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Fantasy The Blue House - detailed urban fantasy with world folklore


Tende altum, volare altius

Not far from campus, on a quiet, shaded road there is a row of quaint little town houses. Nothing untoward, though you’ll notice one particular house, in a tight-knit block, stand out to your eye: Its wood paneling looks old but elegant, with white shutters and trim. The porch is well-crafted though the paint is chipping. The garden is well-kept with thick bushes filled with sweet-smelling flowers, but the colour is what makes this house stand out, for while the others in the row all range from grey to white to beige. This house is painted a cheerful, cornflower blue. That is the extent to which most people will notice it. “Huh, that’s a pretty colour,” they’d remark, as they were pulled on with their day by their dog, or their niece or their watch, but not you, no. Something compels you to approach, and knock.

The first thing you’d see, when the door was opened for you, was that it is bigger on the inside. What at first seemed to be a small, narrow townhouse from the street, has a wide, spacious ground floor, with a massive living room stretching across the entrance way into a gourmet kitchen. The stairwell spirals up about an elegant modern chandelier and from where you stand at the entrance way, you can see many other doors on the second floor, each decorated in a completely different way.

A sunset filters in through the back door at the far end of the house, but you could have sworn it was midday when you walked in. When you look down to see who opened the door you draw back, for there beside you, paw still atop the handle, is a fox, standing perfectly on its hind legs. It inclines its head as it shuts the door behind you, and trots off to complete other duties.

Welcome to the Blue House. Your life is about to change forever...

Okay, let’s start at the top. The Protector is gone. I’m not sure when it happened, the other guardians don’t know. We just woke up one morning, and where we would find his expansive, placid presence, floating in our minds, now, there was a void.

Wait, that’s not the top, let me go back. We are guardians. Where most guardians you know guard buildings, or goal posts…we guard the essence of humanity. Things like Joy, Hope, Dreams, Truth. We protect everything good and light in humans. We keep it for you, and when you need it most? We can remind you that it’s there. What are we? Well, I'm not exactly sure. I'm pretty sure we were human once...a very long time ago.

The world is much larger than you know it to be. Oh sure, it looks the same, mostly: your school, your house, that one café that sells the best mocha latte in the whole city…but there’s more. Those monsters and spirits you read about in fairy tales and old stories? Oh yeah, they’re real. They are real annoying, real mischievous and sometimes…real dark and really hungry. We keep you safe from those too, and for the most part, we keep them in line. Now, not all the spirits are bad, some help us. They look out for you too, especially if you believe in them.

When our work is done, we go back home, to The Blue House. You walk in and it’s a house, not unlike any other, but each and every room is a little pocket dimension, built to keep one guardian. Now, the thing is, since the morning the Protector vanished…there are now several new doors. None of us can open them, but somehow, we know there are new guardians out there. We must find them, and train them, and we have to do it before the forces of darkness…find them first.


This is an urban fantasy rp that will have locations all over the world and draw from mythology and folklore from everywhere. The specific powers of the guardians are up to your imagination, within reason, and will get stronger as the rp progresses. The guardians have the ability to bend reality in what is essentially magic, and can manipulate elements, or change their shape. Their one rule is “do no harm to humans”. The guardian of each virtue will have the ability to instill that virtue in the people around them and this will be needed to solve some of the puzzles throughout the story.

You can play a guardian, or a spirit or monster from folklore, or, you can play one of the not-so-normal humans that get dragged into this magical world hidden beneath the one they know.
The humans will all be aged 18-24 and generally attending the college in the city. There can be exceptions if someone has an idea they are very attached to.

I don’t want the magic and powers to be the central part of the game, so they will be pretty weak. I’d like to see more creativity coupled with using the knowledge of folklore to best the obstacles in game. It is 100% okay to google stuff. I will be pulling from real folklore to create many of the in game enemies and will do my best to present information for you IC, but you can do your own research if you want an edge.

I try my best to keep threads running longterm, so if you know you’re the type to stick with it, I am looking for you. I am hoping this will be a character-driven story, with the players contributing to the world-building and the story arcs and working to develop their character and change them as they grow.

The story is vague at the moment because I want to shape it around the characters we get.
I have some loose ideas for the virtues the guardians represent, but there can certainly be more:

  • Guardian of dreams
  • Guardian of joy
  • Guardian of hope
  • Guardian of courage
  • Guardian of serenity
  • Guardian of loyalty
  • Guardian of truth

That being said, who’s interested?

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This is exactly my cup of tea. Urban fantasy is a favorite of mine and this setting/lore looks really fun.
Daaaang 10 ppl already. Ok, I'll get my butt in gear and get the lore and guidelines up for character creation.

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