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silver & iron


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Yeah, I dunno. I get planning what may happen in 1x1 RPs romance wise if that's a major point of the RP, but for group RPs, I prefer seeing all the characters and how they may work together. (Including OOC dynamic of the people, but that's more a personal thing.) Plus it's fun to have these two characters grow close with no pre-meditation to fall in love together
But at the same time, if that's what gets your rocks off, have fun lmao
Hey does anyone have any ideas for gender? I dont wanna make it technical but idk which one of mine to use and I wanna keep it sorta equal lol
@xxxtentacion Hey! I have a question, just because I'm a bit stubborn about my code and I really want to use it. I can't do huge paragraphs in the code itself (Don't worry, I can pump out a mean few paragraphs of RP) but I was wondering, if I have several main traits of personalities listed out with gauges to represent how much they relate to my character, is that alright? If not, I'll just write out her personality outside the code for the sake of keeping it pretty.

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