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Fandom RP ideas: Pokémon & STAR WARS

True North

Magic Eight Ball

Path of a Gym Leader

A new region needs Gym Leaders. Many are willing. Few are worthy.

Gym initiates are expected to pass their trials and attain the approval of the region's government officials in order to qualify as a Gym Leader.
The setting will take place in one of my original made regions and will feature all known Pokémon.




"Salutations Gym Initiates! This is an automated message delivered straight to you from my trusted messenger bot, IB319 aka "Bundie"! The voice you're hearing from my robotic assistant is actually me, Professor Solare. My petition for the Pokémon League has been approved by the Governess and thus an official announcement will be made at city hall! Report to my laboratory ASAP to sign up for the Gym Leader Initiation Program for the chance to earn a Gym Leader's license. You'll also get the opportunity to be selected by a mentor and to meet with your competitors who share your honorable pursuit. See you soon..."



Crash landing onto the desolate planet Vexxess after a perilous pursuit, a transport of Padawan become stranded with their pilot critically injured.
With Jedi Hunters hot on their trail, the Jedi in-training eagerly devise a plan to elude their untimely capture.



"He is a brutal man who has no qualms about destroying entire establishments just to eliminate a single target and has made a name for himself as an essential bounty hunter along the outer rim."

An ex-mandalorian convict commissioned by the Sith as a Force Hunter to eliminate or recruit force users into the new Sith Order. A force user himself, but his full potential unbeknownst to him. R helps mentor the rising Sith recruits under the command of the Sith Lord. His only known force ability as of now is a resistance to other force abilities willed upon him.
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I believe both could be interesting, unless you're sticking to one per person so no crossover occurs.


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I'm interested in the pokemon one! (Though personally, I'd ALSO be interested in an epic sci-fi pokemon star wars crossover)

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