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Multiple Settings Song-Birbs, RP Emporium (1x1 RP ideas)


Welcome to Song Birb's Emporium!

We've got plenty of RP's in stock, and can special order (Come up with other scenes) anything at a DISCOUNTED rate!

have a look around, and *PM me* if you have any questions~

RP style: Generally anywhere from a few paragraphs to a few pages. I'm flexible, but anything under five sentences will catch a stink eye.
Setting Preferences: Anything with a good story, anything either medieval or set in the 1800's will tickle my fancy though
Character Preferences: Generally always a male, (As I am one, shocker) But other than that, anything works


Love, can be a fickle thing. It can outlast the harshest arguments, the longest of distances, and even death itself. After her Life long love was taken from her, a woman set about a dark path…learning evil spells and incantations, working for years to train herself to it. She forgone everything else in life, barely slept, ate, moved. Only did what was absolutely necessary to gain her love back. And on that fateful day, after a full week of writing ruins along her destroyed house, resisting spell after spell, and lighting enough candles to engulf a town in light, she summoned it!!!! But what came through that demonic portal was not her love…What came through that portal, was an entirely different being…She had brought a demon, a powerful demon, into the world. And only God above could know whether she could keep her mistake from destroying not only her town, but herself…

The world can look so different. How the common man looks at bread for instance, as apposed to Royalty gazing at the same plate. Or how war, to a soldier must look, as apposed to the general directing him.
A royal rarely every mans a campaign themselves, but when Lady Delilah was given her own kingdom, more specifically, after the death of her husband, she took to command. Her training would be hard, she would have to shift her view of the world, of war, of men. But she was determined to seek greater power. To sit apon a greater throne. As she began to bolster her army, she would need solders in the know, and a general that she could trust. As she looked around, through the various schools she came apon a young officer, a man just at her age. And through this chance encounter, she found exactly what she was looking for. The pair would go on to do great things, suffer great losses, and find glory in the darkest of places.

Isolation…The cold of deep space was easy enough to get used to. The unforgiving, unending nature of the stars to an Engineer is comforting. But he was an Operator, the lone human in a vast automated needed tasked to check for “Human error” in the machines. Anything the computers wouldn’t pick up. Yet most of his days were spent, alone, entertaining himself with bobbles and books. He had wished for one companion, maybe one of the fancy androids, or a conversational robot, a plant even. He dared to ask the stars for a human to happen by his outpost, or better yet, for his next job to be in a colony. And he just so happened to get his wish. A lone ship appeared on radar, and seemed damaged. What the engineer didn’t know, was that an outlaw lay inside…An armed, chased, outlaw. Wishes, it seems, always come with a cavoite…

A vampire, a Count bored to tears within their vast mansion. They have humans a plenty to feed on, the chase oft' bores them now, and simply put, they are isolated from the politics of their family in the underworld. Sullen songs fill the vast halls, from the mouth of a dangerous devil, wishing simply for better conquest... When, admist one of their many serenades in the dark, they detect a human... Some human had found their manor that lay miles and miles in the untamed forest... an inquisitive, seemingly brave human... Or, to the vampire, perhaps something to keep their interest for more than a day. They take to playing with the human, in whatever form they choose. But the road the vampire turns onto is a dangerous one. As their mansion holds power a plenty. And should this human be left unchecked. it could mark the end for such a demon. But love and war bloom in strange places~

The sorcerer had seen better days...they had been cast out from their College, tossed out of their town, and soon after, being hunted by Knights...All for just dabbling in necromancy, tsk tsk. The world is a fickle place. Scorn from society, the Sorcerer turns to the vast mountain range, and aims to make a place to hide away. Surely the mess would blow over, surely they would be back in their college by the next moon...and so, using minor spells they erected a small shack and lay in wait. The next moon came, the Sorcerer returned to town, and nearly was run-through by the blade of a town guard. It was obvious then that their life had changed...Returning to the shack, sullen and forlorn, they took to improving it into a cottage. But as the days went on, the forlorn-ed feelings turned to anger, and curiosity. "What secrets did dark magic hold? why should someone be kept from it?" And soon the sorcerer went down the same path that so many before them had...
But all the while, another looked through the window pains of the cottage, eyeing the young sorcerer with wicked glee. A ray of light was all it seemed to be. But in truth, it was a powerful being of the forest, one known for its trickery, its deception, and keen ability to mess with the minds of humans. And it was growing an unhealthy curiosity over this new face in the mountain air.


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Dangerous Mockery sounds interesting to try out! I also have a few questions about it, if you don’t mind me asking?


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Hello!! I’d be interested in rping with you! I have a thread up here in the search for some of my ideas as well :closed eyes open smile:

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