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Fantasy The Blue Rose - Characters



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  • One character limit for now. If this roleplay gets bigger and I get a Hosted Projects spot, I will increase it to two (maybe).
  • If your character dies, you can make another one.
  • Everyone is going to start off pretty mediocre, but get stronger. Keep that in mind when discussing your skills and powers.
  • Yes, you can play a different race as long as they look relatively human. Keep in mind certain races are more rare than others. Avoid the darker races/creatures such as demons. This is a high fantasy, not supernatural.
  • This is a basic skeleton. You can present and add whatever you'd like. Feel free to use coding.

Character Skeleton
Age: (17+)
Specialty: (Fighting, magic, healing, archery, yada yada)

Appearance (note: an image is a blessing if you have one)
Other: Any notable gear, marks, yada yada

SpecialtyWhatever your character's specialty, go into it more. Include the strengths, weaknesses, limitations, restrictions, etc. Remember that they aren't OP, but will grow stronger with time. If you decide to explain how powerful your character will become, please indicate that you're describing the future (again the future part is optional). This is the main part I'm looking at. Specialties are related to prana, meaning it could be physical-wise, magical-wise, both, etc. Read the lore for more info if you're confused

PersonalityTalk about them a little bit. What makes them unique? What are their likes, dislikes, etc? You have free range with this and you can include as much or as little as you'd like.

BackgroundIncluding the history of your character is totally optional. Some ideas to add to this includes important childhood events, how did they get into their skillset, what made them want to be a knight, etc. You can always rp this out, which is more than welcomed~

Guild Members
- Tobin Han @Koala
- Lilina Ainsworth @Pyosimros
- Suomi IV Libre @Sushi Muncher
- Varimal Telgin @Blitzer
- Lecia Blanchett @Nano
- Raimi Charlotte @MagicPenguin
- Myesha Khalil @Shmivian
- Vess @Avari
- Aster Hemlock @FoldedPages
- Marion Astariou @Trappy

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"Kline Lufeld" aka Blue Roses Guild Master​
Age: 35
Race: Ovis
Speciality: Fire archer

Height: 6'2"
Hair: Blond, long, braided at the ends
Eyes: Pale blue, as if blind

Personality: A drunk and he hates everyone. Often asks why he accepted the job.
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Tobin Han


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Tobin Han

Basic Information

Human, eyes indicate he’s probably mixed with something else
Close-range fighting and shadows

Ash blonde
Gold, cat-like pupils
Black shadows cover Tobin's neck and lower jaw. He can use it as a mask, but it's mostly there to hide scars. The shadows are gone when he's not conscious.


Like most ninjas, Tobin is fast and stealthy. His prana is mostly focused in his legs to give him speed and strength. In addition, he can make it flow to his arms to allow stronger throwing, etc. When it comes to shadows, he's capable of using it as a form of transportation (they serve as portals). He can't use it offensively, however, such as controlling someones actions or attacking a shadow and it hurting them. He's training to get to that point, but his portals are mostly for defensive and transportation purposes.


(This is in progress. I will roleplay it out.)
Tobin feels inferior to most people due to his living conditions as a child. There are some topics he can talk about with ease, oftentimes bluntly, but then there are those he dodges or becomes defensive on. In this sense, he's rather secretive and will somewhat tease his way out of situations he feels uncomfortable in. Although he can seem like a tough person to handle at times, he knows when to submit and is charming in his own, odd way. When it comes to teamwork, he's used to working alone, but he's a reasonable person. If something seems practical enough, he will follow along willingly.


Tobin was abandoned in the mountains as a toddler. The Han clan, a notorious ninja group, discovered him and brought him to their hideout. The leader of the Han Clan adopted Tobin as his own and trained him to become a ninja. Unfortunately, Tobin could never compete with his siblings and a certain incident caused his banishment.

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Jean Otus

Would-Be Prince

Matthias Ungarn
Age: 22
Race: Human
Specialty: Close Range Combat and Healing. His arm can heal flesh wounds and blemishes with a touch, though he does have a limited pool of magical energy. The regular use of this power tires him and requires him to eat extra food to support himself.

Height: 6'1"
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Hazel
Other: His right arm is clad in an intricate metal gauntlet which restricts the finer movements of his sword arm. Beyond this his skin is flawless, any injury or imperfection cleansed by his healing magic. This vanity project consumes a good portion of his magical energy. His clothes are finely made but simple, like a priest's cassock that's been tailored.

Background: Matthias comes from a lesser noble family with very little influence. The only asset of their land was a blessed spring, the sweet waters of which were sold far and wide for their healthful properties. In spite of this humble position they wanted for very little, and as such very few expectations were put on the young heir beyond the assurance that he would not run the estate into the ground or fail to produce a successor. As such he was allowed to pursue any passion with as much vigor and as little oversight as he saw fit. As most young men do, he found himself studying swordplay.

This combined with the lack of oversight and surplus of passion naturally led to Matthias injuring himself. The dead tree he practiced his sword strikes on collapsed as he was swinging away one day. The old timber fell on his sword arm, smashing the bones to bits and rending the skin. After an agonizing series of hours freeing himself from the tree, Matthias dragged himself to the blessed spring, plunging his arm within its waters to ease the burning sensation in the wound. With that action the spring conferred its blessing to his right arm, healing the wound and infusing it with tremendous magical power. Unlike water, which flows and loses its magic, an arm can only contain its power and hope to use it as a strength. To contain this newfound power, a metal gauntlet was crafted to prevent Matthias from losing control.

Not one to let his hopes be dashed, he once more took to honing his skill with the sword, while also seeking to harness the blessing of holy water that resides in his right arm. He knows that it can heal small wounds with a touch, but senses that it could do so much more if he just learned to control it.

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Lilina Ainsworth


( ̄^ ̄)ゞ








    Lilina has always been living in her own personal bubble, letting her head fill with delusions of grandeur and greatness. Living her life with a superiority complex over those around her, she carries herself with a specific amount of arrogance only reserved for those in the highest rated guilds. She has an unintended habit of unintentionally making herself out to be a fool due to this, parading her abilities and mediocrity as if they're something far better than reality. And while Lilina often believes these thoughts of grandeur and superiority, these thoughts are also a product of her competitive nature.

    Fostered from her constant feuding with siblings, Lilina has grown to become a highly competitive individual. As a child and a teen she often studied diligently in various magics to appear superior compared to her siblings, which had worked for the most part. This competitive nature has given Lilina a drive to improve and reach the top, however conversely if she believes that she has reached an adequate level of skill, she suddenly sloths around, showing minimal signs of improvement.

    However, disregarding these rather negative traits, Lilina can come off as a rather friendly individual. In first encounters she displays a kind and chipper attitude, looking to lend her assistance whenever it's needed. With the extent to her kindness, strangers may possess a rather positive perception of Lilina, however it can often be spoiled by her arrogance. And while she can easily have a rather happy mood, she can reach a rather serious mood with the same amount of ease. While this serious mood isn't in any way intimidating (as much as she tries), a Lilina without a smile may often be a sign that something isn't going perfectly.
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Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten

Ringo Sanguina


Name: Ringo Sanguina

Age: 18

Race: Canis

Appearance: Ringo stands at 5'2. She has yellow eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. As a canis, she posses a pair of wolf ears and a tail, both are well hidden beneath her thick cloak. She learned to add ear decoration to her hood so people will stop getting surprised when she pull down her hood.

Pippi is a direwolf that is almost as big as a horse. His gray fur is well groomed because Ringo likes to take care of it. He has the ability to shapeshift into a wolf pup.

Ringo is an excitable girl and easy to read, though she most of the time tries to restrain her reaction. She likes food very much, especially soup and fruit. She's a hardworker by default but will turn into lazy bum when the weather turns too hot.

Ringo came from a tribe in the Far North, a harsh region with eternal hailstorm. Why do they even live in a damned place like that? Ringo doesn't know, the elder said their ancestor were people who avoided war during the Red Caelo or something like that.

She come to Zuiya to seek fortune. After working for several unsuccesful job, she was lucky to found Blue Rose registration.

Combat Abilities

- Predator: As a Canis that hails from a hunting tribe, Ringo posses talents and knowledges that she needs to be an exeptional hunter, namely good senses (especially hearing & smelling) and mechanical knowledge. She's quite agile but lacks fighting experience.
- Unbending bond: Ringo and Pippi share a strong bond, they live together long enough to understand each other's habit and can move in tandem without even communicating. Ringo can ride Pippi to become a formidable mobile archer. Due to Pippi's size though, this strategy can't be used in narrow spaces. Pippi will stay tucked in Ringo's bag in his pup form most of the time.

Ringo lacks any kind of magic affinity.

- Ringo's main weapon is a finely designed crossbow that she made herself. She also designed several special bolts like the exploding bolt or smokescreen bolt.

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Tap A to not die as fast.
Moriana Krausser



Healing and holy magic



144 Lbs


Brownish red

Her armor and sword were gifts from her congregation.


Moriana is more proficent in her healing magicsmagicshrr combat magics. She can lay hands and create healing auras, along with removing toxins from the body. Her combat magic is only the ability to enchant weapons with the divine power, making them stronger against undead.

She is skilled in both types of magic, but they are generally increased through use rather than studying. Holy magic especially requires the user to devote a great amount of time on the battlefield to increase the skill and learn new spells. She does carry a sword, though she isn't very skilled with it and could use a trainer or even a sparring partner.

As time goes on she will begin to learn stronger healing spells and greater combat magic. She has the penchant to be a great war cleric, infusing the weapons of those around her with holy might, cleaving through armor as if it were butter, slaying undead as if they were but target dummies.
She also wouldn't mind learning to use her sword with a higher degree of competence.

Moriana is devout in her faith, but not overbearing with it. She still holds on the idea that everyone has a place in the grand scheme of things, but that it's the responsibility of the individual to discover it. Her times on the streets has made her wary of the ever looming danger of mismanaged money, and thus is very frugal with her money. She also sends a little home each month to help her parents.

Otherwise she extolls the virtues of the church; kindness, generosity and piety. She is a well-meaning individual, her shoulder almost always open for the needs of others, yet she finds it next to impossible to espouse her own troubles to others. Even so, she has a tendency to be rather aloof in most situations. She has no reasoing with jokes or sexual concepts. She is aware of the anatomy of it, but not the application. When she does crack jokes, they are usually incidental puns. She has a good humor to her, at least being able to laugh at a joke, even if she doesn't understand it.

Her generosity, despite her frugal attitude, is often along the lines of sharing whatever she can. Any food she makes is usually in bulk, the leftovers given to those around her. In essence, she was prepared to be the cook for whatever guild she was accepted into. In this same vein, she is a competent merchant when it comes to the mongers. She can typically buy food in bulk and at lower than market price. Typically.

All in all, she just a kind young girl who came from the streets and tries to help whomever she can.

Moriana was born in the lowest dregs of society. Her father was a failed blacksmith, everything he made was brittle and broke quickly. He was an impatient and impulsive man. Her mother was a seamstress, but her poor eyesight made it so everything she made was of poor design. Her early life was spent living in the shadow of the Noble castle in the capital, working odd jobs for what little scraps they could muster to survive day to day.

It wasn't until she was 10 that she would find her calling in life when she met a traveling priest. The old man was wise and a good orator. He extolled the virtues of the meek and their place in the world. She learned of God's and prayers, learned that there was a divine plan for everything, even her suffering fit into the grand scheme of things one way or another. She soon found her way into a nearby Abbey, much to the dismay of her parents. They were, like all parents, afraid to lose their child. Moriana, however, was ready to end her time living on the streets.

She worked in the Abbey with the sick and dying, learning the trades of a healer. She soon found she had a knack for it. She visited her parents as often as she could during these days, but was soon given a choice. She could travel to a church where she could progress her skills or remain at the Abbey as a nun for life. The stagnation of her childhood still clear in her mind, she chose the former option. She missed her parents terribly, but made up for it in learned skills. She learned more of healing, but also a few of the more combative spells the church could teach. At the behest of the priest of the church, she chose to become a knight as a form of pilgrimage. A rite to increase her skills and abilities. And to prove her devotion to the God's by helping out where she was most needed, battlefields and the leading the strays back to the light.
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Suomi IV Libre

Sushi Muncher

Fyuri's BBCult Zealot







TL ; DR:
+ Determined
+ Prim & Proper
+ Advocate of Liberty
+ Fair (righteous)
- Prideful
- Stubborn
- Internally Insecure
- Fair (merciless)

General Description:
Suomi is overall a stoic personnel of interest. She is keen on acting in the common interests of her party and prefers to participate in short conversations. She is prim and proper in her ways when addressing others, as courteous and elegant as what others usually perceive in a lady. Although with her well-educated manners, Suomi carry a certain sense of pride. As such, her personality can be described as generally passive, but is capable of displaying emotions when her ideals are belittled. Determined in her beliefs, while confident in her lineage, Suomi is not afraid to take on arduous tasks and tackling on challenges.

Behind her strong feat of arms with a lance, she can sometimes be insecure about her shortcomings as a noble. Her very reason of being transferred to the Blue Rose was a result of her will to prove to the world of what a person is capable of, discerning their entitled birthrights. Given her noble origins, Suomi extends her fairness to both her allies and foes. While she is just, she believes in the old "you reap what you sow" proverb. Suomi can be endowed with self-righteous benevolence at times, while others harsh treatment of those that wronged her or the cause.

In addition to her duty-driven persona, she despises those that stray from the rules. An ardent believer and adjudicator of justice, cowardice is forbidden in her eyes, as does many other things that she deems a dereliction and obstruction to common causes. It can be simply an unwashed dish or untended laundry, Suomi will pursue the assailant without hesitating. A total clean-freak.
Theme Music

The Silver Gospel
Name: Suomi IV Libre

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Race: Human
Height: 5 ft. 9 in. (175 cm)

Weight: 145 lbs. (65 kg)

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Crimson Red

+ Argentis Libre Uniform with armored gauntlets
+ Suomi's Lance "Vanguard"
Specialty: Medium-Long Range Lancer (sounds odd, but yes)

Starter Build: Mitigation Lancer (Off-Tank)
The Libre's legacy as formidable Silver Branch practitioners have endowed Suomi with exceptional strengths and aptitude for hybrid weaponry, particularly with lances. As such, Suomi is capable of attack and defense at medium range, due to her lance's long reach. A jill-of-all-trades, and a master of none when it comes to melee and magical potentials. Thus, Suomi is often regarded as a hybrid defender (tank) and warrior (heavy fighter). While her lance is well-balanced for dexterity and weight, it limits her potentials for speed and agility. She is most vulnerable when the fight is brought to her up-close and personal, hence her tendency to keep her opponents at bay, all the while inflicting damage with auxiliary fire-based spells. However, when caught off-guard, her lance's smite, or it's sheer weight alone, will deliver a sustainable amount of damage if the target is unarmored or fails to dodge. Only a weapon of matching caliber or strength could parry her strikes, otherwise - simply take a step to the right or left.

Endgame Build: Landship (Heavy Lance Mage)
The Principality of Argentis Libre's legacy of naval magic are evident in their arcane developments over the years. Thus, Suomi's aptitude for medium-range high-explosive magic resides within her innate abilities to provide tremendous firepower at long range. When her arcane and craftsmanship studies are complete, she is capable of requisitioning for herself an array of magical turrets that are capable of delivering long-range bombardments. When stemmed into the ground, Suomi's lance potentially becomes a static sextant for her to recorrect her turret's rounds. While it increases her bombardment's precision and accuracy, Suomi is immobilized with her main weapon buried into the ground. This makes her a sitting duck in situations that require movements and agility. Essentially, Suomi is a human-artillery piece that needs to pre-plan her disposition in battle accordingly, lest she becomes a liability.

Born into a the royal family of the small Principality of Argentis Libre, a sovereign protectorate under the guidance of the Kingdom of Zuiya, the young Suomi was well-taught in the ways of those before her. Suomi was the fourth of her name and was endowed with the burdens of nobility since her birth. Her reserved demeanor is an apparent result of her life within the confines of the Palace. For some, she was destined to oversee her small Principality's growth and be the one to continue the Libre family's legacy. But the young lady would digress, as tales of the Knight's exams lured her forth. After much debate, her parents gave in to her wishes to partake in the upcoming Knight's Exams. While she had managed to pass the written and theoretical exams with flying colors, her unrefined skill as a lancer on the other hand, did not fare so well in the eyes of those who marked her progresses. With her influential origins, she was given a place within the capital city of Clarmont as an auxiliary adjutant.

Going against their wishes, and hoping to prove herself in the field, Suomi initiated her transfer orders to accompany the newly-established eleventh guild. Despite an array of rumors and the wishes of those that attempted to dissuade her, the determined woman disregarded their concerns. Posing as a new member, Suomi does her best to conceal her identity as a princess, as to not draw attention to herself, accompanied by her insecurity regarding her lackluster abilities in combat as a whole. Fond of adventures and what the world has to offer outside of her home, it struck the young girl that she was as curious as those around her. As fate would have it, the impetuous Suomi will do all she can to earn her name on the field, and perhaps learn about those that she would accompany in the future.

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Varimal Telgin


Elder Member

Varimal Telgin
Age: 19
Race: Mostly human, a little wind sylph
Specialty: Sharpshooting and quick fighting


Height: 6’3
Weight: 70 Kilos
Other: He carries a rifle slung over one shoulder, a double barrelled pistol tucked into his belt paralled with a slightly curved blade with a straight point.
Specialty: He always wanted to be a midnight ranger, so he spend most of his youth growing his swordmanship abilities and his sharpshooting. An amazing shot at close to medium range, however, he still struggles with making long range shots of the type a truly good shooter would be able to make. He also is weak at being able to enchant his bullets with any magic as any good magic shooter should be able to. He has a single spell he can use effectively, an exploding wind blade bullet.

Only because he was born with magic specifically wind magic because of his sylph bloodline. He is weak at controlling the winds however he is now learning the importance of his failure to use what he has and is now beginning to try to understand and capture the wind. He can control and summon winds within 10 feet of him allowing him to move more fluidly than most when summoning winds and when there are powerful winds or he can force more winds into his vicinity He is able to use them as weapons.

The Path he will tread: He will walk down the path of his shooting primarily first and become an accomplished dead-eye possible to shoot anything. His shooting will become so quick and sharp it will counter magic strongly. However, the next path he walks on the side of that is discovering his wind magic specifically channelling it through his body and into his sword for his close range fighting. This will be a challenge as he starts off as a long range/medium range warrior to transform into all ranges. His natural channelling only goes so far before he must get used to using his magic innately and powerfully. Finally, he will truly learn how to be a magical sharpshooter able to instant reload and enchant his bullets.

Personality: His personality is very chill and laid back. His courage stems from this, despite the grit in him, his overtly and apparently laziness hides his cold and feeling courage that comes out when the time calls for it. This draws from his sylph background as he floats around life despite his driving for perfection in his single area of interest, becoming a great knight. His example is something that inspires a sort of rugged courage when he decides to chase after something and drags people along with him. Not someone overly easy to get a long with his quick sometimes biting wit and his apparent disregard for rules and tradition only following them when he decides it is expedient. His personality borders on chaotic good to neutral giving him a difficult character to read and one somewhat chancy to be working with. However, draw him out with battle and he will be formidable.

Background: He was born in an upper middle-class family where his family had always been some sort of adventurers. He broke with the normal tradition through struggle and decided to become an actual Knight. Now his family is not something he talks about at all. To be discovered…
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Lecia Blanchett


from the place we began
FC: Aiolos
Height: 5’7” (170cm)
Weight: “Rude!” (o≧д≦)o
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Emerald Green

Every time Lecia states that she’s human, those around her have a good laugh. Until they realize she’s being completely serious. From her mighty wings and tail to the four horns upon her head, the signs that she’s a dragon number a near comical amount. Her ears are also noticeably pointed like an elf’s, and small scale-like birthmarks are present under her eyes. Yet she continues to insist that all those strange features are mere mutations. After all, her beloved grandmother was the one who told her so, and “Granny’s word is law!” The scope of her zealous admiration towards her grandmother goes as far as to affect her choice in dress. That is, her clothes are patterned after the same style of attire that her grandmother used to wear during her days as a knight of Para Noblesse.
Lecia Blanchett;
to reach towards that "future" with you all
name : lecia blanchett
age : nineteen (19)
race : human(?)
specialty : unarmed combat
While lost within the endless maze
As an Emerald Dragon born with four horns, it can be said that Lecia is someone blessed with a wealth of potential. However, potential doesn’t directly translate to power, and the negative connotations of this statement lay true for the young dragon girl. Resultant of the various suggestions her Grandmother has firmly planted into her head over the course of nearly two decades, Lecia unconsciously suppresses a vast majority of her racial abilities. At present, she can neither assume the form of a true dragon, fly, or utilize her bloodkin’s “Dragon Breath.” Additionally, her body is not yet tempered in the same fashion that a dragon’s is, making her considerably weaker than other members of her race.

Fortunately, a dragon’s body is naturally resilient even pre-tempering. Her scales are as hard as she is ignorant, and her deceptively delicate arms and legs possess a seemingly impossible strength. Her body’s natural regenerative factor and pain tolerance are astounding as well. If it’s a broken finger, simply setting it back in place is enough for her to be perfectly fine again. Combined with years of unarmed combat training and senses that surpass the average human being, Lecia is someone who’s perfectly capable of obtaining her knight’s license using only her body as a weapon.

However, her strength will gradually reach its limits, and even her scales cannot completely nullify the destructive effects of mid-tier spells, especially her weaknesses of fire and void elements. More injuries healed (even minor ones) also means more energy consumed, so her regeneration is nowhere near unlimited. Be it refining her combative style or acknowledging her dragon blood and wielding her ancestors’ magic, her strength can only mature proportional to her own mental maturity.
There's a place we can always return to
Hardly ever without her lips quirked into a bright smile, the young dragon girl who claims she’s human is a child driven by a desire to live simply and happily. Completely blind to trepidation and fear, her steps are steady and sure, even if the future is unclear. Many reprimand her naive and reckless behavior, yet her answer is always the same: only those who live without worries can find happiness anywhere. Or rather, the stubborn girl believes that so long as she has her “family” by her side, there’s nothing she cannot conquer.

Like the other members of her race, Lecia’s defining trait is that she is fiercely protective of those she considers to be her family. But while Emerald Dragons only care for those related to them by blood, Lecia minds only the bonds forged through the good and bad that they experienced together. For someone to laugh and cry by her side is all the proof of a family she needs. And her family is far more valuable than the vague blood relation of a person whose face she hasn’t ever seen.

At the same time, Lecia’s childishness leads to an inadvertently cruel self-centeredness. Her desire to safeguard her home is directly proportional to the brutality she is capable of. The very part of her nature that her grandmother feared would cause a myriad of troubles, the young dragon girl ignores all reasoning and morals when it comes to protecting what she considers to be most important. If she must sacrifice a village to save her comrades, then so be it. Should they threaten her family, then the only choice is their complete annihilation. To her, “everyone else” is a mere stranger in the end, even if said stranger might have become her friend in the future.
Thus, there's no need to feel lost now
When the skies were painted red, the fiercely protective Emerald Dragons desperately fought to pave a brighter future for their kin. Despite the dragons’ strength, the root of evil ran deep, and warriors fell one by one to the tragedy of war. They had been a scarce race from the start, but never before had they faced the threat of complete annihilation. Regardless, they toiled on, and, in the end, they succeeded as survivors. Collecting what was left of their kin, the Emerald Dragons secluded themselves in a now forgotten land, one said to be shrouded in a bitter cold mist that cannot be navigated through normal means.

Kyrie Blanchett was an individual who was painfully familiar with said story, given that her mentor had disappeared while searching for the unknown land. Thus, when she found an injured infant on the day of her retirement, the knight’s thoughts didn’t linger too long on the child’s strange features. The child’s life was much more important. She didn’t know why she had been abandoned there, but she firmly believed that the child had the right to a chance at life, regardless of her circumstances.

As the child, whom she named Lecia, grew, the color of her scales became clearer. Scales of a cross between teal and a dark green, silver hair, and, most importantly, vibrant emerald green eyes were all the evidence Kyrie needed to realize that perhaps she had picked up more than she could handle. Still, the bright personality of the child made her become attached and unable to throw her away. Due to her limited knowledge on Emerald Dragons, Kyrie Blanchett chose the next most plausible method of controlling the young dragonling’s power: control through suppression.

To protect others and Lecia herself from reckless use of power, Kyrie taught her grandchild that she was a mere human, and convinced the child of her false limitations. On the other hand, she taught the child a method of fighting which would safeguard her until the day she discovered and could better control her true abilities. What she had not expected, however, was for Lecia to ask for permission to take on the knights’ exam, just like Kyrie had. With not the heart to reject this last favor of her grandchild’s, the retired knight gave the dragonling her blessings. She could only hope that her precious but dense grandchild wouldn’t get herself into too much trouble.

“May this child grow stronger without causing calamity,” she prayed. What she did not realize, however, was that the words she had spoken to the child for nearly two decades had become not just a seal but unbreakable shackles. If it abided by her grandmother’s words, the child was willing to give up the skies, power, and even her own bloodline. Like a blind fool.
Just in case you didn’t catch it...appearance information is hidden on a hover over the main picture of this CS (to the left if on a computer or above on mobile).
Due to her “special constitution,” Lecia’s body weight is approximately three times that of the average human girl her height. As a result, she has a severe weight complex and tends to avoid revealing her weight. This includes refusing to allow herself to be carried or carelessly leaning her weight on people.
xi-it's a secret!x
Lecia is a huge glutton who can eat just about anything thrown her way. Though she claims that it's due to her massive amount of of energy usage due to her strength and rapid regeneration, the real reason is that she just likes eating. A lot.
xhide your tailx
At some point in time, Lecia’s grandmother taught her how to “hide” (read: retract) her horns, wings, and tail. Due to her inexperience, this requires a considerable amount of concentration, and she isn’t very good at holding it.
xbig impactx
Lecia has a bad habit of swinging her tail to the side when surprised. When in the vicinity of other objects, she poses a risk of breaking them. As for accidentally hitting a person...well, hopefully they’re the sturdy sort.
— code by nano
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Vacuous Head

Name: Aikato Sikarrius
Age: 22
Race: Human
Specialty: Close Range Earth Magic

Height: 5'5
Weight: 118
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Red

A skilled earth mage, Aikato has great versatility at the cost specialization. He's able to cover parts of himself in stone, crystals (excluding ice), or metals as makeshift armor, which can be freely manipulated to better catch or deflect attacks. In addition, he can shift the ground beneath him to improve his mobility and footing, or decrease that of others. While his high level of skill in unarmed martial arts, when combined with his exceptional strength and supportive magic, mostly makes up for his lack of weapons, he still remains at a disadvantage against most opponents.

An idiot, plain and simple. Aikato is more knowledgable on hitting things than common sense or anything academic. He wholeheartedly believes that any problem can be solved through more violence and is often surprised when it isn't, a direct result of his upbringing. Like his martial arts, he's very blunt and straightforward, perhaps a bit too much. He's liable to come off as rude and offensive through his honesty, never realizing what he did wrong. Subtlety is, quite literally, not a part of his vocab.

Still, in spite of his flaws, he does care deeply for his companions (a blessing and a curse). Though he might hold a grudge if mistaken for a girl, given enough compliments, he'll forgive just about anyone. He's also very determined to learn and improve, which is most clearly shown in his surprising aptitude for magic.
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Raimi Charlotte


One Thousand Club

Name: Raimi Charlotte (Rae for short)
Age: 18
Race: Human
Specialty: Archery; hunting; woodscraft

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: blonde, very long (down to her butt), usually kept in a serviceable braid that hangs over her shoulder.
Eyes: Green
Other: Usually caries an unstrung bow (unless she plans to use it), some provisions, a belt knife, money pouch, and other miscellaneous odds and ends. She wears a green, hooded cloak to blend in to forest surroundings when hunting.

Raimi is an extremely skilled outdoorswoman, adept at surviving in the wilderness on her own for long periods of time. She has little need to rely on anyone else for basic survival; she knows what plants, herbs, and other flora are good for food or medicine and which are poisonous, and she is one of the best hunters of her generation. A skilled hunter who's practiced at it since she was a young girl, she is consequently a very good shot with a bow. That said, the bow she uses is smaller than what a trained knight would use, and that, combined with her small size and relatively lesser strength, means she cannot shoot as far or with as much force as archers specifically trained for battle could; her arrows likely won't be punching through the breastplate of a man or woman in full armor, unless she is at very close range. Her accuracy is unparalleled, however; if she aims at something, she will hit it, and if she shoots to kill, her arrow will virtually always find a vital area.

She has a good sense of direction and always seems to know where she is and the best way to get somewhere from there, provided she has a map or directions or is familiar with an area.

She is able to make her own bows and fletch her own arrows from appropriate materials she finds in the wild, though this takes time and the product is not as reliable or well made as something she could buy. She can make some clothing from animal skins, but she is not a skilled seamstress for anything more complicated than bare basic coverings.

Having grown up on a farm, she has an affinity for animals. This is true especially of horses. She has an eye for good horses and is a very skilled rider, as comfortable in the saddle as on her own two feet. She can shoot targets with commendable accuracy from the back of a galloping steed.

She is a shrewd saleswoman. Twice a year since she was 14, her family sent her into the city to buy goods or sell the goods and crops they produce on their farm. She's forceful and persuasive, knows when to be aggressive or when to haggle, knows how to get people to buy her family's stuff so they have enough money to survive another year even at times when their crop yield was lacking.

Raimi is an outgoing, jovial, and confident person, quick to make friends and slow to get angry (usually). She does not interact with people who are not family very often, so she is unwise in the ways of the world and consequently very trusting. Some might even call her naive. She is extremely capable and determined; she always does her best to accomplish whatever goal she sets her sights on, no matter how lofty or impossible. She does not accept defeat easily or give up in the face of setbacks. She is dogged to the point that some have called her pushy, which is exactly why her parents send her to the city to sell the family's goods instead of her siblings. Determined as she can be, life as a hunter has also taught her patience; she is comfortable waiting and/or watching as long as necessary, learning necessary terrain or skills, before she finally makes her move and accomplishes her goals.

She usually doesn't anger easily, but when she is angry, she can be quite frightening. She has a tendency to be hotheaded when she feels she's being challenged, especially if it's because of her gender or her small size. There is no surer way to get Rae to do something than to tell her she cannot do it. She can get in over her head very quickly this way, but she has so far always managed to find a way out of whatever trouble she gets herself into. She loves adventure, nature, and animals; aside from on her family's farm with her parents and siblings, she is at home no where more than in the deepest parts of the forest surrounding the farm or surrounding the city of Claremont.

She hates people who look down on her for any reason. Her gender, her size, and her low upbringing are three very common things people make fun of her for, and this usually sets her off.

She secretly resents her short height, but would never admit this out loud.

She has a tendency to tightly grip and tug on her braid when she is agitated, especially when angry.

Born the third child out of five to a rustic farmer and his wife in a village about three days outside the capital city of Zuiya, Raimi has known a simple, self-sufficient existence up to this point. They are not poor, nor particularly rich; the family plants its own crops, hunts its own food, and tends its own livestock. They sometimes go into the city proper to buy supplies or sell excess goods for extra cash, but they tend to keep to themselves with the exception of the small farming community of which they are a part. It's a simple, predictable life, but a happy one. Raimi's life until now has been nothing but helping out on the farm, hunting wildlife, and occasionally going into the city to run errands.

She got involved in the testing for knighthood and guild acceptance because she saw a flier for it one day when she was selling goods at market. She was only looking; she didn't intend to actually enter until someone, a burly man wearing armor, laughed at her when he saw her studying the flier. He told her women didn't make good knights, not even "those mediocre trulls over in Para Noblese." According to him, "peasant farmgirls from the back end of who the hell knows where" had no business trying to be knights. The man limped away from the plaza with a crushed foot (despite his heavy boots) and a fuming Raimi was signed up for the test within the next hour just to prove she could.

To be honest, she didn't take the test very seriously because she didn't really expect to be picked for any guilds and didn't really want to be a knight in any case; she had a family and a farm to help take care of, after all, and no time or interest in fighting for a guild or for the crown. She just wanted to prove that she could take the test and do well at it just like anyone else. She wanted to shove it in that chauvenistic armored jerk's face at market the next day. During the archery portion of the testing, another fool nobleman tried to put the commoner who thought she could shoot a bow in her place, giving her much the same speech as the knight from the market. She responded by, instead of waiting her turn, firing at the nobleman's target just after he finished, in plain view of all the gathered spectators and judges. The man was a sub-par shot at best and hadn't managed to hit a bullseye or even anything close to it; perhaps he believed his noble lineage was enough to guarantee him a guild spot regardless of his skill. Raimi didn't hit a bullseye either, as it turned out; she didn't even try. Instead, her arrows split the nobleman's in clean halves, right down the center of their shafts, before embedding themselves in the wooden target where his had been.

The crowd laughed and clapped and Rae shot a very satisfied, smug grin at the nobleman, now red faced in rage and shame at the humiliation. Most of the guildmasters and judges sputtered in outrage at the girl's breaking of convention and she was asked to leave the arena before her turn properly came up. She left with a bright smile and a wave to the crowd, thinking sarcastically and with no small amount of humor that her "grand dreams of knighthood" were over. She did not notice as she left that some of the guildmasters, the ones who were not flushed with indignation at her unconventional display, looked at her retreating back thoughtfully rather than angrily.

Rae's jaw hit the floor the next day at market when a handsome messenger in royal livery with a steady gaze and stern disposition handed her a letter of acceptance from the newly established guild of the Blue Roses.
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Myesha Khalil


Name: Myesha Khalil
Age: 20
Race: Human
Specialty: Illusion and Assassination (quick close combat)


Myesha is small and lithe with a tan complexion. She holds herself in an almost regal posture- though she’s just 5’ 4”. Her long black hair falls down to the floor; she usually ties it into elaborate styles. Her eyes, for no reason other than weird genetics and anime curse aesthetics, are heterochromatic. One is dark brown and the other is bright blue. Curse aesthetics also dictates that she wear an eye patch to conceal the bright blue eye. Myesha normally wears a tunic tied together by a belt. She also has a hooded jacket and a magical mask (it muffles sound). Her gear includes various daggers, throwing stars, and two swords.

Myesha still has a lot to go when it comes to her mesmer magic. Her illusions are all harmless, and she’s really only capable of targeting one person. Additionally, she can only create visual and auditory illusions, and she’s far from creating hallucinatory landscapes. Still, Myesha’s working hard, and she’s managed to make illusions with a decent amount of autonomy.

Her assassination skills, on the other hand, are much better. A whole lifetime of learning has given Myesha like, dexterity one hundred or some shit. She can slink around practically unnoticed- an effect of prana manipulation- and she’s rather proficient with the tools she has. Additionally, Myesha’s fast; both in physical prowess and in her thinking. She’s particularly known for constantly making clones of herself. Unfortunately, Myesha’s not all that strong, nor does she have much stamina. Currently she’s working towards that and variety.

Also she has a d a r k s e c r e t !!1!

Uhh I’d say if we were going for DND stats…
STR: 11
CON: 8
DEX: 14
INT: 14
WIS: 14
CHAR: 11


Taught at a young age to never open her mouth, Myesha comes off as rather calm and serious. She has an air of dignity to her- she’s curt and polite, regal yet modest. Myesha’s easygoing and friendly. She likes being in the company of others- even the overbearing excitement of large crowds- but she hates being the center of attention. To her, nothing is worse than being that one.


Three Thousand Club
"Fear not, my child - for in the glowing light of my magic lies the loving hand of your creator. Now...let me....heal you."







Vess specializes in healing magic, and is actually incredibly talented at it - but lacks any offensive abilities whatsoever.

"ARCH MAGE" ROBES - The resplendent white and gold robes that Vess wears on a day to basis traditionally signify a mage of high rank. Upon closer inspection, it seems fairly likely Vess actually made these robes herself.
STAFF OF THE SUN - A beautiful and exceptionally well crafted mage's stave that Vess uses to channel her power. She is never seen without it and even hugs it while she's sleeping. She refuses to say where she got it from, and her intimate relationship with it makes everyone rather uncomfortable.

[Vess is capable of expanding her repertoire of healing spells with the relevant books/tomes and scrolls]
LIGHT - Vess can make her staff or a object of her choice no larger than ten feet shed light that brightens the area within 20 feet. The light has the color of Vess's choice and dims after one hour.
MAGE'S HAND - Vess summons a spectral, floating hand that can manipulate objects. It can't move more than 30 feet away from its caster. Vess tends to use Mage's Hand for nefarious purposes.
SPARE THE DYING - Vess touches a living creature that is on the verge of death. They stabilize, but it does not actually heal them.
CURE WOUNDS - Vess touches the wound of a living creature and the flesh sews itself back together. Not effective against grievous wounds or detached limbs. This process takes approximately up to 30 seconds, depending on the wound.
SHIELD OF FAITH - A shimmering field of light appears and surrounds a creature of Vess's choice within a 30 foot range. It is the defensive equivalent to a layer of chain-mail armor and lasts up to ten minutes.
GREATER HEALING - An advanced spell, Vess uses her staff to heal up to three creatures within 20 feet. Also revitalizes the targets stamina. Can be used three times a day. This spell also fixes blindness, deafness and any disease affecting the target.
BEACON OF BRAVERY - An advanced spell that Vess usually uses for nefarious purposes. Vess touches a creature who then loses all concept of fear and consequence for thirty minutes. Useful in battle, potentially disastrous in a social situation.
BARRIER OF PROTECTION - Vess creates a magical barrier of blue light around herself and her allies that can be up to 20 feet in diameter. The barrier negates physical and magical attacks from both within and out, but can only be maintained for ten minutes, or until Vess is distracted. Vess is unable to perform any other spells while the barrier is active.

A very kind and gentle girl who treats others with kindness and respect, Vess seems to be a shining example of everything a Cleric should be. She presents herself with an aura of nobility and grace as she preaches about her duty to heal the sick and shield the vulnerable from harm. Her selflessness has earned her the respect of onlookers on a regular basis, and her old fashioned way of speaking makes her seem wise beyond her years.

Despite her appearence of purity however, it does not take long for Vess to reveal her true character: A religious fanatic who feels ecstasy when healing magic power flows through her, and is constantly looking for excuses to wield her holy magicks - and if she can get a crowd of people watching her as she does it, even better. Something of a maniac, Vess cares about nothing but convincing everyone she comes into contact with that she's an apostle of Tertius, rarely thinks about the consequences of her actions - especially if she has the opportunity to earn praise from whoever happens to be in the area at the time. She has been known on occasion to go out of way to cause incidents - only to appear on the scene as an innocent onlooker and loudly proclaim that it was Tertius's will that she would happen to be in the area and to begin healing whoever was unfortunate enough to get caught up in her delusions.

Usually calm and friendly, Vess can be remarkably mean spirited and aggressive if she feels slighted or if her comrades aren't treating her with the utmost respect. While overconfident, she has a tendency to panic if she feels a dangerous situation is spiraling out of control.

Vess insists she's a powerful mage from a far away land that travels from place to place to fight against Dark Prana.
Truth be told, while no one believes this story no one seems to have a clue where she came from.

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Aster Hemlock


ᴏᴜᴛ ᴏꜰ ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ
Even the tiniest of flowers

name; Aster Hemlock
age; 19
race; Human, though the flower sprouting from her eye may suggest some type of flora DNA
specialty; Plant/Organic Manipulation
height; 5'3
hair; Long pale, silver hair
eyes; Her left exposed eye is a salmon pink color

background & personality;
Aster hails from a rather poor remote village surrounded by extensive flora and different fauna. This type of environment helps each individual's prana thrive in it's surrounding.

The youngest of three sisters, Aster comes from a long line of plant and organic manipulators. Though she is the weakest of her family, it is unknown to them that she holds the most potential with her innate abilities and prana manifestation. Unfortunately, seen as the weakest link in a family that places their magical ability above all else, Aster was often cast aside of felt feeling alone or left out. Only her eldest sister, Acacia, regarded Aster as a true family member. Though, when Acacia reached of age, she left their village in search of her own journey. Because of this abandonment, and constant criticism from her family, Aster chose to study and train as often and as best as she could, away from her family's eyes, during childhood and into adulthood. Feeling as though her magical abilities were not strong enough, she would travel to a nearby village in order to be trained in the art of swordsmanship, believing it may be of use. Her lack of familial ties often had her exploring her small and remote village, making friends to fill the void she felt.

Once of age, Aster followed in her sister's steps and left the village.

Aster is quite sociable, making friends easily and often, wishing to surround herself to avoid solitude. Because of her past, she is severely loyal to those who are closest to her, constantly trying to prove herself, and would not second guess sacrificing herself if need be. With others, she can come off bold and witty, often teasing them in a playful manner. Because Aster is extremely friendly, her angered side often takes others by surprise, though it takes a lot to get her there.
specialty; Plant/Organic Manipulation

Her father is known as one of the strongest organic manipulators amongst her people, able to manipulate any organic material. Aster, unfortunately, does not possess the abilities her father does at this point (or maybe any point) and can only manipulate plant-life matter for now. Her abilities include:

❀ Botanical Communication: communicate with all forms of plant-life telepathically by touching it physically. Plants can tell Aster what happened or what is happening, like helping them track someone from a long distance away, etc.

Limits: must be physically touching the plant.

❀ Nature's Arsenal: can change plants, flowers, trees, etc., into tools, objects, weapons, and other items. Can also use and bend plants, flowers, trees at her will and project them.

Limits: depends on Aster's ability and strength.

❀ Chlorokinetic Scrying: can perceive noise and sight through plants, including wood, vines, plants, moss, and parts of the plants.

Limits: Aster is only able to use this ability in a certain range.

❀ Photosynthesis: Aster is stronger in the presence of sunlight, feeding off of the solar power, and enhancing her abilities.

Limits: weaker at night.

❀ Water absorption can remove water from objects and/or organisms, possibly by severe perspiration, dryness, and transpiration on people/objects.

Limits: Aster must absorb water regularly. If she does not, she is prone to extreme thirst and fatigue.

❀ Swordsmanship: learned to gain an advantage over her family and when no plants are near.

Limits: her overall physical strength is weak; therefore, she relies on being nimble and quick on her feet for her techniques.

❀ OVERALL LIMITS: fire and ice attacks, places where plants do not grow, prolonged periods without water.


can have the strongest roots.
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Name: Marion Astariou of Starfall

Role: Frontline Damage Dealer




The Fool

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Fighter [Berserker]


Height: 5 ft. 11 in. (180 cm)

Weight: 165 lbs. (75 kg)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Amber

(To be explored in-character)
Born and raised among highborns and nobles alike, whatever comes of him, Marion is expected to be at least mannered and patient. He also likes to think himself as an honourable and straight-forward man - Marion is vocal when it comes to letting his opinions known. His adventures had taught him practicality, as well as his own shortcomings as a nobleman, and so Marion is always eager to work closely with his peers and learn from them. That said, the Cromekyan nobleman still harbour conservative and somewhat ignorant thoughts - legacies of his highborn upbringing: While he'd find no troubles working with them, Marion generally distrusts other humanoids and those of the lower classes or the peasantry.

(Might be edited and updated as the story progresses)

Marion Starfall enjoyed a reasonably pompous upbringing - being the first son in an old and influential noble family of Cromekya. Raised by his mother, a countess, Marion was educated and trained to be proficient with a number of skills expected of a future count: languages, manners, the ways of the blade and arcane studies, etc.
That said, the boy soon disappointed his family by spending most of his childhood in the archive, immersing himself in stories of fantasy and exploits of legendary figures. Marion wanted to write his own story among the legends', and when they could no longer convince the dreamy boy, his family instead invested in Marion's other siblings.

Soon enough, the day came when the luxurious sanctuary of the Starfall Estate could no longer encage him. With his own wealth and then some taken from the family vault, young Marion fashioned his very own prana weapon - albeit one towards the simpler end of prana weapons, and fled. The following years saw Marion tagging along adventuring parties, whom he hired with the wealth he no longer possess, and it usually end the same way with him being abandoned. However, the adventures did give the young noble the experience of the outside world - which he desperately lacked.

Comes the Knight Exam, Marion figured this would be his opportunity for fame, at last, and partook with great enthusiasm, and little clues of what awaits ahead. While Marion managed to narrowly pass the theoretical exams, this period saw a physical transformation of the nobleman - the result of many sleepless study nights and staying in poor rented shacks in the shanty parts of town. Now, with his transfer to the eleventh guild, the first parts of the greatest chapter of his adventuring life had begun at last!

Equipment & Abilities

- Cromekyan steel plate armour with the Starfall crest (a comet) on the front of the chest piece.
- Marion's prana great-sword "Amber"
- Primitive darts [10]
- A journal
- A silver horn

(To be updated and revised)

Marion is not a professional practitioner of the arcane. So while he is always interested to learn, at the moment what he's got is the prana great-sword. Aside from being a blade, it has the capability to generate a magic bubble at the cost of its prana 'battery' life. The bubble's energy is disruptive in nature, allowing it to give him some shielding from projectiles and attacks, as well as damaging anything that comes a bit too close to him while the bubble is active.

Passive Skills:
(To be expanded as the story progresses)
- Culinary
- Biology

code/design by @Fyuri
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