yet to be interested enough to bid and he finally figured out why. All the ones that came on stage seemed to be devoid of life, like the life was sucked out of them and he wanted some spunk. One after another they came out and he was about to give up when she was dragged out. A werecat with beautiful coloration to her pelt She was a snarling spitting beast that needed more than one helpers to drag her onto the stage. "Her ewe have a werecat! One who hasent received any training to be a servant so will need a firm hand in breaking her in!" The auctioneer spoke out to the crowd. The people there wooped and hollared at her and even threw stuff at her to get a rise from her. Aspen stared at her....she was perfect. "Since she will need training her price is lower than usual! Can i get two hundred and fifty thousand?!" And then the bidding started.

Aspen was quiet as he watched the bidding to see just how interested the crowd wanted her when it seemed to slow down at five hundred thousand he held his paddle up "Five hundred and fifty thousand!" he called out his friends all looking over in confustion and also surpise. Wasent he supposed to be after a wolf and not a cat? But he paid them no mind. "Oh!! Another contender! number seventy eight with five hundred and fifty! Anyone else?!" another bid over him and he bid back it was a bidding war until it ranked up to seven hundred thousand. His opponent bowed out and he stared the actioneer down "Seven hundred thousand! Going once! Twice?!....SOLD to number Seventy eight! You will be able to collect your spicy cat after the auction is finished!" She was then dragged off the stage and into the back where she would be shoved into a holding cage.
Eroh didn’t really remember much before she woke up in the cell surrounded by a bunch of other were creatures in what sounded to be an auction. It was foggy, she had just completed a hunt carrying a deer back to her parents proudly when the world went dark. She was always extra cautious when she went out, being a lesser creature they were always at risk of being caught but being a “royal” aka the daughter of the man who was “in charge” of the werecats she thought she was safer. Oh how she was wrong.

She’d awoken locked in a small cell surrounded by strangers and a splitting headache but fought anyone that got close to her cell, trying to find an escape. Giving more than one of the guards stitches in the days leading up to the auction and in an attempt to subdue her they’d been skipping her meals. They were all laughing how she’d be to tired and weak now to put up a fight but boy they were wrong. She’d sat well behaved until they were to move her to the pen to show her off before the auction and she’d attacked.

She managed to escape leaving two guards seriously injured but in the process they stopped caring if they scuffed up the “product.” She’d been shot in the shoulder during her attempted escape which had been enough to slow her so they could capture her again. She spent the remainder of the time completely chained till her turn.

Thrashing she fought against the chains, ignoring the pain as they forcefully drug her out onto the stage. She knew what would happen if she was bought, no werecat sold as a slave had ever returned home. She snarled when someone threw something at her turning her attention on them until a guard grabbed her wounded shoulder and a small yelp escaped. Her attention snapping towards the man in the background who’d won with bared fangs as they drug her off stage.
"Bro what are you thinking?!" One of his friends asked when he sat back and he hummed as he looked over to his friends who stared at him "Your parents are gonna flip when they find out your bringing home a cat." Another said and he shrugged "im not going back on my purchase...all of these people that they bring up are all broken....i dont want someone that cant think for themselves..." He nodded before he sighed "plus they never said it HAD to be a wolf anyway and im not against the idea of her being a cat either." His friends look at each other then back at him but shrugged "Well at least you know the trouble you are about to be in." Aspen nodded at them, he wasent afraid to go against the grain if it would get what he wanted.

Soon the auction came to a close and the buyers were all prompted to come and pay and get their purchases. Aspen went down and paid the price that he had bidded on. He then was taken back to the holding area and he looked at all of them in cages. Most looked like they given up on life, some held some spark in thier eyes, and then there was the cat that he had bought. She held all he fighting spirit in her still and that is exactly what he wanted. Sure it will take a bit to gain her trust but that was fine. He walked up to the cage they were holding her in with the tag that held 78 on it. A staff person came over and huffed "Quite the beast you bought there sir, I dont know what possessed you to buy her but were glad to get her off out hands." Aspen looked to him and nodded "Oh yeah? Im guessing shes caused quite some trouble?" The staff nodded "Quite a few wounds made on her record so i came to warn you...and also tell you her cage is on the house. Your gonna need it." Would he? He looked down to cage and back to the staff member and nodded "Thank you...i appreciate it." The staff nodded and then looked over "Hey lets get this one on a loading cart yeah?!" there were a few 'yes sirs' and Aspen watched as the frightened staff members carefully loaded her onto the cart. The head staff nodded "Just leave the cart with the loading staff at the entrance and i hope you have a good day sir and also good luck." Aspen nodded and began to push her out.

He soon reunited with his friends who knelt to get a look at her, "Shes beautiful shes at least got that going for her." one of them said all of them keeping their distance as they stood and walked with Aspen. "I bet she will make pretty pups too!" they laughed lightly as they walked through the busy streets until they came up to the entrance. The staff there carefully loaded her into the back of the truck that had a cover over it. Aspen thanked the staff and then said his good byes to his friends as they headed out for their own homes. Aspen made sure her cage was good and secure so it didnt slide everywhere. This is when he finally got to look at her up close. She was beautiful that was for sure he admired her coat pattern and her eyes and that lithe body hiding so much muscle. There had to be something to say about cats now that he thought of it. But then he blinked when he spied a wound on her shoulder and tisked lightly. That will have to be taken care of as soon as possible. but for now....he closed to back of the truck making sure it was locked and then he went to the front and got in bucking in. "Alright lets go..." he spoke to the servant in the front and then they began their ride home.
Eroh was sitting in the back of her cell, her paws still chained together so she couldn’t move as freely, her tail lashing in anger. Her ears pinned flat against her head watching Aspen, her eyes filled with hatred before her attention snapped towards the men about to move her crate. She waited until one got too close when he shifted to set her crate on the wagon and suddenly lunged. Smashing her face into the bars, she hooked a claw into the worker’s shoulder before they all dropped her the last inch onto the cart and scrambled away.

She sat acting like she hadn’t just shredded a man’s shoulder licking her paws, cleaning the blood from her claw and flattened the ruffled hair on her forehead. She sat with her back towards Aspen completely ignoring him, her tail lashing in anger though flicked her ears when a group joined him. She quickly gathered they were this man’s friends but at the first one’s comment about having pretty pups had her lunging at the bars again. She hissed having smashed her face again with the full intention of getting to that man bars there or not. She’d struggled hard enough she’d made her face bleed and still just barely missed the man’s leg. She spat daring him to come a step closer so she could reach him but her attention was drawn to the dark truck.

Once she was secured she growled at him ignoring the blood that dripped down her face wanting him to come closer so she could get him. She was gorgeous, her coat was jet black, looking like velvet with a stark difference with the striking tan spots covering her body. She held no fat on her body, all muscle designed to be the perfect hunting machine they were known for. Though she did appear to be rather skinny compared to what she should be. Her shoulder though was clearly injured and rather deeply, hurting her though she stood on it like there was no issue refusing to show weakness.

When he closed the door she finally lay down exhausted and in pain knowing she wasn’t getting out of this truck.
The road to the manor was a little long, this market was the closest to his home the places few and far between the region. He sighed a little as he sat back getting comfy in his seat as he looked out the window. he didnt like long car ride always feeling cooped up in them but they were the only way to get here and there now. Slowly ye yawned and cot more comfy and laid against the window, slowly he fell asleep to the lull of the sound of the engine.

Aspen was awoken by the servant when they were pulling up to the manor he made a small noise and he sat up rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he looked to his home. Yawning once more he nodded and straightened up "go to the back so we can use the loading carts to transport her in." the servant nodded and did as he was told. Driving up and around the large manor and the truck slowly came to a stop. Aspen slowly got out and walked up to the servants who were around "Were going to need a cart and be careful she might attack...." The servants frowned and looked nervous but nodded or bowed and got right on it. Slowly the back of the truck was opened and the servants meekly looked in to the truck. Slowly they unfastened the things that were tying the cage down and slowly pulled her out and onto the cart. Aspen then nodded and looked to them "Take her to my room." he spoke which they nodded and did just that.

Slowly they brought her up to Aspen's room which was large and easily fit the cage in his room. When they set her down aspen nodded "Thank you..." When they finally left and closed the door Aspen looked to the cage and walked over and sat down. He was far away so she couldent reach him and then he watched her for a moment in silence before he began to speak "Hello....nice to meet you. Im Aspen Valgaris..." he was quiet again before he frowned "They hurt you didnt they? Would you let someone treat you or are you going to lash out at us too?" he asked the question to the cat in the cage.
Eroh’s ears perked up when the truck finally stopped laying with her back to the servants acting alseep waiting for the right moment. As they were undo doing the straps she lunged at them, none were close enough that she could reach them but it did send them scattering for a moment. They all returned much to her irritation as she sat there lashing her tail as she was carted inside.

She sat there lashing her tail when she couldn’t reach any of them but did watch her surroundings, almost like she was taking in each path they had come from. Almost concerning memorizing everything on the walls and the intersections they came to. Her ears perked up though as they passed the kitchen, the change in her body language immediate as the scents wafted out of the room and it kept her attention till it out of sight. The pinned ears returned as they entered a bedroom that was clearly Aspen’s, his scent was overpowering in here.

She watched the servants leave and much to irritation he did not follow. She paced making laps in the small crate, the limp becoming more pronounced now along with the jingling of the chains as she seemed just as stressed as she was angry. When he sat out of her reach she finally gave up and lay with her back to him completely ignoring him.
Aspen watched her and slowly sighed as she went to completely ignore him with her back turned. He thought this might happen and he thought on it more of what to to do. He then had an idea and slowly got up and left he was gone for a few minutes leaving her to relax a little bit at least before he returned with two things. The doctor who was nervous but ready to help with a tote filled the brim with medical supplies for one and a food in his hand. Slowly he walked over and sat down with the plate in hand. "Okay...here is what we are going to do....you let us help with that wound of yours and you get food....deal?" he asked his voice held some sort of authority but also a calming tone to it as well. "You look to be a bit thin...im guessing they didnt feed you at all so how about it?" he looked to her back.

The doctor then spoke up "We will take a look at you and also give you some pain meds so it doesent hurt so much...ill also be dressing your wounds as well." he nodded holding the tote in his hands.
Eroh simply flicked an ear when he stood and walked from room but finally relaxed slightly, exhausted and hurting but wasn’t willing to let her guard down with him there. Overall she wasn’t in to bad of shape but she had been struggling for a while in the cells and they hadn’t taken to much priority in her care at the auction. Her face and paws were scratched up from the amount of times she’d been banging her face on the bars trying to get her claws into anyone. She was clearly hurting from the wound in her shoulder looking to be infected from a lack of care though rightfully so on the part of the auction, no one was able to even get near her if they’d wanted to help.

Her ears perked at the scent of the meat turning to face them again but immediately pinned with bared fangs seeing another man walk in with Aspen. Her tail immediately began lashing as if daring one of them to try and touch her, looking ready to take their hands off as she was crouched down. Her stomach however betrayed her growling as she eyed the plate but refused to acknowledge the offer. She seemed more willing to go down fighting then even attempt to work with them
Aspen frowned as he watched her as her tail flicked and her ears flattened he knew if they were to go in and do their job that they would get attacked. The doctor frowned as he watched the two and then looked to Aspen "Lord Aspen...forgive me speaking out of turn but was it the smart thing to do to bring her back? Could of it been anyone other than her? She doesent want to be saved but set free...." Those words cut deep and he somehow knew this but he wouldent...he spent a lot of money and if his parents found out that not only was it a cat but he just set her free? Hed be in a world of trouble. He shook his head "Even so if i were to i cant just leave her like this... no one should be in pain...and left to fend for themselves while in pain..."

The doctor looked to Aspen and sighed and set the tote down and began to dig in it. "Very well my lord...lets fix her up then..." he then produced a needle filled with sleep medicine, putting the needle on a metal stick he went over and sat down with Apspen. "Alright my dear just going to feel a pinch..." He then jabbed at her to hopefully get her somewhere so he could dispense the meds.
Eroh’s ears immediately perked up with a slight tilt to her head hearing the doctor refer to Aspen as lord. She flicked her ears listening trying to understand just who it was she was sitting in front of but growled as the doctor pulled out the needle.

She bared her fangs trying to threaten the doctor away, swiping her claws at him but startled when it didn’t work and scrambled as he attempted to jab at her. The cage was too small for her to avoid him for long only managing to bang her face into the bars multiple times in her attempts and stumble backwards. She yelped as he got her in the hip spinning and trying to attack the thing that had stabbed her but very quickly grew wobbly. There was a flash of genuine fear in her eyes as she collapsed, slumping against the bars out cold.
Aspen watched as the doctor jabbed and finally got her in the hip, they watched as she slowly succumbed to the meds and slump down. The doctor sighed and nodded "Now lets not dally...lets get her all fixed up before she wakes up." They unlocked the cage and slowly pulled her out and began to work on her. They first began on her shoulder. The doctor fretting over her as he found a bullet still lodged in her shoulder. They took that out and began to clean up the wound and medicate it.Wrapping it up so it remained clean and sterile before they moved onto her face and paws. The doctor was careful with her face as he cleaned it up and put ointment on all the cuts so they didnt get infected too. Aspen was there to help all he could but all he could do was watch and apply ointment. They made sure that everything was in order before the doctor administered some pain meds so she would be more comfortable. Aspen then called for some pillows so she could lay on something more comfortable.

When she woke she was out of the cage on comfortable pillows with food waiting for her, Aspen sat with the doctor as they waited for her to wake up. It was Aspens idea to have her out of the cage, nothing good could come of being cooped up in such a tiny place. When she finally opened her eyes Aspen perked but didnt move "Hello..." his voice calm and quiet. "Dont move too much okay? Nice and easy..." he tried to calm her upon awake. "Want some food?" he offered as he nudged the plate closer to her slowly.
Eroh slowly woke still groggy as the sedation began to wear off, the pain meds though keeping her kind of sleepy as she curled up in the pillows seeming to fall back into her slumber. She lay nuzzled against the pillows in a small ball until she stretched out slowly starting to fully wake up though her ears perked when she was actually capable of stretching out fully on her side. Pinning her ears immediately and scrambling upright though when she saw Aspen and the doctor still sitting on the floor in front of her, hissing more in pain than anything at her sudden movement as she watched them. Her attention however was drawn to the plate of food in front of her as her stomach growled loudly, watching him as he nudged the plate closer. Crouching she gave it a sniff as if making sure they hadn't poisoned it or something before suddenly snapping it off the plate and retreated from them.

She shredded the meat scarfing it down like someone might take it from her if she didn't before sitting back and grooming herself. Her ears remained pinned watching the two men unsure what was happening, they had let her out but at the same time he had stabbed her and made the world go dark. She hated them, if men like Aspen never came to those auctions they wouldn't exist, she wouldn't have lost so many of her friends and been attacked out in the woods. But at the same time Aspen so far had done nothing cruel, having helped her and been rather kind fixing her wounds. The title the doctor called him by had her confused though, royals rarely attended those auctions and if they did it was solely to get cheap servants.
Aspen smiled as she snapped up the food and began to eat it in front of them the doctor closely monitored her as she licked herself clean at least she was able to move about still. The dressed shoulder didnt seem to be impeding any movement at all either which was good. The doctor watched her as well for a moment longer before he nodded "She looks to be in good order. Let her rest so her wounds heal and ill keep checking on her till then." Aspen looked to the doctor and smiled "Thank you!" The doctor nodded and slowly stood up and began to collect his stuff. He then walked out of the room closing the door leaving her and Aspen alone.

Aspen sat there watching her quietly for a moment as he thought on what to do next. He tilted his head at her "...so do you want more food? Ah! Maybe some water?" He slowly got up and walked over to the door and opened it and asked for a bowl. Within minutes one was fetched for him and he thanked the servant before closing the door and he made his way to his bathroom to fill the bowl with water. He then came over set it down and backed away from it so she could drink if she needed it.
Eroh pinned her ears watching the doctor leave them but made no attempt to move until she jumped startled at Aspen's sudden Ah. She shrank backwards growling lowly as he walked towards her but quieted when he moved away again still just staring at him with narrowed eyes. She crept forward a few steps though when he set down the bowl to get a drink still limping heavily but seemed to be in less pain and at least somewhat groggy still. She kept her eyes trained on him but let out a big stretch, flexing her claws, ignoring the fact she left marks in the flooring before moving back to the pile of pillows with the faintest purr. She didn't understand what was happening, he had purchased her from that terrible auction yet seemed to possibly not be that bad as she just observed him. It was I guess a good thing she hadn't decided to just completely attack the both of them but there was clearly a deep mistrust of others.
Aspen watched her and slowly sighed as she went to go back into the pillows, perhaps she would like more of them or maybe a blanket or two to add to the nest. He watched her for a moment longer before there was a soft knock on the door. he looked up and a servant popped her head in and with a soft voice spoke "Master Aspen your mother and father wish to see you." Ah...yes he did say he would meet with them when he returned. He nodded "Tell them i will be right there." The servant nodded and closed the door behind them and went off to do other duties. Aspen sighed slowly how was he going to break it to them that he brought a feral cat home instead of a obedient dog wife? Either way he slowly stood and let her do as she wished "Ill be right back..." He spoke to her before he too left the room leaving her to do as she wished for a while.

The meeting went as well as Aspen thought it would, his father snarled and glared at his son who brought home a cat into their otherwise wolf over run pack. "You have got to be kidding me Aspen! What on earth were you thinking?! Bringing a beast into our home??! We trusted you to bring home a nice wife and this is the thanks that we get?!" he slammed his fists down making Aspen flinch at his anger. His mother sighed she of course wasent happy too but she held a more softer disposition "Please hun let the boy talk..." she turned to him and frowned "Aspen...why did you bring of all beings a werecat into a werewolf home love?" Aspen frowned and pouted "Mom...i just....I didnt want a wife who was broken...if you were there you would get it. All of those beings were devoid of life...beaten into submission probably. Then she came out a total spit fire not yet broken i...i wanted to save her from the life she would have if someone bought her..." His father growled his way "That doesent matter you insufferable welp! You will take her back to the market and get a refund! I will not waste money on some beast!" Aspen growled now and glares back but it was easy to see he was scared "I will not! She is MINE and you cant have her!"

This made his father let out a roar and he lunged transforming mid air, Aspen who transformed as well lunged back and they began to fight one another. But Aspen not being a fighter was easily bested by his father who snarled at him making Aspen whimper. Soon his father was yanked off of him by his mother who snarled at his father "ENOUGH! Both of you!" She shoved her mate away growling. "You know he cant fight back! If anyone is insufferable its you! Now." She glared at her mate then to her son "We will allow it...however! You WILL make her your mate understood?" Aspen changed back biting back tears from the pain he was in "Yes mother..." She nodded "Good...and you. Transform back you brute. We have other stuff to attend to..." Aspen took that he was excused. Which he gladly did so to go hide in his room where he knew he would be safest. Borrowing books about werebeasts and others from the library he made his way to his room with a limp of his own to his step.
Eroh had been exploring the room, having made multiple laps as she flicked her ears hearing yelling but could not place the source. She leapt up on the bed, finding comfort in the height, while it wasn’t that tall it was off the floor which as a werecat she craved for comfort. She dug through the decorative pillows snuggling up in the middle of them all mostly hidden but perked her ears as the door opened. From the door she was nearly completely hidden, her face the only thing semi visible in the middle of the pile of pillows.

Pinning her ears with a low hiss she watched him limp inside carrying books which immediately made her stop. Her head tilted slightly, how had he managed to get hurt going to see his parents? Her attention though was brought to the stack of books he had brought inside trying to read the titles.
Aspen was quiet as he opened the door and limped in, dispensing the books somewhere he went into the bathroom paying the cat no mind as he began to take off his shirt to inspect the damage that his father did. A few bloodied bite marks here and there a bit of bruising. he then pulled up his pant leg to inspect the wound that was the worst he sighed. "Stitches again..." he spoke glumly but like its happen before. And it had happen before. But he didnt want to linger on those thoughts instead he began to clean up the ones that he could placing band aids on the ones that needed them. He then called for the doctor again as he limped over to the couch to sit on and wait.

When the doctor came in again he softly knocked and came in and sighed "Keeping me on my toes today huh aspen?" Aspen smiled a little "I dont mean it honest..." The doctor looked around the room before he spotted her "Ah it seems like she has commandeered your bed huh?" Aspen blinked and looked over his shoulder to look at her and he smiled a little "I guess so...its fine if it gets her to relax i dont mind..." He nodded and the propped his leg up on the other showing off his bitten calve. "Now anyways why i called you can you stitch this for me? Father really bit me good here..." The doctor frowned and sighed "Yes i can...let me look at it." He went and sat down next to him and began to take a look at it. "You know my lord...you really shouldent rile his highness up like that...i hate seeing you hurt..." Aspen huffed "He wanted me to send her back! Im not going to do that...who knows what will happen to her if i did anyway..." The doctor shook his head "I know but could of dont it with a more gentler approach." Aspen shrugged as he watched the doctor set up, he then put numbing gel around where he would stitch and then set to work.

Aspen then looked to her as the doctor set to work and he tilted his head "I guess were limping buddies now." He spoke he wanted to laugh at the the joke but it really wasent that funny. He sighed and watched her "Do you need more food? I can get you some if you need it." He got her water too so she should be set for the night at the very least.
Eroh watched him silently as he limped into the bathroom paying her no mind, only growing more confused by his actions. Her ears perked slightly as he pulled his shirt off, he wasn’t half bad to look at at least though she was confused what had happened to him. The scent on him smelled very similar to his own so it had to have been family of some kind but she couldn’t understand why how own family member would attack him. Shrinking into the pillows more she watched him sit on the couch at the end of the bed with his back to her, holding an awful lot of faith she wasn’t going to attack him.

Her ears pinned with a hiss seeing the doctor walk in again, clearly not a fan of the man who had jabbed her but seemed to settle slightly when he wasn’t there for her. Her curiosity was beginning to get the best of her as she shifted slightly forward to watch the man stitch his leg as they spoke. So it was his own father? Definitely wasn’t a very good one at that clearly if he attacked his own son over a disagreement. Her ears perked at his not returning her statement, she at least didn’t have to worry about ending up back at that auction house which she assumed was what the argument was about.

Her head tilted at his attempt at a joke but immediately perked up at the food of more food, she was starving still. As if on cue her stomach growled which made her pin her ears like she was annoyed by its response before watching him intently.
Aspen watched her as she looked interested at food and the growl of her stomach answered for her he smiled and chuckled at that at least "Alright once were done here ill slip down and get you something." He nodded before turning to see the progress of the stitches. Soon they were done and the doctor finished them up and put ointment on it and nodded "And you are good to go...you know the usual talk...keep it clean dont do anything to rip them open blah blah blah." Aspen laughed lightly and nodded "Will do." With a nod the doctor stood up packed up and waved to aspen then looked to her and smiled "see you soon dear." he then left out the door. Aspen watched the door silently for a moment before he blinked "Ah...yes food." He nodded before he walked limping but not so much as he was when he came in.

Aspen walked down to the kitchens and began to scrounge up some grub for him and her both, having not eaten since he left he heated up some left overs and got a couple more stakes on a plate for her. Grabbing something to drink as well he made his way back up to his room. He slid in and closed the door with his rump and then placed his stuff down on the desk before walking up to her in the pillow pile "I got you two this time. Just dont make a mess of my bed yeah?" He nodded and placed it down near her and backed off once more so she could eat. He then went to his food and began to eat as well humming happily at the taste of food.
Eroh quietly watched them chatting like this was a normal occurrence as his leg was stitched which only proved to confuse her more. She watched the doctor wave goodbye to her currently unsure her opinion on him, after all he did jab her but he did make a majority of the pain go away. Her attention was drawn back to Aspen as he limped out the door and closed it behind him. She was exhausted, having been on guard and fighting every step of the way for a while now, not even sure what today even was but she still wasn’t ready to let her guard down around him.

She listened to his footsteps as he returned, lifting her head from the bed curiously seeing the two plates. Her ears flattened for a moment when he walked up to her but her focus was immediately on the plate he held not moving. Once he stepped away she sniffed it, inspecting it before scarfing it down doing the exact thing he said not to do. She however did pick up very little piece like nothing had been there, this was the best food she’d had in months with a faint purr escaping again. She curled up in the blankets with a yawn, her fangs on full display as she snuggled up but watched him eating though her exhaustion was starting to get the better of her.
Aspen saw the teeth and winced cause he knew very well what they could do. But his eyes dropped to where her paws would be and knew that unlike him she possessed another weapon. She was gifted in that sense all the werewolves had was their bite so to have two things to defend yourself was like nature playing favorites. He looked to his nails a bit and he wondered if he could use them to defend himself too...it was something he never thought about. Either way began to eat as he let her be for the night, he was exhausted sure but he wanted to eat and read up on her kind a bit. Maybe he could learn a bit more about her he could understand her better? It was a idea he had that might not work but it was worth a try. So he ate his food and drink before he finished. He then went for the books picking up the less promising one first and he would work his way in.

He didnt get too far however sleep was calling and the night had already came, he gave a slow yawn and stood up bookmarking where he was and slowly walked over to the bed. Grabbing a pillow off the ground and pausing as he watched her. Like hell was he gonna just give his bed over he being too tired just crawled in at the end of the bed and curled up there it was mere seconds that he was out softly snoring away.

The next morning came all too soon, he awoke at the knock as the door and he lifted his head "...yeah?" The servant open the door and poked her head in "Lord Aspen? Your parents requested you for breakfast..." He blinked slowly at her as he tried to to put together what she meant. Slowly he got it and he sighed "Y-Yeah ill be down...." She nodded and stepped out before he flopped back down and grumbled. There they go again acting like last night never happened....Slowly he sighed and sat up and scooted out of his bed. Limping still as he went to go check the wounds out. The bruises much more vibrant the bites stung but not as much as yesterday. Slowly he sighed and got some new clothes out and dressed in the bathroom. Coming out he fixed his hair combing it out with his fingers before he looked to his new resident in his bedroom. "Ill be back...feel free to use the bathroom if you want...ill bring up breakfast too." He nodded before slipping out the door.
Eroh at some point after finishing the steaks had drifted off into sleep taking up a majority of the bed sprawled out on her side in the middle of the pillows like it was a little pillow fort cave. She snapped awake though a short while later at the movement of the sheets at the end of the bed hissing in warning until he was out cold in seconds, not even paying her any attention. She lay watching him intently for a bit until she was sure he was fully asleep and not faking it and her curiosity started to get the better of her as she inched forward to watch him. She could have easily killed him on the spot more than once now, but she had been listening to their surroundings and knew a number of guards stood in the halls so she wouldn't be making it anywhere without dying in the process. She just rested her head on her paws staring at him lost in her own thoughts before moving back into the blanket and falling sleep again.

Eroh had been awake for a short while just staring at Aspen at the foot of the bed asleep but snapped her attention to the door when there was a soft nock. She titled her head curiously, the servant seemed in good shape compared to so many others she had seen though was still confused as to why a royal had personally instead of the head of the servant staff. She watched Aspen surprised he was willing to have breakfast with the family who had just gone after him the night before but assumed like most royals he didnt have much a say in the matter. Her gaze followed him to the bathroom silently and back out into the bedroom, her ears perking at the thought of a shower. She didn't even know the last time she'd gotten a shower at this point and the idea was lovely though it meant she'd have to shift.

Once he left, she stared at the door for a long while then back at the bathroom finally climbing down from the bed and walked inside to explore and convince herself a shower was worth it. She stared at the bedroom door before nosing the bathroom ones shut and finally shifted. She whined in pain, having not shifted in a while and with her current injury it rather hurt and everything was stiff and sore. She locked the door and stepped into the shower with a content purr as she cleaned off just soaking in the feeling of being clean longer than needed before stepping out and went to dig through his dresser for something to wear. Finding a plain T-shirt and pair of sweats she looked at herself in the mirror. She was absolutely gorgeous but clearly had been in rough shape for a while, it hurt to even move her shoulder looking at the wound that would clearly scar and the number of scraps that would still need tending too and just muttered in anger. It felt good to be back in her human form but at the same time she felt a lot more vurnable this way unsure she was willing to walk back out into the bedroom, but the universe gave her that answer when she whimpered in pain at the attempt to shift back. She just stared at the door for a while having to give herself a pep talk before walking out and just climbed back into the covers still exhausted.
Aspen walked down in no hurry what so ever to get there he stopped on the way to help the servants here and there taking his time with it all. It was a regular thing for him so they didnt refuse his help. Time and time again he was asked about the cat in his room, word spred like wild fire here. He told them about her and how beautiful she was and that she was a total spit fire which he loved. They listened to him and wished him luck in getting mated which he thanked them all. The servants were much more open minded than his parents which was a huge relief. He knew he had someone to go to if he was having trouble...at least he hoped so.

Eventually he made it to breakfast and his father glared his way when he did enter the room "Finally you decided to show your face pup what took you so long?" Aspen sighed and took his seat "I was helping with servant chores father as per usual." His father grumbled at that, it had been topic of many conversation but never made Aspen stop doing it so his father gave up trying. He was served his meal and he growled happily at the look of it and began to dig in. It was delicious as always, but he didnt forget his table manners in front of his parents but if it was just him he would scarf it down in a minute flat. He loved food it was a huge comfort to him but he had to exercise a steady hand here and so he did. Even if he was a werewolf he had to be civil and punctual as ever.

The breakfast went along in silence as usual and he was done telling the servants it was lovely as always before he excused himself from the table. When he did he made his way to the kitchen and popped his head in and grinned at the hard at work servants. "Hello everyone!" he called and they all looked up and smiled and said their hellos. "You dont by chance have extra do you?" he asked and the chef snorted "After we heard you brought home the cat? Of course we do she will be hungry too yes?" He nodded before the chef produced a plate of food for him and something to drink. He gasped and went to grab it before it was pulled away "No eating it eh? its for her."he teased Aspen rolled his eyes "Yeah yeah i know." he was given the plate he said his good byes and he walked away happily.

Going up to his room he slowly opened the door and peeked in before coming in and shutting the door again "Hey,your well human." he nodded to her. "I take it you took my offer on a shower at least." He slowly walked over to her and held out the plate of food and drink for her to take. "Here you are. Breakfast was amazing as usual i think you will like it too." he spoke to her as he nodded.
Eroh watched him enter clearly uneasy, while she was big for a werecat she was still significantly smaller than even a regular sized werewolf and had little defense as a human. Without the ability to shift at the moment without extreme pain she had lost some of the confidence she'd been holding but didn't show it outwardly. Her hair was still damp having clearly only gotten out recently as she'd attempted a braid though it was messy with limited shoulder movement. Shifting to sit up and crossing her legs under herself she carefully took the plate and drink still eyeing it like something could be wrong with it but quietly started eating. He wasn't wrong, it was amazing though she wasn't willing to admit it. She'd glance at him briefly as if making sure he still continued to keep his distance, even if she lacked the claws, she had no qualm about punching him if he tried anything. Her face seemed to be healing well though she still had a couple of scraps that would need tending to along with her shoulder that she had removed the dressing of.

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