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Futuristic Supervillain/superhero slice of life

Skylord Nexus

God of Hyperdeath
I'm looking for someone who would like to do an RP which revolves around a cartoonish supervillain who is roommates with his archenemy. I'm fine with there being romance between them, any kind, whether BxB or GxG or classic BxG I'm cool with whatever if that's the direction you want to go down. Aside from that, I have no real plan for how the RP will go, that's something we can decide upon between us. Also, I'm fine being either the hero or the villain, so I can work around whatever you want to be.

Also, it doesn't have to be between a villain and a hero, it could be between the villain and his secretary, or the hero and his partner, etc. I'm fully open to any ideas you may have.

Note: The setting doesn't even really have to be futuristic, it's just the first prefix that came to mind lol.

Skylord Nexus

God of Hyperdeath
When you mean supper-villain and superhero, do you also mean superpowers?
Yeah, there can be but there doesn't have to be. It would be dependent on the kind of setting, but I'm cool with either.

On a separate note, supper-villains are my favourite kind of villain, they're super tasty.


It’s Adventure Time
Oh cool. I would like just one power which will be Paradox manipulation. I would like to play the villain as well if that’s alright

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