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Seduction of a Maia | A Very Niche Search


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Hey there, I'm Deum and this a very very niche search thread I don't plan on bumping very often.
Why do I think it's so niche?
Because it's for one pairing. In a fandom I don't see anyone talk about anymore, because it's old as hell.


So here we go- a very micro The Silmarillion search.
For Melkor/Morgoth and Marion/Sauron specifically.
This will literally be the most condensed search I've ever made.
Setting? Doesn't matter too much- whether we just write in the original setting or shove them into a different one is free game.
Mostly, I'm just craving fluff of two Dark Lords being in love and dealing with shit together, and my half-written fics I never finished aren't scratching that itch well enough.
Either roll is also free game- I've written for both before and I will inevitably do so again, so.

(Alternatively, I'd also be open to writing Marion x someone elses OC- though it is slightly less of a craving.)

So while I feel like this is a long-shot- here's my writing requirements anyway.

+ 18+ is kind of a must- I just don't feel comfortable writing with someone too much younger than me.
+ I have lots of work on a fluctuating schedule- sometimes I might be able to post daily, but for the most part- expect once a week on average.
+ I RP strictly in PMs here, with a separate channel for RP and OOC talk- please don't be afraid to chat and actually plan with me. I'm not intimidating, promise.
+ I consider myself a fairly advanced writer and tend to give 500+ word posts consistently, but I'm not gonna hassle you for length. I only ask that you help keep things moving and have fun- give me a bit on description and fluff to read. Make it fun. Length literally does not matter to me.
+ Lastly, even though I'm craving romance for the moment- I still have a leaning toward plot over romance, and natural romances are a must for me to enjoy it. Nothing instant/love at first sight if we're writing the start of a relationship.

That's all, though- let's see if this goes anywhere.
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Very small bump with (very) minor edits
I'll put more effort into this thread eventually probably


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A very small bump while I finish up the last post on my queue. I'll probably touch this up later tonight, but oh well.

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