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Traditional Scorpio art improvement


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Hi! So I see people are posting their drawing and stuff here. Figured I might as welll try as well though I have not done much shading/lighting or digital. Partly due to not having a drawing tablet and don’t have the money for photoshop which I did try using for free trial but suck with just mouse.

Battle the Ocean-Where I post poetry that I write.
Winds of the Ancients-Where I post stories, be they original short stories, fandom stories, one-shots and original books.​

My stuff isn’t great, is it ever with a novice artist, but I seem to have gotten good with drawing lizards. May include digital drawing here eventually.

Reason I got into drawing, sometime last year around autumn, was to illustrate my kid books and boredom. Wanted something to do besides my writing. Anyway, here we go.

The eye was done from a art class online.

A scene from my first book of JOF, a 28 book series I am writing where the twins are heading from Calcherth to Grimcrest through the forest. Check out quillabyss.wordpress.com for more info.

I used some of Veil’s videos for Yoshi. I don’t like his feet and tail was some trouble but Veil likes it. That’s all that matters. VP is a big help with encouragement for both writing and drawing.

First try at still life. Don’t like it all that well.

Drew this guy off a pic in therapy. I hate him.

Again hate him. Used a quarter for his spots at Veil’s suggestion. Was for sammy’s Lion king comic on deviantart.

Not too bad though took a while.

Finished hyena of sketch above. Am aware I cannot draw hyenas.

First attempt at insect. Based off 15 minute drawing.

Based off a picture. Done day before Halloween 18.

That is supposed to be a fedora on his head. No wings as I see, and looked, only subbus and incubus having wings. For a yet to start discord rp...Salutem Circus. He is a trained animal/acrobat and used as a beast of burden.

Kitsune girl. First time drawing human (fig. 1 left). Second time drawing in drawing pad with pencil/colored pencils. Also second character for circus rp. She is a fire dancer.
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First few bits of a comic I am doing and posting to my deviantart. Ascension Requiem is the comic title.

First time drawing background. Not bad.




First panel...running through the forest with tail between legs. Second panel, supposed to be in a ruined building, well half in and half out.
Photo Manipulations


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Photo manipulations

Got rid of her due to boredom

Banner for a wolf rpg I am was part of before quitting

Banner for an rp I wanted to start but couldn't find any players
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Pokémon Iphiolon region


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Fake region 1 based on Central Asia. Alll fakemon and region belong to me.

Grass starter:
Evolves at level 14 into Folig
Type: Grass
Ability: Chlorophyll; Overgrow
Pokédex Entry:
Foleq, the Photosynthesis Horse. Foleq live in herds of 20-30 members. They use the leaves on their legs to draw in sunlight to heal, get power, and charge up attacks. In winter, the leaves fall off, only to regrow in the spring.
Fun fact: Their manes are a mixture of hair and bulrush.
Left is male, right is female. Based on kelpie and ancient horse.

Type: Grass/Fire
Ability: Chorlorphyll; Magma Armor
Evolves: Foleq at level 14; Vincae at level 32
Pokédex Entry: Folig, the Photosynthesis Pokemon, and the evolved form of Foleq. Unlike Foleq, Folig are able to harness the sun's energy into fire attacks with their horns. Folig tend to live in mountains where they expertly navigate narrow ledges. It is said they lose their fire-typing on a solar eclipse. When Floig travel, they are able to teleport via flames and their cries bring storms.
Based on unicorn

Type: Grass/Fire
Ability: Chlorophyll, magma armor
Evolves: Level 32 from Folig
Pokédex Entry: Vincae, the Photosynthesis Horse. Equipped with four wings, this Pokémon can fly at Mach speed 3, able to travel long distances of minutes to hours. They are highly territorial and will fight others until they collapse. Many are often abandoned at this stage due to their aggressive prowess and thus they find it hard to trust trainers. However, once their respect and loyalty are earned, they become cool to the touch. It is believed they were one of the last to be created by Arceus, thus they hold no respect for the creator.
Based on alicorn

More on my deviantart: stormwolves.deviantart.com Click on gallery then Iphiolon and Zashil regions. Reflye and Ospar have none yet.
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Werewolf Character Son


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First time drawing a human portrait. Blodhren Kagore, unborn son of Styx Kagore and Sky Avena. The third youngest child in a litter of four for a werewolf rp. Tried to do some shading on the sides of his face.

Blodhren in wolf form hunting a deer to try to impres his father. Don’t like the right antler but left was done perfectly as it is based on a picture on Google. Wolf was a bit of trouble and his eyes are above. I realize he is missing a leg, just assume you can’t see it. Truthfully I got lazy.
Gluoria Region GS


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The Gluoria Region Grass Starter. Based on a koala bear with its height and weight stats.

This one was difficult. Koala bears, for me, that are sleeping are impossible to draw as I cannot get them right but it is a vast improvement from this:


Graola-Grass-Based on Koala Bear

Tasber-Fire-Based on Tasmanian Devil

Aqupys-Water-Based on platypus (the only one of the three I am happy with)


Swish-swish, Swirl-swirl
Wait, are the regions based on actual continets?
I'll probably choose the graola. Have an inclination to grass type pokemon.
Like the animal combos you chose.


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Yes they are and thanks.

Iphiolon-Iphiolon's professor is Professor Kilala Plum. The regional team is Team Maelstrom and it is based on central Asia.

Reflye-A region based on Ottoman Empire & Middle East.

Ospar-A region based on South America.

Zashil-A region of Pokemon based on Canada.

Ubrium-A region based on eastern & middle USA. Connected to Ospar.

Gluoria-A region based off Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and South Pacific.

Abstar-Based off west and south west usa

Vesuwil-Based on south and Southeast Asia.

Xophelia-Based on Mexico, Caribbean and Latin America.

Yosheivania-Based on East and north Asia.
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Reflye Pokemon Bird


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Reflye bird Ghost/Flying, 2nd stage

Height: 0’22” (0.55 m)
Weight: 2.1 lbs (0.95 kg)
Abilities: Big Pecks; Tangled Feet
Hidden: Delta Stream
Evolves: Evolves from Binium at Level 24
Evolves into Drabyss with a Moon Stone
Pokédex Entry: Fearkat, the Ruin Pokemon. The evolved form of Binium, Fearkat, despite their name are fidgety and can often be found in labyrinths. They are impossible to come across, only being seen after giving up the search for them.

Based on an America White Ibis with its height and weight stars.
Elemental Wolf Series


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First pair of elemental wolves for a book series in future. Two wolves for a series I am writing. The red wolf's element is fire and he is called Kasai, the alpha. The blue wolf is of the water element and her name is Mizu.

Kasai-This is Kasai. He's the alpha of his pack. His element is fire. Human form is a white male with red hair and brown eyes. He has a flame tattoo on his right inner wrist. Kasai is a strong fighter and leader who rules with compassion and kindness but when a member of his pack is attacked he will be the first to retaliate.

Mizu-This is Mizu. Her element is water. Like her element, Mizu is calm and prefers to try to diffuse a situation by talking about it instead of fighting. She's the peacemaker in the pack. Mizu is able to find and draw water from the ground even if the pack is in the desert or the land is suffering from a drought. Mizu's human form is a white female girl with long dark blue hair and light blue eyes. She has a teardrop tattoo on her inner left wrist. Mizu's position in the pack is a scout. Mizu can breathe underwater.

Made with: Wolf Maker Unleashed ~ design and accessorize a custom wolf though if it doesn’t work look for it on deviantart.

The elements are:

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Air
  • Light
  • Spirit (Aether)
  • Poison
  • Shadow/Darkness
  • Space/Time
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Ospar Water Starter


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Mizu-Water Starter of Oscar, a region based on South America.

Name: Mizu (“Water” in Japanese)
Abilities: Swift Swim, Thick Fat
Hidden: Water Veil
Moves known whenever given to trainers: Tackle, Growl, Bubble
Height: 3’07” (1.1 m)
Weight: 198.4 lbs (90.0 kg)
Pokédex Entry: Mizu, the Siren Pokemon. Mizu use their claws to propel themselve across land, though they are not graceful out of water. If in danger, Mizu will release a haunting scream to ward off predators and enemies. It has even been known to cause ship wrecks and can cause harm or even death to those whining hear it’s cry, however it is thought this is a last resort.
Evolves: Hoseki at Level 14

Note: Mizu was taken from Kurusu on bulbapedia’s List of unused Pokémon and character designs page. I just changed the color of it’s skin and eyes plus added claws.
Natural Freedom Crack Bowl


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These pieces are from my bowl I intentionally shattered with a hammer and will be piecing back together when I go back to Natural Freedom, hopefully in April. Will glue it back together and the entire thing shows that even though there are cracks in one's life, one can still be whole even with those cracks. It sounds a lot better when my Janessa says it.

Supposed to resemble the storm scene of The Chase of my first book in the series, Aventurine of Opportunity. Series is called Jewels of Falaindale.


Dawn on the left and Twilight on the right. I forget the meaning I had behind this. I think it had something to do with change, that even though time is hard, the sun always rises on a new chance to live or something. Sorry, it's been since 2018.

Chey, short for Cheyenne. I didn't have enough room for my good partner horse.

Amicka, my second partner horse. She is really lively and was a nurse mare foal.

I cannot say what this is supposed to symbolize.

The green symbolizes Lady Nitrix (life) and the red symbolizes Lord Vamdes (death). Another relation to Jewels of Falaindale. Lady Nitrix is the mother of all and Vamdes is the father of all. They are brother and sister and from them the Ancient Ones appeared and then the other Gods and Goddesses.


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Thanks. Once I glue it together, start back natural freedom next week, I will be taking it home with me and will take a pic of it so everyone can see.
Elemental Wolves-Lord of the Underworld


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Orpheus is the Lord of the Underworld in my elemental series. As you can see he has two tails. He has a scar on his upper left front leg from when he took an insane wolf to the underworld. Orpheus used to be one of the guardians of the Sky Kingdom but was given the underworld after seeing the spirits of the dead roam free on earth wreaking havoc everywhere. The entrance to the underworld lies within the ruins of death. Ravens are Lord Orpheus's winged messengers and he has a group of death wolves at his command as his guard and servant. He is the younger brother of Yamanu.
Guardians-Elemental Wolves


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Lord Yamanu is a winged wolf and the father of all sky wolves. His element is air like all his children and he is the third guardian of the Sky Kingdom. He wears a bird skull on his head. Lord Yamanu has a distrust of strangers within the Sky Kingdom until he gets to know them but if they betray the Sky Kingdom or hurt any of his children they'll suffer his wrath. He is the older brother of Orpheus.

Lord Ryuu is the first of the guardians of the Sky Kingdom. He is the wisest of the three guardians. Lord Ryuu often patrols the Sky Kingdom boundary to check on the Outliers-winged creatures who guard the Sky Kingdom. Lord Ryuu's home is Wind Frost Island. It is to the east of the Crystal Palace. Lord Ryuu is the one who brought fire to the world.


Lady Bronislava is one of the guardians of the Sky Kingdom from which the winged wolves come. She is a griffin. Lady Bronislava is a fierce defender of the Sky Kingdom and a gentle soul. Together with Lord Ryuu and Lord Yamanu the three guardians protect the Sky Kingdom. The Sky Kingdom is home to the sky wolves and other winged creatures. Lady Bonislava's home is the Crystal Palace that is surrounded by stars night and day.

((Done online with wyndabin griffin, wolf and dragon makers))


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Name: Kage (“shadow” in Japanese)

Abilities: Black Mirror*/Quick Feet
Hidden: Flash Fire
Height: 0'9.1” (0.23 m)
Weight: 1 lb (0.46 kg)
Pokédex Entry: Kage, the Dark Kitten Pokemon. At night, packs of Kage will huddle in caves or abandoned buildings to sleep and for protection. Kage can begin fending for themselves at five weeks but choose to remain with their pack until sixth months to learn the necessary skills for survival. Because Kage tend to be seen around graveyards and ruins, they are thought to come from the netherworld, resulting in themselves being shunned by Pokémon and human alike.
Evolves: Shingetsu at Level 20

Black Mirror-Dark-Type exclusive ability. When Pokémon is sent out, fog forms around it, raising evasiveness but 1x. Makes dark-type move sucks super effective against fairy-type Pokémon with a 30% chance of flinching.

Note: Kage has a gender split evolution in its final stage.

Kage is based on a kitten, 3 weeks
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