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The Charmer
Hello hello!

I am Shib or Shibbie, and I guess I should give you a little information about me. I'm a 23 year old college student currently out working on a Co-op. I've been Rping on and off for 8 or so years, on MMOs, forums and many other random places over the years. I consider myself an intermediate to advanced writer when in character, and prefer somewhat of the same from my partners. I can write a ton, usually at least 3 to 4 chonky paragraphs and have written up to 10+ when I get into it. I don't expect you to do the same, but at least a few would be nice. ( I get writers block happens and sometimes there isn't enough to get more than a couple small paragraphs )

I have no real idea how to make a good search post so I guess i'll just go with some things I'd be looking for in a partner:

1: 18+ please. Even if the plot doesn't have romance or dark themes, I would be more comfortable writing with someone closer to my age.

2: Write with me! Meaning advance the plot with me, world build with me, flesh out characters and thoughts with me. I hate feeling like I'm the only one invested or I'm just getting left behind in the writing.

3: Dropping is cool, I'd prefer a heads up but I get sometimes losing interest happens!

4: Romance is not required, but heavily preferred as an addition to the story. I don't usually like slice of life with only romance, but something on the side is something I always like.
* I usually only do MxF, and I prefer writing as the male. This is just what I'm comfortable writing as at the moment as I'm just coming off of a break.

5: Ooc is always fun, but also not really required. I love making new friends ^^

6: I don't always, but I can double. However I love world building, and that includes making persistent side characters sometimes that may show up more than once. You're more than welcome to do the same!

7: As said above, i prefer to write with other at least semi serious writers. I get grammer, and speling mistakes can happen, and I'm no English major myself. But I'd like a decent amount of writing in replies while being able to at least understand what you're trying to say.

I think that's it? I'll update it if I think of anything else. Now for the fun stuff, the plots:

It has been a few years since the Fall, when one of the global super powers used an untested chemical weapon in a last ditch effort to win a global war. Unknown to them, the chemical weapon caused a disease that spread like a plague by blood. The disease was a degenerative one, slowly killing most of the brain and turning the host into a mindless zombie that would attempt to attack and eat any other viable host for the disease. The world plunged into chaos as the fabled zombie apocalypse seemed to actually be real.

A few years have passed since then in this plot. The world state at an almost absolute bottom. Cities remain almost untouched as hordes upon hordes of the undead roam the streets, overwhelming any who try to plunder for loot deep inside. That doesn't stop some from trying however. What humans remain have started to rebuild, many small encampments have started to spring up into life - some more successful than others. But as areas resources start to shrink, it isn't uncommon for turf wars to break out, sometimes to small scale wars.

So this is just kind of the basic world setup. We can flesh a lot of this out, I figured the main plot would be eventually something like trying to take back a city completely or something? My thoughts for the main characters could be like, muse A finds muse B hiding somewhere, turns out they're from opposite factions. Or Muse A trying to join Muse B's faction and muse B shows them the ropes. There could be a lot of interesting pairings, I think and I'm always down for some spook zombie plots. :)

In this modern AU, people are born into the world with another resource in their bodies, mana. Everyone has different mana, though it's partially genetic. As people grow older, usually around 12 or 13, they begin to mature enough to be able to control it. Some have more control over others, and some lack the ability to control it at all. As time went on, families with stronger magic began to be treated like pseudo royalty, sitting above the rest. Kingdoms with more of these families often looked to conquer and wage war against those with less, flexing their power over others with swift might.

In the kingdom of Fuire when kids age into late teens and early adults, if they have strong magic or are from a royal family they are drafted into the military in hopes to defend their smaller kingdom from the larger ones encroaching on their land. Many of the larger kingdoms had wanted to take over Fuire for it's vast resources, but it's strong coastline and mountainous border made it a natural defensible position and they had held onto their lands after warring and skirmishes for hundreds of years.

Muse A and B are both from Fuire, and both from strong royal blood. However, their families have never gotten along and have been prone to fights in the past. When they both get drafted into the military on the same squad, will their families past and their quite differing lifestyle and personalities cause harm to their squad? Or will they be able to work together to hold against the next great war against them? Find out next time on dragonba-

I have a ton more ideas, but I'm just gonna drop these two for now. I'll update over the next few days with more plots, and bump when I do. I know these aren't super well written out, and I'll hope you'll forgive me. I typed them up quick and I'm kind of sloppy OOC. If you're interested ( for some reason ) Dm me or drop a reply on here if you need me to Dm you! If you think you have a plot that I might be interested also feel free to send it my way, just fair warning I don't do any fandoms really (World building is too fun for me).

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