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Fandom Small list of unusual cravings~ (FFXV, Bleach, KnB, etc.)

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Hey everyone! At the moment, I'm currently looking for things I haven't really done before.
Because of that, there might not be that many pairings listed, or they won't be very popular ones (hence my weird tastes)...
But here's hoping I'll find some partners nonetheless!

I do Canon x Canon (usually MxF with me taking on the female role) and Canon x OC doubling.
While I prefer MxF for my side, I'd also be willing to do MxM or FxF for yours.

Just a few rules:
- I prefer to roleplay via PM only.
- I love detailed posts, but quality > quantity! I typically write around 1-4 paragraphs average.
- Not too strict on grammar or mistakes, as long as it's readable!
- I try to reply daily, but life does tend to get in the way a lot. Please have patience!
- I'm ditch friendly! I understand unpredictable things can/will happen.
- No need to be perfect with character portrayals. Let's just do our best?
- I can play NPCs/side characters if and when needed.
- I may not be the best at some AUs but I'm open to them, so feel free to ask!
- Most of all, let's just have fun together!

Key for the list below:
- Underlined = my preferred role
- Exclamation mark (!) = slightly bigger craving
- Question mark (?) = may be interested with the right plot/execution
- Crossed out = taken by someone/a few already so chances are it's closed at the moment


Black Clover (not fully caught up):
Grey x Gauche (!)
Klaus x OC
Noelle x Kahono (?)
Yuno x Charmy (?)
Yuno x Asta
Finral x Vanessa (?)

Bleach (pre-timeskip):
Uryu x Nemu (!)
Uryu x OC (?)
Ryuken x OC

Corpse Party (main games 1-3):
Yoshiki x Ayumi (!)
Kizami x Kurosaki
x Kuon (strictly platonic)
Morishige x Mayu (?)
Yoshiki x OC
Morishige x OC

Byakuya x OC (!)
Byakuya x Fukawa/Genocider
Ask about other pairings (?)

Danganronpa V3:
Gonta x Tsumugi
x Rantaro (!)
Shuichi x Maki (?)
Kaito x Maki (?)

Durarara!! (anime only):
Saki x Masaomi (!)
Kasuka x Shizuo (strictly platonic)
Chikage x Non
Chikage x OC

Final Fantasy XV (didn't play Ardyn's DLC yet):
Ignis x OC (!)
Ignis x Gladio
Noctis x Prompto (?)
Luna x Noctis (?)
Ignis x Noctis (?)
Iris x Noctis
Ignis x Iris
x Gladio (?)
Prompto x Cindy
Aranea x Prompto
Aranea x Ignis (?)

Fire Emblem Fates/Warriors:
Takumi x OC (!)
Xander x OC
Ask about other pairings (?)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!:
Byakuran x OC (!)
Hibari x OC
Mukuro x OC
x Gokudera (!)
Haru x Hibari
Mukuro x Chrome (?)
Hibari x Chrome

Kuroko no Basuke:
Midorima x OC (!)
Nash x OC
Wakamatsu x Sakurai (!)
Sakurai x Aomine
Sakurai x Momoi
Aomine x Momoi (!)
Kagami x Himuro
Kagami x Kuroko (?)
Mayuzumi x Akashi

Persona 4:
Yosuke x Yukiko (?)
Shadow Yosuke x Shadow Yukiko
Yosuke x OC
Sho x OC
x Dojima
Adachi x Sho
Yu x Ai (?)
Kou x Ai

Persona 5 (anime only):
Joker x OC
Yusuke x OC (!)
Yusuke x Hifumi (!)
Haru x Suggest (?)
Mishima x Shiho
Ann x Shiho (?)

Rabbit Doubt:
Haruka x Eiji (!)
Eiji x Yu
Hajime x Eiji (!)
Hajime x Haruka (!)
Yu x Haruka
Yu x Rei
Rei x Haruka
Eiji x Rei
Hajime x OC (!)
Eiji x OC

Resident Evil (RE2Make - RE7, Chronicles):
Leon x OC (!)
Leon x Ashley (!)
Leon x Manuela (!)
Chris x Sheva
Jill x Sheva (?)
Leon x Manuela x Krauser
Ashley x Ada
Claire x Steve (!)
Billy x Rebecca (?)

Sengoku Basara:
Oichi x Masamune (!)
Oichi x Nagamasa
Masamune x Kojiro (?)
Tsuruhime x Oichi
x Kotaro (!)
Kasuga x Sasuke (?)
Kasuga x Kenshin

Sweet Fuse:
Shidou x OC

Togainu no Chi (anime only):
Akira x Rin
Akira x Keisuke (!)
Keisuke x Rin (!)
Shiki x Rin
Rin x Kazui

If interested, please PM me instead of posting here if you can! Thanks everyone! ^_^
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