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Semita Sanctus Interest Check (Medieval Church-Adventure-Thingy)

Okay, so I want some opinions on this idea I had-

So, I was thinking of some possibly fun/dramatic historical roleplay ideas, and I was basically landed on- "How about something with the medieval catholic church?" All the drama, curruption, infighting, and wavering alliances to god, the pope, kings or gold may make for some interesting situations. And then I began to think about what might make it even more dramatic. Mission work. Not like a bunch of Mormons swarming to your door at 7AM demanding that you acknowledge Jesus was some kind of real American hero, no, no. I was thinking about the much more political type of this work we can find in the European Middle Ages. Where normally conversion would come by alliance, marriage, coin, or even the sword, and was generally less spiritual in nature than the modern world is used to. So, I'm proposing a roleplay centered around a group of Catholic missionaries (probably only 2 or 3, depending on how many people join, then maybe more) and their mission to the court of a "pagan" ruler to initially convert, but slowly get more and more tangled up in the local conflicts, intrigue, and politics. I'm up to suggestions and I'll also need people to play both christian and non-christian characters (we'll start the RP once we have at least 4 people). Here's the scenarios that I though would work well-

1. 1220 AD- Court of Grand Duke Mindaugas of Lithuania- one of the largest and most successful pagan rulers in northern Europe, constantly in conflict with the Teutonic Knights and Livonian Order (Northern German Crusaders), total war is imminent between the two forces. The missionaries would be sent from either monastic order and have the ultimate goal of conversion on Lithuania and thus stopping the oncoming war. Others will be members of the Lithuanian court.

2. 593 AD- Court of King Æthelfrith of Bernicia- An ambitious Angle petty king who has just ascended to the throne of a group of Germanic invaders from continental Europe. He has plans of overrunning his (mostly) christian, Celtic neighbors in northern Britain and the other "pagan" kingdom of Deira to the south. Missionary characters will be either Frankish missionaries from the continent coming to the British Isles, or more local Irish missionaries. Others will be members of the court of the warrior-king Æthelfrith.

3. 970 AD- Court of Géza, Grand Khan of the Hungarian Confederation- Géza is a merciless ruler who is known as manipulative and brutal, slowly conducting a purge of his family and court. His horse-archer horde of warriors pulled from the Magyar (Hungarian) tribes under his banner have been ruthlessly sacking his neighbors (primarily Bavaria) for loot and prestige. However due to the large population of Christians under his rule and pressure from Otto, the Holy Roman Emperor has caused him to have a generally passive attitude to Christians (including missionaries) entering his confederation. In order to give rest to central Europe, the Hungarians must be pacified through faith or blade. Missionary characters will most likely be from the Holy Roman Empire or Croatia. Non-missionaries can either be members of the court or powerful, semi-autonomous, tribal, Magyar leaders under Géza that happens to be at his court.

So, make sure to tell me which one sounds the most fun to you, and from that I'll make a decision on which scenario we'll be doing. Thanks, and make sure to tell me if you're interested in this roleplay!

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