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Hello! I am looking for some rp partners. Gender doesn't matter to me, although I prefer to play a female role (unless its MxM). Here are some of the plots and themes I can do, although I'll always be open to new ideas ^^.
-Vampire (optional romance for all of these next ones)
-Marble Hornets
-Pokemon (nOsTaLgIaAaA)
Like I said before, if you have any different ideas, that's totally awesome too! If you would like to rp, go ahead and reply or dm me ^^ Thank you so soooo much!

-PsychoKitty666 ^-^


I am interested in the Yandere or MxM rp, strangely XD.
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Storm of Eternal Rage
Maybe Yandere Pokèmon Trainer × Innocent (but with a naughty mind, not that he'll admit it) Trainer? Maybe F!YandereDuelist×M!SkilledNaïvèDuelist?

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