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Realistic or Modern The "Average" Club [Still Recruiting]


A Friendly Shipper


It can be so hard to keep sane when it comes to love but we still manage somehow though some can better than others.
This is a club for those recovering from imperfections that just want to be normal again to fit in with the rest and raise less suspicion to themselves. The club was named “The Average Club”. With some hard work and dedication, they could get over their issues…there was one problem though.

Enter “Them”

Because their club is registered as an official club, they can technically accept members and that is indeed what happened. Three boys had been informed that they must join a club for different reasons but their club choice was the same.
The Average Club.
It was an easy club, right? It seemed to just be a group of pretty girls playing games. Who wouldn’t join?

[Inspired by Doki Doki Literature Club]


  • Applicants must be 18+​

  • This RP is going to take place over Discord to separate channels for Visual Novel related reasons.​

  • If you're interested in joining, depending on whether you want to be a “Member” or a “New Member”, fill out the appropriate profile layout then send it to me privately.

  • Face claims must be anime pictures, not real life pictures.​

  • Must write at least a paragraph in your posts (more than 1 is even more welcome)

Profile Layout: ( Member Profiles)


Name: [First and Last Name]

Grade Level: [Freshman – Senior]

Club Position: [Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc]

Bio: [1 to 2 paragraphs]

Appearance: [Face claim here]

Profile Layout: ( New Member Profiles)


Name: [First and Last Name]

Grade Level: [Freshman – Senior]

Reason they had to join:

Bio: [1 to 2 paragraphs]

Appearance: [Face claim here]

Accepted Members:

Username: Royal Rena
Name: Yuuka Hibiya
Grade Level: Senior
Club Position: President
Bio: Yuuka is liked and admired by her fellow classmates and is usually seen with a smile on. She can come off as pretty hyper sometimes but her determination is what makes her a good leader and a good club president. With dreams of being a developer when she gets out of high school, Yuuka tested her skills and made a messenger for the club so the girls could talk and have fun even when they aren’t around each other. Lost in the internet, Yuuka can often be found spacing out of her laptop or getting drowsy in class. The two things that will get her interest the most are her Corgis (Herself owning one) and online games.

Her home life is not discussed much because she doesn’t bring it up unless asked and not many do. She goes home alone and comes to school alone, at least indicating that she probably doesn’t have any siblings or a lover. To put it simply, the best way to find out about Yuuka is to ask her, right?
Appearance: [ x ]
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