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"The arcana is the means by which all is revealed"
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ale of oopa
It all seemed like a normal day. The people of both Kanto and Johto carried about their days as usual- some went through the same motions as they always did, while others continued on whatever adventure it was that they were on. Either way, things were anything but abnormal, yet in the blink of an eye all that would change due to one Pokemon. Some might call it a devious little Pokemon, while others might simply called it curious. No matter what it was deemed, one thing remained the same- it loved to travel about. This Pokemon was known as Hoopa.

In its travels of the Pokemon World, Hoopa had found itself in the lands of Kanto and Johto. For awhile it kept its presence in the regions a secret and never showed itself to a human. However, the longer it stayed, the more its boredom grew. Traveling only through the world which it knew had come to bore the poor mythical being. It wanted more. It wanted something exciting.

That was when it begin and Hoopa discovered its ring portals could open up pathways to other worlds. Finding amusement in such, the mythical Pokemon took advantage of its newfound power and rapidly began opening portals from outside worlds and personally pull unsuspecting beings through- heroes and villains alike. However, much to its surprise, these beings were changed during their brief travels via its portals. They lost all abilities and powers, only to have them replaced by a Pokemon partner that awaited their arrival. Hoopa wasn't sure how it happened, but it did.

With each victim Hoopa claimed, the same thing occurred- it'd drag them in and trap them, leaving them with nothing other than a single Pokemon. The devilish creature wouldn't stop until it was completely satisfied and when it was, it suddenly disappeared. Where had it gone? Perhaps it went back into hiding or maybe it had been captured by a wandering trainer, or even worse, a villain waiting to abuse its powers. Whatever the case may be, the goal remained the same for these newly trapped beings- find Hoopa to return home.

And thus, their journey began.


Location: Ilex Forest | Interactions: Open
Everything had happened so quickly that Ventus hardly had time to wrap his mind around it until it was too late. One minute he was preparing to return to the Keyblade Graveyard to confront Vanitas, and the next he was forcibly being dragged off into some strange portal. He hardly caught a good look at his assailant- only bits and pieces. One thing had been clear though- it was no human. Did that mean it was an unversed? Ven wasn't sure. All he was certain of was that he was yet again in another unknown world, and his way out had quickly been closed off by the creature that had pulled him here. Before he could even think to try and question it, it was gone, leaving him to find his way.

As that realization set in, a soft sigh managed to slip through Ventus' lips. Would this set him back? Would he be too late to confront Vanitas now? He wasn't sure and that uncertainty caused panic to rise in his chest. Wrinkling his nose, he gripped his jacket, balling the fabric up in his fist. With such an important event waiting for him, he couldn't help but feel concerned over it, yet what could he do?

Dropping his fist down, he slowly extended his arm out and opened his hand up expecting his keyblade to manifest in it. Much to his surprise it didn't. Blinking in confusion, Ven's head immediately cocked to match such an emotion.

"Huh?" he squeaked out, as he tried to wrap his mind around such an oddity. "My keyblade... won't work...?" Such a thing completely baffled the poor teen and left him with even more questions than he already had. He had never heard of a world where he was unable to use his powers after all. Even so, Ven had little choice but to accept his fate, no matter how much he disliked it. He'd have to find another way around things, if that was even possible. No, he couldn't think like that. It was possible.

Digging around in his pockets as that thought lingered in his mind, Ventus pulled out his wayfinder. Thankfully nothing had happened to it. Finding some peace in that, he curled his fingers around the star-shaped charm and lifted it to his chest all while closing his eyes. "Aqua... Terra... wait for me a little longer, okay?'

Those words were uttered softly under his breath, but despite how quiet they were, they were still full of emotion. Ven couldn't let that emotion linger for long though. While it did pain him to make his friends wait longer for him, he couldn't change what was happening.

Before his mind could drift any deeper into those thoughts, a sound from behind him pulled him back to reality. Quickly opening his eyes and dropping his hands down into his lap, he turned his head far enough to look over his shoulder. It was just enough to catch a glimpse of a round, pale brown creature. However, his sudden movements had caused it to immediately flee into a nearby bush. Hearing it rustle around, Ventus couldn't help but let a soft chuckle escape his throat.

"Hey, there's no need to be afraid," he said, his voice coming off as inviting and gentle which matched the soft expression he wore upon his features. "I promise I'm not going to hurt you."

Despite his attempts to assure the unknown creature, it didn't dare to crawl out from its hiding place. Ventus couldn't blame it. He was a stranger after all. Besides, on his adventures to various worlds, he had met all types of beings- some who were instantly open, and others who simply took a little more time. This was no different in his eyes. He just needed to show he was no threat.

Slowly crawling towards the bush, Ven carefully pulled its branches aside, revealing the Pokemon that hid within- a small, yet very round owl, with a little green bowtie and next to it sat an odd, red and white ball. Almost instantly at the sight of it, the boy's gaze softened and a soft "aw" managed to escape his lips. It was adorable. He couldn't help it. Seeing the teen's reaction, the bird didn't attempt to run, but instead sat there staring up at him with big, beady eyes.

"Come on now. No need to keep hiding," Ventus coaxed. That was enough to finally get the Pokemon moving. Hopping from its place, the Rowlet emerged from its hiding spot and returned to the forest clearing that he and Ven found themselves in. Before urning to meet the owl's gaze, the keyblade wielder quietly eyed the ball that it had left behind. While he was unsure of what it was, he felt an odd sense that it was important and picked it up. By then he heard the Pokemon coo out and immediately he turned to meet it, sitting up on his knees as he did and offering a smile, all before speaking. "That's better, see! No need to be scared."

The Rowlet happily cawed out before hopping in a circle to show its appreciation toward's Ven. Again, another chuckle managed to escape the boy's lips. Despite his circumstances, he couldn't help feeling relaxed. "Do you think you could help me? I'm trying to find my way home. Might you know something that could help?"

"Row! Row!"

Hearing the creature speak, Ventus was immediately hit with the realization that it could not speak like he could. In a way, it was much like how Experiment 626 spoke, though even then, the alien could make out simple words, albeit mostly names. This creature however, all it was spoke was "row." Whatever that was meant to be. He couldn't let that dishearten him though. Even if communication wasn't easy, Ven was sure they could find a way to communicate.

Before he could even think to ask the owl another question, he saw it swiftly turn its back towards him before beginning to hop off into the forest. Eyes widening in shock, Ventus scrambled to his feet and hurried after the bird, knowing he couldn't afford to lose it.

"Hey! Wait up! I still have this ball of yours!"

With both boy and Pokemon on the move, the two unknowingly had begun their adventure together.
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Zenitsu Agatsuma
Curent location: Ilex forest,Johto Interactions: Ploegy Ploegy
" Tanjiro...Inosuke...Nezuko...anyone else... HELP ME!!!"

It's been a few weeks since Zenitsu Agatsuma recovered from his injuries from the mission in the now destroyed entertainment district. The demon Slayer Corps sent him on a mission alone since Tanjiro was still in a coma and Inosuke had still yet to recover.

There was rumors of a demon in a deep snowy forest mountain. Only...Zenitsu quickly found out...this demon wasn't from his world,and it wasn't a demon either. The creature opened a portal behind the cowardly demon slayer and dragged him inside.

Zenitsu was now in some strange forest. The demon like creature that dragged him here was no where to be seen and neither is the portal.

And to make matters worst,his Nichirin blade was gone.
" How am I suppose to defend myself now?!" Zenitsu whinned to himself.
" Not only was I dragged in this strange forrest by this demon but my sword is gone! I might not be in Japan anymore! That's it! I will die in an unknown land far from my friends! Far from Nezuko-Chan!!!!"

Something felt from a tree and on his head. He jumped in surprise,only to look at the object now on the ground. Zenitsu kneed to pick it up. It looked like a red and white ball. As he stared at the ball like object. He noticed movements in the bushes. A small animal emerged from the bushes and stopped to stare at the blond demon slayer.

Zenitsu had never seen an animal like this. The creature looked like some sort of rodent,a mouse...though it looked nothing like the Muscle mice owned by the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui. It was yellow with large black ears and pink cheeks.
Zenitsu could only stare at the mouse like creature. As be moved closer,he acidently stepped on a twig,breaking it.
The sound starled the creature,who looked scared. Sparks were seen on the scared mouse creature's cheeks.
Zenitsu received a electrocution from the creature. Last time it happened was when he trainned with his adopted gramps and mentor Jigoro Kymajima,former Thunder Hashira.
Zenitsu hid on a tree and was hit by lightning,giving him the blond and orange hair he now has. It might had given him immunity to lightning shocks too,because Zenitsu was still alive.
"That hurts..."

  • Link woke up early in the morning, looking drowsy. He sat up and looked next to him; a green hat was laying on its side. He shook the hat, as if it was a person, but to no avail, the hat was just that, a normal hat.
    Link felt some sadness in his heart, as he picked the hat up and put it on his head.
    "How many days has it been since Ezlo left?"

    Link remembered all too well the end of the adventure to save Hyrule from Vaati. He impaled the evil magician in the heart, with the Four Swords. He exploded and the darkness lifted from Hyrule, as Ezlo, his companion, returned to normal. Ezlo gave him a gift before he left to return to his homeland, the realm of the minish. Ever since that day, the hat was both a fond memory yet also a sad reminder.

    As life im Hyrule returned to normal, Zelda became too busy to come hang out with him. Smith broke his arm while forging a weapon, and that caused Links lessons in blacksmithing to be put on hold. Link had done evert he can to help Smith recover, from getting milk at Lon Lon Ranch, to getting delicious pastries from the castletown bakery. Today was no different. He was in the front yard of the house, working on pulling out weeds. A gust of wind blew his hat off and away. Link reached out to grab it, before he felt the ground fall out from under him.

    Link's eyes widened and he fell down the hole, screaming. He saw his hat fall back towards him, only for the hole to seal before Link could grab the hat....

T o o r u


//Location// : Mount Moon

Tooru clutched his chest. It hadn't taken minutes before he realized he felt incomplete.

That feeling wasn't anything new, especially to a Rock Human like himself. Many had ambitions that were impossible to reach in the current day, but this was a feeling unlike one Tooru had ever experienced.

He had been approached, pursued even, and had lost Wonder of U in the process. No longer would all events consolidate in his favor, no longer would calamity become his third arm. But how had it happened? How had anything reached beyond the effects of his ability? It couldn't have been another Stand, no. He had been pulled into a void, one he could barely recall, by a creature and it's... rings? Loops? It was fuzzy at best, but that thing had been inside the strange area that it had opened.

Tooru looked at his surroundings as he got to his feet. He had landed in a cave, and was surrounded by rocks. Whether this was intentional or not was still unknown to him.

At first he lurched, wary of his own whereabouts, but slowly gained a more steady walk as a light ahead shone towards him. He stopped short of exiting the cave, fishing around in his pockets. All he had on him was his earbuds, his music player, and his hospital coat from before he began to pursue Josuke.


This couldn't be his doing. Even with his strange abilities, teleportation and removal of Stands was outside his limits.

No, it couldn't be... was he somewhere where Stands simply weren't allowed, or even existing? Some other, unknown country?

Movement spanned to his left. Tooru quickly put his items back in the pocket of the coat he held, stepping back. He couldn't rely on calamity to protect him anymore, so he'd have to fend for himself. Chittering footsteps crawled quickly along the cave floor before revealing themselves to be...

A bug. An insect of sorts that Tooru had never read about or seen before. Perhaps they really were on some other continent, far from Japan. On strange instinct, Tooru crouched down and opened his left hand. The bug wavered in it's path, but it acted friendly towards him. As it crawled onto his arm, Tooru recognized that it was a little larger than it had first appeared, being nearly the size of both his hands. The texture of it's shell... he had never known a normal bug to be so friendly.

The rock insects, though...

Creatures with the same structure of insects but with abilities regarding the Earth. Was this one of them, one that he had never experienced before? Past Obladi Oblada and Dodododedadada, it was the most 'insect-like' in appearance. Placing the chittering creature on his shoulder, Tooru look into the shadows where it had emerged from, spying a strange red ball. Pocketing it, Tooru continued to observe his surroundings.

H a p p y M a s k S a l e s m a n


//Location//: Lavender Town
A parting is sure to follow...

It had only been the dawn of the second day since the woodland imp had stolen The Mask. Those words once spoken to him by a stranger echoed in his mind as the Happy Mask Salesman placed one hand against the purple tinted building to his right, his smile unwavering.

That creature... he had once believed it to be the very thief that began this treacherous agreement with the elf boy, but it was far too small for that. It's laugh was different, and it had an ability he could not counter, one that took precedent over the time loop that Majora had created. It was a simple circle... but one of tremendous power.

While he had fallen through the transparent hole, the Happy Mask Salesman had retained his pack and most of his wares because they were, like always, strapped to his back. When he had managed to flip himself onto his front, he rubbed his hands together and observed the folk walking past the somewhat-hidden area he found himself in. While it may have surprised others, the idea that he had traveled to another realm unlike his own was not uncommon. After all, he had fallen into Termina after chasing the Skull Kid. Perhaps this was a similair process.

But these people... their clothes were intriguing, and the architecture was unlike he had ever seen. People passed holding sleek metal contraptions, and some of the younger children held strange red-and-white balls.

Turning, the Happy Mask Salesman paused. He felt a small tugging on his back. Turning swiftly, the glimpse of something dark faded as he looked at it. Smiling, the Happy Mask Salesman grinned, attempting to quell any doubts of the creature, if it was still nearby.

And it was. From the depths of the shadows, a strange sigil-like beast appeared, floating before him. On it's tail(?), it held one of his masks, one of an anguished face. The Happy Mask Salesman reached over and slowly took the mask into his hands, with the creature remaining seen. Perhaps it was friendly, and simply enjoyed his wares? It didn't seem to be stealing them on purpose, after all.

Adjusting his traveling pack, the Happy Mask Salesman stretched. Perhaps he would be able to find new interesting treasures and trades in this realm, and perhaps even discover a way to beat the woodland imp without having to rely on the wooden boy.




It all started as nothing but a typical day for the Tankmen's second in command. He'd been asked to take the tank out on a patrol. Not that it was particularly needed - the enemy captain hadn't pulled another attack since he had failed to get info from Steve after kidnapping him. Steve may have been forgetful but he was stubborn - no matter what was threatened he had refused to give them a thing. He wasn't sure how, but Tankman and his crew had managed to rescue him and the captain hasn't been bold enough to pull anything since. Part of Steve wanted to beleive that maybe he had given up, maybe a truce was closer now that he had proved that launching lame ploys like that was going to get the enemy nowhere but he also knew better. Tankman did too. While he was lax about it, he knew Tankman wanted him to keep an eye out. Just in case.

Still, Steve couldn't help but relax when hr was on patrol with the tank. He loved the feeling of sitting high above the other soldiers and seeing the view of the deserted wastelands they called home. He sometimes liked to spy on the other soldiers too. It was fun seeing them goof off, pretending to be on patrol but actually standing about talking or whatever. By all means, he should be lecturing them about doing their jobs but why bother when there was no threat? This was war - there was too much stuffy seriousness as it was. Why not let the soldiers relax? Besides, he was keeping a good patrol - he'd not even left the tank unattended one time today!

However, things were about to take a drastic turn. The soldier was getting out of the tank for his first break of the day, making sure to stay close by. He'd more than learned his lesson from the last time he left the tank unattended. People could take things in a second - plus the captain hadn't let that incident go for days after. Despite his added watchfulness, Steve was still a bit drowsy. The desert sun wasn't exactly helpful today. He couldn't wait to get back to HQ and out of this heat. Just a few hours more of patrol and he would be free to go back.

As he moved behind the tank, he saw it. An odd, shadowy portal. Was that a ring around it? A lot of wacky things happened in this war but this was definately different than anything he had seen before. Honestly, the sinister glow alone was enough to make the second in command want to report it immediately. There was no telling telling what would happen if nothing was done about it! But then again, what could they do about it? It didn't look like it could be shot, run over with the tank or otherwise destroyed. Wait. Maybe if he found a way to destroy the ring...?

Steve dared to approach the portal but no sooner could he do so, he felt a huge gust of wind as the portal started to suck him in. Despite having his goggles on, he couldn't help but sheild his face. This was bad. There was no going back - he was entirely at the mysterious entity's mercy. What kind of mess was he about to get into now?!


Lake of Rage

For a time, Steve remained unconscious on his side. Somehow, his armor had remained intact through whatever transport he had just endured, leaving the soldier's facial features a complete mystery. He was unconscious through an attempted attack not too far away. How the mysterious creature had not noticed Steve laying unconscious nearby was hard to tell - its attention must have been on something, or rather, someone else. However, unfourtinately for Steve, there would be something else that would notice him and it was not happy.

A screech woke Steve up from his slumber and all the soldier could do was yelp as he was face to face with a cresture he had never seen before. The blades on its arms were exposed as it adapted a fighting stance.

"W-woah there!! You're not a soldier!!"

It was all the stsrtled second in command could say. He could already tell from the waters alone that this was no longer the war zone. An oasis was unheard of in the wasteland. Everything was so torn down it was a miracle they even got enough water to ration out on a daily. If he was away from the warzone, then where on earth was he? Such a question hardly mattered as the creature once again screetched at him, taking a step forward.


The creature's screetches didn't sound happy. It almost sounded as if the cresture was unsure of its surroundings. Was it not native to the area either? Or maybe it was? Steve couldn't tell anymore. Instincts told him to grab his pistol just in case this creature did anything dangerous but when Steve reached for it, he found that his war weapons were missing! Both his pistol and his knife were missing from their holders as if they had just vanished into thin air.

"What?! Where did my gear go?! I know I brought everything when I left HQ...." he said to himself before looking up at the still defensive cresture. "L-look, I'm not here to hurt you! I don't even know where this place is!!"

He wasn't sure if the creature would even comprehend what he said but it was all he could do. He had no means of defense. Sure he had armor but those blades looked sharp enough to peirce even armor if the creature wanted them to!

Luckily for Steve, the creature must have understoof him for it sheathed its blades, instead tilting its head curiously. It still seemed unsure but the fact it wasn't attacking anymore was progress. Steve spotted an odd red and white ball which the creature kicked, possibily by accident. The soldier picked it up. It reminded him of those little gatcha containers kids won in those claw machines. Geez. It had been forever since he saw a claw machine. He almost forgot what one even looked like.

The ball couldn't have anything to do with the creature. Maybe some child just forgot it. He decided he would hold onto it for now. He glanced back at the creature.

"See? Not even trying to fight!" he reassured, smiling lightly. "Something tells me you're kinda like me. You don't know where you are either!"



Everything was already a mess for Lea right now. Had someone spoken to him a year or two ago, he would have never anticipated becoming a Keyblade Weilder. For the longest time, he never even beleived he had a Heart, let alone had what it took to weild a Keyblade. Yet now, here he was in training with the very person he helped kidnap, training to become a Gaurdian of Light of all things.

Surprisingly, Kairi was quite forgiving. Honestly, Lea wondered if she really forgave him or if she was just being nice. Even now, he still repeatedly apologized to her even though she said time and time again how it wasn't nessacary. Sure, Lea's spontanious ideas saved Sora's backside once but did that really make up for the other trouble be contributed to? Not that he had ever fully agreed with the Organization in the first place - he was roped into it just like most everyone else. Doing icky jobs for Xemnas because destruction would await otherwise. Or perhaps he did them to help a former friend. Or maybe he did them because he just wasn't bold enough to completely leave the Organization. He had found solace in other friends he made. Yet now, they were gone, probably in part due to his own failures. Sometimes Lea wondered if they had even existed, if there was ever going to be way to retrieve them.

Having a full connection with his Heart again wasn't easy. He was still ironing a lot of things out mentally but he supposed it was also why they had endless time to train. Time to train and think. That was often what Lea did. Whenever Kairi wasn't around, he often was in his own self reflection. Little did he know, his training was going to take a drastic turn.

It all started when he stumbled upon a mysterious assialiant. At first he beleived it to be a Heartless. He thought they couldn'y enter here but maybe he was wrong. Maybe Merlin's magic had failed somehow and allowed some in? One wasn't anything he couldn't handle. He was a Keyblade Weilder afterall. A future Master! He didn't see a need to even alert the others. Besides, it seemed like a prankster with how it just wanted to run away. In his persuit, however, he bad completely missed going through a mysterious portal...


Ilex Forest

When did everything go blank? All Lea could remember was trying to persue that weird looking Heartless and evething else was a blur. He blinked a few times to focus his vision. This definately wasn't the training grounds anymore. He wondered if Kairi and Merlin had even noticed he had gone missing yet. Had he even been missing long? Was he going to end up holding everyone back? Or worse, was he never even going to get to become the Gaurdian he was promised to be?

A bark caught his attention and he quickly aat up to see a small dog-like creature sitting in front if him. Curious black eyes looked at him as the creature had an odd red and white ball in front of it, which was inches from Lea's hand. Seems the creature had spotted him and wanted to play!

"Are you someone's pet?" the new Keyblade Weilder questioned as he brought himself to his feet, picking up the ball. The creature gave another happy bark, wagging its tail in anticipation.

"Right...like a dog is actually going to answer me." Lea said to himself before thinking a moment. "But maybe if you do have owner, they might know more about this place. This isn't a world I visited before, and trust me, I know a lot of worlds."

Lea had been to many worlds on his Organization missions. World travel itself was nothing new. Seeing new creatures and enviroments hardly was new either. But the fact this world was completely different was odd to him. That portal he had gone through, was it a dark portal? Was the Organization planning something? He was told the 13 Darknesses hadn't even been gathered yet. Besides, wasn't Xehonort trying to be a gentelmen and "let" them gather their 7 Lights before their clash? He's learned to expect the unexpected when it came to them though. Despite the numerous times that Xeonhort's Nobody had called them gentlemen in their stupid chair meetings, Lean knew by now that therr was no thing gentelmenly about the guy. So all this incident waa doing so far was keeping him on his toes.

He held his hand out to summon his Keyblade as a precaution but blinked as he saw that it didn't come. Right. That thing was still tempermental anyway. He had onlt recently found out he could weild one. Maybe he was just getting the flick of the wrist wrong. If he had to he did still have his fore magic. Or at least he thought so anyway.

The crackle of electricity nesrby got both Lea and the dog's attention. The animal took off first, barking excitedly. Seems the guy must be eager to get to his owner. Or maybe even make a new friend.

"Well, here goes nothing..." Lea said to himself as he took off behind the excited dog.​
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Location:Ilex forest Interactions: Ploegy Ploegy Icee Icee

Zenitsu woke up from the shock he received. The yellow mouse creature was still here,sitting on the Demon slayer's stormach and staring at him.
Zenitsu got up and tried to pet the strange rodent like creature.
"Pi!!!" The yellow mouse like creature,ran off near a nearby tree. It still scared.

Zenitsu looked at the creature,which according to the locals he still yet had to meet,is a pokemon known as Pichu.
Zenitsu noticed that the Pichu was afraid. He coudn't help but seeing himself within the small electric mouse pokemon.
Despite not being like his friend and fellow demon slayer Tanjiro Kamado,Zenitsu had a good heart as well. He brought out a small package from under his haori.
He might have lost his Nichirin sword but he was thankful to still have food with him.
He got one of the Onigiri riceballs from the package and showed it to the Pichu.
"Here...I got food...You must be hungry right?" Zenitsu asked. He was so clumsy. He never took care of a pet before.
The Pichu got closer and sniffed the Onigiri. It grabbed it and started to nibble.
"You were hungry after all!" Zenitsu said ,smiling . He sat down and looked at the Pichu who was still eating.

Zenitsu looked at the strange ball. He wondered where this thing came from. What it connected to the mouselike creature,his new companion? Most importantly,how was he suppose to get home? His friends and Nezuko needed him.
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Location: Mt. Moon

"And thus after Alice told her sister about her adventure, she went to to get some tea... the end." Okashi closed the book and put it on the ground. The book was a very old one and but Okashi pulled those yellowed brittle pages out of the library so she could read some classic literature for the fairies. They're the ones who would inherit the planet afterall so it would be good to make them familiar with some of human-made stories. The four fairies in front of her seemed to be delighted at it though so she was glad she decided to do this.


"That was a good story!" Said one of the fairy.

"I want to have an adventure in another world too!"

"I heard getting hit by truck would guarantee the travels to another world."

"This and that are different."

The fairies were having a passionate arguments between each other and Okashi couldn't help but smile at the sight of it. Tomorrow she would drop them back on their home and then after that... She hoped her little reading session wouldn't unintentionally create something too weird. Fairies were creatures of imagination and happiness so a simple spark of idea like this might result in something big later on. That would be the problem for Okashi of tomorrow though, the Okashi of now was happy and content on how things went. Although the fairies' next discussion would ends up in something that she would never expected.

"We don't have anyone who can drive a truck here."

"How about calling someone from the other side to pick us?"

"Good idea. Let's call them."

"Call who?"

"Don't know..."

Weird banter like this was common among fairies so Okashi just silently watched them as she packed her belonging into her sling bag but the fairies suddenly exclaimed all at once.

"It's coming!"

"Hmm? What is coming?"

"Our adventure!"


A portal suddenly appeared on the sky, from it came forth a creature Okashi never see before. It's a purple and red creature with many rings on it. The creature seemed a bit confused looking at the fairies jumping in joy in front of her but it just shrugged before tthrowing the portal it came from at them. Okashi instinctively tried to block it with her arm but it was useless. The portal devoured all of them and sent them into some bright wormhole as they seemingly freefalling to somewhere.

"Hold my hands!!" Okashi called out to the fairies and extended her hands forwad. The fairies seemed to be too estatic about the thing though and didn't hold her hand before the wormhole abruptly ended. Okashi fell directly onto the ground and coughed up some dust.

"Cap-san, nakata-san, Chikuwa, Sir Christopher McFarlane, are you all good?" Okashi wanted to check on the fairies but she couldn't find them anywhere nearby. Instead, another unfamiliar creature greeted her. This one was pink and was holding a metal toy on her hand. It also vaguely looks like alien baby.


"Kkaa?" The creature tilted her head while pointing at Okashi. The girl had no idea what the creature means but she could feel that the creature was as confused as her.

"Hello?? Can you tell me where is this place?"

Okashi concluded that the creature can't speak her language. This would be hard then, since it seemed she was currently in an unknown cave with not much of anything around except rocks. She tried to ask the creature once more.

"Do you know a way out of here?"

"Kkaaa!!" The pink creature hit her with the toy before pointing at somewhere behind her. Okashi turned around, thinking that the creature was pointing a way out but then she felts a rumble that shook the cave. She squinted her eyes trying to look far into the dark cave and then it appeared. A big, brightly colored and segmented body with inappropriately small limbs and face as goofy as the fairy of her worlds. It's now coming at her with its mouth wide open.


"What is that??!!" Okashi didn't have time to ponder the question as she tucked the pink creature under her arms and ran to the opposite direction as fast as she could manage. The long creature was closing behind her like some sort of worm train monster trying to crush her for fun. Not long after she found the cave was branching into two different direction so in attempt to lose the thing she leaned left as if trying to go there but in the last second she made a sharp turn and leapt to the right. Her strategy was succesfull as the large worm was unable to stop itself and went into the left tunnel while she scurried to the right tunnel.

Okashi took a deep breath as she took a bit of rest, thinkin she was safe from the worm. Unfortunately for her, she could hear another rumbling coming from the wall and the giant worm bursted out of the cave wall. Once again Okashi was running away from it, she didn't care where she was going as long as she can get away from it. Some distance in front of her, she saw a figure of another individual in the cave. The fact that she wasn't the only human in the cave was a nice surprise but with the worm tailing her she couldn't afford to greet the other person. Instead, she screamed at him.

"Hey, you. RUN!!!" Okashi ran towards his direction. The best outcome, they might be able to do something about the worm if they cooperate, worse outcome... well, she can just try to outrun him.

Squad141 Squad141
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Ardyn Izunia
Curent location: Celadon city,kanto

It might have been one of Bahamut's tricks again. Ardyn Izunia,or rather Ardyn Lucis Caelum hated the Astrals.

Why did the Draconian sent one of his messangers to drag him in another world. Prior to this moment,everything was going according to his plans. Prince Noctis,his descendent, or rather his cursed brother Somnus's descendent has been sealed inside the crystal and Ardyn was free to spread his starscourge and bring eternal night to Eos.

He was waiting back in Insomnia's royal citadel,on the throne that he thought was rightly his for Noctis to come back,stronger with the power of the crystal so Ardyn could finally end his wreched familly's bloodline.

All was put to an halt when a portal open and what looked like one of the Astrals emerged from it. Ardyn had to time to waste on such anomalies. But the temptation was too great,even for a fallen king such as him.

He had stepped inside the portal. Once on at the other side,he was met with sunlight once again. He was in a city,similar to Insomnia yet different.
The portal that led him there had dissapeared behind him.

He no longer felt the dark demonic powers in his veins.For first time in hundreds of years,Ardyn was fully human again.

Another strange sight was the small black fox like creature standing near him.

"roa?" It barked looking at Ardyn. A red and white ball device stood near the fox. Ardyn picked it up. He doubted the creature would be a variant of Carbuncle,the messager of dreams.

"Maybe this creature is the manifestation of my lost powers." Ardyn thought.

"I'm afraid I'm the one out of luck." Ardyn said."Howrever,it looks like you will be tagging along." He told the fox creature."Come.Let's see what this world has to offer."
The fox creature climbed on Ardyn's left shoulder as it's new master explored the city.

Just as he started,his attention turned to two individuals dressed in black uniforms with a red "R" symbol on the chest and wearing hats.
They seemed to carry a crate of sorts.
Ardyn was curious. This world has it's own empire? It could use that to his advantage.

He presented himself to the two grunts,the small black foxlike creature still on his left shoulder.

"Hello there,good day to you!" he said theatrically."Well met my fellow...well,I don't know what organisation you serve my good men. Perharps you could tell me more?"

Shinobu Kocho
Location: Lake of Rage
Interaction: Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27 Icee Icee

"My,you are a strange butterfly are you?"
Shinobu Kocho,the Insect Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps seemed calm despite this strange situation.
Not too long ago she was spirited away by some strange demon that invaded the Butterfly mansion. It opened a portal under her feet.

She then found herself near a large lake. She doubted that she was still in japan. Not only that but her Nichirin sword was missing. In it's place,a strange ball with net pattern was attached to her belt and a white and black butterfly creature was now following her.
A butterfly.
How fitting for her.
It didn't seem dangerous.

She noticed a boy dressed in green with a lizard like creature nearby.

"Let's go meet with them shall we?" Shinobu asked the butterfly.
"Well,you might need a name. How about Kanae? It was the name of my older sister."
Despite not showing it,Shinobu still missed her late older sister.
"Beau...ti..fly!!" The butterfly replied,following her new trainet.
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Location: Lake of Rage
Interaction: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15
Helmasaur let out a roar of alertness as it turned around to face a stranger and, from link's perspective, what seemed to be a a overgrown Butterfly.
Link wondered if Helmasaur could fight the person and the Butterfly if the situation called for it, but maybe this person, like he, came here from Hyrule....

But she didn't have pointed ears, like he did. Could it be that he was the outsider?

Not wanting things to be silent any longer, he asked a simple question, hoping for a answer that didn't sound suspicious.
"Are you from around here?"

Shinobu Kocho
Location: Lake of rage
Interaction: Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27

Shinobu noticed the boy and his pet. She noticed the boy's pointed ears.
It was enough to be a red flag for Shinobu. Some demons had pointed ears.
Yet,it was daytime and was boy was still intact. The sun is deadly for demons back in her world. Unless...
He then started to speak,asking her if she was from around here.

"I do not belong in this world if it's what you wanted to know." Shinobu replied,still smiling. " I ended up here because of a demon that sended me here via a portal and took my Ninchirin katana. Kanae here found me. I named her after my dear late older sister." She added.

"Beau...ti.." Kanae replied,flying around Shinobu and trying to cheer her up.

"And I suppose you are not from around here either? I first thought you were a demon due to your pointed ears but you stand in sunlight without burning. I am a Demon Slayer after all." Shinobu added.
"Shinobu Kocho,Insect Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps."



Hal sat at the table, thumbing through the newspaper, enjoying the momentary peace amongst the usual insanity that was life for his family. With Malcolm off at Harvard University, Reese living with Lois's co-worker Craig and Lois taking care of the new baby, Hal was frequently finding a little more time for himself. Looking out the window of the kitchen, past the shrivelled lawn and dead trees, Hal afforded himself a little smile.

But just as quick as it came, it went, Hal's eyes darting suspiciously to the side. It was too quiet, far too quiet, which obviously meant the boys were up to something.

Straining his ears, Hal listened for any whispering from the boys room from his chair only to be met with silence. Looking over the top of his newspaper, Hal readied himself to get up and investigate. Placing the paper down, Hal put one hand on the table before stopping himself.

Dewey's already on his way to school and Malcom and Reese don't even live here anymore! he thought to himself.

Hal waved his hand in the air with a coy smile, swatting away his suspicion as he sat back into his chair. The only ones in the house are me, Lois, Jamie and...

Hal's eye grew wide with utter panic. "Jamie!" he gasped.

Lois told me to watch him while she went to feed the baby!

"Jamie.." Hal croaked, looking around their mess of a house "Jamie!"

But his 3 year old son was nowhere in sight....

Hal fell into a minor fit, throwing his arms around wildly, biting into his lip to stop himself shrieking. A noise from outside pulled him from his tantrum as one of their trashcans rang out with a dull clang. Leaping to his feet, Hal rushed straight across the room, making a beeline to the right as he headed out the door. "Jamie?!" he quietly shouted "Jamie?!"

Catching a glimpse of a shadow in the corner of his eye, Hal turned towards the open garage.

"Jamie?! You know you're not allowed in there mister!" he stated, smacking his forehead afterwards for his idiocy in leaving it open.

Hal kept his eyes on the window of the house, watching for any signs of Lois, as he zipped towards the garage. So concerned with not getting caught by his wife, Hal couldn't see the trouble he was about to get himself into. Looking into the darkness of their litter ridden garage, Hal could make out a small shape behind the clutter, a large ring in it's hands.

"Jamie?" he questioned.

Suddenly Hal felt himself being pulled inside the garage as if being sucked in by a giant fan, with a pitiful yelp being the only thing he could do as he disappeared.



Hal slowly pulled himself up off the ground, shaking the dirt from his face as he groggily got to his feet. Placing his hand on his hip, Hal stretched awkwardly, a pained grimace on his face all the while. Confused and disorientated, Hal looked around.

Thinking, at first, he walked into an old, forgotten prank of Malcolm and Reese's, Hal was surprised to see he was in a park, full of flowers and trees. Reminding him of the park he used to bring Jamie too, Hal quickly remembered what he was looking for.


Hal kept shouting his son's name as he hastily navigated the path, looking each and every direction. Seeing a commotion up ahead, Hal hesitantly went over, his curiosity and eagerness for clues compelling him to investigate. Joining the small crowd that had gathered, Hal spied the shiny muscular man in Speedo's squatting at it's centre, scratching his head with his massive finger as he overlooked a small hole.

"Poor guy, cant get his arm in the crack" muttered an onlooker.

"Think he's gonna try punching his way through?" asked another.

A likeable fellow, most often brought down by the... opinionated... Lois and his miscreant sons, Hal was happy to help. With an amused sigh, Hal went to look for a stick, an easy thing to find in the verdant park. With two prongs it was perfect for grasping whatever could be stuck in the hole.

Approaching the giant, Hal knelt beside him, reaching his stick inside the crack. Manoeuvring it to better clasp the red and white ball, Hal dragged it from the hole, to a minor cheer from the crowd.

"Here you go" said Hal with a smile, turning to the bulging behemoth beside him.

Hal's face quickly twisted in utter fear, as he looked upon the statuesque saurian smiling back at him. "Choke!" the creature exclaimed happily.

But Hal was already running for his life, screaming like a little girl.​



Lake of Rage

Unfamiliar voices caught Steve's attention, making the soldier quickly turn his head. His new companion must have heard them too for the bladed creature gave a squeal of alarm before rushing ahead in the direction the voices came from. Steve yelped in surprise.

"H-hey!! Where are you going?!"

He quickly took off behind the creature. Why was he so concerned fot a creature that had tried to attack him just moments ago? Perhaps it was because he knew that their situations were one anf the same - both of them were in an unfamiliar place. They were both scared and uneasy. He couldn't help by sympathize with the creature.

He stopped when the creature found the source of the voices: an unfamiliar child in green and a teenager wearing Japanese style clothing. Neither of their styles matched any he had seen before and he had already seen some crazy styles, between the quirks that some soldiers added to their outfits to the weird sense of style that Boyfriend and Girlfriend had when they showed up for their rap battle. Their styles were so different from each other that Steve doubted the two strangers were related either.


The creature gave a squeal once again, exposing the blades on its arms. No longer intimidated by the blades, Steve stepped beside the creature as he glanced at the two strangers.

"I take it that neither of you are from around here either?"

He asked. He had a haunch that his statement was right. If it was, could they have been taken here by the same entity? If so, maybe one of the strangers had caught a glimpse of the assaliant. Even if they hadn't, it woukd be wise for them to stick together if their situation was the same. There was no telling what sorts of dangers awaited ahead in this new world - safety always came in numbers.



Illex Forest

The dog stopped once they had reached the source of the crackling. It seemed to recognize the Pichu, most likely due to the little mouse being native to this world. Or it could be that the dog was just eager to socialize with whoever came into contact with it.

Well, this was akward. Someone completely new was now before him, with another one of these creatures he had never seen before. Lea was still quite overwhelmed. It stood to reason that the creatures weren't Heartless at least. They seemed much too friendly. But they were still things in whuch he hadn't seen before. And now this person was the same.

His style didn't match that of any world Lea had gone to before - not for training or missions as an Organization member. When your style was odd for someone who had been to different worlds, you knew it was one of a kind. Normally, Lea would have been fine socializing with a newcomer but what did he know about anyone's intentions?

Maybe there was a chance that he wasn't the only one caught in this situation. It sounded odd to think about but what if this guy wasn't from here either? Honestly, the guy looked just as confused as he did despite how friendly the creature he had was now being. Or maybe it was just how it was being for the moment. It was still unknown where the crackling came from.

This was going to be one messed up adventure, wasn't it?

His companion barked again and rushed around the corner of the tree that Lea was watching by. The dog began to pull at his cloak, as if beckoning him to go and interact with the others.

"Okay, okay, don't get pushy." he told the dog, who barked again.

"So you got one of these crestures too?" he started, glancing at the stranger.

Since he got a closer connection to his Heart after being completed, socializing didn't come quite as easy to him. That and it didn't help with the added uncertainty in the air and having no way to defend if things got ugly. Yet Lea also knew that if he was going to get back, he had to seek out information. He wasn't foinf to let some weird mishap make him get left behind back at home!


Location: Ilex Forest | Interactions: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 Icee Icee
As Ventus continued to stumble after the Rowlet, the crack of thunder brought him to an abrupt stop and luckily, it did the same with the bird. "Thunder...?" he quietly questioned. Turning his head skyward, he tried to observe the sky overhead, but the canopy overhead made it impossible to see what the weather might be. "Is it going to rain?"

Such was a rhetorical question, though as he asked his gaze moved towards the Pokemon before him. Watching it tilt its head, he knew it wasn't giving an answer any time soon. It didn't even bother to make a sound this time around. Instead Ven watched as it began to quietly look around. What was it searching for? Was it possible it was trying to figure out where the thunder had come from? Before he could think to question it though, the Rowlet bounded ahead once more, forcing the boy to hurry in pursuit of it.

Weaving his way through the forest's trees, the boy was in for yet another surprise. As the pair neared their supposed destination, Rowlet leaped up from the ground and spread its wings before taking flight. The sight of the owl flying up into the branches caused panic to momentarily cross Ventus' features. "Hey wait! Don't leave me!" he called out. Luckily, the bird didn't seem to be going far. It simply perched itself on the lowest branch before extending a wing to point into the small clearing up ahead.

Seeing its gesture, Ven's eyes quickly followed it and yet again found himself feeling surprised. Briefly taking cover behind the tree his companion had perched in, he looked upon the two strangers that stood before him- one was dressed in yellow and had a strange mouse creature with him, while the other was wearing a long, black cloak and had crazy red hair and had a canine creature aside him. Oddly, the latter of the two seemed familiar to him, although he admittedly couldn't figure out why. Had they maybe met before in another world? No, surely that couldn't be the case, unless much like himself, this stranger traveled various worlds. He supposed it wasn't out of the realm of possibility, yet Ven still struggled to wrap his mind around it.

Brushing the thought off as he heard Rowlet coo out overhead, Ventus craned his neck in order to see his companion once more. It almost seemed like it was gesturing for him to approach the two. He had no problems with that. Meeting others was always nice after all and perhaps they could help him in his current predicament. Truly he had no reason to avoid them, though he had no plans of going out alone. Who knew if the other's creatures were friendly. Having his own with him might make him appear as less of a threat.

"You're coming with me," Ven whispered, hoping his voice was loud enough for the owl overhead to hear, yet quiet enough that he wouldn't immediately alarm the others that he had been briefly spying on them. While it was hard to tell if the latter was true, the former at least was. Swooping down from its perch, the Rowlet glided down to the boy's shoulder and made itself comfortable there, the soft sounds of its faint coos now audible for keyblade wielder to hear. He found it difficult to swallow back the "aw" that dared to try and escape his lips, but he managed.

Now with his Pokemon companion with him, Ventus finally stepped out from his hiding place and slowly lifted up an arm to give a weak wave. "Sorry to barge in on you guys," he spoke, figuring he was interrupting whatever conversation it was they were having. He hadn't been listening in after all. "I see you both have little creatures too..." Mentally he cut himself off from continuing, knowing if he questioned what they were, he might be hinting that he was from another world, which never had been a good thing. Biting the inside of cheek, Ven tried to think of some follow up. "Yours are nothing like mine though. What are they?" He couldn't have made it more awkward if he tried, but despite that Ventus wore a smile on his face.

eam ocket runts
Interaction: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15
It had been awhile since Team Rocket had been on the scene around both Kanto and Johto. Actually, their latest evil doings hadn't even been in either region, but rather in Alola about half a year ago- under the guise of Rainbow Team Rocket. Sadly even their plans there had been foiled, even with the help of other evil team leaders. Even so, the team had found their way back into hiding in their original regions, finding it far easier to work within them- especially given Giovanni's vast collection of contacts within the area.

However, the leader had kept the team in the dark for several months now, telling them it was best to stay low and keep not only the police forces of both Kanto and Johto off their back, but the International Police as well. The last thing he desired was Looker or any of his hooligans sticking their noses into the business of his organization.

But their days of laying low had recently come to an end. With word of strange portals being opened around the region, Giovanni had finally decided to declare the team "back in business"- or so that was how the grunts had chosen to view it. All of them were excited to be more involved with actual business after all. Spying and gather intel got boring after months of nothing else. Even stealing Pokemon had been off the agenda, but now all such restrictions had been lifted. It was a miracle. Team Rocket was alive again, and prepared to make the most out of the chaos the portals were creating- maybe they'd even snag the suspected assailant while they were at it, though that was only if they could figure out who or what it was. Until that could be done their orders were simple; continue to gather information, recruit new members and begin to steal Pokemon once more in effort to make an army to overtake both regions. They were simple orders, but they excited the grunts nonetheless.

This particular group of grunts found themselves on recruitment duty, much to their dismay. The trio had hardly wanted such a job, but everyone always told them they were good at sweet talking others, thus they had been recommended for such a role. Their efforts had brought them all the way to Celadon City- near one of the team's old hideouts. That was another thing they were expected to look into. The admins needed to know if the old underground rooms beneath the Game Corner were still vacant. At least that part of their job was exciting.

Sadly for them, that exciting part of their trip would be short. Infiltration into the basement had been rather easy, and to no surprise it was empty. If anything it was clear that nobody had occupied it in years given the layers of dust that coated much of the area. While the trip was mostly a snooze fest, one bit of good luck had blessed them, and that coming in the form of an old crate full of old supplies. At least they could take that back.

Returning to the streets with the crate- which the two male members carried- the trio began wandering around. However, the grunts were quick to become bored due to the sheer emptiness of the city. Despite how big it was, the activity around was drastically low. It almost felt like a ghost town.

"Man could you lift your weight a bit more? I'm doing all the heavy lifting with this thing!" one of the male grunts complained. His harsh words instantly caused his male companion's lip to curl up in disgust. It was clear he had hit a nerve.

"You can't be serious! I'm doing all the work here!"

That was enough to anger the first male and in an instant the pair were at each other's throats after putting the crate down. Their female companion however marched on. She had no time for their childish ways. Besides, the faster they got this done, the better. Unfortunately for her, it would be her two partners that would come across their first victim- or rather be approached by him.

As Ardyn spoke to them, they stopped their tussle and immediately looked in his direction. Their expressions showed how dumbfounded they truly were. For a pair that were deemed good at recruitment, it was hard to tell in the moment. Luckily for them, their female partner made a swift return to the scene.

Unlike before, her expression had changed drastically. The tiredness that had coated her features was now long gone and replaced by a fake look of joy. Tipping her hat back, she beamed a grin up at the newcomer and placed her hand on her hips.

"Curious, are we?" she hummed in amusement. Unlike her counterparts she had quickly taken up her role, despite what her usual personality was like. "Well, if you really want to know then I'll tell ya!"

Leaning closer to Ardyn, she stood up on her tip toes to whisper in his ear. "We are Team Rocket! An organization looking to create a stronger world under the leadership of our dear leader, Giovanni!"

It was a simple explanation, but she knew she needed to be careful with her words. Scaring away a possible recruit wasn't in her agenda after all.
Shinobu Kocho
Location:Lake of Rage
Interaction: Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27 Icee Icee

Shinobu turned her attention to another newcomer,a man who seemed to be a soldier who was followed a another armored creature.

"I am not here,much like the both of you." The Insect Hashira replied. "Like I said to this young pointed eared boy,I was spirited away from my homeworld. It seems a creature from this world found you." she added.
"Perhaps it would be wiser to work together until we can find our way back to our respective worlds.
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Location:Ilex Forest
Interaction: Icee Icee Ploegy Ploegy

Zenitsu looked at the Pichu and smilled. He might be lost in an unknown world,but at least he made a new friend.
The Pichu looked at something and went to it. Zenitsu turned to see the little mouse interacting with an orange dog like creature.
"Another one?!"
Someone spoke to Zenitsu,which made him jump in surprise. The blond yellow clad demon slayer turned to the owner of the voice, a young man with spiky red hair clad in black robes.
"DON'T SCARE ME LIKE THAT!" Zenitsu shouted. "I don't know if you are native to this world and where you found this dog,but I'm not from this world! I was dragged here by a demon and found this little mouse who can control lightning!" Zenitsu tried to explained.
He noticed another boy coming out from a nearby hiding spot. He had a round owl like bird with him. The spiky haired blond boy talked about the creatures and how they found them.

"How should I know?! When I ended up in this world this ball fell on my head and a few minutes later,this lityle mouse came to me!" Zenitsu explained.
"My name is Zenitsu Agatsuma. Even though I hate to say it, I'm a Demon slayer."
Ardyn Izunia
Location: Celadon city
Interaction: Ploegy Ploegy

Ardyn seemed interested in what the female grunt said. An organisation looking to create a stronger world. He could use this to his advantage. Use them to conquer this world and return home,with a new army,replacing the Niflheim empire which was no longer of use to him.He might have lost his demonic powers in this world but Ardyn knew it was only temporary until he found a way to return to Eos.

"Tell me,by what means will you make this world stronger?" Ardyn asked.
"I hail from a foreign land and happen to have knowledge of technology beyound your understanding. I could be of use to your organisation.

He removed his hat and bowed theatrically to them. "Ardyn Izunia,Chancellor of Niflheim,at your humble service!"
T o o r u


//Location// : Mount Moon
Interactions// : Spoiled Bread Spoiled Bread


It was, for all intents and purposes, a cave. There wasn't anything especially unique about it, save for a ladder that lead into a higher, smaller cave. Tooru didn't have a problem with smaller spaces, but the fact that they weren't an exit peeved him off. Carrying around the white lab coat wasn't doing him any favors either, so he just opted to wear it for the time being.

The larger-than-usual bug stayed on Tooru's shoulder as he investigated, continuing to chitter in different pitches. With it so close to his hear, he swore that it was making sounds that sounded like 'Cada' over and over again, but he couldn't be sure. He had decided that if it was going to stay with him, like most of the Rock Insects did, he might as well give it a nickname.


Ironic, yes, but hopefully an omen that he may soon return to the world where Wonder of U was his own. After around ten minutes, the cave became a little denser. A light, and the outdoors, just what he was looking for. Picking up the pace, the sounds of crashing gave Tooru pause. Turning, dust slowly rose from the floor as a woman with ginger hair appeared in the distance, holding a little pink creature of her own.

What was she shouting...?

As a large worm-thing caved through one of the walls behind the woman, Tooru took a step back. It was time to make a decision; he wasn't sure if other rock humans existed in this realm, but did that truly matter?


With a strong kick, a crack in one of the exterior cave walls opened up. Tooru ran back a few steps, gripped onto the woman's outstretched hand, and pulled her into the sunlight. The creature would most certainly follow, but it wasn't until then that he realized Wonder had dropped from his shoulder, hanging onto the back of his hospital coat that he had just put on. With a clicking noise, the floor in the cave just in front of the bellowing beast became discolored, before a number of purple bubbles rose from it. Three hit the head of the worm-thing, apparently injuring it, and staving it off in another direction.

Tooru turned to the woman. She seemed flustered, and perhaps they weren't quite so different in terms of where they currently were.

"You wouldn't happen to be from 'somewhere else', would you?"

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Location: New York City​

Oroku Saki lurked in the shadows, high above the floor, squatting down upon a beam amongst the room's rafters. Clad head to toe in his distinctive bladed armour, the only things that could be seen from under his kabuto were his cold, blank eyes, and they were fixed firmly on the door that lead from the stairwell to the penthouse. Those freakish fools, the Turtles, had breached the Foot Clan's Hudson Block headquarters and Saki was in no doubt they were after him.

He had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Following his return from the grave a year ago, he had almost wiped the kappa's out in a fire that consumed their computer programming associate's apartment and the Second Time Around antique store, but the untimely arrival of the police and fire services prevented him from finishing the deed. Saki had his Foot Clan scour the sewers for months afterwards in search of the sewer dwellers but they could find no trace of them anywhere.

Now here they were... In his home... And he could finally get his revenge.

Tonight, he would dine on Turtle Soup.

Saki was abruptly wrenched from his thoughts of vengeance when he sensed a sudden movement inside the room. He glanced around from his vantage point and caught a brief glimpse of an inhuman shape as it moved through one of several spotlights that illuminated the otherwise complete darkness.

His eyes had never shifted from the door, and that was the sole entry point into the room, so how did this intruder get inside?

Could it be one of the kappa's? Saki quickly dismissed the idea. No, it couldn't be. He would recognize their foul stench anywhere, the stink of human waste that clings to them like rancid yolk.

No, this was somebody or something else...

Before the line was violently cut off, they had been a report over the comms about some sort of dinosaur aiding the four freaks. Maybe this thing was it?

In the end, though, it didn't really matter to him what it was. It posed a threat to his long awaited revenge against the kappa's and that could not be allowed.

Saki shuffled on the spot as he tried to locate the intruder, relying on his honed senses to pinpoint it amongst the darkness.

There! Amongst one of the raised flower beds.

With the grace and absolute silence that only a master of ninjutsu could muster, Saki dropped to the floor and approached the creature but as he got within striking distance, it turned around.


Mt. Mortar​

The next thing, Saki knew he was lying down amongst dirt and rocks. Kicking himself up off the ground, he jumped to his feet and got into a fighting stance. The place was about as dark as his penthouse but, from the dirt and rocks that covered the ground and the sound of running water he could now hear, it became quickly evident to Saki that he was no longer in his headquarters. The creature must of used some sort of magic to transport him somewhere else.

Where and why though, would have to wait as, through the faint light, Saki could see a fin like shape cutting through a nearby waterway and straight towards him. The water suddenly erupted, sprinkling Saki with droplets of water like rain, as a yokai, like a cross between a shark and a dragon, leapt from the waterway and landed in front of him.

"Garrrr!!!" The yokai bellowed, as if issuing a challenge.

It looked extremely dangerous but Saki was unintimidated.

"You would be foolish enough to pit yourself against the might of the Shredder, isonade?" said Saki, one hand clenched into a fist and the other beckoning the monster forward. "Come then, face your DOOM!!!"




Lake of Rage

When Shinobu started to speak, Steve's companion silenced itself, though it kept a defensive stance. It seemed that the creature somewhat trusted Steve as it was no longer trying to attack the soldier. Steve took in Shinobu's words, thinking a moment.

"I agree." he nodded. "If we're all in the same predicament, we should stick together. It doesn't do anyone good to be going completely alone. I know it might be a bit akward since we all just met but I think it's our best bet."

He hoped that Link was in agreement with them. It would be a hassle if one in their group disagreed, even though it would be understandable.

"By the way, my name's Steve. What are your names? And have you named your companions?"

It occurred to Steve that he had yet to name his companion. He glanced at the creature before adding onto his pervious sentence.

"I'm thinking to name mine Sharpblade!"



Ilex Forest

"Hey! I didn't mean anything by coming up here, I just thought that you andnI might be in the same predicament is all! Or that you might have been a native! I don't know this world either!!"

Lea was slightly taken off gaurd by how Zenitsu responded to him. Maybe he needed to get better at greetings - well, greetings as a regular guy and not a member of the Organization. He probably messed up somehow. Besides, they were strangers to each other. It wasn't like he was greeting Sora or Kairi. He needed to remember that sometimes.

It was at that moment though that Lea saw someone else - someone he swore he met before. In fact, it was someone he knew he had met before. Honestly, until now, he almost forgot about him. That kid he met that way back before things got all complicated. Nah. That kid was probably off onto bigger and better things by now. There was no way.

"You too? Looks like we've all got these creatures. They're different too."

They were almost like Heartless, though too peppy and energetic. They weren't wild animals, yet they could not speak. The dog at his side barked at the newcomers in greeting, happily wagging his tail. Whatever the creature was, Lea had to admit that it was adorable.

When Zenitsu started an introduction though, Lea was quick to respond.


"My name is Lea. Got it memorized?"

He smirked, emphisizing his phrase by putting a finger to his head. Even though they had all just met, he wanted just that - for them all to get his name memorized. He decided not to bother telling them about his other name. Besides, it kept everything simple to be called his regular name with this group. He'd be explaining all day long if he said everything about his story. Even though Sora, Riku and Kairi still kept calling him Axel. He was starting to cave in and let them call him whatever. At least they remembered his name - his name was memorable enough for them even if it probably was for all the bad reasons.

He glanced at his companion, who barked as if saying that he approved of Lea's little introduction pose.

"Hm, I don't know what kind of creature this guy is. Kind of looks like a cross between a tiger and a dog." Lea mused. "I'll just call him Tiger! We'll go with that!"

The cresture, now named Tiger, barked happily as if to approve of his nickname. Lea glanced at the other two.

"Say, if none of us know what these guys are really called, then what about we all just make up names for them? Looks like we are stuck with them afterall, so might as well!"

Cereza & Cheshire
Location: A Tír na nÓg in Wyvern Falls, Avalon Forest

Cereza finished her dance, picking up her stuffed cat from beside her and cradling him in her arms as a crack appeared in the star-shaped sheet of glass covering the floor in front of them. One crack became two, two became four, and soon after that, the sheet was no more; it shattered into a million pieces, and from the hole in the floor it'd left behind, a blast of dark red air shot upwards with the power of a giant wyvern beating its wings. The air lit up the Tír na nÓg's pitch-black sky, its roar killed the surrounding silence, and the floating crystal it left in its wake twitched as if it were alive.

Cereza thought she'd never be able to witness that sequence of events without starting to tremble. Yet here she was, standing up straight and perfectly still, staring dead ahead. It was now the soft glow of the crystal that trembled before her. This dreaded Forest had made Cereza strong, and once she'd defeated that dragon and absorbed the next Elemental Core, she'd become even stronger.

Cereza felt a smile overtake her lips; it was as if her Mummy was right there with her.

Without word nor warning, Cereza's stuffed cat leapt clean out of her arms and sent her stumbling backwards a few paces. For a moment, his cuddly little body became enveloped in fiery, purple ribbons, and once they dissipated, he landed with a heavy thud and a familiarly wicked snarl. Those horrid noises were not the sounds of her beloved stuffed cat. They were the noises of a beast.

"Cheshire! I told you not to transform without my permission!" Cereza scolded, stifling a frustrated sigh.

Cheshire didn't respond with words, nor even a look, but instead with a brief snorting chortle. Though, that was enough of a response for Cereza. Too much of one, in fact.

"Just hurry up," Cereza said, averting her eyes from the smug demon as he approached the floating crystal before them, "that overgrown fly out there still needs a right good"

Before the last few words left her lips, Cheshire roared and slashed at the crystal. His blade-like claws struck their mark with a frightening pace, shaking the entire platform they were on with each harsh attack. The third strike sounded within seconds, and with it came a sudden stillness within the Tír na nÓg—as if time itself had been driven to a halt.

As strange a feeling as it was to be frozen in time, Cereza had grown used to it; it always happened upon the third strike and was soon to be followed by the crystal exploding and then the pair of them being transported from the Tír na nÓg
back into Avalon Forest.

But when time unfroze, the crystal did not explode.

Cereza tilted her head in confusion. She stepped towards the crystal, only for her foot to fall through the floor and send her tumbling down into a gaping, golden ring below her. Cereza's own screams were the last sound she heard before they drove her deaf, and her surroundings went completely black.

Location: National Park, Goldenrod City

2023042322215600-481852EF9E1FAAE13DAE5C6D1416D197.jpgFlowers were the first thing Cereza saw when she opened her eyes—flowers of all colours, shapes and sizes, interspersed between stretches of grass in the distance. The sight was enough to slow her racing heart and quickened breath, and though her trembling hands could not be stopped so easily, her surroundings were making it manageable to ignore them, at least.

There was more than just grass and flowers here. There were multiple pathways paved with pale orange bricks, and following their edges was an assortment of thick trees, a few wooden benches and even what appeared to be a large fountain situated where all of the paths came together.

Then she saw the people. Somehow she hadn't noticed them before, but now she couldn't take her eyes off them.

Even though paths, benches and a fountain as pretty and clean as the one she could see now weren't part of Avalon's usual scenery, she wouldn't have been overly shocked to find them within the Forest's hold.

But people? Fourteen people? Casually strolling around, smiles all around, some even with little animals at their side?

Impossible. Even the weakest faeries in Avalon would've torn them all apart if they were as defenceless as they looked.

"Done gawking yet?" Cheshire's booming voice made Cereza shriek, snatching her gaze from the people to him. Cheshire was propped up against a bush beside the tree that Cereza was sitting under. Though Cheshire had changed back from his large bestial form into her little stuffed cat, it had done nothing to change his attitude.

"I don't think we're in Avalon anymore, Cheshire."

"It took you that long to figure that out? Of course we're not!" Cheshire's little arm stumps swung around wildly as he spoke. "As soon as that horned faerie showed up, I lost track of the Elemental Core's aura."

Cereza's brow quirked at Cheshire's words. "Horned... faerie?" She didn't remember seeing such a thing.

"You didn't see it?"

"Uhm... I might have?" Cereza was thankful that Cheshire couldn't emote very well while he was in his small form, though she could almost feel his stitched-on eyes glaring at her.

Cereza got to her feet and scooped Cheshire up into her arms. Her eyes drifted to the people walking around once again. "Do you... think we should ask them where we are?"

"When that horned faerie shows his face again, I'm going to show him what I thought of his stupid smirk!"

Cheshire was clearly furious with the horned faerie, and that meant Cereza only had so much time before he decided to go off and look for that faerie himself. She wanted to walk up to one of the people and talk to them, but now that she was considering approaching them, they all seemed a lot scarier than before—especially the tall, muscular and seemingly green-skinned one far in the distance.

If only there was an easy way to find the least threatening person here, Cereza thought.

And as an answer, a girlish scream tore through the area. Cereza tracked the scream, setting her sights on what looked like a fully grown man, though that ran contrary to what he sounded like. The man was running for his life, even though nothing appeared to be chasing him.

There definitely wasn't anyone less threatening around.

With her mind made up, Cereza chased after the man. He was taller than her, so she did struggle to run after him, but eventually she managed to catch up from behind.

"Hello," she said once she was close enough to grab the back of his shirt and give it a slight tug, "my name is Cereza... I was wondering if maybe you could tell us where we are?"

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Location: Lake of Rage​
"I do not belong in this world if it's what you wanted to know." Shinobu replied,still smiling. " I ended up here because of a demon that sended me here via a portal and took my Ninchirin katana. Kanae here found me. I named her after my dear late older sister." She added.

Link's hopes were dashed when the girl with the giant insect explained she wasn't around here. Her explanation on how she came here was eerily similar to his own however. She then told link about her acquaintance, named Kanae.​
"And I suppose you are not from around here either? I first thought you were a demon due to your pointed ears but you stand in sunlight without burning. I am a Demon Slayer after all." Shinobu added.
"Shinobu Kocho,Insect Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps."
"I am not."
Link replied, after the girl asked him a very obvious question. She then said she mistook him for a demon. Link felt a little offended to be thought of as a wicked entity like Vaati. She further explained why she thought that, before introducing herself as Shinobu, with a strange title along with it.
Burning in sunlight? That sounded like a weakness alot of monsters from his home had possessed, but this was before all the monsters were sealed away, along with Vaati.

Link might as well be polite and introduce himself.
"I am Link, an apprentice to the blacksmith Smith. This here is a Helmasaur that saved my life."
Link spoke, and gestured to the creature beside him. Link however didn't know that the creature was actually a Shieldon, a pokemon with a hard face that enables it to headbutt into things without any injury.

The creature gave a squeal once again, exposing the blades on its arms. No longer intimidated by the blades, Steve stepped beside the creature as he glanced at the two strangers.
The noise drew Link and Helmasaur's attention to a creature that resembled a armored warrior. Link at first mistook it for a Darknut, but its armor was not at all the same as the dog faced Knights he faced.
"I take it that neither of you are from around here either?"
The creature seemed to belong to another person, who had arrived. He definitely was older, based on his way of speaking, yet did he have a bit of nervousness in his tone of voice?
"I am not here,much like the both of you." The Insect Hashira replied. "Like I said to this young pointed eared boy,I was spirited away from my homeworld. It seems a creature from this world found you." she added.
"Perhaps it would be wiser to work together until we can find our way back to our respective worlds.
Shinobu had answered before Link could explain himself, and she suggested that the three of them stuck together until they found their way home.
When Shinobu started to speak, Steve's companion silenced itself, though it kept a defensive stance. It seemed that the creature somewhat trusted Steve as it was no longer trying to attack the soldier. Steve took in Shinobu's words, thinking a moment.

"I agree." he nodded. "If we're all in the same predicament, we should stick together. It doesn't do anyone good to be going completely alone. I know it might be a bit akward since we all just met but I think it's our best bet."

He hoped that Link was in agreement with them. It would be a hassle if one in their group disagreed, even though it would be understandable.

"By the way, my name's Steve. What are your names? And have you named your companions?"
The armored creature had broke its offense stance, and stood there, silently. It seems it was likely owned by the new person, much like the giant insect was to Shinobu.
The man introduced himself as Steve, and asked if they named their companions.

Link looked at the Helmasaur and the creature stared back.
"It's named Helmasaur. That's what it is, and no need to nickname it."
Shieldon looked away and shook its head in disappointment. Well, the boy was new here, and Shieldon may as well take the name of Helmasaur, if that's what Link wants to call it.

Steve then mentioned that he might name the creature that's with him "Sharpblade". Link felt that this guy might have met the sword masters of Hyrule, much like he did. He had to ask, just to be sure.
"Sharpblade? Do you by chance know of Swiftblade the II or his siblings?"
Location: Mt. Moon

Finally, the giant worm retreated back into its burrow and they were out onto the surface. This time she could let out a relieved sigh without getting jumpscared through the wall anymore. She was rather surprised the boy was able to punch through the cave wall like that, with that strength he would at least be on par with her friend Pion, and Pion was a robot. Maybe he's also a robot? Though, she was more surprised by the creature on his shoulder. The hoop demon, the baby alien, the giant worm, the large insect... within the span of just a few minutes she met things that she never thought would exist before. Was this the other world the fairies talked before? Also, where were they now?

"Well, I'm not from rom this cave." Okashi picked up a rock and then started doodling on the ground next to her with it. The result was a simple doodle of the creature who dunked her here. She was only able to look at it for only a few seconds but she's confident that she got the details right.

"Say, have you met this creature?" She asked the boy, still trying to tie things together.

Squad141 Squad141


Location: Safari Zone
Optimus Primal rubbed his head with one hand as he sat up in the long grass and looked around. The last thing he could remember was being on the Axalon but he certainly wasn't there now. There was lush vegetation and verdant landscapes as far as the eye could see.

Optimus tried to recall the events leading up to his present situation to try and figure out what happened to him. He and his crew were supposed to be on a simple exploration mission until a rogue group of Predacons changed all that. The Predacons had stolen the Golden Disc and were making their escape in a transwarp capable ship. As the nearest ship, the Axalon was ordered to give pursuit. As they pursued it, the Predacons opened up a transwarp portal and he and his crew followed. Now he was here, wherever here was, and there was no sign of the Axalon or the rest of his crew.

The only explanation Optimus could come up with was he must of been thrown from the Axalon somehow. Although he couldn't remember the exact events, he speculated that following their trip through the transwarp portal there must of been a space battle between the two ships and the Axalon was damaged. The Axalon was then forced to make a crash landing on this unknown planet and he was tossed from the ship on impact. It was just a theory but it made the most sense with the information he had on hand.

Optimus' priority now was to find the Axalon and the rest of his crew.

He climbed to his feet and dusted himself off. As he prepared to start his search, there was a rustling noise from a nearby bush. Optimus instinctively reached for the swords on his back to defend himself, only to find they were missing. He must of lost them in the crash. "Well, that's just Prime." He muttered to himself, before he was suddenly struck in the head by a spherical object the size of a baseball. "Ow!" Optimus cried out, touching his head with one hand.

As he looked around to find where it had come from, he noticed a military camouflage coloured ball rolling across the ground. Bending down, he picked it up to try and get a better look at it. It was unlike anything he had ever seen. It looked like it was fairly advanced technology but its actual purpose eluded him. All he could say for sure is that it made a halfway decent projectile.

Optimus' musings were interrupted by more sounds of rustling from the bushes and as he turned to face the noise, he was struck once again by another strange sphere, then another. "Hey! Stop that!" requested Optimus, raising his hands to protect himself. "I can assure you, I mean you no harm." With those words, the projectiles suddenly ceased, leaving an air of calm then a few moments later, a small organic creature stepped out of the bush. Optimus breathed a sigh of relief, although he had never met one himself, he recognised it as a human child. Cybertron had a rich history with humanity, harking back to the Great War. It also meant that wherever he was, it was probably Earth.

"You can talk?!" The boy exclaimed in astonishment.

"Yes I can talk. Now if you would just stop bombarding me with these spheres, maybe we could come to some kind of understanding. You see, I'm looking for some friends of mine..."

But the boy wasn't listening. "A talking Pokemon! You have to be a legendary or something."

"Legendary?" Optimus had no idea what the human was talking about. "No, listen, my friends and I got separated and I need to find them."

"My friends are never going to believe this! I can't wait to catch you and show you off to them." The boy reached into his backpack and pulled out a couple of Poke Balls.

Optimus had had enough. It was obvious this human wasn't going to listen and he wasn't going to hang about to be pelted with more projectiles "Prime Jets on!" There was a sputtering noise from the jet boosters on his back and then a backfiring sound. An error message appeared on Optimus' HUD and he shook his head.

"Prime, just Prime." It looks like he would have to do this the old fashioned way.

Optimus made a break for a forested area in hopes of losing the human but the boy gave chase, throwing Poke Balls as he continued to try and catch the Maximal. Luckily, Optimus managed to lose the human in the dense undergrowth after a few minutes. To avoid a repeat of the situation, and any further hostilities from the natives, Optimus decided to adopt an alternate mode to blend in during his time on the planet. Green beams of light appeared from Optimus' optic sensors as he activated his inbuilt DNA scanner and began scanning the environment for any nearby lifeforms.

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T o o r u


//Location// : Mount Moon
Interactions// : Spoiled Bread Spoiled Bread


Finally, confirmation that he wasn't trapped in some strange dream or ability trap. This girl certainly seemed out of place, though her being frazzled could also just have been from avoiding the large worm-beast. Yet, as Tooru turned to look up at the sky, it was the little things. The sun felt warmer, but not hotter. The landscape was more lush than he had ever seen it, and a crisp breeze blew from somewhere in the nearby tree line. It truly was a different realm entirely, possibly another world. But how had he gotten there...?

He perked up when the girl crouched down and started scratching some loose rocks against the ground. He backed up, wary of what she was doing, before she finished and asked if he had seen the creature before. At first he completely denied it, but something about it's features...

The rings on it's body.

"I have seen it before. I think it's what brought me here. I'm guessing the same is for you too, then?"

Shinobu Kocho
Lake of Rage
Icee Icee Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27

"Nice to meet you,my name is Shinobu Kocho,Insect Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps." Shinobu replied to Steve,reintroducing herself.
Kanae landed her her new trainer's left shoulder. Shinobu might have knowledge of medicine ans poisons,bur none about pokemon. The locals might know this butterfly creature as a Beautifly,one of some butterfly pokemon.
"Perhaps our first course of action is to find the locals and ask for information." Shinobu suggested.
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Ilex Forest
Icee Icee Ploegy Ploegy

"I will get it memorised,don't worry."Zenitsu replied to Lea. It was good think Inosuke wasn't there. He woudn't have Lea's name memorised and would have gotten his name wrong.

He looked at the Pichu and petted him."A name? How about Raimaru.That's all that I came up with at the moment. You're okay with that little guy?"
"Chu!" Raimaru replied happily.
Zenitsu accidently dropped the ball device which fell near Raimaru.
The small yellow tbunder mouse,played with it,but accidently pressed the button that stood between the red and white parts of the ball.

The ball opened,unleashing a bright red light toward Raimaru,shrinking him and dragging him inside....
...before closing,with Raimaru drapped inside.
Zenitsu's eyes widened.
"AHHHHHHH!!!! RAIMARU'S TRAPPED INSIDE THAT BALL DEVICE!!!!!" In panic,Zenitsu grabbed the ball and tried to find s way to free his new friend.
He suceeded in opening the ball by pressing the button. The ball opened and unleashed the same light. A crying Raimaru materialised in Zenitsu's arm.
Zenitsu cried as well and hugged the Pichu. "I'm so glad you're okay! I don't know what this device is,but you won't get inside again,I promise Raimaru!!' Zenitsu said,sobbing.

Location: Ilex Forest | Interactions: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 Icee Icee
The reaction of the blonde boy caught Ventus off guard, though he supposed he couldn't blame him if he was easily put on edge. Still, the screaming was a bit over the top and the boy couldn't help letting an awkward laugh escape his throat.

Luckily the awkwardness would pass when Lea spoke. Unlike Zenitsu, he was far calmer, which was a relief. Having another who seemed unfazed by a new world was good. Listening to the redhead speak, Ven gave a small bob of his head. From the sounds of it, much like him neither of them seemed familiar with the creatures either. It was strange, yet it wasn't overly shocking either. Maybe that was his minor experience with traversing worlds kicking in though.

Rubbing at his cheek, he found himself at a momentary lost in his own thoughts until Zenitsu continued on to give an introduction. The name struck no bells in Ven's mind, nor did it even sound vaguely familiar to anything from a previous world he had visited. Even more so, the title "Demon Slayer" left him with more questions than answers, but from the sounds of it, it probably did not matter in their current situation. This boy had made it clear that he was not from this world after all. At least he could understand that much.

Preparing to open his own mouth and speak, Ventus was kept quiet as Lea beat him to the punch. Unlike Zenitsu's, Lea's way of introducing himself struck an immediate sense of familiarity. Freezing up, Ven stared at the older male with a baffled expression written upon his own face.

"Huh?!" he squeaked out, clearly taken entirely off guard. How could he not be. It hadn't been long since he had met a boy named Lea, and not only that, but one that had told him to have the name memorized. "How is..."

Trailing off, the boy squeezed his eyes shut and lifted a hand up to his head before quickly grabbing a handful of blonde hair. Was his memory going bad? No, that wasn't it. There was something else at play here. Maybe it was a strange coincidence, but even then he still had a sense of familiarity about him. It was all strange and all too much for poor Ven to wrap his mind around.

"Row! Ro! Le!"

The chirping in his ear along with a quick peck to his cheek immediately drew him back to reality, causing Ventus to quietly gasp out as his eyes shot open in a panic. Wildly averting his gaze to the owl on his shoulder, realization hit him and his features softened before sigh escaped his lips. "Sorry..."

The Rowlet cooed out in acknowledgement before spreading a wing out and gesturing it two the other two males. Turning his gaze to meet theirs again, an embarrassed smile was quick to cross the teen's lips. He probably looked like an idiot just about now. Still, it was hard not to get lost in his own mind given the odd sense of familiarity he was getting. Even so, he needed to push through it.

As a result a chuckle escaped Ven's throat as he rubbed at the back of his head. "The name's Ventus!" he announced, letting his usual cheeriness settle in. "But feel free to just call me Ven. Everyone usually does!"

With his own introduction out of the way, he dropped his arm back down to his side and listened as Lea mused on about the creature that was with him. Allowing his eyes to move to it as it was mentioned, Ven smiled in the canine's direction. Much like his own, it was rather adorable, as was the mouse that was accompanying the third boy. Were all the creatures of this world this cute? It was hard to say. It wasn't the topic at hand either. When the redhead suggested that he and Zenitsu name their companions as well, Ventus' eyes slowly drifted back to the owl on his shoulder and he gave it an inquisitive look.

"Are you okay with me naming you?"

"Le! Le!" it cawed happily, causing Ven to give a small nod of his head. That seemed like a yes to him. However, what was he to call his feathery friend? He had no ideas off the top of his head and hearing Zenitsu declare his companion's name next momentarily distracted him from thinking of one himself.

Luckily, it wasn't for long and soon enough he beamed at his companion. "How about Apollo?"

The owl chirped out happily as it hopped up and down on the boy's shoulder. That was enough confirmation to him. However, the small gleeful moment between the two of them was brought to an immediate end at Zenitsu's screams.

Ven's head abruptly turned in the blonde's direction just in time to see him toying around with a ball similar to the one he had found with his own Pokemon. Lifting up the hand that still held on to it, Ven cocked his head curiously. So it was a contraption that was able to hold these creatures. How strange.

As he stared at the ball in his hand, Rowlet's gaze seemed to follow. "Row?"

"Don't worry, I won't put you in there," Ventus assured Apollo before he averted his attention back towards the sobbing demon slayer.

Awkwardly smiling, he decided to move closer to the boy and crouched down once he was near him. "Hey, there's no need to cry. It was only a mistake. Everything's fine now."

eam ocket runts
Interaction: SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15
The stranger's interest was clearly piqued despite how vague her words had been. That was good, though the statement that would follow was enough to briefly cause her confusion. What was he trying to say? The existence of other worlds was admittedly something that was commonly spoke of, even if the idea had been tossed around before- and even explored in the Alola Region with the Ultra Wormholes. Still, her experience with such things was quite minimal and it was difficult to determine if his claims were even truthful. Nonetheless, she couldn't deny she was now interested.

"Our leader seeks out powerful Pokemon- ones that could very easily give us greater power over people," she began, though she was still wary of revealing too much information. Yes, it was good to keep possible recruits interested, yet there was a line she needed to keep in mind. It wasn't as if she knew all their plans anyways. Only so much was given to her and the other grunts. She could understand why. There was no telling who would remain loyal and who wouldn't after all and thus only so much could be said. Even this man before her could be someone untrustworthy, even if he claimed to be of use to them.

Pushing the possibility aside for now, the grunt gave a small shrug of her shoulders before beginning to speak again, "Can't say much more. Wouldn't be smart willingly handing out all our secrets after all!" Laughing at those words, the woman turned back towards he two companions and pointed towards the crate they had put down.

"You two better get that to the truck! We have a busy schedule!"

Grumbling at her orders, the two men quickly returned to their job and soon enough disappeared down the block towards the truck they had originally come in. Once they were gone, she turned back to Ardyn. "If you're serious about this whole thing, I would suggest going to Mahogany Town for the full dets, but given that's pretty far away you might find better luck going to Saffron City and becoming an official member there. Not much more I can do for ya."

Despite her role as a "recruiter" she couldn't officially deem people members. It wasn't as if she had uniforms or anything on hand. All she could do was harbor interest of some kind aand hope people would actually join.
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Ilex Forest
Ploegy Ploegy Icee Icee

Zenitsu dried his tears. " Thanks...I was worried for Raimaru. This little one reminds me of myself...I was alone,before Gramps found me." He explained.

Raimaru stopped crying as well. The Pichu tucked himself under Zenitsu's haori snd started to sleep.
The blond demon slayer coudn't help but smile.
He then realised something.
"There must be some sort of cilvilisation nearby. I mean,even if it's another world. I don't want to stay out during night time." Zenitsu said.
" I doubt that there's a whisteria house nearby."
He doubted that his new companions would know what it is.
"It's a shelter for members of the Demon Slayer Corps,where we are given shelter and food as well as medical treatment after fighting demons." he explained.
Ardyn Izunia
Celadon city
Ploegy Ploegy

"Is that so. Those pokemon are that powerful,including this little fox on my shoulder?" Ardyn asked,raising an eyebrow.
Interesting indeed.

He was no stranger to magical creatures being used for battle.There was alot back in Eos. Most of the beasts that roam the land,the deamons thst the helped create,even the Astrals themselves.
These pokemon howrever,seemed more powerful,and the locals used them it seemed. The woman suggested him to head to Saffron city.

"Well,you will think I am crazy for saying what I am about to say but I come fro another world. This is all foreign to me. Would you be so kind to show me the way to Saffron city?" he asked.
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