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Multiple Settings RP anyone?

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Alright, so...first time I'm doing a post like this. I'm still rather new to this website and I'm learning the ropes. But! I came here to ask one (very obvious) question!
Is there anyone who would like to RP with me?
I already have a fantasy universe set up that me and my friends use for D&D, but I'm very flexible and we can discuss changes to the world and/or make completely new worlds if you want, and do whatever really. I'm open to trying out new things, so just suggest whatever you want and we'll discuss it. c:

I realize I'm probably opening up pandora's box by just allowing whatever, but still... One learns best through trial and error, no?
I often do semi-literate RPs, 1-2 paragraphs, so don't expect me to write half a book or something, but please do write more than like...four words if you can. Just write something that you yourself is proud of, and don't worry about me critizing things like grammar and stuff. I'm usually pretty chill with that. ^^
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Hello! I'm Nesy, in the age of 15 looking for roleplayers as well!

I'm looking for partners to share my plots, make new stories and absoloutly go nuts with it. I like fantasy/sci-fi / sci-fantasy and a lot of cool genres with it.
I write up to 10 paragraphs but to match with the semi-literate thing, I'll write 2-3-4 paragraphs depending on your roleplay.


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Hey there! I'm interested in roleplaying with you in this world you have! I'm literate and able to write the way you like it without doing "half a book" lmao


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Hiya! I am very interested in roleplaying with you. My favorite genre is fantasy medieval! I am semi-literate and work hard to write things I am proud of.

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