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Do you prefer subbed or dubbed anime?

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    Votes: 117 68.8%
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    Votes: 53 31.2%

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Surprise surprise I prefer subs. While I have seen a lot of good dubs that I'll watch, I think Japanese is such a language that some jokes don't make much sense when they're translated into English simply because we don't have the same way of speaking that they do. It's made very clear in a lot of the anime I watch. Plus Japanese just tends to sound nicer.


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My usual motto is if the dub is bad watch the sub, so really it depends on the series for me even though I prefer dubs.


I don't really mind either but I do go for dubbed. But if it isn't out i'm not going to get all mad about like some people do. The anime is already out and I don't mind reading it. I do honestly thing the subbed version is way more dramatic and funny. Japanese people don't screw around when it comes to anime <3


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To me, the subbed version sounds more natural, and in most genres of anime, it tends to fit better with the scene (e.g. the way the characters interact sounds far from the original in sub). This isn't always true, though; there are, of course, the few dubs that I do like. Then again, it's really based off of your opinion. I started off with watching subbed anime, which is probably why I'm more used to it.


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I prefer subbed anime because I feel if you need to watch it dubbed you are not giving it enough attention for one and two you are diluting the culture value of anime by not trying to pick up some of the language. I learned a good amount of japanese from anime and it is pretty applicable


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Subtitles are my way to go. To me, everything sounds natural and original, considering anime's main audience is the Japanese, so Japanese voice actors will usually perform better than English voice actors (dubbers). I'm not denying some dubs are better than subs though.


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i prefer subbed. for some reason a lot of the time hearing dubbed voices just usually seems really.....bizarre in animes.


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Well subbed because it gives more information and emotions with the original actors but with dubbed...
*shivers* Dubbed anime gives less emotion and sometimes changes the voices to nasty voices that dont suit the character they also change the words from what they are saying.


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I used to kind of choose based on what language the characters would most likely speak. For example, if a show's set in Japan, I'd watch it subtitled as it'd make most sense for the characters to be speaking Japanese. But nowadays I don't really have much of a preference and will gladly watch both dubbed and subbed series. Though with shows I enjoy rewatching having multiple voice tracks to choose from definitely helps with the rewatch value.


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Subbed. I can't remember watching an anime where I agreed with the dub asides from the pt-br version of Yu Yu Hakusho.


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I always go for sub. There are very few shows where I genuinely enjoy the dubbed versions. Inuyasha, Bleach, and Naruto are some examples, although there are a couple of voices I don't like, of course.

Aya Akatsuki

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I, as many, also prefer sub. There were some great dubs out there as well like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in my opinion, and Studio Ghibli films as mentioned. Did you guys know that Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) dubbed the antagonist in Castle in the Sky?


usually I watch subbed anime, but there are definitely some dubs out there that are well done. I actually preferred the dubbed version of Space Dandy, for example, and of course the English dub of Ghost Stories is legendary lol.


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Agreed with what many people say here XD Subbed all the way! But there are some dubs that are actually very nice to listen to.

For me, Japanese VAs just have... more emotion. And half of the time I listen to an English dub for anime (anime only mind you, they somehow actually TRY with American stuff), it just sounds so... fake 8'D
Baccano!, the Professor Layton movie... Samurai Champloo--they have pretty great dubs ;'> I'll willingly listen to those!

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