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Fantasy Royal Flush [Open, Looking for Players]


The Purple Soul
Long, long agoIn a place forgotten by time...
There was the grand kingdom of Deck, a massive spread of land that was filled with magic and creatures of all sorts. In this kingdom, humans are simply that, humans, but have magical abilities that separate them into four subspecies: The flashy Diamonds, the common Spades, the brash Clubs, and the rare Hearts, each with their own special magical powers.

In the center of the kingdom was the Capital City of Talin, which resided around the grand Congregational Castle, where the four rulers lived in harmony. In the city, many things happen each day. However, at the time of this story, Talin City was preparing for the annual Fall Festival, a time for celebration and cheer as the citizens bring entertainment, joy, food and drink to themselves and visitors from around Deck. But in the depths of castle, where the royal Watcher (a soothsayer) lived, a vision came to her. It involved some of nastiest people of Deck...

The Jokers. A name given to anyone crazy or just murderous enough, were hard earned criminals in Deck. They each had powers of their own, as they still existed as one of the sub-species, but for entirely different reasons. Be it for revenge, greed, or even just for their own amusement, they wrecked havoc whenever they could upon Deck.

The Fall Festival was a perfect opportunity for them to enact their plans upon not only the four leaders of the kingdom, but the biggest city of them all. So they had decided upon meeting in Talin to discuss how to cause a schism on the day of the festivities.

However, the Jokers were pushovers compared to other things that lurked in the shadows of the kingdom. As the Festivals Days drew near, so did the chaos that was to unfold on that very day....

Concept If its not obvious yet, this RP will be a High Fantasy setting based on the suits of playing cards, with a dash of magic thrown in. I'm not looking for the most complicated of responses, but a good paragraph would be nice, if detailed. I'm hoping to get this off the ground, so please notify me if you have to leave at some point, if you decide to join.

The Plot: Short Version Basically, there is this magical kingdom that spreads far and wide on not-Earth, called Deck. In the kingdom, human beings possess magical abilities that separate them into four sub-categories: Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, and Clubs. In the current times, the capitol city of Deck, Talin, is about to have its annual Fall Festival, and some of the worst criminals of the land, Jokers, are congregating here to discuss how they will attack on the day of the Festival. The rest of the details I'll explain if this gets enough interest.


Kinda Forgot I Had This Here
I kind of like this, feel free to include me. One question about the magic, though- is it something like every character has a power unique to them, or is it more generalized, like into elements?


The Purple Soul
I kind of like this, feel free to include me. One question about the magic, though- is it something like every character has a power unique to them, or is it more generalized, like into elements?
It’s kind of hard to explain, but I’m general there are large categories of magic that each sub-species can use (Diamonds mostly have illusion magic, while Spades commonly have useful magic for every day tasks, like animating tools). However, everyone’s abilities are different to each other, allowing this idea to be turned on its head in uniqueness.

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