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So, Hello There! I’m not sure by what chance you decided to look a this thread but hey, I don’t mind. My names Siren and I’m a 17 year old roleplayer from the good old USA. Of course you don’t care about that so moving on. I’m interested in any and all types of genres and plots, and of course I come prepared with my own plot ideas. I’m not good with coding or anything like that so this post won’t be the most fantastic looking thing you’ve ever seen but here goes.

Utopian Nightmare
Genre: Futuristic, Action, Adventure

In the distant future of our home planet of earth, a Great War had changed our world into a sort of unified utopia. Or at least that’s what the people who run the place would describe it as. What was once modern day North America, Europe, and the western portion of Asia, now became a vast civilization of one people. The rest of the world, well no one knows what happened. Some think it to be a toxic waste zone from the carnage of war, others spread rumors of a resistance forming in these abandoned areas. However, all of these are nothing but stories. No one knows for sure.

Our story will take place in the reformed Europe, a sort of heart for the Utopian civilization. It is here that the self proclaimed ruler resides, “caring” for our new world. However in what once was Rome, he now uses it for his own personal pleasure of collesium battles and this is where Character A comes into play.

However the characters soon meet, and begin to discover the lies in this flawed society. Not everything is as perfect as the magistrates would like the citizens to believe. And so our characters must do what it takes to reclaim the land, and overthrow this facade.

Ideas for characters meeting: Character B could be a medic/nurse for the collesium, another gladiator that has a random duo fight with Character A, or if you can come up with something else I’m all for it.

Secret of Success
Genre: Modern, Action, Mafia

Character A is a wealthy businessman that works as the head of a shipping company. Character B could possibly be his secretary or house maid, but either way they are new to their jobs. Character A takes a liking to them and begins taking them around with him to different business trips and all sorts of gatherings and parties. However one night, as the two are heading home they approached by people who are strangers only to Character B. The group talk of “needing another shipment” and “Don’t mess this job up.” It is now that some secrets Character A has been trying to hide from everyone are starting to be revealed. After much pestering and prying from Character B, Character A finally snaps and tells them all about his dirty dealings with the local mafia. Drugs, Weapoms, all sorts of things imaginable and been transported illegally by Character A. And now he has to take care of another shipment for them.

However the job doesn’t go as planned, and soon the two find themselves on the run from the crime syndicate. Now they must do what it takes to survive, even if it means murder.​

Welcome To The Game (SAO)

Genres: Fandom, Adventure, Gaming

This Roleplay kinda piggybacks off the plot of SAO in that during the wide release of a video game, players are suddenly trapped inside the game and forced to fight for their lives. So Character A and Character B are no different, however they make the smart decision of trying to work together instead of trying to survive alone.

Now we can go pretty in depth with the game and how it works, what kind of story elements it has, classes, use of magic, all that good stuff. Whatever you want to bring up I’m definitely down to discuss. While this one isn’t the most original Idea, I always thought it was a cool plot to follow and manipulate.​

Trained Monsters

Genres: Action, Adventure, Futuristic

Money is a powerful icon. It can manipulate mankinds hearts for the worst. Greed stems deep in all man, even if they wish to deny it. One such group of people, trained scientists that could’ve achieved so much in a normal line of work, found boredom in trying to better humanity and instead resorted to finding a more extreme and lucrative way to increase their wealth.

Children were snatched from their homes in an almost perfect plan. Not a trace was left behind, and no explanation could be had. What would these people need with helpless children? To create them into living weapons of destruction. Each child was put through extreme tests, of which resulted in many of their deaths. The rest was to push the human genome to another extent of evolution, and bring about what is known as Adepts.

Adepts are humans that once successfully having undergone the evolution process, have gained the ability to manipulate an element of the world. Fire, Ice, Electricity, anything was possible even to the extent of controlling the very light in the air. Once the process was completed, the children were out under an even great stress for years of undergoing training to hone and perfect their abilities. Afterwards, they would be bought and sold for massive amounts of wealth in secret auctions. Once sold, they would be reprogrammed I’m their psyche to obey any command from the person(s) of authority and they would become mindless machines.

Character A and B were a pair that were trained together in an effort to meet the demands of those who wished to have more than one of these Adepts. A team so perfect that they would decimate whole armies together. Of course, knowing full well of their fate from rumors and hidden notes from Adepts long last, they understand that In this dire circumstance they must either escape or face the same fate the others have met.

(More Ideas Pending)


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I would love a SAO rp! I would like to go over the ideas I have had for one myself and see if we can come up with something great!

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