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Traditional Scorpio art improvement

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Wow scorpio dragon your art looks amazing! I just finshed looking thorugh it! I love the pokrmon and the fakemon! Im ironically running short on creative ideas for fakemon lol. I also love the lion king drawings they are truly adorable!


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Wow scorpio dragon your art looks amazing! I just finshed looking thorugh it! I love the pokrmon and the fakemon! Im ironically running short on creative ideas for fakemon lol. I also love the lion king drawings they are truly adorable!
Thank you! If it helps, I use Pokémon Description on fantasy name generator for ideas and then go from there as well as something called unused Pokémon types. Both dangerous in google.

Thanks. I rewrote the first paragraph of honor of blood and may try drawing a comic off of it. It’s quite a big family tree of the lions of the past.
Nouget (Omega Black Alder EW)


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This is Nouget, an omega of Black Alder pack for my Elemental Wolves series.


Nouget is an omega from Black Alder Pack. As you can see his ears are torn and he's missing his tail which was severed by a member of the Elemental Wolves pack after wandering into the territory and leading humans there accidentally. He has a large wound on his side which exposes his ribs which hasn't healed and a shackle of with a broken chain on his ankle thanks to getting caught by omegas. This poor guy has suffered quite a lot of abuse and is timid and skittish of everything around him.

Made with Wyndham Wolf Maker.
Marjami (Scar’s Queen HOB)


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Marjani, Scar's queen and mother to Zuberi and Zuri. Marjani's name means "coral" in Swahili. Marjani is a dark gray lioness of slender build with blue eyes, white paws, beige muzzle, silver belly and white markings above and under her eyes. Her tail tuft is brown as well as her nose and she has white whiskers. Marjani is the older sister of Nolwazi and daughter of Nia and Badru. After Nala abandoned her cubs, Marjani raised Faraji and Nuru alongside her own twins. With Nala's abandonment of not only her cubs but of the pride, Marjani would thereafter always look at Nala with disgust. Being Scar's queen, she was fed the same amount of food as Scar and the hyenas knew not to harm the lioness or else they'd face Scar's fury. Despite her slender build, she was a capable fighter and hunter though she also shows compassion for the lionesses' plight but believed they should show Scar loyalty as they had done to Mufasa during his own reign. As the Pride Lands grew more barren with lack of food, Marjani began to grow more evil and developed a hatred of the royal family after her mate's death.

Made with www.azaleasdolls.com/dressupga…
Scar’s Harem


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Okay so I ended up taking several bases off here for this. Being I can't draw at all, it was hard to find bases for Dotty and Spotty. This is Scar's harem of lionesses on a gold background. Marjani and a rogue lioness were colored in by me in Paint. These are the main females that gave birth to Scar's young.

Bases Used: Sarabi, Dotty, Zira, Nala, Spotty, Angry Lioness

Top Row (L to R): Sarabi, Dotty, Zira, Nala
Bottom Row (L to R): Sarafina, Marjani (Scar's Queen and Mate), Spotty, Lesedi (means 'light' in Tswana). Lesedi was a rogue lioness who wasn't part of either Zira's Pride or Scar's Pride. She was killed by hyenas when the cubs were two months old.

Sarabi x Scar:
Itri (male)-His name is "star" in Berber.
Tifawt (female)-Her name means "light" in Berber

Dotty x Scar:
Abedi (male)-His name means "Worshipper" in Swahili.
Aega (female)-Her name means "A palm bird, tiny bird" in Yoruba.
Dotty is pregnant at the time of the exile of Zira's pride/lionesses loyal to Scar.
Yerodin (male)-His name means 'studious' in afrikaans. He is the only child born of Dotty & Scar by the time she is exiled.

Zira x Scar:
Alheri (female)-Her name means "gift" or "kindness" in African Hasua
Mansurah (female)-Her name means "supporter, victorious" in African Hausa
Sakinah (female)-Her name means "tranquility, peace of mind" in African Hasua
Nuka (male)

Nala x Scar:
Faraji (male)-His name means "consolation" in Swahili. He would have been leader of the lion guard had Simba not come back and his father had continued reigning over the pride.
Nuru (female)-Her name means "light" in Swahili, ultimately from Arabic نور (nur).

Sarafina x Scar:
Zahara (female)-"To Shine," or "To Bloom" in Swahili.
Chandu (son)-His name means "an octopus" in Swahili
Elewisa (son)-His name means "An intelligent and mindful person" in Swahili
Asafa (son)-His name means "One who is son of a chief and a Persian officer" in Swahili
Mheetu (male)-His name means "baby" in Swahili.

She also has a daughter called Kamaria which means "Bright like the Moon" with her former mate.

Naanda x Scar (not pictured):
Adetoro (female)-Her name means "Crown Of Settlement" in Yoruba
Abiodun (female)-Her name means "Born On A Festival" in Yoruba
Mayowa (female)-Her name means "Brings Joy" in Yoruba
Asani (son)-His name means "rebellious" in Swahili

Marjani x Scar:
Zuberi (male)-His name means "strong" in Swahili. He is the rightful king of Scar's Pride.
Zuri (female)-Her name means "beautiful" in Swahili.

Spotty x Scar:
Bimpe (female)-Her name means "One who is gorgeous and beautiful" in Yoruba
Maphikelela (male)

Lesedi x Scar:
Hadiyya (female)-means "gift" in Arabic
Kobe (male)-means "tortoise" in Swahili
Jabori (male)-means "One who brings comfort to people" in Swahili. Jabori was killed by hyenas along with his mother when the cubs were two months old.

Scar x Kula (not pictured:
Damascus (male)
Safiri (male)
Daudi (male)
Sindisiwe (female)

Scar x Tama (not pictured):
Vitani (female)
Wasaki (male)
Upendo (male)

Scar x Tiifu (not pictured)
Lunga (male)
Nkosenye (male)

Scar x Sybella (not pictured):
Imka (female)-means 'water' in Afrikaans
Ricus (male)-means "sovereign ruler" in Afrikaans
Sybella means "oracle" or "prophetess" in Afrikaans

Scar x Asali (not pictured):
Nadhari (female)-means 'vision' in Swahili
Nasiim (female)-means 'fresh air' in Swahili
Shinuni (male)-means 'attack' in Swahili

Scar x Awena (not pictured):
Usaama (male)-means 'precious' in Swahili

Awena and Asali are sisters. Awena, Kula, Sybella, and Tama would have had some cubs that would have been killed by the pride to bring in rogue males to take down Scar, resulting in Scar being pissed when he found out about it. Sarabi and Sarafina are sisters. Dotty, 'Digger', 'Scruffy' and Spotty are sisters.
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Storsozelle (JOF)


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This is the cousin of the Qalapi, a Storsozelle. As you might be able to see, I drew this today on 8/9/2019. I had to mess with the tail (made it skinnier) and corrected the chest placement along with making the body, hopefully, more like a greyhound. I hope everyone likes it. These are used as pets, usually seen among the more humanoid races. Shhh....Kitsune & Werecats hate them.

This is for my series Jewels of Falaindale (1st book is a WIP with 8 chapters so far planned), other pictures drawn by my friend VeiledPariah and on my deviantart.

This sensitive and adorable creature is a hybrid between a gazelle and a greyhound as well as being the cousin of the Qalapi. It has a smooth, short coat that comes in fawn, sandy brown, black, red, brindle, blue, gray or white or a combination of these colors which is easy to care for and a lean body with long legs and slight oversized paws. The Storsozelle sheds very little making it easy to groom. A distinguishing feature of the Storsozelle is it has spiraled rigid horns that curve backward with females horns being half the length of the male's, these horns develop throughout the first year of life and Storsozelle pups are born without horns. They rely on their senses of sight and smell to get around and make a variety of sounds from barks to bleats, unlike the Qalapi, the Storsozelle is incapable of howling. They have an elongated muzzle and relatively long skull with erect ears that sometimes flop over onto their heads.. They tend to have tan or black noses with large round eyes of brown, green, yellow or blue shades. Length: 80-120 cm (2.6 ft-3.9 ft), Lifespan: 12-15 Years, Height: 2'1"-3'6", Mass: Males 60 to 88 lbs (27 to 40 kg), Females 60 to 75 lbs (27 to 34 kg) , Speed: 40 mph, Gestation: 5.5-6 months, Pups: 2-12, average 8.

Pronounced “Store-so-zelle”
Kagiso (Mohatu’s brother)


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This is Kagiso as a cub, the younger brother of Mohatu and second born prince to King Kamari and Queen Kichaka. Kagiso means "peace" in Tswana. He has dark gray fur with green eyes, black paw pads (pink as a newborn) and white undersides. He left the pride when he turned three-years-old. Made with Azalea's Dolls, Feline Animal Maker.
Lavspa (Ospar 010)


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Deviant art is being a pain in the ass but this is a fire/electric type fakemon found in volcanoes though can also survive in deep oceans. I apologize for it being small. It is based on a bearded angular fish and is bigger than the drawing indicates. Normally this would be colored in but I was not planning on drawing so did not bring my art supplies.

Ok deviant art decided to work for the time being.

Name: Lavspa
Category: Lava Fish Pokémon
Type: Fire/Electric
Height: 1’ 5” (0.45 m)
Weight: 70 lbs (31.75 kg)
Ability: Magma Armor
Hidden Ability: Static
Pokédex Entry: Lavspa, the Lava Fish Pokemon. Found in volcanoes, this Pokémon’s body is built to withstand extreme hot temperatures. It uses the light on its head to entice prey closer before pouncing due to being a slow swimmer though it also uses echolocation to see in pitch darkness. If exposed to freezing temperatures, Lavspa becomes sluggish and death soon follows.
Evolves: Angqueen at Level 20
Note: Based on a bearded angular fish
Moves upon hatching: Spark, Double Team, Ember, Tackle
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Hunting Knife


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This is my hunting knife I bought on October 19, 2016 at the Pumpkin Show in Circleville, OH. It is made of Stainless Steel and has a couple tiny dragon heads on the left but mainly resembling the dragon. I thought the design of the sheath was cool so that's why I bought it. $30.00 was the price.

Sythaeryn (Elemental Wolves)


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Done February 10, 2018.

Sythaeryn is a wolf though he has many attributes other wolves do not have within the world. Classified with the Guardians, he is immortal like they are but he is not a true Guardian, rather he is the Knowledge Keeper. Thought to be a mythical wolf by much of the World, Sythaeryn was created to be alone and exiled from Sky Paradise and the Underworld, forcing him to take up residence within the world. It is said that Sythaeryn can control lightning, generate wind, breathe fire and speak telepathically as well as see into the future. He has large lungs to make him able to breathe underwater without the need for surfacing for air, breathe in high altitudes where the air is thin, and can survive in any form of climate imaginable. His eyes have no whites to them but adjust from light to darkness like a cat's, easily able to discern his way in subterranean tunnels underground though they are somewhat sensitive to light.

Made with Wolf Maker by Wyndbain.
Turtle Island Map (JOF)


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I made this over the past couple of days using Inkarnate, and let me tell you...it was a pain in the ass trying to figure out how to delete stuff. But this is Turtle Island which is part of Alondale. The Festival of Maglif is held here during Flower Moon. The darker green is swamp while lighter green is grasslands.

A large island shaped like a turtle, it has a lake in the middle with six settlements. There is a graveyard of shipwrecks named Lorasil's Graveyard. The settlements are Rutherglen, Zen which is a walled city, Stardawn, Evenstar, Augurea on the eastern side of the island and the elven capital Selna Thanor. Any lighter blue water is shallows and darker blue is ocean/deep.
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This is a city within my book series, Jewels of Falaindale. It is a port city and the only way one can get on the island, located on the southern side. Made on Inkarnate and it was a pain in the ass trying to do. To get all the neat stuff, you have to be a member which is $5 a month or $25 a year. As one can see, there are several watch towers posted at all roads and paths leading into and out of the city. Guards man these towers 24/7 in alternate shifts and there are guard houses located near the slums (southwest), the rich area (northwest) and near the farmlands in the northeast of the city. This is my first attempt making a city on Inkarnate. I had to start it over a few times as I couldn't decide on the layout, then I wanted to add things, then I had to remove some bloody trees that were in the middle of Vutrix Way. Morvern's bones rest at Movern's Tomb and protected by magic from all the magicians within Augurea from rotting and turning to dust. There is a statue of the dragon within the city center. This is also on my deviantart, like everything else I draw.

aug ti.jpg

The lighthouse keeper has a small eastern boat they use to get to Augurea for supplies. As you can see, there is no religious building. They go to Stardawn in order to pray though the center of the town is home to Morvern the dragon's bones, a second orphanage after the first one burned down and the founder hall. It is a sacred area for the people of Turtle Island. Morvern is believed by the people of Turtle Island, to have guided the ships of fleeing soldiers, prisoners, slaves and exiles to Augurea where they branched out into the cities one sees today.

The Bone Wolves are the guard of Augurea City, really of all of the island. They come from all settlements on the island and live near the slums. There is a curfew on the poor, criminals and the owl lighters (prostitutes) who reside in the slums at night with curfew being from just after sunset to the sunrise. Dock workers and sailors tend to live there as well when docked at Augurea. The Blessed Quarter is walled in and the prettiest neighborhood of the city but only the rich and politicians live there. Augurea Orphanage was once the first home of the exiles and later turned into an orphanage for any children that lost their parents or whose parents were captured by slave traders who escaped capture themselves. It later burned with several children inside, resulting in the children haunting the place. Despite this, it was kept as a reminder of the city's failure to protect their own Morvern Orphanage was built instead within the center of the city.

Nitrix Quarter has several historical homes there and some rundown buildings but it isn't as bad as Lorasil's Slums. Vutrix Down is for workers, craftsmen and tradesmen. Vutrix Guild is home to midwives and people who practice magic as the people of Augurea at least, believe herbal and magical healing go hand in hand. You have three paths heading out of the city. Marsh Path takes you through Lunenkasing Marsh and past the Hills of Evenstar, eventually leading one to Rutherglen. The Northern Path takes one to the Hills of Evenstar and Lake Dawn. The Eastern Path takes one to Selna Thalor (the elven capital).
Destitute Meeting (Lion King HOB Commission)


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Left to Right: Faraji (future leader of the lion guard if Simba had not come back), Nuru, Zuberi (future king of the pridelands), Zuri

Okay, so this is another commission I had done by :iconirete: of Scar's cubs when Faraji and Nuru are abandoned by Nala. As you can see Faraji is trying to talk but they cannot so is blowing bubbles and Zuberi isn't sure what to think of them. They are lying next to Marjani, Scar's second mate and the queen of the pridelands. Zuberi has not yet been introduced as the future heir of the pridelands either. The following story (which will be included in HOB is below):

Marjani had not left the den except to hunt on occassion for herself, not since she had birthed Scar's heir Zuberi and his sister Zuri. The lionesses did not bring her food so she depended upon the hyenas and her aunt to sustain her of a meal...her and Scar that was as they ate first before even the hyenas. As far as Scar's harem was concerned there were only a few lionesses who were kind to her, Lesedi who was a former rogue being one of them. Footsteps entered the cave from the climb up Pride Rock, the queen lifting her head from where she had been sleeping with the future king and his sister resting at her side. Marjani was proud of her cubs and so was Scar who had plans to announce Zuberi as his heir soon. A lioness entered the den atop pride rock and then set down two tiny creatures, their mewling cries as their mother turned and walked away causing concern to enter Marjani's eyes. She rose to her paws as she recognized the lioness as being Nala and called out to her, stopping the young lioness.

"Nala, are these your cubs?" she questioned.

"Not anymore," spoke Nala. "They're Scar's problem now. I don't want them."

Marjani snarled softly while her own children looked up and watched quietly, stirring as their mother removed herself from them and walked over to the two cubs, Nala's teal gaze looking at the queen who had no business being on the throne or next to the traitor Scar. As far as Nala and many of the lionesses of the original pride were concerned, Sarabi was and would be their queen until they found a way to have a male rogue come into the pride and overthrow Scar. "He is your king and the father of these cubs I assume?"

"Yes...he may be the father but he is not my king and never will be my king. As you will never be my queen."

A rumbling growl echoed through the cave as Marjani stared at Nala. "You know, you're just like your aunt Naanda. She abandoned her daughters yet kept her son Asani. Scar will hear of this."

"I don't care," snapped Nala with a growl. "Those hairballs can starve as far as I am concerned. I want nothing to do with them!"

"You worthless lioness," snarled Marjani, her claws unsheathing as she stepped over the two cubs at her paws so as not to harm them, her hackles rising as her eyes narrowed. "Get out. I'll let Scar deal with you when he returns from patrolling the borders."

Nala huffed and turned to leave the cave, heading down to convene with her pride sisters before their next hunt. Nala had only seen Scar in the female and the boy, while looking like her, did not evoke any maternal instincts either. Nor did the female feel affection towards her half-sisters but the male...Mheetu...well Scar would surely kill the cub for being a threat to his dynasty as he exiled some of the males of the pride such as Chumvi and Tojo, Tama's brother. Marjani watched the other lioness leave before sighing and stepped over the cubs before turning and picking up the female that looked like Scar, carrying it back to where she had been resting and set it beside Zuberi. Then she went back for the male that looked like Nala and set him down next to his sister, the male immediately putting his paws on his sister who looked tired and blowing bubbles as his mouth opened silently. "I suppose she didn't name you two either or let you nurse. Zuberi and Zuri," she said to her cubs, "these are your half-brother and half-sister." Before she could say anything else, she heard more paws coming towards the den and soon her aunt and Lesedi appeared.

"Marjani, we just saw Nala. Is everything alr…"

"Oh dear," spoke Lesedi as she looked saw the tired queen lying back down and the two new cubs at Marjani's side, the gray lioness turning her head towards the newcomers.

"Auntie. Lesedi. Come in," said Marjani as Iytana and Lesedi approached, the tan lioness being heavily pregnant.

"Marjani how are you?" spoke Iytana as she approached and peered down at the cubs at her niece's belly. "They're beautiful."

"Thank you Auntie," said Marjani. "Lesedi how are you fairing? Your cubs are due soon right?"

"I'm only in the second month. There's still a month to go," spoke Lesedi gently. "These new cubs..."

"They're Nala's. She abandoned them here and said she hoped they would starve to death. Nor did she seem concerned that I would inform Scar about this."

The pair of lionesses looked at each other and shook their heads. "It's strange how they still mourn the golden pair's deaths, refusing to submit to their new king," said Lesedi.

"They feel Sarabi is their queen still and refuse to accept even another," said Iytana. "Be careful niece. They could harm you or your cubs...especially Zira. You know how she fawns over Scar and tries to seduce him."

"Ugh, don't remind me," said Marjani. She couldn't understand why Scar had bred Zira. That lioness was crazy and was in charge of her own pride which was astonishing to the queen. She knew that if she left her cubs alone, and she never did for they were with either Lesedi, Iytana, Sybella or Awena; the former being a member of Zira's pride. She wouldn't put it past Zira to kill her cubs to make way for Nuka to be king but Scar rejected the cub becuase it was weak and wasn't his cub, rather Nuka was from a former subordinate of Mufasa's pride. "I will be, don't want Auntie," she said. "Should I call the hyenas to bring food?"

"Yes please," said Lesedi gratefully. "Sometimes I feel like we lionesses of Scar's harem do not get enough food. Not that it is your fault," she added after a moment, realizing she might be speaking out of turn.

"I understand," said Marjani. "Banzai," she called and the hyena appeared from the shadows, having seen what Nala had done.

"Yes Marjani?"

"Could you please bring some food so that Lesedi and my aunt can eat?"

"Sure your queenliness," said Banzai before turning and retreating from the den.

"So...what are you going to name them?" questioned Iytana, gesturing with a paw towards the two abandoned cubs.

"I think I'll name the female Nuru after Scar's first love," said Marjani, "and the male..." she studied it for a few minutes, contemplating on a name before speaking. "Faraji."

"Well, welcome to the Ndonto Pride little ones and the family," spoke Iytana.

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Oghaz Nan (JOF Map)


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Done with Inkarknate on September 28, 2019. Took a while for me to do, a few days. But you have to pay for the membership to do all the cool stuff ($5.00 a month or $25 a year). I recommend it for world building though your options are severely limited if staying free instead of paying for the paid membership and it's a pain in the ass trying to delete stuff. Should you have issues seeing everything, please go to Oghaz Nan by stormwolves on DeviantArt where you'll have better access.

A town in Clolight, this is an orc town within the east on the coast. Muxaris River runs through the town, splitting up the town from the mines and forge which lie to the left. One takes Dusk Road through River Rock Garden to Brogzal Mines. Near the garden is Dual Spire Inn. In the northwest of the town there is Oghaz Nan Livery which is reached by Livery Way and goes past the Blacksmith. The Tannery lies near the pastures for Oghaz Nan Livery and Outskirt Road takes one to The Psychotic Bone, a tavern with farm fields and a valley outside of the town. The Tannery can be reached on Pine Road which is lined with pine trees and lanterns are along all streets through the town to provide ample lighting. The Old Quarter lies south of the Tannery and Pine Road, where the original settlement was.

The Old Quarter lies along Lantern Way, named for the lamps lining the street and making it the brightest street within the night. It heads past the Town Square, on Square Road, where the Community Hall, Oghaz School, The Rabid Rapier, Vutrix Clinic, Zeal Temple and a statue of Pagku are located. Discussions are held within the community hall as well as it being a place to hang out for the orcs when they get off work, not to mention they also hang out within The Psychotic Bone which lies on Outskirt Road and The Rabid Rapier. Founder's Path takes one to Blood Hall, the founder hall for the town. Rapier Street takes one to the Marketplace while Muxaris Road takes one from Outskirt Road to Oghaz Grave in the northeast of the town.

One can eventually turn onto Miner Street which leads to the Miner Quarter which is set up on two cliffs and down towards a bridge that leads to Moon Road in the south.

Forest Road splits off from Rapier Street to the Residential Quarter and goes to the other bridge in the second bridge. On the other side a caravan often comes and sets up business there.

Oghaz Nan-Cast around a valley, the town of Oghaz Nan is home to orcs lead by Colonel Yashnarz.

This town wasn't built by a valley by accident, as it has precious gems, which is of great importance to the people of Oghaz Nan and its success. The town itself looks impressive. With its ash wood rooftops, maple wood walls and frozen waterfall, Oghaz Nan has an intriguing atmosphere. The main attraction is the blacksmith, which was built 41 years ago and designed by barbarians.

Oghaz Nan has a wounded economy, which is mainly supported by thieving, wine brewing and carpenting. But their biggest strengths are advanced medicine, and refined baking. However, Oghaz Nan lacks people skilled in wood production.
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Achilles Court


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This is for Kipsy and is of my wolf Achilles courting Tarquin (Kipsy's werewolf character) from my RP Bone Song. Achilles is the bisexual idiot who seems to think wooing Tarquin/Jaehwa (Tarquin is Jaehwa's wolf) involves dead things, chocolate and flowers as well as being under the idiotic impression that Jaehwa/Tarquin is a 'mother' (Jaehwa is male) and will get pregnant with heat season (hence the tiny drawing of the pup above Achilles head. Tarquin has a blanket on him and an elk hanging from a tree, a dead rabbit and box of chocolates (the heart) and a pronghorn is looking back in the distance. He has a feather in his ear and a bracelet on his wrist. I cannot draw appropriate sizes for the life of me. That is something that is a WIP (Work in progress).
Lavspa Color (Ospar 010 Fakemon)


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Okay so this is Lavspa colored in. I colored it in today.


I also got down that I will be doing pre-evolutions of both Pachirisu and Emolga (blame binge watching the rest of Galatic Battles today before power went out) and there will be evolutions as well. These will be found within Veswusil (based on south & southeast Asia). Emolga's evolution will be Electric/Poison and Pachirisu's evolution will be Electric/Dragon.

There will also be evolutions for Plusle and Miniun which are found in Ospar and evolutions of Basculin (both blue-striped and red striped) which are found in Iphiolon.

Plusle's evolution will be Electric/Dark) and Miniun's will be Electric/Fighting. Basculin's evolutions are unnamed and not sure of typing yet for them.
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Fusa (Jewels of Falaindale Animal)


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This is a Fusa. I drew it the day I drew the Storsozelle, August 9, 2019). Stats are based on a California Newt & a common newt.


This astonishing and rare creature is a type of reptile. It’s about the size of a newt, had two legs and two arms, and a thick, powerful tail. They have a soft, smooth skin covered in large, strong scales which is usually black, gray, yellow or white or a combination of these colors. They live in mountainous areas and are common. They’re carnivores and their small, narrow mouths, their teeth and short tongue are ideal for eating insects. They’re diurnal and rely on their senses of sight and smell to get around. They do have short, pointy ears but their hearing is not very reliable. They have tiny noses and large, elliptical eyes. Their heads are large and wide in comparison to their bodies. These creatures are very calm, but they’re quite territorial. They mate every three to four months and they mate and bond with a select few partners for life. Which, with their fairly short lifespans, is only normal.

Lifespan: 6 years
Length: 5-8" (13 to 20 cm though males are slightly larger than females)
Weight: 6-11 g
Sexual Maturity: 3 Years (both sexes)
Gestation: 2-3 weeks
Larval Period: 7 months
Clutch: 7-30 eggs
Lezimoth (JOF Animal)


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This was done yesterday, November 20, 2019 when the power went out unexpectedly. It’s a Lezimoth (cross between a dragon, ziz and leviathan. It has four wings, two large bat like at the shoulders (dragon) and two smaller feathered (ziz) at the hind quarters. This is a creature within my book series, Jewels of Falaindale and I had been planning on trying this drawing for a while. I am overall satisfied with the result. It is color coded (right of paper)-hopefully you can read my writing. I have always written small so that was in my IEP throughout school to write bigger. If you cannot read it, no my having it in my IEP did not help me to write bigger, go to my deviant art account. Username is stormwolves

0-2 Months:: Newborn
3 Months-2 Years:: Fledgling
3-10 Years:: Child
11-100 Years:: Adolescent
101-1,000 Years:: Young Adult
1,001-5,000 Years:: Adult
5,0001-10,000 Years:: Elder
10,001-390,000 Years:: Ancient
Primary Gestation:: Eggs laid after 27 days, hatch 280 days later
The Lezimoth is a cross between a Leviathan, dragon and ziz. They can be born or made by draping the skin upon someone which coalesces and binds to the individual, making it impossible for them to get free. The Lezimoth can fly and is quick and agile within the water. Though there are some that live free, Bahityar has Yansen sometimes turn disobedient crew members into them or prisoners. They will eventually lose human speech and are highly susceptible to dark magic despite their otherwise magic resistant hides which protect against most other types of magic. They have mottled green and black skin with tan or cream undersides, curved horns, four legs and two sets of flippers, a tail with a fin that acts like a rudder, fins for ears and going down their serpentine necks and tails. Their flippers and toes are equipped with sharp claws and two saber teeth hang out of their top jaws with forked barbed tongues that can pick up air currents and smell when deprived of their sense of smell. Their eyes are red, amber, violet or yellow. They can detect air currents with their fins and have a muscular body with serpentine neck and tail, their heads being like a dragon head and can fire off echolocation.
Now, in The Quest, there was an incident. King Iorath escaped the Sea Rover where he had been prisoner for sixteen years. The guard who was meant to be watching him suffered a terrible fate, well one of two terrible fates which the sailors of the Sea Rover fear worse then death or being marooned. The Sea Rover is a ship that belongs to Captain Bahtiyar Qassim, a firmer honest tradesman turned pirate and mercenary. This is the first chapter. One second, I will give you the hint.

Footsteps slowed, the men on deck turning and gathering together as the guard who had pursued the prisoner through the dimly lit corridors of the bowels of the ship appeared. He approached a stately cabin at one end and knocked sharply on the door, aware of, but trying to desperately ignore, the watchful stares of his fellows. Candlelight filled the windows, yet the rest of the cabin lay in shadow. The door opened on well-oiled hinges and a caramel-skinned man appeared in the doorway, dressed in a pair of black breeches tucked into black boots over which was worn a navy-blue knee-length gown with wide sleeves that reached his elbows. A pair of glistening forest green eyes stared out at the guard who saluted his superior and the captain’s Sailing Master. “Sir. Is the captain available?”

The short man glanced behind him at the shadows for a few moments, lightning tearing through the sky lighting up the deck and crew members on deck whom were working on keeping the ship on course. A course that would be altered when the captain heard the news. The guard fidgeted as words were spoken before the man turned back to the fidgety guard, smirking at him.

“The captain is busy,” said the Sailing Master. “You can relay the information to me.”

Swallowing nervously, the guard looked behind him. All work stopped with the opening of the door, none making a move to help him. The short man watched silently with his glittering eyes until the guard turned back to face him. “The prisoner, the fallen king, has escaped.” A collective gasp escaped the rest of the awakened crew, all eyes going to the cabin, expecting the captain to suddenly appear.

The Sailing Master turned once more from the guard, a hatch visible in the center of the deck as one more lighting cracked the air. There was a hushed conversation before the Sailing Master stepped aside and a new face appeared. A shock of white hair, hair that was as white as pure freshly fallen snow or ice, that shone and trapped the light within it. Another gasp…this time the crew moved away from the cabin, leaving a large space upon the deck. Stepping out into the open, both figures turned as a voice sounded from within, the man with white hair stepping back into the cabin and returning moments later, the wind suddenly picking up and the flutter of the sails as they were caught in the wind causing a few to jump, the Sea Rover continuing its path.

Something was held in the second man’s arms, the wind causing it to flutter as it hung in his hold. The guard’s eyes widened as the lightning vanished, replaced by only the booming of thunder and the wind that rocked the seas, tossing the ship to and fro. “No…no! Anything but that!” The man’s voice was filled with fear, the white-haired man smiling maliciously in the darkness as he advanced forward. He stumbled backwards until his feet hit the closed hatch. Turning, he looked fearfully at it, knowing what lay below yet the…object in the man’s arms frightened him more. The white-haired man exhibited an aura of power…power and darkness…almost like the evil darkness that had swept over the planet of Xaythea. “Please! I’ll get him back!”

“You have failed the captain for the last time,” spoke the white-haired man, the Sailing Master moving off to the side, green eyes nervously on the white-haired man. The guard stood frozen, before turning and attempting to run, but there was nowhere to run. Raising his arms in front of him, the captain’s spoke in an ancient tongue, black and purple light swirling around him and causing his aura to envelope the people on the ship, even the prisoners beneath shook in fear and fell to their knees. Dark tendrils of flame circled around the Quarter Master and flew at the escaping guard, encircling him, trapping him in their tight hold, fire burning and yet not causing harm to the unfortunate guard’s skin. A boom of thunder, lighting arched down from the sky in front of the Sea Rover, but none on board paid the storm any heed.

He tried to scream…the tendrils wrapped around his neck and choked him. The energy the Quarter Master exhibited showed he was not entirely human or perhaps he never had been. The cloth in the man’s arms rose into the air, the dark magic latching onto the boards of the deck and sought holds within the cracks forcing the guard to stumble and pitch forward. With a crash he fell. With a chant that none understood, the cloth, which was really a skin of mottled green and black, flew across the deck and draped over the guard. He struggled. “Please! Captain help! Please no…nooooo…!” His voice cut off as the skin weighed down on him like a stone from a quarry…for such a light object…there was no escape. Molding and binding itself to the guard…gasping for air and his throat…his voice squeezing until it vanished with his desperate cries. “No…no…no…Rowarrrrrrrrrr!”
In the sixth chapter, The Chase, the creature and fate of said guard above is revealed. After months at a stalemate and lacking muse, I finished The Chase on November 17, 2019. So, the guard at the time was in his twenties let’s say. In truth I don’t pay much attention to side characters (outside of important ones on the Ascension, Sea Rover and those that might be important enough to come across, ex. Curstag-the woman who raised Alis.). Anyway, the guard is revealed as a Lezimoth, only 8 months old now and a fledgling but is now finally old enough and big enough to ride. There is a reason it struggles in the water with carrying a young Werebear and Alis to the surface where they have been drowning after jumping overboard/shoved over from the Sea Rover.

The Chase is full of action from start to finish. I try to lead into scenes from the end of one chapter to the beginning of the next to keep potential readers (of which I have one, used to be two-both friends on RPN) and myself hooked. Okay, so The Chase ends with

Lezimoth were strange creatures.
but I needed one more sentence to complete that paragraph.

Anyway I hope that you enjoy the drawing and the little excerpt as well as the finishing sentence of the sixth chapter. Drawing and writing/info belongs to moi.

In case ye are wondering...no...once a person is wrapped within the skin of a Lezimoth they can never turn into their former race. Not even the Mother of All can help.
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Fallow (Spirit Pack Omega)


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Fallow is a light brown wolf who is blind and whose left ear is missing, rendering him half deaf. He is an elder who was a former fighter/hunter for Spirit Pack but upon losing his sight at eight years was forced to resign from his rank and become an omega. Despite his lowly station in life, Fallow is a chipper wolf who delights in telling stories and teaching the younger generations. His mate was killed on a scouting mission and his pups have all grown and left Spirit Pack. Fallow may not be the oldest wolf within the pack but he has quite a lot to share and many wolves, including visitors respect him. Strangely, with Fallow's being forced into retirement earlier than planned, he has gained the ability to have visions and communicate with the deceased ancestors of the world, causing some to fear him and scorn him but uses his new abilities to help any who seek him out.

Made with www.deviantart.com/wyndbain/ar…
Reflye Region Map


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This is the regional map of the Reflye region. One would start their journey in Mande, a hamlet within the rural area of Republic of Toxo in the northeast. The Reflye League is located on located within Medina Kingdom on Wisp Isle, an island known for fire, ground and dark type Pokémon. There is an oligarchy which is to the right of Medina Kingdom called Livobria Oligarchy and to the south is Duchy of Mande. The Tsardom of Rabha lies to the northwest of Medina Kingdom and west of the Tsardom is Vrea Empire while southwest of the Tsardom is Alikhaschato Prefecture. The Republic of Riyah lies within to the north of Vera Empire and northwest of the Protectorate of Anha which is protected by Azgaar Empire. Zogragyroi is a small free state which lies between Azgaar Empire and Republic of Toxo. The eastern lands are composed of Al Marma Commonwealth and Jarrayan Republic (which is a united republic) while the Neutral Land is a caliphate.

This was made with Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator.
Terracotta Region


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The Terracotta Region is a strange region that has Pokémon from all over living in different habitats. For some reason, wild Pokémon are more aggressive than in other regions yet Pokémon and people have worked alongside for generations in harmony. However, Terracotta has remained closed off to the other regions of the Pokémon world, not letting outsiders into their region.

Made with azgaar.github.io/Fantasy-Map-G…

terracotta map.png

I did have an RP in mind for this where trainers from all core regions (Kanto to Galar) would go to Almia with their starter Pokémon (all trainers being between the ages of 10-12) and then get an egg in Almia after spending a week learning to care for their new Pokémon. Then they would be whisked away to the Terracotta region where they would go on a journey through various regions, including the side regions of Orre, Almia, Fiore, Sevi Islands, and my fake regions with there being a team of members of each of the core organizations that formed their own team in the Terracotta region but I don't have a real plan after that. Plus, nobody ends up joining my RPS or sticks around anyway, so I figured it was worthless but it was fun making this.
Rauthr (Sage's second dragon-Inheritance Cycle RP)


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This is Sage Eldawn's new dragon when his dragon Hades is killed by the elf Dettr in Du Weldenvarden during his time there to get a rider sword from Rhunon after killing the shade Stilio on his master's, Deyan's orders as part of a test along with Murtagh Morzansson and the witch Angela. Rauthr was stolen from Vroengard when he was an egg after Sage's mother and adoptive aunt were killed by Dettr, the half-elf breaking his promise to never set foot on the home of Vrael.

He is from a dead Inheritance Cycle forum (Inheritance Cycle Playground) on fanfiction.net that died in 2017.

Made with Dragon Maker by Wyndbain on DeviantArt
Itzal Night (Wolf's Haven Forum)


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Itzal Night is the son of Cloak and Lyra. His aunt is Tekla and his cousin is Xunab. When Itzal was born, his mother was making problems for the pack and so Itzal was taken from his mother by Cloak and given to one of Cloak's she-wolves to raise with explicit permission to never say anything about Itzal's real mother or allow him any contact with Itzal's aunt and cousin. He is 2/3 wolf and 1/2 German Shepherd (GSD). Appears in the AU threads for my forum Wolf's Haven. The forum is now closed due to the people who ran it leaving and not coming back. I eventually got bored managing 3 packs by myself and left.
Kamari Kiwali (Wolf Haven)


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This is not a drawing, rather a line art I found and colored in of twin brothers from my dead wolf haven RP.

kamari and kiwali.png

These two wolves are twins and are a part of Kumar's Pack. The gold wolf is Kiwali who had a short existence on Savage Mountain. Kiwali had no name like most of the pups on Savage Mountain before it was overthrown. He was killed by Jade after Rain (Zhao's brother) fed him a rabbit that Zhao had caught for his sister. Jade killed the pup and then Rain was forced by Rude to consume the pup's corpse. The only wolf who knows of her evil deed is her mate Sam. Kiwali was resurrected after being a ghost for a little while with Kamari. Kamari is the silver wolf who has more scars then he did in his first lifetime and is the reincarnation of the previous Kamari who died after he went to a facility where humans are experimenting on wolves. Kamari was close to death when Kumar and Saphira broke into the lab in an attempt to save him after the Flower became aware of a dying wolf. Kamari was unable to shift for the journey and had to be carried by Kumar but efforts to save him were in vain as he died in the infirmary when Kumar and Saphira got back to their cabin in which they used to live. Kiwali and Kamari were resurrected as twin brothers and after they were left to die by their new parents, they traveled to Kumar's Pack and joined it.

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