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This is a romance-based roleplay that focuses on the many residents of a rural city called Omen. So far we have eight members with a total of twenty-one characters--nine male, eleven female--and we're still seeking more wonderful writers, like yourself, to join our friendly group. (We offer DISCORD communication and recommend it)

So far, the story is on its first time-skip, which is only the second morning IC. We're looking to skip again soon to a further point in time with our characters celebrating Fall at the town's Fall Festival.

We're at a great spot to add new members! Be prepared for relationship discussions because everyone's gonna hit you up wanting to interact.

-----WHAT TO EXPECT-----

- Roughly everyone knows everyone (the characters, I mean)

- Every character must have another character listed as their crush, but it cannot be someone that already likes your character (mutual romance can come IC after you've managed to interact with enough characters to reach a certain decision) You want to explore your options, and there are plenty.

- You may have as many characters as you'd like but make sure you can manage them in case you end up with all of them active at a time. Other than that, you can write for one or two at a time while the remaining are left inactive in the shadows, doing whatever.


- Following each post in the roleplay that involves one of your characters interaction-wise, not mentions, we'd like for you to be capable of providing one post within seven days. If you fail to do that--and we will encourage you to post throughout this period--then the person interacting with you or anyone else affected by your absence will be allowed to skip rotation and continue posting. You will also be discluded from voting on an upcoming time-skip if your absence falls near that unless you manage to post within three days after the seventh day of your hiatus. (It's pretty simple, honestly, and we're very understanding of each other's personal lives)

Do not fear: There is no being kicked out of this RP due to inactivity. If you disappear and return one day four months later, we'll help you jump back in, but we would prefer a warning or headsup.

Come check us out:

You don't have to announce your interest or ask permission, just throw a character sheet into our fray and I'll hit you up :) We are LGBTQS friendly. This also isn't one of those RPs where you go to bed then wake up to ten pages and hella shit to catch up on. It's organized and steady.
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