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Fandom rainer's int check. (craving wolfstar✨️🙏)

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salutations, i am rainer and this is my silly corner of the internet where i try to make a comprehensive guide to my current rp carvings, but i will also fail at it. so, again, i go by rainer, and i live in gmt+9, as i know it. my work schedule is pretty set in stone, and i probably wont be avaible 9 am to 3pm every weekday; weekends are my only off time unless i take time off.

as a writer, i have been role playing since i was 10, on a website that was originally meant to be for coding. i've written here and there on other websites over the years, and currently i am new to rpn. i come with openness towards constructive criticism, yes, you are allowed to correct me but please do it in constructive mannerism, i cannot work with someone who tells me that my writing sucks without knowing the reason for what i can do better. i write in third person and in past tense, i have never been comfortable with asterisk rp, nor writing in first person. i write mainly in multi-paragraph format (700-1000 words, generally), but i am very flexible with my writing, and i can adjust to my partner's needs.

in regards to characters, i prefer writing fandom canon characters and i like to stick to fandom canons. i can make some oc’s to fill in as side characters in a world, but i am not going to write an oc as my main character. i can use any gender for any canon character i know, but do mind that if is not one my usual canons, i might have a learning curve before i can write them in total in character.

as a player, aside from when i'm working, during my free time i'm pretty online, and can post a lot if i'm really interested in the roleplay. i am ooc friendly to a fault, and i do like knowing my partners somewhat, so feel free meme dump on me, and i probably will too. i enjoy gushing over our characters and sending you pictures that remind me of them, so please bear with me, i'm a passionate individual

in terms of themes, i like a lot of angst, but i also adore moments where the characters can be wholesome together, so the classic hurt/comfort tag hits me best. combat-heavy stories are fun too, but in general, i would instead write the aftermath of the battle and the moments where characters are either wounded and dying, over characters who get very action-packed. love love found family and platonic bros just hanging, but romance will always have a special place in my heart, and i'll usually want to incorporate into my eps.

as for fandoms i want to write, i'm currently fallen down the marauders rabbit hole all over again, and am craving a wolfstar roleplay! i'm happy writing either character, but in general i do prefer writing sirius! canon or au is fine, although if we do go canon, i'm a sucker for the sirius doesn't go to azkhaban and wolfstar raise harry arc, so indulge me please (for canon, i'm also open to writing them in school). as for aus! modern aus are welcome, and so are band aus, or even cowboys. most are up for grabs lol, although for aus, i prefer to write the characters as adults.

when contacting me, please introduce yourself, yk like your writing style and timezone etc. excited to hear from you <3

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