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Servants of Dawn - IC

Gurwin looks over at Copper and says, "The danger of dealing with undead is that while I may be a cleric, I am not sufficiently powerful to be able to turn most undead. If it does involve us facing off against undead, we will have few options besides simply attacking them and hope we can best them in straight combat."
Copper flicked her tail around and read the quest list again. “It doesn’t say anything about battling undead, just escorting a priest to sanctify the land. The intent is to stop the dead from rising. I believe the many of us can defend a single man. That is all I will say on this.”
Gurwin thinks for a moment, trying to picture the map of the local area in his mind.

OOC Which one is a closer trip? The goblins, or escorting the priest?
Fletcher narrowed his eyes at Copper for a moment. What was going on with this little dragonborn? Didn't she say a moment ago that the graveyard could be overrun with undead if neglected? Does she know something? Maybe I'm being paranoid. He looked to Gurwin, "Well it's good to know we have a cleric nearby. some holiness is always handy." He looked back down at the two quests on the sheet, "An escort could be an easy reward..."

((Can I insight check Copper? Fletcher thinks it's weird she wants to hit the graveyard when the reward for the other quest is higher))
Copper had said that if neglected the dead would rise, not that they have risen. Though from her insistence, Fletcher might be inclined to believe she was trying to avoid what would be all-out warfare against goblins and take a job that might succeed peacefully.
Fletcher shrugged and took another sip of his drink. The little wizard mentioned she was a coward by nature. It made sense that she would want to go for the safer of the two quests. He gave Copper a wink before glancing back down at the sign up sheet, "Well....Maybe a goblin raid is a little dangerous. I don't know about you guys, but I am not much of a fighter. Not in any serious capacity anyway." Fletcher said, gesturing to his wooden walking stick. It had some heft but it’s no steel blade. His new companions seemed more protected with their shiny armor and deadly looking bow.

((How are we handling travel, Sour?))
Copper shrugged and lowered her head a little. She saw the wink and felt a little bad for changing his mind. “Goblins are also dangerous... I need to stop being so cowardly. My fire and acid is strong enough. I can’t be a hero if I let them scare me. I- I change my vote! They want us to bring the light, right? We can deal with the curse later. The goblins are a bigger problem.”
Copper also votes for goblins.

“There’s a spot here for group leader. Who is our leader?” Copper asked reading the signup sheet again. She looked around the table for a candidate.
Aldarian says, "Well, it would seem that we are going goblin slaying. As for our leader?" She looks about the table, then says, "I would be willing to take on that mantle. At least for now. If it turns out to be that you don't like the decisions I choose to make, we can reevaluate the question. Is there anyone objectionable to this?"
Gurwin laughs. "Just so long as it is not me. People get uptight when dealing with someone that is hiding their face, and when I take off my mask, people run. Either way, not a good thing to have happen when trying to negotiate something. I have no objections to following you."
Fletcher smiled and nodded when the little dragonborn decided to change to the more dangerous mission. He would feel pretty bad is she ended up skewed by tiny spears. When the question of a leader comes up, Fletcher remained silent. He listened to trees and the wind and such. That sort of deision making didn't usually go very well in a group. He was relieved when Aldarian volunteered to be their leader.
"Sounds like a plan" he said with a grin.
Aldarian smiles. "I understand, friend Gurwin. Our other option is for us to look to the paladin of the group to be our voice. Carric, we haven't heard from you yet. Would you like the mantle of leadership, or would you rather have me take the role? I will not be offended if you wish to step forward, I promise."

Rusty of Shackleford Rusty of Shackleford
Gurwin shrugs. "As I said, for reasons that are obvious, I am not going to put my hat into the ring to lead this party. Be it our resident paladin or our ranger, either one would be a better choice than I for leader. Which one of you want the job?"
From inside the kitchen came yelling for someone to get out. Out of the kitchen comes a woman who stands just a hair under 4 feet looking cross carrying a mug of ale. She pauses a fuming moment before poking her head back in the kitchen.
"Look, I'm sorry for calling your stew dish water." Lyra calls in. "I was trying to point out the flavor might be better with some simple herbs and spices. And maybe don't boil the hells out of the meat, eh?"
The Kender scoots off from the kitchen door, avoiding any reply. She takes a pull from her half pint of ale as she heads for her old table, but pauses as she takes in the new group of peculiar clientele. A smile forms on her lips as a her eyes alight on the sign up sheet they were looking over.
"Would you be the Dawners I'm looking for?" Lyra asks in a lilting accent.
She comes over, pulling an amulet from under her armor. She presents the emblem of the Servants of Dawn on the chain, nestled behind a symbol of Selûne.
"Name's Lyra Goodberry, Paladin of Selûne, pleasure to meet you all."
Aldarian nods. "Yes, indeed. Well met, Lyra Goodberry. I am Aldarian Silverhair, and I greet you. Why don't you pull up a seat and join us? We were discussing one of two options to take up in order to help the people around here. One is to deal with a horde of goblins that have taken up residence in a nearby fort, and the other is to escort a fellow to deal with a haunted graveyard. We were leaning more towards the goblins. Oh, and we were also discussing the role of team leader, and I had offered to take on the responsibility."
The masked man looks over at Lyra and says, "I am Gurwin, cleric of Sune, and I also welcome you to our table."
Copper smiled at the new arrival. She seemed a friendly and approachable sort. This new person had all the markings of a heroic knight in her outfit. The Dragonborn leaned forward excitedly.

“We’re grateful for any help, brave knight” she said. “I was saying how the cursed graveyard is a problem not to let fester, but goblins are a more immediate threat. Oh, I’m Copper by the way.” She waved.
While the party still deliberated over which would be considered leader, Fletcher's eyes scanned the tavern they were seated in. There were a wide assortment of travelers and residents enjoying their night. A small argument was evolving into a scrap in the corner when another bout of shouting caught his attention. From the kitchen, a shorter woman in gleaming armor stumbled through the kitchen door and shouted something back at those working in the back. He narrowed his eyes with concentration as something about this woman was familiar.

As she sauntered up and introduced herself, that's when it clicked,

"You! It's you" He exclaimed, pointing at the woman with a grin, "A few months ago? You were looking for some kind of root...Coparnia, I think? I know I wasn't much help, did you ever find it?" He was aware that he was hitting her with a torrent of questions but he couldn't help it. While his nomadic life is fulfilling its own way, he still gets excited to see a familiar face.
Lyra opens her mouth to answer the various greetings she received when Fletcher's catches her off guard. She takes a moment to study his face before it comes back to her.
"Oh yes! Fletcher, wasn't it?" She greets. "Sadly no. Though considering I was confusing it for a cooking herb, it's probably all for the best."
Half turning, she advances to grab an chair from an empty table. Dragging the chair over appears not a problem, though a little awkward due to her size.
"Anyway, nice to meet everyone." She says as she finally takes her seat. "Glad to see the Dawners still recruiting from all walks of life. So, we're smacking some gobbos, I'm always down for that. As for leader, I've been told I'm good at bossing people around and taking the heat. Not sure about tactics as such, but I'm willing to learn if you want to try."

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