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  • Starting Monday, I will be shadowing an OTR/L with SCI patients weekly. I am super stoked about it. This sadly takes time away from roleplaying, but it's progress on one of my main career goals.
    Happy new year, everyone! I hope that 2020 brings you many incredible adventures and unbelievable triumphs. Reach for those goals! Never stop moving forward! This is your year.
    Okay. I finished my last final for the semester! I intellectually know I got a solid B+/A, but emotionally I am feeling like I am going to fail my courses.
    The voices of doubt and self-loathing in my head won't shut up.

    I do have my support systems (friends, family, emotional support animals, and therapy) helping me climb out of this hole. I just wanted to share in case someone else was going through something similar.

    You are not alone. You are stronger and better than the demons dragging you down. We've got this.^;3^

    Just an half hour before my shift ends. Then I can work on creating a character and writing two posts.
    Something about your profile picture looks...familiar. Like, not the subject in particular, but the art style.
    I am slowly easing into my break, but the exam that I have the first day back from break keeps spiking my stress levels when I am by myself.
    Anxiety Disorder is flaring up. Dealing with it best I can. Hope everyone else is doing well.
    Hello, all! I am back yet again.
    Life threw some curveballs that I've had to deal with, but I think I can regularly check in here, chat, and hopefully, RP with you wonderful people.
    Woot! Friday! My Exalted group is meeting up at my place again before school starts up again.
    Yo. I noticed you mentioned actual, useful criticism in Nulla Rimane's thread - just wanted to say; so appreciative of that. Especially if you apply it to any of my blathering in Creativity.
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