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Fandom Revamped Soul Eater partner search

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Soul Eater fans HMU
I've been searching for a partner to rp Soul Eater with. I've seen most of the anime (up to episode 45, spoilers are ok since I don't plan on finishing it anytime soon) and begun reading the manga.

LGBTQ+ friendly
OC friendly
Crossovers may be allowed, but please ask first.

Semi-literate, idm grammar mistakes as long as it's readable.
Post length doesn't matter much, but please write as much as you can.
Must be an active roleplayer (at least replying once a day).
I'll have to ask you to at least play Kurona/Crona. There's a few reasons for this, but mainly so I don't have to constantly be both parts of a conversation.

My favorite character is Kurona (or Crona) Gorgon, aka the Demon Swordsman. As such, I've created a character to ship with them. Their backstories and personalities are similar, but also wildly different. I'll explain further if you PM me with an inquiry.

The story would begin around episode 7 of the anime or chapter 4 of the manga, Kurona's debut appearance. Except in this AU, there's another demon weapon called the Demon Executioner. Most of their actions are blamed on Kurona, the Demon Swordsman, since the Demon Executioner stays hidden in the shadows and is very rarely seen.
At this point, their existence is simply a rumor. Kurona themself knows of their existence, but has never met them. The Demon Executioner is said to be working with the witch Medusa, who is also Kurona's mother, but they're actually using Medusa and Kurona for protection against the DWMA.

The Demon Executioner's real name is Shiko. She's had a very troubled past filled with abuse, violence, emotional trauma, and so on. She's a demon weapon but is also her own meister, possessing the unique ability to split her soul in two. Her wavelength is exceptionally unstable, making soul resonance nearly impossible.
Later on, shortly after the Trial Class arc, Shiko will join the DWMA, seeking protection after betraying Medusa. Nobody knows who she is or what she's done. Kurona will be the first to discover the truth; Shiko is the Demon Executioner, and is well on her way to becoming a kishin.

Finally, we get to the ship. I plan on doing a FxNB with Shiko x Kurona. Kurona understands how it feels to be neglected, abused, to feel useless and scared. They would understand more than anyone else why Shiko responds to everything with violence; she's afraid. Obviously she won't trust them at first, though. In fact, Shiko hates Kurona at first, because of their actions as the Demon Swordsman.

If you read this far, congratulations! You're probably willing to rp with me, so go ahead and shoot me a pm.

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I'm down to try this !
Could play Crona, but in fandom I like not to interact too much with the existing characters, cause it's tough to play them correctly.


Soul Eater fans HMU
I'm down to try this !
Could play Crona, but in fandom I like not to interact too much with the existing characters, cause it's tough to play them correctly.
The story should focus mainly around Crona, Medusa, and any ocs. The other canon characters (besides Shinigami-sama, Soul/Maka who I'd be perfectly willing to play anyway) aren't too important. If that's okay with you, you can go ahead and DM me!

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