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Console City - Military Research Base - Inner-Laboratories
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Ignore the mention of Urdak

Deep within the white pristine labyrinth that connected the entire laboratory complex, many secrets laid dormant as all hands prepared for war against the invading realms. At one point, scientists could be seen working on their assigned projects from behind closed doors, while traversing to and fro down the expansive white-lit corridors. Now they stand abandoned or in ruins; with tossed equipment and fire patches littering the floor in a chaotic mess. It wasn't uncommon to find the corpses of these young aspiring lab-coats laying severed and bleeding crimson ichor and gore all over the walls. Distant shouts and panicked calls echoed across the facility, a foreboding warning for any who dared enter the complex unknowingly. Hell has come knocking on its doorstep.

It's now every man for itself.

What they left behind were various lab projects and top secret documents laying bare across the tables. Some rooms housed experimental weapons, ready to be tested on the shooting range down the hall. Others housed ancient artifacts propped up and preserved upon glass-cased pedestals; their secrets still hiding amiss their dilligent efforts. There were even a few robotics testing facilities that housed streamlined robot prototypes and mech suits in their final stages of development. All of this was exposed to the prying eyes of the enemy... but it wasn't as if there was much of a choice. The scientists didn't have time to clean up their workspace upon hearing the emergency broadcast; forcing them to drop everything they held and run for their lives. All they could hope now was that their projects emerge unscathed by the forces at bay. If they survived the ordeal to begin with.

Any who walked this path would see these abandoned projects and more the deeper they proceeded onwards.

Yet as one would reach the end of the hallway, they would stand against a large metal blast door standing stalwart against the mass of bodies leading to it. It was an intimidating structure: a panel-less, handle-less wall divided horizontally by a line that only hinted as to how it opens. Normally it remained closed; activated by a complex series of identification sequences that ensured all who enter were indeed supposed to be there and to keep out all who weren't.

That very door, however, is currently open.

How it got to be opened, appeared to be a mystery. Behind it was another room, acting as a buffer that officially separated the main hall from the main attraction. While it was properly closed, it wasn't locked; opening at the first sign of movement just a few feet away...

And what laid silently within that dark, cold, empty room... was an ominous dark-stone sarcophagus. The crypt stood atop an elevated stepped floor, just a foot above the ground, displaying a glow of red lines and symbols upon its exterior. It was nearly impossible to tell what these meant, especially as one entered the room, but one ought to feel a dreadful feeling emitting from this place.

In fact, any who entered would find the crypt being guarded by two maroon-robed robotic-like entities, trimmed in gold. One could see them as some sort of priests, or holy figures, guarding the remains of a figure entombed in stone for however long they did. Was it their god? The remains of a holy messiah? Who was to know but only them? The entities floated motionlessly in the air, flanking the tomb on both sides and looking down upon it with their singular glowing red slits for eyes in silence. They would not take initial notice of anyone entering the facility at first... though their presence alone would make any further approach or communication with these entities an unsure venture.

None would feel welcomed within this crypt; the ominous presence growing stronger the longer they remained within. No doubt a few questions may come to their mind. Do they dare to approach the crypt alone? Do they heed the attention of the motionless beings standing watch? Or do they leave the room untouched and unbothered by their presence? The actions that led them here now culminate into what felt like a seething climax. A climax that may determine the fate of the realms whichever choice they made...


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It wouldn’t be long before the next wave finally fell down, this one far bigger than those prior. It was like a rainfall of the shadowy creatures, the Pokémon’s sights filled with nothing but Primid after Primid, all of them a potential threat to the focused Sora, and it was Pichu’s job to deal with all of them, so that he did.

A small group immediately made a break for the keyblade wielder, eager to tear into the boy with their arms and weapons raised. But before they’d make contact Pichu cut them off, sliding in front of the group to deliver a concentrated zap of electricity, sending them all lying backwards. No time could be spared as right after that group had been dealt with another small horde would take their chance, charging at Pichu.

Lunging at one Primid, Pichu asgressivey nuzzled the creature with his cheeks, paralyzing it with his static. The primid immediately went limp as the rest in the horde would trip over the collapsed enemy.

Without a second thought Pichu dove within the mass of piled bodies, biting and scratching any limb he came across. Though the Primids didn’t just lie there and take it as the creatures fought back, pulling on his ears and trying to get a hold of the little Pokémon. Luckily with Pichu’s speed It was like trying to grab hold of a needle in a haystack as he zipped around inside of the worming mass, doing as much damage as he could before finally a Primid would grab hold, squeezing the Pokémon like a stress toy.


The surprise grab caused his natural instincts to kick in, shocking himself as well as the entire pile of Primids with a devastating thunder attack. With the shadowy creatures as touching each other the electricity quickly spread to all of the enemies, each everyone in the doglike getting a healthy dose of electricity. The writhing quickly came to a halt as Pichu finally pulled himself out of the Primid pile, panting for fresh air.


He’d wince at a stray spark of electricity zapping him, but by now he barely felt it over the rest of his weary body. He was barely able to pull himself to his feet, wobbling as if he’d tumble over at any moment. He couldn’t let the Primids get to Sora! He couldn’t-

Pichu’s eyes became swirls as the Pokémon finally toppled over, finally reaching his limit.

Pichu fainted.


Pichu wouldn’t know how long he’d remain unconscious as once he’d finally come to, the Pokémon found himself within the embrace of someone. For a moment Pichu fully thought he was within the loving thousand arms of Arceus himself, as his vision was filled with nothing but darkness and a warm light at the horizon. Yet as Pichu’s eyes readjusted to his surroundings, he’d realize that bright light wasn’t the gates of heaven at all.

A voice as warm as honey filled Pichu’s ears.

“Let's get out of here,"

Pichu’s eyelids fell once more as he squished himself close against Sora’s chest, murmuring a gentle “Pichu…” into the cloth of his romper.

As Sora raced to the exit, Pichu’s vision would be blinded by the sudden light, his eyes not used to such brightness after rotting within the dimly lit generator room. All Pichu’s eyes could see was blinding white, as if he’d entered the void itself. As useless as his eyes were, Pichu’s hearing would make up for it. Slowly the Pokémon closed his eyes as he focused on the sounds around him.

Sora’s steps became soft, no longer tapping against the hard metal floors. The droning of machinery became silent, as instead the soft song of leaves dancing in the wind would sing into his ears. Despite the sounds, Pichu still couldn’t believe it, only finally taking it all in when Sora slowly lowered the Pokémon down to the forest floor.


At first the Pokémon almost seemed hesitant to place his paws onto the grass, as if one wrong move would shatter the illusion, sending him back into the generator. Yet still, he’d slowly place a paw down into the soil, and then another, and another. Soon enough Pichu was fully off of Sora’s hands, standing in the grass.

The Pokémon’s eyes went wide as he stared at Sora.

He looked back at the ground, the shadows of leaves dancing atop the grass, a gentle breeze raising the fur on his back.

He looked back at Sora.

Then towards the forest. Tall mighty trees standing before the ground, imposing yet welcoming in every semblance of the word.


Big fat teardrops pooled in the corners of Pichu’s dark eyes as he sniffled, snot coming out from his nose.

He couldn’t believe it. He was out.


The dam finally broke, all of his emotions spilling out like a wild tsunami.


He was out!

Pichu burst into tears as he ran circles around Sora’s feet, sobbing out


How he missed the feeling of the earth, all of the beauty of mother nature just below his paws. How he missed the call of birds and wildlife, a sweet melody that couldn’t be recreated by anything else but the source. How he missed the sweet scent of fresh air, flowers, soil, and pine mixing into a heavenly fragrance far more intoxicating than any incense.

How he missed the gentle embrace of the forest.

His burst of energy quickly ran dry as Pichu toppled over, still wailing. The Pokémon wouldn’t even hear Sora’s offer to heal him, still grappling with the fact he was no long in the facility.

Through all his tears Pichu managed to still give the biggest smile ever recorded in Pokémon history.


Finally, he was free.

Coming down from his high, Pichu finally looked back to Sora and Pokey, tear stains and eye bags doing little to omit the wide smile still pulling at his cheeks.

He wanted nothing more then to run deeper into the forest, never to be seen again, but even Pichu knew he was in no state to run away, or run at all. Instead, Pichu slowly pulled himself up from the ground and made his way back to Sora, leaning against his giant clown shoes the moment he got close enough to do so. Any further basking in nature would have to wait as Pichu more than anything needed to be healed and have food in his belly, both of which Pokey and Sora would be able to hopefully provide.
Location: Outside the research facility (map to be added)
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Princess Peach

Peach smiled and shook her head gently, catching the Armored Warrior's apologetic tone, and added, "Ah, It's alright! I know you meant no ill will!"

The pink Princess was actually quite impressed with the mighty Bounty Hunter's skillset! She could fight, pilot, AND repair her ship with little to no aid! The Mushroom Kingdom's Princess paled in comparison to Samus' skillset!

If Peach was honest with herself, she was a little envious of her: Samus was everything Peach aspired to be: Strong, Well-rounded... And she probably HASN'T been kidnapped before! At least, not as much as the pink Princess has, to be certain! The two women couldn't be MORE different, which made sense as they were from entirely different worlds! It was a miracle they even knew OF each other, let alone be friends. A happy miracle, Peach would admit, as she also admitted to herself Samus was everything she aspired to be.

Slowly inching her way closer to Samus and her ship, intrigued by the images on the screen flashing and popping up, and nodded as the armored warrior told her to stay with them and The Mushroom Kingdom Princess nodded in obedience.

"A good Princess knows when to GIVE orders and when to OBEY orders. You must remember this moving forward, alright, your highness?" As Toadsworth would say. Peach missed him, her kingdom, her subjects... And her friends... But now was not the time... Everything was all wrong probably before ANYONE even GOT here, and it was up to THEM to fix everything! No time for feeling down!

The pink Princess again nodded as Samus indicated that the flashing red dot was their location and began zooming in to try to find something, anything, around.

"Oh dear..." The Princess caught herself muttering as nothing seemed to really be showing up, zoomed in or not, and just as she was about to deem the situation hopeless---

The little Pikachu began to stir!

"Yes, what is it, honey?" She asked, her attention on the Yellow electric mouse Pokemon, then she began to follow Pikachu's adorable little pika-paw riiiiiiiight up to--



A spot in the forest! There must be something there that can help!

"Ms. Aran," The Mushroom Princess began, now ALSO pointing to the deep spot in the forest that Pikachu was also pointing to, "I do believe we have a destination! I'll admit I'm not quite sure what Pikachu wants or needs there, but it might lead to something that can help, right? I'm not sure what other options we have... What do you think?"

The map wasn't really showing anything but forest, and Peach suspected even if it DID, there was probably nothing within walking distance... Their only options right now might be to either stay here (which someone might have to anyway to keep the ship protected) with a fuelless ship OR go to that spot deep into the forest and investigate it for possible aid...

Decisions, Decisions...


(Still in the Forest)


Develius Develius (Samus) and GrumpySwallow GrumpySwallow (Pikachu)​
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Location: The Jungle | Interactions: SheepKing SheepKing Develius Develius
Navigating the jungle's shadows was harder than Joker had anticipated, and honestly was a pain in the ass compared to the usual terrains he worked in. Needing to watch his every step to make sure he didn't trip over the underbrush or even worse, step on something and alert the nearby army of his presence was more tiresome than weaving about shadows of some building. He didn't have the luxury of moving easily in his current cover, which unfortunately was more trouble than he'd like.

Luckily for a moment things seemed to come to a stop and the thief followed suit. Moving closer to get a better view, Ren peered quietly through the thick cover, making out the scene that was laid out before him. Quirking a brow, he was confused at first as Bowser seemed to address his son. Had the Junior had his way here as well. Shifting his position quickly to get a better view of it all, things soon made more sense. Seeing the magical projection of the younger Koopa's room displayed before the group, the thief felt a pang of jealousy overcome him. If only he could communicate as easily as that then things with his team would come far easier, but alas, magic wasn't an option for someone like him. He was bound by normal means of communication, which unfortunately was in the form of a small earpiece. Nothing all too fancy, or noticeable for that matter. Still, it got the job done.

Brushing aside his brief moment of jealousy pass, Joker zoned back in, taking in bits and pieces of the conversation between father and son. It wasn't something he was overly used to, if he were to be honest. His own relationship with his father was, well... something. Ever since the incident with Shido it had been a strained relationship to say the least. He could only imagine his father was ashamed of his actions, given how willing he was to send him away to stay with Sojiro. That was in the past though. If anything Ren was grateful for what had happened, and regretted nothing that had occurred during his year under Sojiro's roof. Still, seeing a father and son speak the way Bowser and Junior did, was something he wished he had with his own dad. Thankfully, his temporary caretaker had kind of filled that role, after he got over the "troublemaker" stigma Joker had attached to him.

Again, he was letting himself get too distracted. Shaking his head, Ren gave a quick ruffle of his bangs in attempt to regain some kind of focus. This wasn't like him to get as distracted as this after all. Dropping his hand back to his side, Joker let a soft sigh escape his lips and once again, he forced his attention on the scene before him. His attention returned just in time to hear something about Inkling being a playmate for Junior, which immediately caused the thief to put his hand up in front of his mouth to stifle the snicker that came from his throat. The thought was too amusing, though he could only imagine the pain the poor agent felt. Being offered as a child's playmate, despite clearly being older certainly didn't seem like a fun time. From the look on the girl's face, he figured she was only playing along. A fair play. It was all she could do.

As things moved on, nothing of interest struck Ren, other than Bowser telling his son to stay put. The Koopa King clearly didn't want his kid to get mixed up in the strange happenings in the Smash Realm, and in all honesty, he couldn't blame him. He wouldn't want those he cared about getting dragged into whatever this was. Actually, maybe he should contact the other thieves and make sure they didn't come until things were all sorted out, then again, Morgana was likely the only one that was aware, given Joker had thought they still had time before all this. Maybe keeping quiet about it was better. He was sure he'd already get and earful from Ann when she found out, especially since he had promised to take her out for dinner. Clearly he wasn't getting a "boyfriend of the year" award any time soon.

Seeing the troops begin to move again, his train of thought came to a halt and he immediately began moving in order to keep up. He couldn't lose sight of them now, not when he had come this far already.

Returning to form, the thief once weaved his way through the jungle's shadows. Soon enough, the area seemed to open up and he came to an abrupt stop in order to avoid detection. The troops that lined the area were of greater number than they had previously been, only causing Ren to worry even more about the deal they had struck. The more time passed, the less confident he was in Inkling's escape on her own. Jumping to freedom seemed nearly out of the question with the hordes of enemies that surrounded the area. Maybe it was time to turn to Plan B. If only there had been one.

Staring at the scene before him, Joker assessed the situation to the best of his abilities. There was no clear opening for him to work in, but from what he could tell, Inkling was no longer in Bowser's grasp. She was now being guided away to one of the nearby airships by several of the minions. Even if he wanted to jump them, he'd only find himself ambushed by the others around. There was no winning. Finding himself frustrated, a faint growl rumbled in his throat, though it was short lived.

What's the matter? Are thou simply going to watch? Arsene's deep voice cut through the silence in his head and immediately caused him to pull further back into the shadows. Are you forsaking her to save yourself? Trouble awaits her if you do nothing. Grimacing at those words, Ren slammed a fist against a nearby tree trunk, clear frustration overcoming him as his persona poked at him. "I'm doing no such thing," he murmured, keeping his voice low to avoid any kind of detection. Sensing the thief's anger, a laugh echoed in his head, hinting at Arsene's amusement. Thou should do something then.

"Yeah, thanks captain obvious. Got any other great plans?" Silence hung between the two and it was then Joker became sure that his companion had no snide comebacks, but when another laugh of amusement came from him, the thief couldn't help wrinkling his nose in annoyance. "I don't see what's so funny."

Does thou recall the stunt thy pulled in Sae's Palace? Perhaps thou could do that again? The suggestion left the teen baffled. A plan like that had taken time to carve out, and this hardly seemed to be the situation to pull something like that. He wasn't trying to fool anyone and purposefully get caught like he had been then, so why was Arsene bringing it up now? Despite giving no answer, the persona seemed to sense Joker's feelings and instead, continued on. Thou should act as bait. Create an opening for the girl. Or is thou intimidated by their numbers? I recall it being no problem back then.

Joker's expression seemed to soften as he heard those words. Maybe Arsene was on to something. Still, it was a weak plan. While and Arsene could create an opening, there was no guaranteeing his own escape. It was an endless cycle of no way out. There had to be something? The last thing he wanted to do was try and pick a full on fight. Small battles likely were inevitable, especially if he wanted to create a diversion. He'd have to be mindful of his own stamina through it all. The more he relied on Arsene, the more sluggish he was going to become as an after effect. It was the exchange he had made for such power. He was more than accustomed to it by now though, but still, it was something to keep in mind.

Staying silent, he moved back to get a view of the area he had to work with. Unfortunately, it was mostly open, making it difficult to sneak his way around like he would prefer. Even moving by grappling hook was limited from the lack of overhanging branches. Despite the uncertainty that surrounded his own approach, one thing was clear to him, the airships needed to be decommissioned immediately. That sounded like a job for Arsene. The persona could even make its own opening to help Inkling and allow her to make a break for it.

Even with that part of the plan clear, Ren wasn't sure of his own approach. Was throwing himself into the open a wise move? Probably not, yet what choice did he have? Looking over the number of enemies, the thief couldn't help but sigh. While he was no stranger to large mobs of enemies, this was more than he'd like to deal with. Even the number of officers that had been sent to pin him down in Sae's Palace was nowhere near the size of this, and back then he had been easily bested, although it was all a stunt at the end of the day. Capture had been his only option back then, but didn't need to be his only one now. Besides, his own capture would solve zero issues. It simply changed who was in trouble.

Think Ren, think! he mentally scolded himself, wracking his brain for any kind of solution. Was all he could do was get Inkling out? No, it couldn't be. Beginning to pace, Ren tapped at his cheek as his head ran through various possibilities. All of them came back to the same reliance; Arsene. It was a dangerous gamble no matter how he looked at it. Every plan always looped back to his persona carrying the weight of it all. It wasn't a bad thing, but he knew Arsene could only go on for as long as he willed it. His own stamina was the limit and while he still had plenty, if he was diving head first into diversion mode, he likely would tire quickly, maybe even faster than his persona could return to him after moving Agent Three to safety. If that happened then he was as good as done. It'd end even faster if Bowser joined the fray again. Ren was sure of his own solo abilities again the king's minions, but against the brute himself, he was likely outclassed, as much as he hated to admit it.

Thou is hesitating. Does thou not trust thy own strength? Arsene's voice stopped all Joker's thoughts and the thief rocked back on his heels, allowing himself to slouch against the nearest tree. "Strength is not the problem here. You and I both know I can only last so long before tiring, especially when relying on your power," the boy began. "I can't figure out how to avoid that problem." A soft hum rang out in the thief's head as the persona took in his concerns. Soon after silence hung, and he figured his companion had no solution either, which was unfortunate, but much like every other time, Arsene made him wait for a response. Why doesn't thou create a diversion, which allows myself to take out the ships and free the girl and then have I return to pull thou out?

The plan proposed to him caused Ren to hang his head in thought, running through the ordeal in his mind. It was a risky plan, yet it could work. It didn't guarantee their escape, but it would hopefully reunite the two and allow them to book it together. It was an all or nothing kind of plan, and oddly enough Joker was willing to put it all on the line to try it. Pushing himself away from the tree he had propped himself against, he strode over to his view of the nearby clearing. This was the best plan he had. He had to go through with it. Hopefully, it wouldn't end in an absolute disaster, otherwise he'd be in more trouble than he'd like. He could imagine the other thieves now scolding him for his own recklessness, and even worse from Ann, knowing how worried she'd be over his own safety. Shaking his head at the thought, he let a deep sigh escape his lungs. "Alright Arsene, we'll go through with your plan. Don't let me down."

No hesitation was shown in order to put his plan into action. One swift hand movement was all that was needed, accompanied by the utter of Arsene's name. The blue flames burst from the teen's mask and in an instant Arsene formed. No words were needed for the persona to spring off into action immediately, already knowing exactly what his own task was. Slicing through the lakitus nearby, the persona made sure to clear a path for himself and showed no sign of slowing down as he approached the airships with one plan in mind- free Inkling, then attack the ships. Scanning the ground below, he quickly found his target and swooped down. Once he neared, he swiftly flipped to lead with his sharp heels and upon nearing the hammer bros holding the poor squid hostage, he swung, being aware of the girl herself. Luckily, he had no troubles, but even though he freed Agent Three, his attention hardly lingered on her as he quickly burst behind her to take care of the enemies that rushed to come for her.

Spiraling through them in a dance of black feathers, the persona finally let itself be at ease for a moment as its gaze settled upon the squid girl. "Thou should run. The thief is holding the line for thy to escape. I'll bring him to join thou momentarily." As he spoke, he lifted a clawed hand towards the underbrush he and Joker had come from, hoping she would understand to go that way. He had spoken more than he'd like to anyways, given he only spoke directly to Joker most times. Without waiting for any kind of response, Arsene turned and flew skyward once more, this time turning to deal with the airships.

While Arsene was off doing his own thing, Joker had jumped into action as well. Jumping from one head to the next, the thief put on a display of his athleticism. It was clear he had seen Mario take a similar approach at least once or twice before. After jumping on several enemies, he was finally able to land again, allowing himself to reach for one of his weapons. Opting for his pistol, he twirled it around his index finger before throwing it up in the air to catch. Grabbing it, he showed no hesitation to take aim and fire. The shot rang out, causing the enemies around him to freeze and stare in horror, but fortunately for them it was nothing more than a warning, and purposely had been shot as a miss. "Next one won't miss," he said lowly, his eyes narrowing. "Don't move and I won't shoot, okay?"

For the moment that seemed to make the minions hesitate. Ren couldn't blame them. The fear of being shot wasn't pleasant and it was exactly how he cornered shadows often, although it was often more than just his pistol aimed at them. Looking around, the thief smirked at the worried expressions of the various minions. As twisted as it sounded, their fear only boosted his own confidence.

The fear on their faces only grew as the sound of the airships propellers falling rang out. Only a few second passed before the fear turned to panic and Ren watched as the minions began running about with no clear thoughts. While he wanted to laugh at their sheer stupidity, he had no time to. Instead, he found himself in the path of their frenzied runs. Getting knocked left and right by the horror stricken soldiers, the thief struggled to keep his footing. No longer was he a threat, though it was clear he had no need to be. Arsene's work was doing wonders, although he could do without the constant shoving.

Grunting softly, Joker managed to avert his gaze towards the airships to assess his companion's work. Unfortunately, he still had several ships to get to before he'd be coming for the thief. While he could seeing a blur of red and black dancing through the sky to the next one, the boy was also aware that the clock was already ticking. Theatrics like this weren't going to go unnoticed. It was then that it hit him that his whole plan might be for naught. The wizard still existed after all. Feeling panic rise in his own chest, he knew he couldn't stay put for much longer then. Maybe beginning his escape now was for the best. It was worth a shot. It wasn't as if he knew what the Inkling's situation was after all. Maybe he could meet up with her without the help of Arsene. Doubtful, but maybe.

As he found his footing again, the teen steadied himself and turned himself back towards the underbrush he had previously emerged from. With a deep breath, he pushed himself forward, jumping over whatever enemies came his way. As agile as he was, this felt uncomfortable for him. Running out in the open wasn't exactly his idea of phantom thievery, but it had to do. At least it was all dramatic. As much as that pleased him, the concern over the weird wizard's magic lingered in the back of his mind. Run. Just keep running. No magic if going to stop that. Despite how much he encouraged himself, his confidence in his plan was beginning to deflate rapidly. Still, Joker ran on, banking on him and Agent Three to be reunited soon enough.
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F-Zero_-_Captain_Falcon_as_seen_in_F-Zero_GX_and_F-Zero_AX (1).pngCaptain Falcon looks at Shadow for a moment in silence, then looks to Yoshi before looking back to Shadow, then back over to Yoshi, before looking back to Shadow one last time. "Okay "Shadow", glad to have you. Love your totally original name by the way. But if you'd like, you could join me and possibly Yoshi for a FALCON Stroll. You know, get them sunrays into our skin. If you aren't allergic to them, that is. Seriously, you look like you just submerge yourself in darkness 24/7. You really look like you could use some sunshine in your life."
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Jungle Command Post
| (Kamek & Elite Trio) | SheepKing SheepKing (Inkling) | Ploegy Ploegy (Joker) |

With Bowser and Kamek moving elsewhere around the command post, the road leading to Agent Three was now beginning to open for the phantom thief. While a great many of minions remained present on the field between Joker and the damsel-in-distress, the difficulty tweak lowered from be being incredibly difficult to moderately-challenging. A quick "slash-and-grab" extraction is possible if the Joker's fast enough; but he must hurry.

Time is of the essence.

Soaring just a few feet beyond the canopy, a lone red-shelled lakitu patrolled the airspace aboard his trusty cloud companion. He had been surveying the perimeter all morning, only stopping temporary to eat a quick lunch of mushrooms and leaves, before returning to his post. Aside from the brief skirmish several miles off in the jungle, the spectacled koopa surveyed an uneventful jungle filled with the sounds of the distant hooting and howling of fauna beyond. As far as he knew, there were no signs of trouble nearby. And to say that he was exhausted, if not mercilessly bored already, was a critical understatement.

Yet salvation for him was close; for he had only one hour more of his shift before he'll switch out with another lakitu to take his place. About time too. For he already found himself nearly falling asleep upon his fluffy cloud multiple times within the last hour alone. But he had to keep going! For Lord Bowser! He must not let him down. After all, what were the chances that a black-winged spectre, doused in blue flame, would emerge from the canopy to swipe away both it and the approaching green-shelled lakitus rushing towards his location? Surely nothing as bad as that was going to stop him from~


The clawed hand of Arsene collided with his body, sending both he and the other lakitus around him to be tossed aside like ragdolls. The red-shelled lakitu wailed as he was tossed far into the green horizon, his cloud dispersing behind him into nothingness. With air support now under attack, minions on the ground began to take notice as they looked up to see the return of ominous figure hovering above them; readying itself for another attack! For the Hammer Bros escorting the inkling, they glanced up to see that Arsene was looking STRAIGHT at them! They gasped upon realizing this, quickly taking up their hammers before rapidly lobbing them at their foe like their lives depended on it!

But the phantom was just too quick.

Arsene flipped the closest koopa off his feet, before tossing his screeching body straight at the other which held Agent Three's arm! Both Bros spun out of control as they landed upon their spinning shells, while flailing to get back on their feet. It were a good thing they wore helmets; else they'd risk getting a serious concussion! By now, the minions began taking up arms and alerting everyone up the chain of command of the Phantom Beast's return! The Elite Trio were the first to get word; with Sergeant Guy being the first to meet the gentleman thief alongside the rest of his shy guy units deploying their Bullet Bill turrets.

"Ateeeeeeention!" the shy guy bellowed as rose his bullet bazooka towards the enemy. They faced Arsene just as he finished speaking towards the prisoner, before barreling off towards the closest airship! In an organized panic, Sergeant Guy pointed at it and gave the command. "CONCENTRATE FIRE!"

And a barrage of bullet bills proceeded to lock onto Arsene's position, their frowning eyes and clenched fists ready to strike true! While they roared towards their opponent, Corporal Paraplonk finally arrived with a sizable force of Paratroopas at his command. "Stay calm dudes!" he called reassuringly to his fellow minions, "You know the drill! Knock this thing outta the sky!" And that they did; curling up into their shells they rushed at Arsene with as much speed and spin as they could muster! They tried knocking into it and grabbing his legs and arms to hold him down, but it seemed clear like it wasn't going to be enough!

Back on the ground, forces mobilized by Private Goomp attempted to grab ahold of the panic ensuing across the field with his squad of spiked-hat goombas. "G-Get it together!" he shouted desperately at the others, "We need to stick together and find~!" Looking down to his left, he'd see the unattended Inkling out in the opening 20 meters away; with the two Hammer Bros nowhere to be seen. Oh no, oh no, this is bad! The worse case scenario even! "SECURE THE PRISONERRRRRR!" With a screech, Goomp leaned forward and began rushing towards the inkling as fast as his little feetsies could run; sweat pouring down his brow. But before getting even half-way towards her, everyone turned to the sound of a single gunshot.


Nearly all the startled minions close to the sound froze as they slowly looked towards the origin. As Private Goomp's eyes turned, his faced contorted in absolute fear upon recognizing the familiar face of that terrible interrogator coming into view. The literal schoolboy demanded the entire Koopa army to not to move or that the next shot wouldn't miss. The fresh memories of Ren and Arsene decimating his task force was enough to turn Private Goomp deathly still and unmoving. Why... Why is he back? Didn't they agree to the deal Bowser proposed? Is he going back on Lord Bowser's totally honorable and not at all shady one-sided deal?

Or maybe... he was gonna finish with Private Goomp what he started!

The private whimpered quietly to himself until they all heard the sounds of metal being dislodged from splintered wood behind them. That blasted persona was taking down their airship's propellers! The air forces were trying desperately to keep the damage under control, but they were failing against Arsene's superior arsenal. By now, two of the airships are rendered aground, having taken serious damage to the hull in addition to their dismounted propellers. Yet as a strike was about to befell one of the airships, it would instead bounce off against a transparent wall. It resonated a display of multi-colored shapes, providing a shield that seemed to cover the entire airship from harm! And then came a voice...


Coming into view, Kamek screeched before unleashing a barrage of fireballs towards Arsene as he dashed passed him atop his broomstick. "You thought you could fool all of us with your deceptive ways, but not me! I knew this deal was rotten from the very start! And I'll make sure... No." The magikoopa briefly hesitated for a moment, before a toothy grin emerged from his beak. Raising his wand, a bright flash of light engulfed Kamek's body for a moment before revealing... an entire squad of Kameks! 8 separate identical clones of himself had popped into the fold, before they all cackled in a chorus of laughter "WE will make sure that you and your ally PAY for your transgressions against the King of the Koopas!" And with that, they began to launch their magical attacks upon Arsene; some throwing down magical energy, others firing fireballs, and two attempting to bring more units into the fold as support! While the fakers would easily be taken out in one hit, they still fired the same spells without as much as being only slightly weaker in potency.

Private Goomp's expression turned dower, as a frown overtook his now hardened body. That did it. He wasn't going to take it anymore from this bully NOR his ghost friend! And with Kamek now helping them, this was their chance! Taking a deep breath, Private Goomp gave one screeching order for all of his troops to hear. "ATTAAAAAAAAAAACK!"

Quickly, the fear the whole army felt over one gun turned into that of blind rage. Now was their chance for revenge! With a resonating roar from the minions, they all began to charge at Joker; trying to overwhelm him with their superior numbers now that he was separated from his more powerful persona friend. The spine-hat goombas would try to head bump into Joker with their spear-tipped hats, while Hammer and Fire Bros combined their efforts to make flaming hammers to lob at either opponent! A few other Koopas and Hammer Bros tried making their way through to secure the inkling upon Goomp's previous orders, but with chaos ensuing around them it was already hard enough to get around without being bumped by other units crowding them! Even the wigglers seemed to be struggling to reach the perimeter to make a barrier in keeping both Joker and Inkling in; wanting to close in as much space as they could to trap them in.

With Kamek and Corporal Paraplonk now keeping Arsene occupied in the sky for the time being, Sergeant Guy switched targets before taking a glance upon the sea of minions before him. Through his mask, he also gazed upon the chaos around Agent Three's location and whistled the attention of his forces. "Half of you! Fall in line on the double!" he barked as half of the shy guys packed up their bullet bill turrets and stood to attention, "Mission log updated! We must recapture the prisoner at all costs! I will carry the burden of that duty; while you pelt that pretty boy in bullets!" With that said, Sergeant Guy disappeared into the crowd and made his way over to deal with the prisoner himself~
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Forest - Samus' Starship
| GrumpySwallow GrumpySwallow (Pikachu) | Minako Minako (Princess Peach) |

Pikachu hopped out of the pilot's seat so Samus could sit down, the Pokemon immediately sitting on her lap after. She watched with fascination as maps of the realm were displayed before them. One particular landmark on the map caught her attention.

"Chachu! Pika-pii! Pikachu-pi-pika!" the mouse squeaked, waving her paws to get the hunter and the princess's attention. She pointed at a spot deep within the forest. That was where the Great Deku Tree resides! When she had first noticed something amiss, she tried to make the journey to the Great Deku Tree, but it was deep within the forest where the monsters were most numerous. To make things even harder, the area was covered with a thick miasma that weakened all who came near it except for those monsters. Pikachu turned and locked eyes with Samus. Alone Pikachu failed, but maybe with the help of Samus Aran and Princess Peach, they can restore the forest!

As Samus scanned every corner of the local area they were in on the entire map, Pikachu began to chatter. The little pokemon rose her paws to grab forth both the Princess and the bounty hunter's attention, pointing to a particular spot in the forest. At first, it didn't seem like much was there aside form the same-looking trees. In fact, how would Pikachu be able to tell what's actually there? Did the map still portray something accurate in that neck of the woods? Or rather did something drastically change in the region since their last visit? Hard to say coming from an outdated map.

She was about to dismiss the yellow mouse's claim, before Peach emphasized on the claim of something being there. While she too seemed puzzled at exactly what was in that area, whatever it was it must be intently important to Pikachu. Samus' eyes squinted hard at the spot, trying her hardest to enhance on any particular part of it.

"I don't... see anything...?" she said, slowly shaking her head with a dose of hesitation.

Yet while she couldn't see much from that spot, Samus took a solid glance at the pokemon while Peach finished by admitting their current lack of options. There was a moment of silence as the armored huntress weighed out her options. As much as she wanted to trust in her tech and affirm that there was certainly nothing there... perhaps Pikachu saw or recognized something that they didn't. But what was to find deep in the forest? What were the odds of finding fuel for her ship in that area? Then again, if she could find any of her missing upgrades on the times she lands in her basic suit... could this also lead to something just as worthwhile?

Or perhaps...

Many questions bubbled to the surface of her mind, until Samus gave a quiet sigh and injected her arm cannon into the main deck. Energy began lowly humming into her optics, downloading the data within and allowing her to access the map alongside the marker placed by Pikachu. No one wanted to get lost in a forest maze like this. Once the deed was done, she looked back at Peach. "Suppose it's worth a shot." she confirmed positively, nodding at both characters as she beckoned for them to follow her outside, "You'll never know what you might find here."

Once making her way outside, Samus took another glance at her lightly damaged ship with a hint of worry. She'd hate to leave her ship alone once again, but it wasn't like she had a choice. "Hopefully those things won't return..." she stated hopefully as she watched her ship close up, "Nor does anything else discover it with ill intent." Steeling her resolve, the armored bounty hunter's visor turned to face the mouse pokemon. Hopefully she can trust her in what she wanted to accomplish.

"Pikachu." Samus ordered with a sheen of determination, "Lead the way."


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Isabelle sneezed as a large droplet of water plopped on her nose, startling the puppy awake. She was tempted to simply fall back asleep, the room so dim that she assumed it to still be night, which meant she’d have plenty of time to sleep before the big day tomorrow. A yawn escaped her lips as she went to pull the blanket over her body, likely having fallen off during her sleep. Pawing against the hard metal floor she’d grumpily mumble to herself when the blanket seemed to be nowhere nearby. Rather annoying but oh well, she’d just need to pick it up from the floor. Considering the cage Isabelle was in, there wasn’t all that much space for it to have gone, as she groggily swayed her hands across the floor, hoping to feel where her blanket had ended up. The sooner she found it, the sooner she could get back in bed and go back to sleep-


Another drop of water landed square atop Isabelle’s head, this time fully dragging her out of that half asleep state. “Alright alright I’m up…Oh no! Don’t tell me the roof is leaking!”

Shooting up from her hunched position, Isabelle failed to remember the roof of the cage as she’d bang her head against it, giving the shih tzu a killer headache. “Ow…” She groaned out, but it seemed that sudden bump was finally enough to knock some real sense into her as she placed a hand against the suspiciously low ceiling. “Wait…I already went to the airport, didn't I? And the Island Rep had to stay behind? Yeah! And-and the…THE PLANE!

The memories of the plane being hit and her screaming as she fell to her doom poured into Isabelle’s brain. But the last thing she remembered was landing on an island…just where was she?

Isabelle paw’s immediately shot out to touch the walls as the horrifying realization finally hit her. She was in a cage, a dog cage no less! Through the darkness she immediately began feeling around for the door, finding it in no time. After giving the door a good shake, she’d find that as expected, it was locking her in. Thankfully the cage was seemingly designed for a dog like Duck Hunt, meaning it didn’t account for the dog trapped inside just so happening to have hands. Finicking with the latch she’d soon enough pry the door open and hop on out, finally free.

Now out of the cage, Isabelle quietly called out into the room. “Hello? Is anyone there?” standing there nervously in await some kind of response.


Isabelle sighed, not entirely sure if she was upset or thankfully that she was alone. If the people who were here had been the ones to trap her in that cage then she doubted they’d have the best intentions. Still, knowing that she was completely alone somewhere without the slightest idea of how to leave wasn’t exactly all that comforting either. Still, she wasn’t simply just going to wait for someone else to stumble upon her and hope that they’d simply lead her to the nearest exit. She had to do something.

Remembering her Nookphone, Isabelle cheered as she pulled it from her pocket, elated that despite the plane crash it was still fully functioning, albeit with a few newly added cracks to the screen. She’d immediately switch on the flashlight and press on the Rescue Services application. Unfortunately while her phone was operational, wherever she was didn’t seem to provide any cell phone service. Still, she wouldn’t let that ruin her mood, the flashlight was still quite a relief to have as Isabelle could barely see the front of her own two paws without it!

She’d give the room a quick scan with the flashlight, hoping to find something that might clue her on just where she was. The first thing she’d notice were the rows of cages beside the one she’d come out from, all of them empty but showing obvious signs that something had definitely been in them. Paw prints, scratch marks, and other such things were scattered across the ground, all pointing to this fact. Silently she hoped that whenever the creatures were, they weren’t the ‘maul you to death’ sort of kind. At the very least, they weren’t in the room so she wouldn’t have to deal with that for now.

Turning around, Isabelle scanned the other side of the room. There was a desk close to the door that looked completely wrecked. Important looking files were carelessly scattered about the desk. As a secretary, Isabelle was horrified. If she weren’t in the situation she was then the shih tzu certainly would have reorganized it all right then and there. But, she knew now certainly wasn’t the time for that. Instead, Isabelle figured that one of the files might give her some clue to where she might be.

The bells in her hair jingled as she tiptoed her way over to the desk. Nothing immediately stood out to her, most of the forms dealt with tranquilizer dosages and order. Though the address at the top of the papers was rather familiar. If this was where she thought it was then she had once been here before, back during the attack of Galeem and Dharkon. This was the military base.

Knowing her current location was incredibly useful, but more importantly was what she’d next find. Picking up a paper, she’d smile in relief upon realizing that it was a basic map of the facility with all of the information she’d need to get out of here. Placing the item in her pocket, Isabelle had gotten all she needed from this place. It was time to leave.

As Isabelle headed towards the door, she’d notice a big lumpy shaped thing on the ground nearby. curious, she’d slowly walk towards the thing to get a better look.

It was,



No, it couldn’t be, could it?


This can’t be real.



She forced herself to not stare into his lifeless eyes, choking out a sob.

“O-oh god”


Isabelle left the room.


She needed to leave.

She needed to leave NOW.

hyperventilating, Isabelle frantically sprinted down the hall, not caring where she was going just as long as she was anywhere away from him. But as she went through the halls things didn’t get any better. Dark stains were splashed against the floor and walls, chunks and pieces of undesirable matter clinging to whatever it’d been splattered against. No matter how much Isabelle wanted to cower, wanted to scream and cry and pass out, she needed to ignore the horrors coating the halls, look away from the lifeless eyes staring at her, and do nothing but focus on getting out of here. She could mourn them all she wanted but if she didn’t leave before whatever got to them found her, then she surely would too become something to be mourned.

Pulling out the map, she’d anxiously whisper to herself, “I must’ve been in the animal testing room of the research department…which means that I’m-“

She traced her paw over to the corresponding location on the map. “-Here”

Based on the map, if Isabelle took just a few more turns she’d end up near the elevators that’d take her up to the surface level of the facility, and after that she’d just need to follow the path on the map to be taken straight to the exit.

“I can do this, I-I can do this, I can-EEK!

She heard multiple sets of footsteps and immediately dove into the nearest open door to hide.

Holding her breath, she’d just barely peek out to see who they were. Luckily it seemed none had seen her, as they instead all turned to face one another, Isabelle hearing the quiet whispers of what seemed like serious conversation. Based on the military gear and weapons they must have been the soldiers operating the facility but, by the panic in their voices Isabelle could tell something was going horribly wrong. A human woman who Isabelle assumed to be the leader spoke back to the other soldiers.

“It’s being reported that he has gotten a hold of Jenova. We need to intercept him before he makes it to-“

Isabelle covered her ears as a gunshot interrupted the woman. She stood there deathly silent as her hand slowly went to the bloodstain blossoming in the center of her chest.


The room went alive with gunfire as Isabelle withdrew farther back into the room, shaking as the soldiers all seemed to indiscriminately attack one another like wild animals, pouring bullet after bullet into their comrades only for themselves to be shot down. Soon enough only a small handful of the group remained standing yet as the hellish sound of metal scraped across the floor towards the survivors, they two would soon be struck down.

Isabelle hiccuped as she tried to hold in her tears, only catching glimpses at the chaos going on not even a foot away. Just outside the doorway stood a lone figure, clothed in black like a reaper, hair as silver as a knife, and eyes unnaturally bright like a monster. No, not like a monster. The man standing atop the pile of bodies was one. A monster she’d avoided like the plague for she’d heard of how cruel, how heartless, how monstrous the man was. He was darkness itself, and as his shadow cast down at the entrance of the room, Isabelle thought only of his name and the horrors it represented.


Covering her mouth Isabelle dove behind the closest table, eyes hurriedly scanning the room for some sort of salvation from the angel of death. Finding a door on the other side of the room, she’d take the chance and hurried through the other side, finding herself in another hallway.

She didn’t have any time to think or check the map with just a door between herself and Sepiroth. She needed to get as far away from him as possible. Yet as she tried to open one of the doors Isabelle would find that to her horror they were all locked. Forced to continue down the hall, Isabelle’s despair only grew as she came closer and closer to the hall’s end, with none of the other doors budging. All she could do now was pray, pray that there’d be something at the end which would save her.

Against all odds, there was salvation to be found at the end of the corridor. Two metal doors, well it’d be generous to even call them that considering how they looked nothing more than a single wall of metal cut in half, were pried wide open with what looked to be another set of doors just on the other side.

Isabelle ripped the map out from her pockets, finding no corresponding marks on it, as if this entrance wasn’t even supposed to exist. And yet, as she looked back at the hall, Isabelle knew she had little other choice but to enter. So, despite every part of her brain screaming not to enter, Isabelle stepped inside and hurried towards the other doors. Much to her relief they weren’t unlocked, as they’d automatically begin opening the moment she got close. As soon as the doors were just barely open Isabelle slipped inside, pulling at the doors to force them to close.

Though, as she finally saw what was in the room Isabelle regretted ever thinking that there might even be a chance of salvation.

Two tall figures cloaked in dark robes stood beside what looked to be a coffin-like structure, barely taking mind of the room’s new occupant. Yet, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Isabelle. This was it, either they or the one winged angel would finally put an end to Isabelle’s existence. She would become like all of the soldiers and scientists in the facility; cold to the touch with lifeless eyes staring blankly into the nothingness. She was doomed.

Isabelle couldn’t hold it in any long as she dropped to the ground, violently sobbing in despair. She’d cry out for Digby, for the Island Representative, for a mother and father she’d never known, for anyone to come and save her from certain doom. Despite it all, her pleas were still met with silence, for there was no savior to be found.

Nobody was coming to save her.

Interactions: Develius Develius Catzilla Catzilla
Location: Military Research Base - Inner-Laboratories

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Location: The Swamp | Tagged: Kameron Esters- Kameron Esters- SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15
Listening to Falcon speak to Shadow, Yoshi couldn't help by chuckle. While he had already easily been swayed to believing this was the hedgehog that had been part of the assist group in previous tournaments, it seemed his companion was not. Maybe he was too simple minded and easily convinced. The dinosaur hardly cared if that was the case. It was easier to go with the flow after all, rather than trying to stand firmly on loose beliefs. He could respect those who were strong in themselves. Of course, he could do the same when he wanted, but this was not one of those times.

Letting the Captain speak on more, he quietly began looking around and taking in the smells around them. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but he still couldn't place exactly where they were. Given thoe he had been joined by, he could assume the toad truly hadn't lied to him and he was indeed in the Smash Realm, but where exactly was beyond his knowledge. It wasn't as if he had explored every inch of the world in his free time. More times than not, Yoshi's free time was spent lazing around and taking a nap or stuffing his face full of delicious food while he watched other fighters partake in whatever fun battles they had planned.

Drawing himself back into the conversation at the mention of a "Falcon Stroll," Yoshi's eyes lit up in wonder. "Ooooh! Ooooh!" he chimed out in excitement as he danced around the pair. "Yoshi ready to go on Falcon Stroll with friend Falcon! Maybe we find food or more friends!" His pure bliss showed he had no concern over his current predicament of being lost or even his own warp failing to put him in the right spot. All he cared about in the moment was being with his current friends.


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Console City - Military Research Base - Inner-Laboratories
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As the ever mounting feeling of doom began descending upon poor Isabelle, buckling over the sheer horrors and atrocities she'd witnessed moments prior, the two guardians before her began to stir. Both of their cloaked heads silently turned towards their guest in unison. Their blank crimson slits for eyes, coupled upon human-like facial structures of marble white, stood idle for only a moment; as if studying - perhaps contemplating - the individual before them. Was she a friend? Or was she a foe? A long silence would fall between both parties; the sounds of sobbing despair echoing throughout the chamber.

At last, the figures began floating towards her in synchrony; closing ranks as they descended down the stairs with unusual smoothness. They'd stop just a few feet in front of the talking dog, towering over her as they continuing staring down with that same cold, unmoving expression. There was a further silence that came from them. At this distance, Isabelle could even see a series of reddish-brown segmented tentacles floating underneath the two figures; swaying slowly underneath and never once touching the ground. They were most certainly robotic constructs, yet their biology and construct resembled heavily based on organic anatomy. Their arms remained tucked within their robes; further concealing their true nature. And both sported the same crimson light on their chest, pulsating slowly in beat with one other.

The silence continued to deafen the landscape.

But as the techno-organic beings continued looming over Isabelle, taking no further action in interacting or harming her, a voice would suddenly sway over the shitzu's sub-conscious.

"My child..." said the voice; composing of a powerful, almost divine tone, mixed with the oddly calming monotone. One might call this as rather unnerving, while others could consider this as if bathing in the warm light of holy essence, "Do not despair." Another pause resonated as the distant screams and shouts could faintly be heard. "The realms of which you walk upon... have been shattered. A terrible imbalance has caused the forces of both darkness and light to wreck havoc here. To let them run amok, untamed, will cause great ruin to all realms involved. An irreversible, irreparable outcome."

There was another pause as the sentinels eyes lights began to pulsate rapidly.

"While I am not from this world, nor do I claim to know the inner-workings of the powers that be present, I am more than familiar with this conflict. I have seen this scenario first hand in my world. It is clear... that you will find no salvation between the extremes of one or another. There's no salvation in total darkness, as there's none in total light. The only way to resolve this issue... is to ensure balance to the concepts of order... and chaos."

The lights flickered a bit more, before turning into a light yellow ambience. The sentinels rose slightly before floating backwards, back towards the dark sarcophagus in the center of the room. They hovered behind it and bowed, before another distant explosion shook the room slightly.

"Wha *shcrk* what you'll find here..." the omnipresent voice continued, though it began to sound glitchy, "i-I-Is the one responsible for balancing my realm. His purpose there is f-f-f-finished... he cannot return from wherest he ca-came. Yet his fight is eternal-eternn-nal. Perhaps, you will find him to be a valuable asset here, as was he to mi-mi-mine."

Another explosion shook the chamber; this one sounding closer.

"My tiii*shehthehch* time here is almost up." the voice stated calmly, even as his voice began to deteriorate, "So I will be brief, with my accord. Do you, young one, wish to take the-the-the responsibility of heralding the c-c-c-coming of the Slayer? Serve him well... guide his blade a-accordingly... and you will have a powerful ally willing to p-protect both you and the realms from *shehghtheh* doom."

"Do you... Isabelle... accept this role?"
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Pokey scratched his hair, comforting people isn't his strong suit nor being nice was part of his vocabulary. His little brother would have been a better candidate for Pichu in terms of offering comfort to them. He smiles bitterly. It's wrong to be jealous of his baby brother who likely will grow up to be a law abiding citizen than he ever will be. It’s one of those things that keeps them apart personality wise. He gave Pichu an awkward pat between their ears before plopping the comically large backpack on the ground, digging through its contents. It had water, sodas, sandwiches, snacks and a brain food lunch. The best food item in his world and considered a delicacy.

He drags the pack in front of Sora and Pichu. “ It’s lunch time.” Pokey grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich where he peeled the plastic off. He’s hungry and the potato chips are not exactly filling. Who’s to say he has healthy eating habits? He knows he doesn’t. “ How long have you two been going on an empty stomach?” He looked at the pair curiously, having been for nearly six months trapped in that monochrome world with little food. Giygas’s corpse was his only company; he stole his PSI believing its reward for freeing the idiot from those mental shackles. He ate bits and pieces of Giygas for food.

It’s unfortunate the moron was done in by his own colossal power. Giygas would’ve been the destroyer of the cosmos if Pokey had something to do with it, a way to pay Ness back for his goody two shoes. He got a decent set of PSI. It's only a matter of time if he and Ness cross paths. He has to admit the food he stole off Jeff is good though not all of it’s the nerdy boy’s. He added his own.

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Snake reassured Otacon's feverish final warnings to be safe with patience before dropping the Codec call. It rang almost immediately after, the unfamiliar frequency being the only evidence that Otacon wasn't calling again. It rang unanswered for a few seconds before Snake decided to accept the call. Immediately, cries and sounds of gunfire assailed Snake's ears while a stuttering voice shouted over the noise. "Mayday, mayday, mayday!" In the immediate background he heard a teary voice on the verge of laughter say that mayday was used for planes before another, gruffer one told them to be quiet. What Snake immediately recognized was that he wasn't familiar with any of these voices. Next, he realized he probably wouldn't get the chance to. Gunfire, and now explosions, were getting closer. "Who is this?" He asked, leaning into the hand he had on his ear. They continued without reacting notably to his voice, almost talking over him. "This is a distress signal coming from the military compound south of the Kongo. We're under attack, and a lot of people are hurt or already dead. If anyone can hear this, please send help. We'll try to hold out as long as we can, but there are dangerous research subjects loose from the fighting. Please, the situation is dire! If you're still listening, our coordinates are -"

The transmission looped into a set of coordinates, playing them several times before the initial mayday played out again. Snake listened intently, memorizing the coordinates, but also musing on the nature of the distress signal. He caught himself seriously considering running straight there for a moment, like a knight in shining armor who would pull them from the jaws of death. "They'll probably be dead before I can get half of the way there," he told himself, hating the thought but certain of its truth. He cut the transmission before it looped again, his hands feeling heavy from the act. The coordinates of the military base repeated themselves in his mind.

Kefka's voice drew Snake out of his thoughts, his SOCOM drawn and trained on them before he could seriously consider the action. The next few moments only reaffirmed his instincts. He didn't take any chances with their demented appearance - better safe than sorry - but it was their casual glee at the opportunity to 'destroy' him that marked them as a clear threat. "I've met my fair share of people who were excited to kill me," he said unsmilingly. "Why don't you ask me how that went for them?" His confident tone was only betrayed by the subtle turning of his feet. Snake was prepared to fight, more than prepared really, but he was just as ready to retreat. This stranger oozed killer intent, in the way they walked and the casualness with which they had fingered him as their next victim, but they were an empty space in his memory otherwise. He fingered through a mental database of names and faces looking for something to attribute to Kefka but was interrupted by one of the Smash Realm's weirder phenomena.

A bruise colored glow drew Snake's attention to the portalling event happening right next to him. He swung his gun in that direction, taking a few hurried steps back to keep Kefka in his cone of vision. It was resolved too quickly to make any reservations for the outcome, but luck was somewhat on Snake's side. He recognized the new arrival immediately as one of the new challengers from the most recent tournament! Someone whose anomalous nature defied science and study, and whose true potential was an unfathomable variable. "


If there was anyone Snake wanted on his side at this moment, it was Minecraft Steve. All of Philanthropy's research lead them to believe that Minecraft Steve was among the strongest creatures in the universe. His ability to break stone with his barehands and carry many tons on his person were only matched by the vast intellect that allowed him to create and operate complicated mechanical and electrical contraptions. He was much safer with Steve by his- Oh. He was being talked to. Snake noticed the grey icon in his peripheral a few seconds after it actually appeared. Noticing it lead to it opening, displaying a greeting by the Minecraft in front of him. Snake blinked away his confusion, responding aloud.


The conversation played out like one over Codec with its silent communication, but the transparent stone grey dialog box and typing alerts were wholly Minecraft. Snake had to wait a short time before Steve responded, but their brevity certainly helped the mediums shortcomings in speed. As soon as Snake noticed Steve's message, the man was off, leaving Snake behind for a short time while he processed. So much for Steve being the strongest. He took off after them, following behind and catching up easily. Snake's muscles pumped with startling force, sending him lurching forward faster than his vision could account for initially. "Artificial muscle fibers..." He murmured to himself, only indulging in the giddy surprise for a moment. Kefka was still behind him. He pulled another stun grenade from his belt and threw it over his shoulder, then pulled himself forwards in a sprinters run.
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" Ohh,tell me about it!" Kefka replied to Snake. " How that went for them?!" he asked sarcastically" He walked around Snake in a exentric,yet theatrical manner. He tgen noticed Steve.
" What a weird blocky fellow! Friend of yours? No don't tell me! I can tell you both know each other!" the clown like former imperial general replied.


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"Hello?" Wandering through the ruins(or flying rather), Galaxia burned in his grip as the Knight half-glided half-flitted from the ruins, occasionally teleporting short distances as he scouted out the location. Only that dratted weird worm under the sands had managed to land a significant blow(and in his defense he hadn't been paying attention since his accidental teleportation into the bloody air), which was...reassuring, but not really, once to consider where he was and the fact weird things just love ruins. What was going on? Meta Knight didn't entirely know and the fact he didn't know irked the swordsman(swordsball?) to no end. One of his wings had been damaged just enough it was irrigating(and very painful) to fly upon. Deny as he may try, no matter how much he claimed it was a mere inconvenience, the fact remained that he won't be winning any marathons or flying for a quick getaway anytime soon. When his question didn't get an answer, the knight sighed and switched to different languages as if that would help. "¿Alguien ahí? Anyone here?"

These ruins didn't resemble anyplace he had been in before, and while he may have been travelling close to this location, whatever interference that had dragged him from his teleportation to here must have been quite thorough because Meta Knight couldn't perform a real-life Navigation check to save his life. On the bright side, Galaxia was his only audience member that could applaud his failure.

Is this a joke? As much as he may try, it was probably unlikely this was King Deedee or Kirby's fault. This...wasn't a joke. Or a hallucination. Or even a nightmare. It was real, and it was happening right here, and not in Dream Land. As much as he loathed laziness, maybe some rest would be...slightly acceptable if only so his damn wing could stop disrupting his thoughts with new jolts of pain. It was very annoying, thank you very much. Following his defeat by Kirby, the knight had surprisingly mellowed out, even begrudgingly accepting Dream Land's laziness to some extent.

This certainly wasn't anywhere he'd been expecting to land in and not anywhere he wanted to have landed in, as you can tell, having sand under armor is not only uncomfortable is downright painful. A nearby rattling helpfully informed the knight that he was not alone and Galaxia flashed out just in time for the swordsball to not be painfully bisected around by...whatever had been underneath the sand. (How very rude.) "How insulting! With no arms, there's no way you'll be able to touch me!"

Apparently, a swordsball with a Spanish accent yelling at you was also very insulting, because whatever the heck was under the sand lashed out again, and Meta Knight would have been bisected this time if not for the fact he once more was not. "YOU'RE GROUNDED AFTER THIS!"

Apparently, exchanging witty banter with a sandworm is not a good idea. Huh, who knew?
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Paula acknowledges Prompto’s and Noctis’s worries with a nod that there's no time to worry about Pokey. Saving Inkling is more important than giving Ness’s arch nemesis a single thought. She slipped into the forest keeping an eye on the squid beakon. Armed with PSI she’s least worried about getting ambushed by unknown hostiles other than getting caught by Bowser’s army. Paula’s not scared she felt determined to help a friend in need. After all, she telepathically guided Ness across Peaceful Rest Valley to her isolated location for him to save her from the happy-happy cultists. She kept an eye on the beakon. Paula had come across what may be the thing Inkling is asking her for through their brief telepathy conversation. She circled the beakon several times and it looked like a satellite to her.

A little voice told her to set it up and it would be easy as simply counting to three. She bit her lip, taking liberty in setting the beakon up. For Paula is not handy like Jeff; her fear is ruining chances of saving Inkling. She told herself to trust in her abilities. Paula took a step back, noticing the beakon giving off a red signal. Is this it? Has she fulfilled her promise to Inkling, Inkling? It’s Paula again. Is this it? Did I set it up right? She wanted to be right and helpful. Paula wanted to make Ness and Jeff proud. Paula once again looked around her surroundings for any enemies.

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Jeff blinks and looks off to his broken heavy bazooka; the damage is reversible, thanks to his intelligence and knowledge. “ I’m Ness’s friend. I traveled with him alongside Paula and Poo. I don’t know anyone named Lucas.” He thinks Lucas could be from an alternate timeline or perhaps Ness knows him it’s doubtful. He slowly pushed himself up feeling a bit wobbly but good to press forward, stomach growling. “ Yes I can go for food.” He smiled at Pyra. He could go for anything like a bowl of chicken noodle soup on a cold day. He could go for some food to fill his stomach. Soup is one the foods Tony got for him one the days Winters has its bleak snow days. He enjoyed his time at the boarding school. “ I don’t know if going anywhere helps..” He answers Pyra, now his thoughts went to Pokey.

“ I had the misfortune of running into Ness’s neighbor and arch nemesis, Pokey. He stood in his way on our mission and almost tried having us killed many times before. He did this to me. I have a reason to believe it’s his jealousy and bitterness towards Ness that made him side with Giygas and try to kill him.” He felt bad for telling Paula’s story; perhaps she’ll forgive him; she's pretty cool and one of his best friends to this day. He looked at the group, frowning. He adjusted his glasses, and thankfully they look intact as far he could tell. “ According to Paula’s story, Pokey joined Carpainter’s cult, and together they kidnapped her, they practiced the happy happy religion, and Pokey became their high priest. He tried to use Paula as a human sacrifice. He’s a sociopath. Pokey is my age think about that.” He said nothing more, it should give them an idea the type of person Pokey is.

“ It’s probably a stretch. I think the reason Pokey’s jealousy is Ness has psychic abilities and not him. It doesn’t explain how he got them when he attacked me.” Jeff is suspicious of Pokey, and it would explain if he stole the powers from somewhere. He examined his bazooka it would take time, but he can fix it no issue. “ I’m Jeff Andonuts..” He introduces himself, smiling warmly grateful for their help and to be alive. “ If you guys need a handy man I’m that person.” He offers his service at no cost, enjoys fixing things and seeing his work have its fruitful results.

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Sephiroth contemplated leaving and he got what he came here for. He has ideas of his next move. It requires a bit of planning and accomplishing his evil idea. Seeing them attack each other is poetic like the highest betrayal at its finest. It’s like music to his ears. If he can create Jenova puppets he can only imagine the things he could do like start his army. He only needs to put his consciousness into them and they’re ripe for the picking.

Sephiroth? It seems we’re not alone, there's a Shih Tzu and I can’t figure out who the other is. I can't tell if he’s a supernatural being. However, he may be a divine being, perhaps a god? I only know he’s called the Doom Slayer. Never mind them for now. I have an idea of making more puppets for our use. They’ve taken samples of my cells. My dear boy, imagine the army you can control. I’ll guide you to the samples.”

Sephiroth smirks, the question is if such a thing is possible not everyone can handle the metamorphosis. He guessed they’ll see for themselves in due time. He follows her directions to the labs placing the samples into a case and adding a syringe. He pockets the case that it would be perfect to negotiate getting his army even if through manipulation. Although Jenova had her own plans in creating her own puppets. She trusts Sephiroth can do it without fail. He made his way to where the sarcophagus was feeling the strong aura coming from it. He barely acknowledged Isabelle's presence, figuring she was going to end up as an experiment. No different than Shinra. He almost pitied the poor thing. “ Who are you or shall I ask what you are?” He stared at the two guardians, maybe cyborgs, sheathing his masamune. Fortunately that homicidal side is gone for now.

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the hero of time awakens , but this time not from his 7 year slumber , from a night of sleep that felt like a decade.
reliving the battle against ganon through every nightmare .
link sees himself losing his master sword and grabbing a gigantic sword , he goes in for the final hit but this time , the sword doesnt stab through it shatters , the reincarnation of evil stands before grabbing link .
and that's when he awakes , he grunts grabbing his shield , its the day , his journey to the tournament begins again , its been peacefull in hyrule after he took down the skull kid , his adventure to find navy was still a failure , so there's nothing keeping him from heading on his way to the smash brothers arena.
link left his house in kikori , putting his ocarina in his pocket before calling his horse ipona, he got on the his steed as ipona bagan to make its way to the temple of time.
ipona sprinted through the lost forest reminding like of the time he was ambushed by the skull kid in here , it brought him a sarrow feeling , a chill down his spine that quickly faded away as his horse stepped out of the shadow of the trees and into the light of hyrule field.
the sound of his horse's galloping put him back into the memories of him riding ipona in the forrest to find navi.
he quickly took a fast turn to lon lon ranch sprinting past malon as she waves to him before quickly heading to the market and into the time temple .
he got off his trusty steed and began his way to the large room where the master sword is.
link slowly approached the sword as he flashes back to the first time he walked into the place as a kid years ago , being thrown from on time to another really messes with one's memory , reliving things becomes almost a daily thing.
he steps to the sword putting his hands on the sword , after a quick clench and a pull , the sword is pulled out again after he put it back here for safe keeping , he puts the sword high in the sky before making a war yell to sshake off the nervousness of grabbing the sword again , his hand hold the symbol of the triforce of courage , it shines brightly almost like its reacting to the energy radiating from the sword .
link sheathed the weapon and exited the temple.
link got back on his horse and started making his way to the tournament , the people in the streets sheered for him as ipona galloped leaving behing dust.​


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Cyan looked at Mog and he had hoped their friends would be around. He had his doubts but he knew they’re alive and he clung to that. It was hope that kept him going at least Cyan kept on going further into the ruins. “ I believe they’re alive but I doubt they made it to this realm.” The man mutters, keeping an eye on their surroundings and moving along with Mog in tow. It didn’t take that long for him to spot trouble ahead. He saw Meta Knight fighting sandworms. It seems it’s time to put his sword to use. He charged forward, leaping into the air and coming down at the creatures hard. He utilized his tempest technique it’s four physical attacks. Cyan looked like he was dancing as he used his ability wishing to help Meta Knight. He trusts Mog can use a dance or two, his specialty.

He kept an eye on those worms pumped for the fight. It’s times like these he wishes Sabin was here; he's a beast in battle unable to forget how Sabin suplexed the phantom train it’s definitely a sight to behold indeed. He looked at Mog and Meta Knight expecting them to be able to handle themselves well. Then he glanced at the giant sandworms wondering how much stamina those things have left. He supposed he’ll see for himself. “ Damn things.” Mumbling to himself, he kept on going he’s just getting started.

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"What is this strange creature,Kupo?" Mog asked. He looked at Meta knight. He looked worried,even panicked." Kupooooo! This looks bad. I must do something for the poor creature Kupo! Just hold on Kupo! My dances will help you! What to perform? No time to think Kupo! Let's go with the water harmony. This shall do Kupo!"
The small Moogle danced around Meta Knight,unleashed a soothing magical energy focused on his injured wing.


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Before he could even think of healing, Sora watched as Pichu began to cry. While it was much to the teen's surprise, he could tell it was a good thing. Allowing a grin to appear on his own face, he couldn't help but chuckle at the Pokemon's reaction. It was adorable and warmed his heart, though it made him wonder how long the other had been trapped inside, or even why he had been there in the first place. These were questions he didn't dare ask. For starters, he knew he wouldn't receive a straight answer given the language barrier between people and Pokemon, but more importantly, he didn't want to poke at bad memories. He knew how those could be, and even if they were part of them, he knew sometimes bringing them up brought more pain than good. Maybe later he would ask later, but for now, he'd leave it be. It was better that way. Comforting the electric rodent was more important anyways.

When Pichu began to calm down, the keyblade wielder was prepared to reach out, but stopped himself as he noticed Pokey had beaten him to it. Glancing towards the other boy, Sora gave a small nod of his head. It was a sign of gratefulness, despite it being a small one. As his gaze lingered on the other, he watched as a large backpack was set down. How had he missed something like that before? Yet another thing his mind hadn't been able to focus on in its own panic. That was fine.

Letting Pokey set things up, his blue eyes shifted back to Pichu and he extended his own hand out again. Petting the mouse between his ears, he gently moved his hand down to wipe at the tears under one of his eyes and brush them aside. "You don't have to worry about getting stuck in there again." His voice was soft and matched the expression he wore. It was clear that his words were genuine. In the moment, it was almost as if Sora was a ray of sunshine, shining brightly from his positive vibes. Everything about him screamed pure. "You are free and as long as you're at my side I will do everything in my power to keep you safe because that's what friends do." Moving his hand to the other side of the rodent's face, he brushed the tears away from his other eye before giving him one last scratch above the cheek. "Now let me heal us up and we can eat."

After pulling his hand back, Sora rose to his full height once again and lift his keyblade up, holding it vertically in front of himself. Taking in a sharp breath, he rose the blade up slightly, softly uttering out "heal" as he did. Reacting to his wishes, bells formed on the ends of the key, accompanied by a soft chime from the spell being activated. Seconds later, a faint swirl of soft green light danced around the trio, offering a warming feeling as it swept over the injuries they had taken and rejuvenated their bodies. Smiling at the calming effect it had, a soft sigh of relief managed to slip from Sora's lips. "That should do it!"

With his spell over, the boy allowed the keyblade to vanish from his hand, knowing he no longer needed it. They could relax. With that in mind, he turned his head back towards Pokey and took note of the bag full of food and drinks. Almost as if on cue, his stomach rumbled, causing a chuckle to come from his throat. "Guess I'm hungrier than I thought!"

Moving closer to the bag, Sora lowered himself to the ground before beginning to dig through it. What did he want? He supposed anything would do to satisfy his current hunger. Grabbing one of the sandwiches out along with a can of soda, the teen showed no hesitation to dig in. Happily munching away at the sandwich in hand and occasionally sipping at the soda, he almost missed Pokey's question. It was a good one, though it forced him to stop and think. How long had it been? His memory was still hazy after all, though using what he could remember to estimate was the best he could do.

It had been a year since he had been in the Smash Realm. That had been after he defeated Ansem. His summoning to the realm had delayed his search for Riku and the King, but he could remember searching for them afterwards. That put him out around eleven months from now. Everything after that was a complete blur, and he could only assume something had either happened that he had been forced to forget, or he had been sleeping for around eleven months. Was that even accurate? Sora had no answer to that. It was the best answer he had though.

Rocking back in his spot, the boy extended his legs out as he prepared to offer his response, but it was then that he noticed how short his outfit was on him. He hadn't noticed before, but staring at his legs he did. Had he grown? Maybe he really had been asleep for that long then.

Shaking his head, he snapped from his thoughts and set his sandwich down in his lap. "Honestly, I can't remember everything, but if I had to guess I'd say maybe eleven months or so," he said with a light shrug of his shoulders as if his answer was completely normal. "I don't remember going to sleep, but before I arrived here, I woke up and found out a year had past since I was last here. Crazy, right?"


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“You have my thanks!” Perhaps Meta Knight could have saved his thanks for later, but the fact he was fighting sandworms didn’t seem to deter the knight from introducing himself. “I don’t think I’m this…Kupo you’re looking for. I’m Meta Knight, a kirby from Dream Land.” Now with full flight functions restored, Meta Knight quickly took to introducing the sandworm to the concept of “flight” and how it was useful when fighting sandworms. He did such a drastic lesson by showing the destructive capabilities of an angry kirby sand tornado of murderous sword stabbing. And stabbing except flying. And stabbing, except flying and very, very angry.
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"You're welcome Kupo!" Mog happilly replied. " It's not a friend. Kupo is a speech pattern we Moogles use Kupo!" He noticed Cyan fighthing.
" Mr Cyan needs our help Kupo..." he watched Meta Knight fight. " That was amazing Kupo! " the Moogle added before to join his friends.


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With only Paula’s promise to help get them out of here, Agent Three had no choice but to believe in it as the hammer bros dragged them towards the airship. Would she really be able to set up a Beaken in time? It’s not like there was all that much radio supplies out in the middle of the jungle, and nobody in the group seemed nerdy enough to know how to do that sort of thing either. Agent Three’s eyes lit up only to soon be followed by an even deeper frown. If they had just left a weapon with the team that had the Squid Beaken as it’s special then all of this could have been solved. Just even the tiniest bit of pre planning could have fixed nearly everything about this carp-show of a situation. But instead here they were, being guided along to certain doom by two turtles. Just wonderful.


Three kicked a pebble in frustration.

Well, it wasn’t like they could time travel to an hour prior and change anything now could they?…Actually considering some of the things the other fighters were capable of that might actually be possible. Oh, who were they kidding? It wasn’t like someone was just going to fall out of the sky and save-

Arsene fell from the sky and ripped the two hammer bros away from the inkling, saving her in the nick of time.

Well then, consider Agent Three pleasantly surprised.

Only spending a little bit of time to gawk at the sudden interruption the inkling quickly took the pouring to join in on the fun. Pulling out their ink brush, they’d swat at the two spinning shells like a hockey puck, sending the two flying off into the distance with a mischievous grin on her face.


Looking up to thank the persona, any further words would get cut off by Arsene’s orders. While Joker dealt was in the heat of the battle Agent Three would escape through the underbrush undetected. Quite a sound plan! But the inkling wouldn’t even be able to give a thumbs up of approval as Arsene took to the skies once more, headed straight for the airships. The inkling should’ve escaped right then and there but found themselves too entranced by how the persona viciously began tearing down the airships one by one. Three let out an audible gasp in amazement as a propellor fell from the sky and crashed down below with a loud ‘Kaboom’, further evidence of the sheer strength Arsene and by extension Joker were capable of.

But with such a flashy attack it was no surprise that the minions had finally begun to realize that they were under attack. Bullet Bills and Paratroopas all flew through the sky, aimed directly for the rampaging persona. Even all the way from the ground Inkling could feel the hot flash of the airborne explosions, debris and ash falling to the ground like the world’s worst snow.

As much as they’d love to stick around and watch the show, Inkling took it as a sign that they definitely should get to escaping the heck out of there. They’d make their way towards the underbrush, swapping out the Inkbrush for their Splattershot when another voice earned the inkling’s attention. Unfortunately, this one didn’t bring any sort of good news.


Yep, definitely bad news.

Agent Three turned to the source of the noise and of course it was no one other than the walking pajama wearing turd himself, Private Goomp. The same Private Goomp that had ordered his minions to attack her and her friends. The same Private Goomp who was pretty much the whole reason why she was bonked with hammers, set on fire, and then kidnapped to top it all off. The same Private Goomp who was going to get his little heinie kicked in for being nothing but a no good lying-


The sudden gunshot was enough to distract the little Goomba from his charge, unfortunately putting him out of range of getting a blaster in the face. Still, as much as they were looking forward to getting payback, this seemed to be about as good of a chance they’d get at escape, so Inkling would be a total fool not to take it and get the heck out of there. They would immediately sprint towards the underbrush Arsene had pointed towards without a moment to lose. They’d nearly make it over but of course something else would pop up and put their escape on hold.

Kamek had finally caught wind of the escape and even from the ground the inkling could tell he wasn’t pleased in the slightest. Or more accurately, now they weren’t pleased, as inkling watched the wizard magically clone himself to deal with the rampaging persona. This appeared to be enough to inspire the other troops and the standstill devolved into complete and utter chaos. All of the little minions began to rush over to the thief, to the point where the Inkling could no longer make him out under all of the enemies squirming against each other to get a hit in. While a few enemies had remembered inkling’s current escape attempt, barely any of them were able to worm their way out of the charging horde, as it looked like they could barely even move in the crowd. While the crowd wasn’t as terrible as the infamous Low Water Party rave at the metro (Not much could beat sixty million ravenous attendees) it was still nothing to laugh at either, especially when that crowd was looking to tear Joker to pieces!

There was no way Agent Three could forgive themself if they just abandoned Joker to the sea of minions, so despite the path to freedom being laid out right in front of them, they’d abandon it in favor of saving their friend. While a noble cause, it was going to be easier said than done. After all, now they had to get through this mess of a crowd.

Pulling out a Splat Bomb, the inkling hurled it towards the crowd, a bright explosion of orange ink forcing open a small dent within the crowd. While it was nowhere near enough to reach Joker, it was still a start nonetheless. But, of course she got interrupted for the millionth time, this time by a booger colored shy guy charging right towards her.

That’s it, she’s through with this carp! Fullying intending to drop kick the shy guy as soon as he got near, the minion would only be saved from such a humiliating display by Paula’s voicing ringing within Agent Three’s brain.

[Inkling? It’s Paula again. Is this it? Did I set it up right?]

Were they hearing Paula right? Because there was no way she ACTUALLY somehow managed to get it up…right?

Agent Three hurriedly ripped their phone out from their pocket and pulled up their map, seeing a Squid Beaken icon just begging from them to press. Agent Three didn’t have a single clue of how the heck Paula was able to pull that off but they certainly weren’t going to complain.


Agent Three grinned. It was time to get out of here.

Not even paying a single thought to the still charging shy guy, Agent Three sprinted towards the army, simply side stepping out of shy guy’s path. Another Splat Bomb would appear in their hands before being swiftly thrown into the crowd of minions. As soon as it went off ink spilled out all over the ground, letting her easily slip into squid form and begin swimming over where she assumed Joker was. However avoiding getting stepped on by the enemies wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do as Three zigzagged between the hundreds of legs within the crowd. When a red shelled Koopa did end up stepping on them, the inkling yelped in surprise and came out of squid form right under him. They’d use their blaster to send the Koopa flying into the air but soon found themselves as squashed in the crowd as all of the other minions there.

When Agent Three felt their feet lift up from the ground against their will they knew that this was bad, real bad. Desperately the agent tried to wiggle themselves out by pushing the surrounding minions away, only to get violently shoved back themself. When it was clear being in kid form would only make things unnecessarily difficult, Agent Three slipped back into squid form, continuing to hurriedly swim for any signs of Joker. Still seeing no sign of the thief, Agent Three had little other choice but to try and get Joker to come over instead.

Braving the crowds once more, she shouted out, “WIS WAE!” and began violently squid bagging to try and get his attention.
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