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Fantasy The Blue Rose - Locations, Lore, etc



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All information regarding The Blue Rose will be found here or via myself. Check the index button in the top right for easier navigation.

Here is a Google Document that has the same stuff on it:​
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Origin and History


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Origin and History

Origin Story
Prior to the existence of Terra and anything else, there was only darkness surrounded by trillions of stars. Twelve cosmic entities soon came into being, naturally and from nothingness. The first is known as Primus, and he was later followed by Secunu, the twins Tertia and Tertius, Quintina, Setil, Septima, Octavia, Nona, Deci, Udecius, and lastly Dudecia. After the siblings became conscious, they all sought something of their own and went their separate ways. The story of Terra begins with the twins, Tertia and Tertius.

Tertia was the mischievous and forthcoming sibling, whereas Tertius was more calm and collected. While they were opposites in terms of personality, they both possessed one similar quality: curiosity. Their curious natures led to the creation of Terra, which began from nothing, to a small speck, and then to a flourishing planet that dwelled intellectual beings they termed ‘terrans’. Tertius felt proud upon their accomplishment and he soon began to feel something similar to parental love towards the terrans. Tertia, on the other hand, felt as though they were imperfect and that more needed to be done. Although Tertius disagreed, he was never the one for conflict and allowed his sisters to do what she willed. His passiveness soon came to be his biggest regret.

Darkness spread across the terran lands and something sinister began to brew within them. They began to kill each other, slaughtering other terrans like animals. Tertius tried to fix the problems his sister created, but she was much stronger than he and too much damage had already been done. Soon, dark creatures began to form on Terra and evil took root in his once beautiful creation. Angered, Tertius attempted to stop his sister. Different lifeforms and species were created upon this confrontation, some good and some demonic. Terra was put into chaos as multiple natural disasters rained upon them; this became known as Red Caelo, as the skies were painted red. This era became known as R.C.

Unfortunately, Tertius knew it was going to be impossible to stop Tertia without destroying himself in the process. With every ounce of strength he had, he banished Tertia to an unfathomable world he had created. This led to Tertius’ very being dissipating and he returned to nothingness. On Terra, things calmed down and there was less evil in the world. However, it was still there and it was growing due to Tertitus’ absence.

History of Zuiya
The era of Red Caelo was marked by turmoil. War, starvation, and death were some of the first words that children came to understand while growing up. It would take nearly a hundred years for the Red Caelo even to be over, and hundreds more for everyone to come together, rebuild, and prosper.

Of the first three kingdoms that rose from this darkness came Zuiya. Towards the end of R.C., Zuiyan people formed guilds in order to harmonize and fight better against their enemies. Eventually, knight guilds would become a staple of the kingdom. Kings of many generations begin their careers as Knights before accepting the crown. After the war ended and the Unification Era began, Zuiya remained a powerful kingdom with one of the strongest lines of defense and offense. It is currently being ruled by King Julian X

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Blue Roses Headquarters


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Blue Roses Headquarters

The Parlor
This room is essentially a kitchen, dining room, meeting room, and lounge area in one. There aren't any walls that divide it into secluded areas. The Parlor is probably the most frequented place in the Blue Rose Headquarters. It is where members will come to dine and discuss things, such as quests and daily activities. Like the rest of the building, it is a bit old, run down and will require some renovating.

Here, members can find the quest board hanging on a wall.

Some people will have roommates and some will room alone. It's honestly totally up to you if you want a roommate (or two) or not. Some quests will involve travelling (perhaps prolonged) so I don't know how much time your characters will actually be spending at their new home.

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The Guilds


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The Guilds
This is all pretty unimportant to the roleplay but I figured it'd be nice background knowledge.
Divine Trinity
Probably considered the top-tier guild of all guilds that contains mostly noble magic-based users. It is the guild the king arose from. They're a bit stuck-up because of their status.
White Tigers
Somewhat of a hotheaded group that composes of mostly fighting-style people. They hate weaklings and have a rivalry with the Divine Trinity.
Midnight Rangers
They do most of their work at night. People tend to tease them since they're mostly gunslingers and say they have no real skill.
Iron Legion
Not only are they skilled warriors, but they make some of the best weapons in Zuiya. Because of this, they are considered the richest guild outside of the members that come from rich families.
Purple Scholars
Some of the best strategists and intellectuals. They come up with tactics for the kingdoms and it's where some forms of magic and science were developed. That being said, their abilities aren't innate and come artificially, usually from an object of their own creation.
Para Noblese
A woman's guild only. They have a mixture of people and take pride in their womanhood.
A very light-hearted and easy-going guild that's keen on adventure. Most of the other elite guilds like them. It's only the serious ones that think negatively.
Often working in conjunction with the Midnight Rangers, people who aren't familiar with the 10 guilds might think this was a fake. It's hard to say who is a real Shadowcloud member and who isn't. They also serve as the king's personal guard outside of normal ones.
A mixture of magic and fighting skill, they usually do their work abroad and help maintain relations with other countries.
Knight's Templar
Believed to be the last guild so they were granted the privilege of having "Knight" in their name.
Blue Roses
The newest guild in the kingdom yet they seem to have a bad reputation already.
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Quests and how to make them


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Quest BoardOngoing quests are quests that don't require an entire scene or specific time dedicated to it. They can be long-term or short-term depending on who wants to go for them. Treating the quest as ongoing is optional.

Open Quests

Missing Dog [OPEN]
Reward of 10,000 riel
A young girl has lost her dog Nosewise.
  • No minimum or maximum
  • Ongoing quest type
  • Located in Clarmont

Plaza Party Poopers [OPEN]
Reward of 20,000 riel
Some orphans keep running around the trading district and disrupting everyone's work. Catch them and teach them a lesson?
  • No minimum or maximum
  • Ongoing quest type
  • Located in Clarmont

Farming Pests [OPEN]
Reward of 30,000 riel
The crops are being raided at night by pests but the farmers are too afraid to fight on their own.
  • Minimum party of 2
  • Located in the farming pastures outside Clarmont

Deliver the Goods [OPEN]
Reward of 80,000 riel
A Clarmont blacksmith wants you to collect the materials he needs from Snake's Canyon.
  • Minimum party of 3
  • Located in Clarmont

Medical Emergency [IN PROGRESS]
Rewards of 150,000 riel
A doctor needs certain herbs and other materials in Autumnguay Woodlands.
  • Minimum party of 3
  • Located in Clarmont

Pirates of Glistening Bay [IN PROGRESS]
Reward of 200,000 riel
The fisherman of Coral Town have been complaining of sleazy pirates looting their goods while at sea.
  • Minimum party of 4
  • Located in Coral Town

Sewer Issues? [IN PROGRESS]
Reward of 200,000 riel
Something or someone has been lurking in the sewers. Find the issue and get rid of it.
  • Minimum party of 4
  • Located in Carsea

Aristocrat to the Rescue [OPEN]
Reward of 500,000 riel
Lady Almara Welks needs a date and a guard to a party.
  • Minimum party of 2
  • Located in Clarmont

Babysit My Child, PLEASE [OPEN]
Reward of 1,500,000 riel
A disliked family needs to tend to some business for a couple days but the youngest daughter can't go and she needs babysitters.
  • Maximum party of 5
  • Located in Clarmont

Retrieve My Staff [OPEN]
Reward of 4,800,000
A renown aristocrat ventured into the Realm of Nightmares. Unfortunately, he lost his staff... and his party.
  • Minimum party of 5
  • Located in Realm of Nightmares

Mother's Last Wish [OPEN]
Reward of 5,000,000 riel
A Clarmont noble wants to fulfill her mother's last wish and have her ashes spread in Yaritia, her home country.
  • Maximum party of 6
  • Located in Clarmont

Closed Quests

How to make a quest

[*]STEP ONE: Think of the basic concept and give the quest a name.
[*]STEP TWO: If it requires a minimum or maximum amount of party members, include that number. In addition, if a certain skillset is needed, include that too.
[*]STEP THREE: Include the locations and reward amount.
[*]Add anything else you deem important!

Pirates in Coral Town [In Progress]
The fishermen of Coral Town have been complaining of pirates looting their goods while at sea.

Party: Minimum of 3 members. 1 member preferred to be adept in water arts and 1 member adept at fighting.
Location: Coral Town
Reward: 10,000 riel

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Greater Kingdoms (2/3)

Things are stable enough that neither would ever start a war. However, that doesn't mean the countries particularly like each other.

Lesser Kingdoms, States, Principalities, etc of Zuiya
Principality of Argentis Libre​
Principality of Argentis Libre

"Solemn Silence of Sacred Steel"
- Annals of Versan Blossoms

Head of State: Barlemagne Libre

Capital: Versa

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Notable Exports of Goods/Services:
Fisheries, Lumber & Carpentry, Metallurgy & Smiths, Agricultural Produce, Textiles and Naval Commissions.



The Principality's existence dates back to the Red Caelo Era, where the young state emerged under the banner of Prince Argenta of house Libre. The small sovereign state distinguished itself during the tumultuous age by it's sole focus on naval production - amassing fleets and armadas to protect it's maritime interests, as well as providing common defenses for its people. As time went on, Argentis Libre eventually became a powerful trading node for her neighbors. With the rise of Zuiya from the ashes of the Red Caelo Era, the principality's capital Versa, grew as a result of numerous commissions of the growing kingdom. Due to her geographic location that oversaw much of the outlying seas, Argentis Libre became Zuiya's sole supplier of ships and manpower during the Unification Era.

The Versa-Clarmont Pact

The Pact saw the recognition of the Principality's sovereign state, as well as her status of autonomy, all the while under the protection of Zuiya. The Pact also enforces the cooperation and coexistence from both states, ushering in an age of growth and prosperity for Zuiya and Argentis Libre. With her naval developments, Argentis Libre looked to the seas, where Zuiya would to its Guilds. By the establishment of the Versa-Clarmont Pact, Zuiya and Argentis empowered one another, both politically and socially. One of the clause of the Pact also provided their common need of a defense force and a war development group that is responsible for the technological advancement for the two country - for the sake of their common cause for peace. This would give birth to the growing interests in the arcane in Versa, as it advocates the growing number of potential candidates for the Knight Exams that are usually held in Clarmont. This would bring in manpower for the Kingdom of Zuiya.

Shared Economy

Argentis Libre's facilitation of her naval development over the course of the years would prove fruitful under the protection of Zuiya. Her outlying ports and naval facilities grew five folds since the signing of the Versa-Clarmont, as numerous merchant guilds and firms flooded into Versa from Clarmont - reinforcing and efficiently self-sustain the recently established highway project that connected Zuiya to Argentis Libre on land. The exponential growth of convoys that traversed this path quickly gave birth to the needs of the established Guilds. This had helped to put the freshly-accepted Guilds to work, as it progressively turns the cycle of entrepreneurship in both nations, all the while providing security among the populace.

Military Information

The Principality's national policy enabled the creation of her own naval armada and amphibious response force. Argentis Libre's soldiers are colloquially named "Sealanders" by most that encountered them, due to their nature as a ground force that also worked at seas. While the sealanders are commonly seen all around the Principality, some divisions are currently deployed in Zuiya to help enforce order to their outlying territories. Their details are limited to humanitarian aid, border securities, as well as catastrophe responses. Their work are usually outsourced to able-bodied Guilds, as the nation grows. The heftier the tasks, the more likely it was for the Guilds to intervene.

This system is also extended to the Principality's dockyard output, as she is responsible for the commissions of Zuiya's orders of shipping convoys overseas - building new vessels and retrofitting old ones to secure both nation's interests of commerce and common defenses.

The Libre Family

The Libre family legacies are dictated by their social conservative approaches in the interests of maintaining peace and order. The monarchs' powers are bound by a written constitution ever since the Unification Era. Despite this, the Libres' influences in the Parliament is generally assertive, as opposed to being solely a figurehead of the state. The Libres' funding of multiple magical academies around Versa would help to further their research in the integration of naval and magical warfare. As such, many of the royal family members are well-versed with the arcane arts. A distinctive style of magic that came out of their arcane development over the decades could be seen in their kins.

The Silver Branch, as it was called, was the result of these developments. Combining their naval technologies with that of magic, the Libres created magical turrets that would aid them in battle. These innovations eventually became an innate ability in the Libre's bloodline for the last few decades. As the Silver Branch's technology and methods evolved, so did the inherited aptitude that most Libres possessed until this day.

- Courtesy of Sushi Muncher​








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In due time, I will add races here. Whenever I, or you, bring up a new race, we can whip up some simple lore and put it here for everyone to access.
Dog/wolf-people more or less. They generally have ears and a tail similar to the actual animal. Their sense of smell is excellent and they have advanced hearing compared to terrans.
A very rare and dying race. True, massive dragons have not been seen in ages. Most have evolved to look like humans.
Most reside in the City of Light or have hidden themselves with masking magic. They prefer to be left alone and generally dislike humans and their nosiness. Elves are notably some of the best healers in Zuiya.
Kanivo is plural while Kaniv is singular. Kavino are a carnivorous species that only feed on flesh. They have sharp teeth that allow them to tear into meat easily. While they can eat and drink other things, they offer no nutritional benefits and only serve as decoration for the plate. The Kanivo are a proud and haughty species. They are notably alluring and charming in the way they present themselves, especially to humans of the opposite sex. Although light does them no harm, they find the night to be more empowering and less tiring. Their speed and strength are especially enhanced when the sun is down and the moon is out. Kanivo are a very rare race located on an island of one of the lesser kingdoms.
Goat-antelope people more or less. They have horns growing on both sides of their head and often have discolored skin, or patches of skin, that is the color of their hair. They're kind of strong and are excellent climbers.
Feline-people more or less. They are on the nimble side and are quick on their feet. They are naturally defensive when alarmed. Panthera tend to be excellent climbers.
They are essentially humans. Terran translates to "person of Terra" and since humans were the first residents, they are "terrans."
Spirit-types include fae/fairies, banshees, and other humanoids of that nature. They are more-or-less extinct as they disappeared after the Red Caelo. Any terran relation to them is basically watered-down.
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People don't need to be related to mythical beings to be able to wield magic or have a specialty. Magic is in the air and it floats as "prana." A person's prana is what makes them stand out from the rest and be unique. Some people are born with it and some people are born without. It's a matter of being able to manipulate that prana and becoming stronger with magic (or with whatever type of specialty). There are also people who are absent of prana and these are the the people that generally rely on items that utilize the prana in the air. Items like these are difficult to come by, however. Taking Tobin as an example, he has concentrated prana in his arms and legs. This allows him to move faster, jump higher, and be stronger in those aspects. In addition, having prana and being able to utilize it gives him the ability to use his powers. He could, however, have a power but not be able to utilize prana. In this sense, people can have an innate specialty but not know/be able to use it because they don't know how to utilize their prana properly.
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Knight Exams
The Knight Exams occur every other year and they have occurred since the start of the Unification Era. People from around Zuiya come to take it. Some are returnees and some are new. People showcase their skills during the exams and its 7-total days. Some will pass and some will fail.
Guild Membership
The exams is also the prime time people will have to join a guild. This is because instead of applying for a guild, people are chosen by the guild masters themselves. When they receive invitations, they have the option of accepting or declining said invitations. If someone declines, it is frowned upon for them to apply to that same guild later on. People wanting to apply to a guild must have five years as a Knight (aka five years post-exam). They must also have so many quests and so much experience under their belt.
Knights don’t have to be part of guilds. They simply have more job opportunities, privileges, and overall respect and status. It’s difficult to become a knight, however. It’s even more difficult to join a guild.
A license is issued upon passing the Knight Exams. It is 4 in (l) x 2 in (w) of prana infused metal native to Zuiya only. The knight’s name is written vertically on one side and the king’s crest is engraved on the other.
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The currency in Zuiya is known as riel, however, it is accepted everywhere due to the vastness of the kingdom. For comparison purposes, you can think of 100 riel = $1 USD. Keep in mind that prices are different depending on the location and the item. It will obvious be more expensive in cities and high quality items will be more pricey. You’re free to interpret as you wish.

Some situational examples of riel in action (Clarmont):
  • 100 riel = the blackest, driest bread from the bakery
  • 250 riel = a fresh, crisp apple from the market
  • 500 riel = a wooden mug for personal use
  • 1,000 riel = a big meal for one
  • 8,000 riel = a small room at a tavern
  • 18,000 riel = a decent pair of shoes
  • 50,000 riel = minimum for an air balloon or land vehicle ride
  • 70,000 riel = monthly rent for a nice one bedroom
  • 100,000 riel = minimum price for a nice prana weapon
  • 10,000-10,000,000 riel = most quests from beginner to advanced

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Obviously not everything is on the map. This is merely to give everyone a general idea. Let me know if you want to add stuff.

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