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Fandom Supernatural Riverdale Role Play ~ ( Halloween Themed?? )

Kemii Lu

Junior Member

A SpOoKy Riverdale Fandom Search ~

Ayo. I'm Kemii Lu and I'm looking for someone to do a Halloween / Fall themed Riverdale role play with! ( : Yes, I realize it isn't Halloween or fall any more, but considering it's one of my favorite seasons, I'm quite alright with spreading a little spooky cheer all year round ~ ; P Specifically, I'm looking for a partner who is open to including Supernatural elements in the Riverdale verse ( Eg. Witches, Warlocks, Werewolves, etc ) and can play either Archie Andrews or Jughead Jones to an original character of mine. I'm also very willing to double as anyone else for you, so simply ask! < 3 I'm willing to role play either on this site through threads or conversations, or over discord. If you want my discord please shoot me a message and I'll send it to you ~

My OC -
Name: Peter Richard Calhoun
Age: 17
Height: 5'8
Gender: Male (he/him)
Sexuality: Pansexual (closeted and questioning in canon present verse; identifies as pan later on, but for right now he’s questioning)
Residence: Riverdale, USA. Northside
Family: Janine Calhoun (mother), Mark Calhoun (father), Minerva “Minnie” Calhoun (oldest sister), Nora Calhoun (second oldest sister), April Calhoun (youngest sister)
Bio: The second youngest and only boy born to Janine and Mark Calhoun, Peter is a quiet, reserved boy. He’s very nervous, but curious. He doesn’t like to get involved in the scandals of Riverdale, but he does like to observe them. Tends to stay in the shadows. Because of everything going on, he is immensely protective of April (as she’s not even 1), and Minnie is immensely protective of all her younger siblings. Very awkward at first, but a sweet boy. His parents almost seem to ignore everything that goes on in Riverdale unless it involves them, which causes the siblings a great deal of stress. He can play the guitar and has a cat named Paisley, and Minnie has a shih tzu puppy named Daisy.

Despite maintaining a low profile, - the Calhouns are one of the most powerful families in Riverdale, some say the most powerful since the fall of the Blossoms. However they prefer to exert their control from the shadows. The young Calhoun children are all kept to very strict standards in terms of their academic performance and extracurriculars, including Peter who is involved in the soccer team, and was on the lacrosse team until an incident that involved him being bullied and getting into a fight.
The Calhoun family are unknown to the great many capable of things that normal humans are not, -- call them what you will (warlocks, witches, monsters, demons) Janine and Mark Calhoun have done their best to keep their abilities under wraps, but rumors still swirl. (still a wip)


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