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Realistic or Modern Regency and Romance (1800s slice of life CLOSED)


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Regency & Romance

The ‘Season’ a time when anyone who is anyone in regency society graces the social scene in search of romance or lucrative social connections. Could you find love this season?

The fictionalised county of Hertfordshire is a pastoral region nestled in the rolling hills of the English countryside close enough to the hustle and bustle of London to attend all the high society balls, but far enough away to take the air and live in tranquility. You, your family, or perhaps your employer owns a home here, be it a humble cottage, a farmhouse, or a sprawling estate. It is the early 1800s where regency romances à la Pride and Prejudice are commonplace and the norms of society are altogether different, but the people aren’t…

This RP would take place in a realistic slice-of-life setting. Perfect historical accuracy or a firm grasp of historical knowledge is not at all required as I’ll be happy to provide tips and help!

The main subject of the RP would revolve around the society and life of our characters within this setting. This is mainly inspired by period drama authors like Jane Austen and shows like Downton Abbey or Bridgeton so romance and social connections are very important aspects as the story will be driven forward by the decisions and desires of our characters. There will be occasional fixed events and happenings to help drive things forward and pull people together.

I’d love to see a diverse range of characters of different ages and classes, this is a town bustling with life after all!

The Rules (so to speak):

All RPN rules apply

Please be…Active - I would like everyone to reply at least once a week and let me know if you won’t be able to post or would like to leave the RP. I understand that life gets in the way. This won't be a hard and fast rule, but the more activity the better

Please be…Detailed- Averaging around 3 paragraphs (more is certainly welcome), quality over quantity

Please be…Engaged - Interested in the other characters and storytelling

  • regency & romance

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I *might* be interested. That's a big maybe since I'm busy with school stuff so have no idea how active I can be.
OHH!! i've just finished the best regency/napoleonic romance novel, interested!!! I'll throw up a reserve and work on it over the week!
(omg i know you pixie!! i saw you in the sitcom rp didnt i?)

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