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Traditional Scorpio art improvement


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Did this yesterday morning. Moobell, the pre-evolved form of Tauros and Miltank (since Miltank is said officially in Bulbapedia to be the counterpart to Tauros).


It's tan with rose pink markings so a bit lighter than Tauros and Miltank. It has the weight and height of a newborn calf. Mind you I had such a difficult time finding the height of a newborn calf on Google. Abilities are taken from both Tauros and Miltank, minus Scrappy which is a normal-type move. This is Iphiolon Pokedex 030.

Normal type

Abilities: Intimidate, Thick Fat
Hidden: Scrappy
Height: 2’0” (0.6 m)
Weight: 60 lbs (27.21 kg)
Evolves: Tauros, if male, at Level 20 or Miltank, if female, at Level 20
Pokédex Entry: Moobell, the Jingle Pokemon and the pre evolved form of Tauros and Miltank. Moobell spend much of their time with their mothers and like playing with their bells. Despite their wobbly legs, Moobell are surprisingly strong yet shy with humans and take time to trust them. Moobell are preyed upon by Scarabyte and Bamboa.

Scarabyte is the final evolution of my Normal/Ghost dog line of Iphiolon and Bamboa is a Seviper Evolution that I have yet to draw. I understand this has been done before but I thought it would be a good idea. I will also be making, likely dual typing evolutions for both Tauros and Milktank.
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Not exactly a drawing but I did this in paint a while ago.


If you cannot view it, go to my deviantart. Elnach Island

Description below:
Elnach Island is the starting point for all trainers who turn thirteen and thereby old enough to get their Pokemon license and begin their journey. There are five settlements and three volcanoes along with some ruins. Each settlement, barring Jarata, faces a direction on a compass. Brevun Lake, Spirit Lake and Tunburn Lake are crater lakes that formed within the volcanoes when they went dormant.

San Balix is the only city and has a population of 200 people. The Trainer School, a Pokemon Center and a dual Dark/Flying Gym, run by Whimsey Kopak, are located here. Route 2 heads west to one of three extinct volcanoes, Mount Hellion. Mount Hellion is connected to the town of Vichacas, a small village that lies northwest of Mount Hellion.

Route 1 heads north and also turns east to Wanola Port which is above Wanola Lake. Route 1 then continues with Purity River on the left to a town called Fecho which houses 30 people.

Route 3 heads southeast down a hill to Mount Repose and then through Cobalt Forest to Howling Wind Outpost in the west.

Route 4 heads north towards Chocona, a small fishing village on the north of the island. One can take Route 5 which goes along Vulcan Path, home to several fire type Pokemon to Noxious Chasm which is home to Ground, Rock and Dark Types.

Wraith Gorge is home to Dark and Ghost-Type Pokemon and is always shrouded in mist. It heads south from Route 6 to Vichacos.

Route 6 winds east from Brevun Forest where Jurata is located, to Mount Eclipse, the tallest and oldest volcano on the island.

Willow Meadows is home to Grass, Bug and Fairy Type Pokemon.

Jarata is home to Professor Etzli Kopak's lab, a pharmacy and a small Pokemon Center that also has a market which sells both Pokemon and trainer supplies.

Near Misery Lake is the Flying-Type Gym. There is also a temple dedicated to Arceus there.
Names are taken from Fantasy Name Generator. I think the names are South American.
Cheyenne Partner & Others


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My partner Cheyenne, an American Paint Horse.

I think this is Cookie. Cookie is a mare and Pony of the Americas.

Cheyenne (left) & Cookie (right-I think)


Amicka, my second partner and a mare. She is a Grade/Pinto horse breed & a Nurse Mare Foal. Amicka is really lively and I think the youngest in the herd.
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Name: Shingetsu (“new moon” in Japanese)
Dark type
Fire type

Abilities: Black Mirror/Quick Feet
Hidden: Flash Fire
Height: 0’16” (0.40 m)
Weight: 25 lbs (11.3 kg)
Pokédex Entry: Shingetsu, the Mourning Cat Pokemon and the evolved form of Kage. Shingetsu are rarely found alone, mostly traveing in packs of four to eight which break upon their final evolutions. They have a close knit bond with their pack which lasts their entire life. When a pack member dies, they carry the fallen to the ocean, no matter the distance and set it adrift.
Evolves: From Kage at Level 20
Evolves into Shoku, if female, with Dusk Stone
Evolves into Kosen, if male, with Dawn Stone

Note: I tried drawing this but didn't do too good so I ended up tracing it but the idea was from a disputed Pokemon page on Bulbapedia where Red saw the statue of a cat creature in File 1 Red Episode. My frustration with drawing this, resulted in Kage being the first evolution and this being the second.
Haunted Pride (Honor of Blood Fanfic)


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Done with base on Deviantart and colored in paint. It's some of Simba's pride some years after Mufasa's death and Simba running away. Sarafina and Nala will bear cubs for Scar while Abiodun is one of Scar and Naanda's daughters. The other lionesses are those who were in the pride or Scar had his hyenas bring into the pride. Honor of Blood is a WIP and a Lion King fanfic, covering my very big family tree of the kings and queens of the past of Pride Rock.

So I found this, Lion King Base 43, and got an idea into my mind. Scar's pride when he was king.

Any lionesses with black around their eyes are future Outsiders.

From Left to Right starting with back row:

Name: Wasola
Meaning: "Come to Riches" in Yoruba
Parents: Nacash (father), Shanumi (mother)-both deceased
Siblings: Kashimawo (younger brother)-killed by Scar
Cubs: None

Name: Nafisah
Meaning: "precious," "delicate," "gem" in Hausa (possibly from Arabic origin)
Parents: Nomvula (mother), Hami (father)
Siblings: Zira (sister), Jabori (brother)
Cubs: Maimuna (daughter)

Name: Abiodun
Meaning: "Born On A Festival" in Yoruba
Parents: Scar (Father), Naanda (mother)
Siblings: Nala (half-sister), Mheetu (younger brother), Adetoro (sister), Mayowa (sister)
Cubs: None

Front Row Left to Right:
Name: Itunu
Meaning: "Consolation" in Yoruba
Parents: Unknown father, Feyisola (mother/died shortly after Scar took over)
Siblings: None
Cubs: None

Name: Nala
Meaning: "Luck" in Tanzanian
Parents: Naanda (mother), Jenali (father/deceased)
Siblings: Mheetu (younger half-brother), Abidoun, Adetoro, Mayowa (half-sisters)
Cubs: Faraji (son), Nuru (daughter), future mother to Fluffy (son-deceased), Kopa (son), Kiara (daughter), & Kion (son)

Name: Folami
Meaning: "Respect and honor me" in Yoruba
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Cubs: Expecting

Name: Sarafina
Meaning: "Bright Star" in Swahili (supposedly)
Parents: Athumani (father), Kesi (mother)
Siblings: None
Cubs: Zahara (daughter), Chandu, Elewisa, Asafa, Asani (sons)-both with Scar; Kamari (daughter)-with former mate

This is during the years between Scar taking the throne and before Simba comes back. In my story, Zira is just a loyal follower of Taka/Scar and was never his queen. Scar may be mad but he has enough sense to realize having Zira as queen would be foolish and anyway, he is in love with Marjani (mother to Zuberi and Zuri who are Scar's children). The three outsiders in the picture, yes including Nala's half-sisters' of which two are not pictured, are banished by Simba along with Queen Majarni and all cubs born of Scar/his followers or those pregnant within Zira's pride.

In Honor of Blood, I am going with some information found on the lion king wiki where TLK director said Kovu is an orphan. Vitani & Nuka have the same father. Zira does have children with Scar, three daughters to be precise, who are adolescents by the time the outsiders are banished.

Scar & Naanda's daughters will be banished by Simba when they are born along with Scar and Nala's cubs, Nuru (daughter) & Faraji (son).
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Normal type

Height: 4’11” (1.5 m)
Weight: 30.9 lbs (14.0 kg)
Ability: Serene Grace; Run Away
Hidden: Rattled
Evolves: Morvern at Level 20
Pokédex Entry: Dunsparce, the Land Snake Pokemon. Dunsparce uses its tail to dig its elaborate nest. If spotted, this Pokémon escapes by furiously boring into the ground with its tail.

Note: I traced him on my phone as I couldn’t get the head and body right. That is why he is so small.
Elemental Wolves Hibiscus Alpha


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Burdock is the alpha male of Hibiscus Pack. The Hibiscus Pack on a series of islands and is the southernmost pack in the World. They live on the largest island with a large freshwater lake two miles away and an island of hibiscus flowers growing in the middle of the lake. Burdock has a scar on his left cheek from when he was a pup and got attacked by a rogue wolf and four white stripes on rump along with long white claws. Burdock is a patient alpha who is calm, patient, intelligent and likes pups. He was from a pack that no longer exist in The World called the Eternal Stars and settled in the area one winter. When the snow melted it revealed the beautiful flower field and that is how the pack got its name.

Note: This was done by the wolf maker on wyndbain and is part of my Elemental Wolves series.
Copis & Teneel (Iphiolon 019 & 020)


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Teneel ("Tenuem" + "eel")
Water type
Ghost type

Ability: Drizzle; Water Absorb
Hidden: Thick Fat
Height: 0'8" (0.2 m)
Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
Pokedex Entry: Teneel, the Predator Pokemon. This Pokemon can be found at depths of up to 2,900 feet. They are often found among rocks, in reefs or caves or in ship wrecks deep in the ocean. They are not very territorial and will instead hide when danger approaches.
Evolves: Level 28 into Copis

Note: Based on European Conger Eel. I had a hard time drawing this as I couldn't get the body streamlined. Veil tried and he couldn't get it either but tried a side view as well to help me.

2nd stage: Copis

Copis ("Cobalus" + "Pispris")
Water type
Ghost type

Ability: Levitate
Hidden: Thick Fat
Height: 8'02" (2.5 m)
Weight: 463 lbs (210 kg)
Pokedex Entry: Copis, the Living Fossil Pokemon, a water/ghost type and the evolved form of Teneel. Copis is not a strong or fast swimmer but can stretch its jaws out like a slingshot and widen them to 111⁰. It sucks prey up whole when prey get close enough before it can escape. The vision of Copis are not good so it depends on its nose to pick up the vibrations of prey.
Evolves: Evolves from Teneel at Level 28

Note: Based on a goblin shark

Notes: The names are somewhat latin. Tenuem is 'small' in Latin.

Cobalus is 'goblin' in Latin & Pispris is 'shark' in Latin.
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Welcome Home (Lion King Setting)


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This is a couple of lions I colored in. The brown female has black paws, a dark gray tail tuft and markings over her turquoise eyes set against light yellow scerla with light yellow undersides, muzzle and inside ears. Her name is Monifa which is Yoruba for "I am lucky". She is greeting her mate, Jengo which is Swahili for "building". Jengo has a black mane with dark blue eyes over gold scerla, a brown nose and silver fur. His undersides and paws are light yellow as are his inner ears. Jengo is a member of the lion guard, the fastest, of King Kamari's reign. Monifa is returning home after a hunt where Jengo has waited anxiously for her when not patrolling the pride lands.

Some background: Kamari was the first to start the Lion Guard, the son of Queen Johari and her mate King Moshi, making Kamari the great great grandson of King Reth. The Lion Guard came about as a result of some rogue lions coming into the territory and trying to take it over, injuring the young king and stealing some of the king's favorite lionesses. A group of loyal lions went looking for the lionesses to bring back to their young leader but they only found one of the lionesses who was severely injured in a fight with them. A few days later they found three others of the king's favorites, two they were unable to find. The three they found had been killed after being bred by the rogues. The lions were never able to find the king's other two lionesses but after that, King Kamari ended up creating the lion guard to help him protect the lands and the pride.

Storm Background: storm

Lion Couple Base: Outsiders-I Missed You
Kamari Family (Honor of Blood LK Fanfic)


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The royal family of Pride Rock. Descended from Queen Johari and King Moshi, Kamari is the great grandson of Queen Kichaka. He has the same coloring as Scar almost with the reddish-brown though his undersides and paws are colored with a dark red nose. Opposite him is his mate and queen, Queen Nya. At their paws are Prince Mohatu and their newborn son Kagiso who would grow up to become the leader of the second generation of the Lion Guard.

Nya has sandy fur with cream undermarkings, tail tuft and paws. Her eyes are purple with yellow scerla and a pink nose, the inside of her ears being light yellow. She was a kind and gentle queen during her reign, serving as King Kamari's confident and bore him two successful and strong heirs.

You can see that Kamari has a red mane, this mane would pass down to Mufasa and Simba. Kamari had orange eyes while Mohatu's eyes are brown and Kagiso's eyes are jade.

Base was colored using Paint. The base itself is here: Create a Pride
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Kamari’s Harem (Honor of Blood LK fanfic)


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I decided to make a picture of Kamari's lionesses to explain the creation of the lion guard better. I used the following bases:

Lioness Lay Base, Pridelander Lioness Base 1, and Lioness Base.

From left to right:

The gold lioness with the tan undersides, red nose, and orange eyes is Nofoto which is Zulu for "like her grandmother". She was a great hunter and mother to two sons named Bonginkosi which is Zulu for "thank the lord", and Shaka who was an African tribal leader. Nofoto was one of the lionesses to be killed by the rogues after being bred. She was four years of age.

The tan lioness with aqua eyes and dark red nose is Yibanathi which is Zulu for "be with us." She was mother to a son named Sizakele which is Zulu for "be helped" and pregnant when she was taken by the rogue males. She was four years old at the time she was taken and was one of the lionesses to never be found.

The red lioness with brown undersides and green eyes is Ayize which is Zulu for "let it happen". She was the oldest lioness of the king's harem, being 6 years and mother of a daughter named Jabulani which is Zulu for "be happy", a daughter named Siphephelo which is Zulu for "place of peace", Hlengiwe which means "redeemed" in Zulu and her twin brother Vusumuzi which is Zulu for "raise the household" and Musawenkosi which is Zulu for "God's Grace". Ayize was one of the three lionesses to be killed and bred by the rogue males.

The black and gray lioness is Buhle which is Zulu for "beauty and goodness." She was the only lioness to be found alive. She went on to give birth to a pair of daughters; Nokuthula "peace and tranquility" in Zulu and Isisa which means "tenderness" in Zulu. She was three.

The orange lioness with gray eyes and light yellow undersides was one of the youngest at two years old, of the lionesses. She was one of the two never found by the group of loyal lions. She is Sizani which is Zulu for "be advantageous". She left behind two male cubs named Bhekizizwe which is Zulu for "looking after the nations" and Askari which means "police". Askari would become the leader of the first Lion Guard. She was two and a half.

The dark brown lioness with gold eyes and tan undersides is Zobuhle, Zulu for "lady of beauty". She was the only lioness not to give King Kamari cubs and the youngest, only eighteen months. King Kamari found her in what would become the outlands and brought her into his harem of lionesses who remained within the main cave with the king and queen and their cubs, the rest of the pride living in another cave. She was the third of the lionesses to be found killed and bred by the lions.
Exiled Daughters (scar x naanda Honor is blood)


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Naanda and Scar's adolescent daughters. They are exiled along with their half-siblings, former queen Marjani, other cubs and Zira with her few followers after Simba returns to Pride Rock and becomes king for being descendants of his uncle and being followers. Naanda resented her cubs for being the product of Scar and thus they migrated to Queen Marjani for affection, it took them by surprise when Simba exiled them with their half-siblings and the other outsiders. Mayowa may look fierce but she is close to her half-brother Nuka and does her best to protect him, not an easy thing when Zira's a crazed follower who went behind Marjani and Scar's back.

Left to Right:

Name: Adetoro
Meaning: "Crown Of Settlement" in Yoruba
Parents: Scar & Naanda
Siblings: Nala (half-sister), Mheetu (half-brother), Asani (brother), Abiodun & Mayowa (sisters)
Cubs: None
Base Used: Lion Base 16

Name: Abiodun
Meaning: "Born On A Festival" in Yoruba
Parents: Scar & Naanda
Siblings: Nala (half-sister), Mheetu (half-brother), Asani (brother), Adetoro & Mayowa (sisters)
Cubs: None
Base Used: Pridelander Lioness Base 1

Name: Mayowa
Meaning: "Brings Joy" in Yoruba
Parents: Scar & Naanda
Siblings: Nala (half-sister), Mheetu (half-brother), Asani (brother), Adetoro & Abiodun (sisters)
Cubs: Expecting
Base Used: Lion King Base 7
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Child Love-Nuru & Sefu (HOB fan fic)


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As you can see, I redesigned Nuru a bit. Colored in Paint. Mentioned before, she was Taka's friend and mate as well as mother to his son Sefu. Unlike many Pridelandes, Nuru doesn't have colored paws. She has gold eyes against yellow sclera, silver fur around her muzzle and eyes which make them pop and all white fur. Next to her is her and Taka's son Sefu, pulling on his mother's tail. He takes mostly after his mother but he has chocolate brown undersides, ear rims, muzzle and paws while his eyes are the same lime green of his father and tan inside ears with his mother's white pelt covering his own body. This was the last time mother and son were seen alive by Taka, the next time he would see them was when he found their bodies.

Nuru would be honored by Taka years later when Nala and Scar's daughter was named after her. Sefu was a mix of his mother's and father's personalities. The true prince to the throne, Sefu and Nuru wouldn't get to see the sun rise the next day for they were murdered by Mufasa to become king of the Pridelands for there is a forgotten law in the Pridelands. While tradition dictated the firstborn child was to become ruler, another child could become king or queen if they produced a heir, a law that Ahadi had absolved and forbid mention of when Uru was made to bring her sole surviving cub with her back to Pride Rick after he killed her other three cubs. Ahadi, who had always neglected Taka and favored Mufasa didn't see Taka as king material for his scrawny appearance and sought to destroy any chance that could make Taka as the next ruler of the Pridelands instead of his chosen son.

Base Used: lioness and playful cub by Maisha-Iris
Ospar Fire Starter (004)


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Name: Kasai (‘fire’ in Japanese)
Ospar Dex: 004
Type: Fire type
Ability: Blaze
Hidden: Flash Fire
Height: 2’00” (0.6 m)-female/3’07” (1.1 m)-male
Weight: 17.6 lbs (8.0 kg)-male/11.0 lbs (5.0 kg)-Female
Evolution: Ashfall at level 18

Pokédex Entry (anime/manga): Kasai, the Scorch Bear Pokemon. Kasai are adaptable creatures and tend to be docile, making them underestimated by human and Pokémon alike. These Pokémon tend to live all over in a variety of environments and only attack when threatened. The fur of Kasai’s lime is highly prized for its ability to stave off the bitter winters in the mountains and often traded with people of Zashil and Iphiolon.

Pokédex Entry 1 (games): Kasai, the Scorch Bear Pokemon. Their fur is invulnerable to fire and quite warm. When they gather together, heat wafts can offer their backs and mists the air. Scientists speculate Kasai came from a forgotten or destroyed region.

Pokédex entry 2 (games): Its flames are powered by an internal flame sack. It’s thought that Kasai’s flame sack was developed to help it survive the ice age that hit it’s former region and during it’s migration.

Notes: Males have yellow eyes and black-brown fur. Females have orange eyed and red fur. They are based on the Spectacled Bear but coloring and part of the design was based on the original fire starter of Pokémon gold beta. Can be found via Bulbapedia’s page on unreleased Pokémon designs.

Kasai & it’s evolutions are not in Zashil or Iphiolon. Rather their skins are taken from hunted bears, which are also eaten by mountain communities due to the rich meat and fat, and shipped off to Zashil, Iphiolon and the north and west Ubrium.
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Tauros (Iphiolon 031)


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Note: Mostly traced but colored in and drew upper back and tails which were surprisingly difficult with the tufts.
Name: Tauros
Normal type

Gender: 100% Male
Height: 4'07" (1.4 m)
Weight: 194.9 lbs (88.4 kg)
Ability: Intimidate or Anger Point
Hidden: Sheer Force
Pokedex Entry: Tauros, a Wild Bull Pokémon. When whipping itself with its three tails, its Tackle is a powerful destructive force. They fight each other by locking horns. The herd's protector takes pride in its battle-scarred horns.
Evolves from Moobell (if male) at Level 20
Evolves into Micarbast at Level 50
Amaziah (Kiara's Mate) HOB


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This is Amaziah (means 'The one who has the strength of God, is unusual and extraordinary' in Swahili) who becomes Kiara's mate and father of her cubs as well as king of the Pride Lands. His backstory has not been thought up yet but I saw a picture of an original lion king character where Kovu remained 'evil' and did not meet Kiara at all so taking that idea...plus I don't plan on Nala's half-sisters being accepted into the pride again on Zira's death so Kovu would lead them and those of Zira's pride loyal to her in Honor of Blood.

Made with Feline Maker and pasted into MS Paint.

Note: Apparently people do not like the idea of Kiara being with anyone but Kovu. Well, tough luck ladies and gents, I have decided she will get with this pretty fellow and not Kovu like originally planned. How did Amaziah come about? As I said above, I was surfing a lion king forum, reading various articles and came across an OC where Kovu remained 'evil'. So I thought...'well I haven't seen this and it's new...why not try it for Honor of Blood?' So that is what I have done above. He looks almost like Reth doesn't he, except he is lighter and has...beige or white markings on his back legs. I made him a more realistic tawny color (I'm going with tawny) like traditional lions.
Queen Johari (Honor of Blood fan fic)


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This is Queen Johari, the left picture being her as a cub and the right as an adolescent/adult. She has the characteristic orange eyes of a Pridelander and a brown pelt with light yellow undersides and framing her eyes with tuft tail and brown nose. Mother to Kamari, she is the granddaughter of King Reth. She chose a rogue male as her mate and consort but was a fair and just leader who never abused her power.

Colored in Paint, it has a dark red background. The gray lines are part of the drawings themselves as downloaded.

Bases Used: Lioness Cub & Lioness Base.
Founding Mothers (Honor of Blood)


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So I colored this in Paint 3-D but got the base here: Lioness cubs

These are the lionesses and a couple cubs from Reth's pride, the king of the desert pride in my story Honor of Blood that I am slowly working on. They can be viewed as the founding mothers of the pride lands for some of their cubs go with King Reth's daughter Kichaka to find new territory after her older sister is set to become queen of the desert pride when their father steps down.

The black lionesses is Boluwaji which is Yoruba for "Rise up with the Lord". She was a former rogue who joined Kichaka on her journey to the Pride Lands along with the brown lioness, Arafa (Swahili for "intelligent; well-educated"), who is her sister.

The Dark gray lioness is Fisayo which is Zulu for "God has given me great joy". She is the mother of the silver lion cub, Jolasun which is Zulu for "Let the wealth come forth". Jolasun is around six months. Jolasun's father is Badru, Reth's friend.

The orange cub is Bongani which is Zulu for "One who his grateful". He's about two months in this picture. He is the son of the red lioness with the brown nose, her name is Nomusa which is Zulu for "one who looks like an eagle" due to her keen eyesight. Bongani's father was a rogue lion who patrolled the borders.

The golden sleeping lioness is Oluchi which is Zulu for "The word of god". She acts as the pride's healer in addition to helping the other lionesses hunt. She's the sister to Nomusa and aunt to Bongani. In the picture she is pregnant with cubs from her dead mate.
Royalty (Honor of Blood Fan Fic)


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This will not take part in my story but I found it and decided to attempt to make a 'what could have been' scene.

The scene features Queen Marjani on the left and her Aunt Itanya on the rock. The cubs, from left to right are Nuru, Faraji, Zuberi and Zuri. Faraji and Nuru are the children of Scar & Nala while Zuberi and Zuri are the children of Marjani and Scar. Zuberi and Zuri are a week older than Nuru and Faraji. Nala abandoned her cubs with Scar after they were born, forcing Marjani to take them in. Nuru is named for Scar's deceased mate Nuru while Marjani named Faraji as the cubs were nameless when born.

Basically, this is if the drought had ended and Simba never came back to the Pridelands. Taka would still be king and Marjani still his queen with Zuberi being the one to inherit the throne as he was the oldest of the twins. Faraji would have likely taken over the Lion Guard while Nuru and Zuri would have grown to become fine hunters.

Itanya means 'hope' in Swahili.

Base: TLK Base 5-Cubs and Lionesses Lion Guard Base: TLK Base 15-Mark of the Lion Guard

If anyone wants, there is a better version of them (the cubs anyway) that I got commissioned by someone on Deviant Art but I will post it below.

Information on the above ^^ can be found here: Scar's Cubs

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