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Fandom Searching for Miyamura and Ban!! {CRAVING}


The Duck Overlord

For my main 1x1 thread, go HERE if you're really interested in seeing just how crazy I am.

"Those are attractive individuals," you might be saying. And you might be right. Try as I might, I can never find anyone who will do me a solid and sate my Toranosuke Miyamura fix. (He's from Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches). I have an idea for an OC, but I kinda need Miyamura to see it through.

As for my Fox Sin of Greed Ban craving... Well, since I believe him and Elaine to be so incredibly OTP it hurts my soul, that would have to be an AU or alternate storyline. Either way, I love him and his abs his voice, thus my craving.

I only ask that if you're interested in doing this with me, you're fine with slow responses (maybe one a week, two if I'm lucky) and at least two/three/maybe four paragraphs per post. I loooooooooove writing, which means I do a lot of it when I can, so if my posts are long...

I am definitely okay with doubling for you if you want that to happen, though I might not be as good at the Sins as I think I am. So I apologize in advance for that. I will certainly try, though!!

Please comment below if you wanna help me out here!


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