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Do you prefer subbed or dubbed anime?

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    Votes: 113 68.5%
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Magic Eight Ball

Am I the only person who thinks that (after listening to both), English voice-overs sound absolutely horrid, and so unrefined?

I don't know why, but it has always been this way for me. I enjoyed FMA's dub, but that's only because I saw it prior to checking out the sub, probably.
I prefer subbed, I'm not religiously against it though. A lot of dubs ARE bad, but if I hear the dubbed is good and I end up liking the voices, I'll watch it dubbed instead.

Critic Ham

Pundit too Angry to Die
I'm a person that doesn't mind sub or dub. I do prefer dubbed as I find it difficult to read the subtitles and watch the action at the same time, but if the dub isn't good, I'll watch it subbed.
Ive gotten to the point where I dont mind either but if i want to be doing something else while watching it then of course i would try to choose dubbed because if not i loose the story and progress on whatever else im working on.


The mightiest Potato
I personally watch it with subtitles because I got used to it, and I don't know if its just me or not but I had the bad experience to watch a few dubbed animes where the voices creeped me out in concordance with the characters appearance and personality. SO yeah I've been watching anime with subtitles for 12 years can't change that now, plus listening to the original helps me learn the language.


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There are a few occasions where I prefer dubbed over subbed (typically when it's dialogue-heavy), but often I've found that the original VAs do a much better job.


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It totally depends on the anime. With Black clover definitely dubbed, the blond's voice was so screechy in the subbed version it gave me shudders. But with Black butler I preferred dubbed because i loved the voice of J Michael Tatum so much.


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Both. I feel like dubbed is something that's 'cool to hate' for some, but in truth if it's good I see no reason to bash it. Some dubs easily do surpass the originals (ex. Black Lagoon, Ghost Stories). At the same time, there are some that are... Eh...
Subbed all the way dudes, dubbed anime is just not as cool. It's not deserving of all the hate but subbed all the way, sometimes dubbed can be cringy and you don't get the cringe when it's a foreign language like Japanese.
As much as one can appreciate the English language I find that subbed anime usually is better as it has the original intended voices. While many dubs I meet are often inferior or if they aren't inferior they make suitable substitutes. (Suitable inferring that they are almost equal but the sub is still better objectively)
Dubs, no matter what. I refuse to listen to Japanese because I just hate the way the language sounds and the way they speak. They make everything sound dramatic and like their screaming all the time. I hate it. Also, I watch an anime to watch the actual show and the story, not to sit there and read subtitles that go by too fast anyway. I can't watch the anime AND read subtitles at the same time. I speak English, and so I will watch in English, no exceptions.
I used to watch dubbed. Changed to subbed. I much prefer their voices. Voice acting is better. It sounds more real. And there's much more emotion. The voices they use in English Dub can sometimes be annoying. There are some that are done really well, but I still prefer subbed.

Reading and watching at the same time has become second nature after awhile.


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Subbed 100%. My problem is that dub actors almost never sound like they're talking naturally, and that the Japanese voices fit better for their characters.


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ah, it just depends on what i find first and if im watching with someone else. typically, i prefer subs, but if i find a dub first and happen to like how it sounds (such as bungou stray dogs, as hulu only had the dub up for a while), i have no problem watching the dub. the problem arises when hulu kicks my ass and decides to switch from dub to sub and i have to start searching for the dub online, because i cant just abruptly switch languages like that.

if im watching with other people (except for my siblings, who dont get an opinion here), ill always go with the dub, unless its a really bad one. because i know a lot of people arent as used to reading those long ass sentences and still catching whats going on.

goddamn hulu just removing the bungou stray dogs dub overnight

theres also cases like ouran highschool host club where some things just make more sense in the sub, such as haruhi saying shess switch from using "watashi" to "boku" to seem more masculine, and in the dub they had to change that to saying shell call people "dude and bro", which irked me even when i watched it the first time. because nobody fucking does that.


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Personally whichever I watch the specific anime in first is the one I go with. Example I watched Sword art online in dub so the sub just sounds off, and I watched Tokyo Ghoul in sub and I can't stand the dub!

It's not the language that sounds off either it's just the change in voice that puts me off 😅

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