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Prologue - "Double or Nothing" for Ylva Sveadotter and Richard "Ricky" Rolland

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"Ronin" by Forerunners. Good fighting music!

The odds may have appeared even, but they were anything but.

With this new situation came new opportunities. As the tall woman in the brown business suit came down to the bottom of the sloping ramp, both Ricky and Ylva's opponent had the opportunity to get to their feet. This, Ylva's opponent did in style.

From flat on her back, she quickly pulled her legs up to her shouldders then flung them down with such force and agility that the rest of her followed. In an instant, she was back on her feet in fighting stance. One dirty look at Ylva told the Swede all she needed to know. Her hispanic opponent had been humiliated and was eager for some payback - the kind that ended with her heels against Ylva's beautiful face.

Then Ricky's mighty opponent walked into view.


She kicked Ricky's helmet so hard it bounced off of the reinforced roof of the locker room before striking a bench and rolling to an upside-down stop. Ricky's opponent still wore her lioness's grin. "Hey Leona!" she addressed the hispanic woman. "Check it out! Found Prince Charming up here tryin' to sneak in to save your Barbie doll there!" With great confidence, this woman pulled off her brown business jacket revealing a black sports top and perhaps the most defined and athletic chest and arms Ylva or Ricky had ever seen on a woman. Her huge deep brown biceps rippled with musculature and power. Bare-knuckled, she threw a heavy left hook into the air chased by a series of rapid-fire punches that shot out faster than the eye could follow. She bounced lightly on her feet and kept a high guard with her powerful fists.

"Listen up, Princey," she winked at Ricky. "This ain't no fairy tale and you ain't no knight in shining armor. That you came down here took guts so..." she kissed each of her bulging biceps and licked her teeth at him, "...try to last longer than 30 seconds, all right?"

Leona stared evilly at the blonde scientist. "Hey Cinderella. After Laila puts your Princey to sleep, I'm going to stuff you upside-down into one of these lockers for getting my suit dirty. How do you like that?"

WIth that, both women flew into action whether Ricky or Ylva were ready or not!
"Ronin" by Forerunners. Good fighting music!

Liana and Leona came at Ricky and Ylva like a pair of twin tornadoes!

* * *​

LIana used her tall, muscular body to advantage by throwing a series of fast and snappy punches to test his guard. As she threw, she taunted him. "What'chu got, Princey? Let's see what'choo got!" This was followed by a vicious left-hand uppercut to Ricky's ribcage.

What does Ricky do?

Liana is attacking with her Power Punch. Not the Rifts Power Punch that takes two actions, but the Ninjas & Superspies attack that is basically an uppercut.

* * *​

Leona did not taunt Ylva, but instead she came at Ylva angrily for the locker room floor may have been clean but it sure didn't feel good when Ylva flattened her against it with her trip! The hispanic woman kept her fists high in a tight guard and threw a beautiful display of kicks. Or rather, they would have been beautiful if one wasn't a sidekick aimed straight at Ylva's belly!

What does Ylva do?

Leona is using her Side Kick against Ylva. This is a linear kick using most of the major muscle groups of the leg and gluteus maximus. It probably does more damage than a typical Kick Attack.
Lying on his back, he saw the VIP. His eyes lit up. Thank god she was alive and well! Sure he just got tossed like a bowling ball, but he was still here to save her. "Don't worry! I got this all under control!" He said right before having his helmet kicked off. But better his helmet than his nose.

Ricky scrambled messily to his feet just in time as tall dark and handsome came charging at him.

Scrambled messily was the observable term. It may have looked liked he was slipping to his feet. It may have looked like he was greatly off balance and still a bit stunned from the throw. But of course, such was how he took his stance. Like he said. He had everything under control.

"H-hey! If you want me to be insulted, you sort of have to prove your a girl first. I cant really say I believe you." He said, feigning false bravado. That's right. Faking fake bravery.

As the woman came in with her hook, Ricky attempted a dodge, fumbling forward to awkwardly slide around her right slide so he could be behind her.
Just when the things have simplified - one against one, for an unknown reason, with the foe on the floor and herself in control - they take a turn for the worse, once more. It's just one of those days, where the reinforcements helplessly tumble into vision just when she had the upper hand. Is that recognition in his eyes? She can't offer the same. Unknown, this one, certainly. Like the last uniformed man she met, that hulk of a moron, hopefulyl forever lost in the wilderness. That one knew her as well - makes you wonder. Like when you drank too much that one night, and all but you remember the shit you did. At least this one is pretty much forced to be on her side, for the moment, and be it only because the other two stick together, and declared the pilot and her to be their punching bags. Not today. Never, if she can help it. And damn, she spent long hours to be able to save her hide. That man, though - the opposite, by the looks of it. Like he gave himself Dutch courage and didn't stop in time. The things you only see on these kind of days. Looks more like she'd have to save him instead. Only that she's got a problem of her own, right in front of her, demonstrating her prowess by leaping back on her feet.

"Need your friend to come over and help you out? Can't figure out how to open the lockers, other than kick in the door?" Not that she intends to be defeated in the first place. But where anger offers strength, it also makes you less attentive. Some of the best fighters can fight like grandmasters play chess - calm and controlled, despite the highest of stakes. Her opponent seeks success in the opposite direction. If she can feed that flame of wrath, all the better. "Also, isn't Cinderella the one in the dirty rags? And ain't it the princesses the ones who care about a bit of dust?" Words that come from somewhere in her mind, meaningless in the grand scheme of things. It's all about what her eyes perceive, what she can discern from Leona's movements. Don't see every strike on its own, discern the pattern beyond. Recognize the one kick that truly matters. It comes straight at her, with the same force that dented the lockers. The Swede however, is on guard. The rear leg rotates in place to turn the torso away from the blow. One ellbow hurries downwards to intercept, allowing the lower arm to deflect the blow from its straight path if things go as planned for once. Do her best to avoid the worst of it - then wait for an opening to strike herself, or help out her newly arrived ally.
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"What? I'll show you, punk!"

Ylva had the opportunity to watch Liana the boxer throw one hell of an uppercut to Ricky's ribs, but he stumbled and somehow the he managed to wind up behind her. "What the hell?!" Liana exclaimed.

But then Ricky saw that Ylva was more than a helpless VIP as the blonde put up her guard just in time to absorb Leona's fierce kick. There was more to the smart-looking blonde that met the eye.

Silanon Silanon It became Ylva's turn. What does she do?
"That all you got?" Clenched teeth don't allow for the best pronounciation, but this isn't rellay the time for words anyway: You see an opening, you strike. Humans have two legs, one just met with her arm - that means that the other carries all of her weight. Even if her second foot gets back on the ground in time - who says that that's enough for her foe to keep the balance? She failed once - she might fall twice. The Swede brings her rear leg forward in an arc, trying to hit Leona's standing leg right below the knee. A roundhouse kick, and perhaps a reminder that the fine lady hit the floor once already.

The other fight? Under control for now. No idea how he dodged, not her problem anyway. Only thing that matters is that he surprised that musclebound boaster, buying time for her at the very least. If he can keep it up, all the better. "Too slow for him already?" Make one angry, get a second one for free?

Let me attempt another trip, +8 on the roll.
(Sil, my yellow d20 rolled a Natural 20!)

Without the use of punches, Ylva performed a textbook back leg sweep against Leona's support leg (basically the roundhouse kick to below Leona's knee that Sil just described. Here it is.).


Ylva perfectly upended Leona into the air until her body was parallel with the locker room floor. Leona landed on it with a thump loud enough that everyone could hear.

"Ha ha!" Liana pointed at Leona. "Lookit that! On yo back with yo legs wide open - just like yo momma!!"

But Leona did not get angry at the dark-skinned boxer. Her eyes flared with humiliation and a clear desire for vengeance as she glared at Ylva. But, as everyone noticed, she was doing her glaring from the floor. =)

Ricky's turn to act had come. What does he do?
D. Rex D. Rex
Ricky looked like he stumbled right through her. As if he tripped on his own feet and accidentally slipped past her.

An odd little dance it was, his right foot going past her left side, the his left foot slipping by. Putting his back slightly against her as he looked like he was nearly about to topple over.

All positioning of course! Because as he straightened up and took another step with his right foot, he rotated his body, as one does, and drove his elbow into the Shrek's back, specifically her kidney. Using the momentum to push himself forward a few more steps until he slammed himself into the lockers as if to catch himself.

Quickly checking the row of lockers to see if there were any unlicked that he could open. To see what improvised weapons and shields he could make use of. (A la opening locker doors at the right moment)

He turned back to her, his back now resting against the lockers, "And yeah, you do got to prove it." Ricky panted, as he continued his taunting. "Those aren't breasts. I know from experience what it looks like when someone is trying to smuggle grilled cheese sandwiches in a suit."

(Ricky uses a level six spell slot to cast Rear Elbow strike, or its closest equivalent)
(D. Rex, for Ricky's Called Shot, my teal d20 rolled a 19 and that's good enough for a Critical Strike! I rolled my teal d6 and rolled a 6. Max damage = 15! Also, Silanon Silanon I believe I forgot to tell you earlier - Ylva nailed Leona for 12 points of damage with her Double Kick at the start of the round. Whoops!).

Ricky was able to use the momentum in his Automatic Dodge and add it to the force of his Elbow - and it struck her kidney right on target! It was one of the hardest elbows Ricky had ever delivered!

And it didn't seem to harm Liana in the least. Instead, the brutish woman just looked over her shoulder and blew Ricky a kiss. "'Grilled cheese sandwiches,' huh? I bet I kin make yo face look just like one!" Liana whirled about and threw a punishing flurry of jabs too fast for the eye to follow, one of which was destined to land. Mixed in the jabs came one particularly blistering blow.

Liana is using her standard Strike against Ricky. Her flurry of jabs are almost this fast.
"Speed of the Boxing punches part... 2.flv"

Meanwhile, something in the Test Pilot inside of Ricky was just about wailing at him. He had hit her with a strike that should have at minimum staggered her and what he felt beneath his elbow was not the giving-way of a kidney, but muscles that absorbed the blow like body armor. Something was not right.

How did Ricky attempt to defend against Liana's Boxing flurry?

* * *​

Leona, on the other hand, was no longer in a mood for jokes or games. Still prone, she kicked herself back up into her fighting stance.

Leona is electing to use her Action to stand back up instead of staying on the ground and taking -4 to all of her rolls.

Initiative was once again Ylva's. How does she use it?
Ricky was left rubbing his elbow in pain, what the hell. That should have sent her to the hospital. What the heck was she wearing under there? Body armor? No. None that he knew of would let her still be that mobile in a suit.

"Now I know you arent a women... no strong independent female WDNNM would ever stoop so low as to make a man a sandwich. Even literally." He jabbed back verbally.

When the flurry came, Ricky made a very audible Curly-esque "NGHYEAA-" sound as he tried to get out of the way. Dodging along the lockers and rolling against them. Hopefully leaving a series of dents in the lockers rather than his face.

Auto-Dodging. +10
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That angry glare, all the way from the floor - it's left unanswered, this time. The moment her opponent hits the ground, the Swede's head already turns to the side, assessing the mess she somehow ended up in. Words fly by, but aren't of importance; just another layer of distractions. None of them require a response, her lips only move when the hint of a grin breaks her stoic expression. The grin of someone who feels the blood pumping through her veins, more alive than ever before. The focus, however, remains.

When her direct opponent leaps back on her feet, quicker than most would manage, a decision is already made, and muscles tensed up. Ten feet isn't far, but enough to build some momentum. A few quick steps towards the other pair, bending the rules of chivalry. But who cares, really, when there's lives on the line - noone. The left leg leaves the ground with well-aimed intention, carrying the force of her approach farther forward. Stretches to connect with Liana's side or back, whatever presents itself as a target - a straight kick, chosen for its speed, not to impress. The lungs release their air just in the right moment, a sharp snort comes out - an uncontrolled, untamed sound.

+8 to strike - just a standard kick, going for the reliable distraction rather than the fancy stuff.
"Now I know you arent a women... no strong independent female WDNNM would ever stoop so low as to make a man a sandwich. Even literally."

Liana grinned wolflike. "Le'ssee if you can think about eating after I break yo jaw!" Her flurry of punches were wicked and strong and they chased Ricky down the lockers. While Liana was not so foolhardy as to strike any of the lockers, Ricky heard the sure snaps of her fists coming at him. His accidental dodging, a true tribute to the marvelous Three Stooges, was as comical as it was effective.

"The Three Stooges Curly Howard Moments Very Funny High Quality" - Slapstick comedy at its best! "Woop woop woop!" Curly's match trick alone is worth watching. =)

Ricky was rewarded with a look of frustration on Liana's features as the dangerous woman had yet to touch him despite her attempts.

Then things changed as Ylva decided to turn the tables. Ricky saw Ylva go from the role of the rescued to the rescuer as Ricky's antics had evidently even fooled the VIP he was after!

"Bruce Lee's JKD Front Straight Kick Jik Tek" NOT the kick in the video's still shot, but the kick starting at the 0:54 mark. This displays a straight kick hopefully similar to what Silanon described for Ylva. =)

D. Rex, my teal d20 rolled an 11. With Ricky's +10 bonus, he has just enough to evade Liara's Attack.
SIlanon, my yellow d20 came up with a Natural 19 which Liara barely failed to Parry. My yellow d8 stopped on a 4. Add +3 to Damage from Ylva's P.S. and that's 7 damage!

Ricky had done a splendid job in capturing Liana's attention; so well, in fact that Liana only just noticed Ylva moving in at the last moment. Liana turned her guard to absorb Ylva's straight kick, but the boxer was not fast enough. Ylva's kick connected solidly! And yet, Ylva discovered Liana's body did not give any more than Leona's had when Ylva had struck her with her Double Kick prior to Ricky's arrival! The boxer didn't even grunt when Ylva made contact nor was she breathing hard after the impact.

It was Ricky's turn to act now. How does he make use of it?
Goodness gracious that was close. But it didnt seem like he could just play around anymore. This chick wasnt going to go down that easily. Especially judging by his knight in shining armors kick.

How very kind of her! He must have been pretty convincing to have the rescuee come to his rescue. He would take that as a compliment. But not time to rest in his laurels, as this gave him just the chance he needed to take to the offensive.

"Aiight, mister. That's how you wanna do things? Well let's get serious then." He said, approaching rapidly. Stumbling forward again but this time something much more ominous about his swaying. His hands coming to half fist. Almost like pincers, or more accurately imitating holding small cups.

She wanted to box... he'd show her some boxing.

With a sway and a long step, he got much closer to her than she might have expected. Pressing his body right in close to get past her effective range of jobs.

His hands moved erratically, a quick series of feints and light taps up against her body before the main attack. A lightning fast thrust with his left hand.

It was a horribly strange punch aimed for her face. It looked like it might just glance her, judging from the angle of his hand, but no... he wasnt hitting with his fist. But rather striking with the hard of his wrist.

Special Attack: Forearm Strike
Called shot to head.

+5 to strike
Boxers, as most non-boxers can imagine, are used to getting punched. But getting struck with the wrist? Not so much. So it was that Ricky's attack barely slipped past Liana's excellent defense and scored right against her jaw!

Maximum damage! My teal d6 rolled a 6 +3 from Ricky's P.S. score makes for 9 hit points of damage. Ricky's attack, by the way, outdid Liana's parry by a single point. The Called Shot to the head seems to have no additional effect against Liana.

Except to Ricky, it didn't feel like a jaw. Nor did it move like a jaw. Ricky didn't quite know what it felt like but he knew this - Liana's head hardly moved despite Ricky's force. She wasn't even dazed. Instead, she just gave him this odd little smile and said, "You jus' don't get it, do you? While you is staggerin' around like a damned alcoholic, you don't realize - yo asses was kicked befo' you two even walked down in here!"

Liana then returned the favor with a swift combination of punches ending with a right cross towards Ricky's ever-moving mouth.

Liana is attacking Ricky with her Strike (punch). This is not a Called Shot. How does he choose to defend himself?

Leona seemed to get more agitated by the minute. Kicked, swept twice, and now virtually ignored by Ylva, Leona cried, "'Ey! I'm not done with you, gringa!" Leona sailed across the distance between her and Ylva and attempted to viciously grab the Swede by her hair.

Leona is attempting Tae Kwon Do's "Combination Grab/Kick" maneuver. This requires two successful Strike rolls on Leona's part - the first for the grab, the second for a devastating front kick to Ylva's midsection. Sil, you are welcome to declare two defenses at this time (in case the first defense fails).

This is similar to Muay Thai's Clinch followed by Knees (this video has some really good ones after the 1:30 mark)
"Muay Thai Clinch Knees Highlight"
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Like a reed in the wind, Ricky bent backwards to avoid the blow best he could. Didnt even have time to rub the sting from his arm from another ineffective blow.

Dodge +10
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The attack in general - not a surprise, of course. It's the details that make all the difference, though. Grabbing Ylva's hair - not quite expected. Taking a hold of the Swede to finally land a blow, as it seems. Not if she can avoid it. Where the hair is, there is the head - and where the head is, the arms are nearby to protect it, at least in the ways of fighting she's familiar with. And so that's what they do. Move to intercept her foe's arms as she turns in place to face her. Then try to avoid the worst of the follow-up if it comes to that.

I want to automatic parry the initial attempt to grab her - +9 on that. Roll with impact (+1) if that fails, don't think the other options are fitting.
Edit: Changed to two parries after some consideration, see OOC.
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"The Devil Does Drugs (Speed Addiction Edit)" for Cool World Soundtrack by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

Ricky's upper body bent backward to avoid Liana's fury, but this time the boxer was ready for him. She waited for his body to snap back to its normal position and slugged Ricky right in the mouth. Ricky tasted a little of his own blood, for the boxer hit hard.

Ricky rolled a total of 21 with his Automatic Dodge, but Liana beat him out with a 24. Ricky takes 11 S.D.C. damage. Ouch!

Ylva saw Leona's tactics for what they were just a hair too late. Before Ylva knew it, Leona had her grabbed in a clinch by her blonde hair and the back of her neck. Leona's facial expression became demonic. It was clear to Ylva that Leona was about to repay Ylva for her earlier humiliation with interest. Ylva saw the full-power rear-leg front kick coming and put her arms up to defend, but Leona did not account for the metal bench between them - she put her shin straight into it full force by mistake. The act didn't even cause the Hispanic woman to flinch.

Leona's Grab was successful but her Kick was a complete miss (natural 3). Ylva is now in Infighting distance with Leona. This means only certain close-range attacks (no Roundhouse Kicks, Kick Attacks, etc.) can be used until she gets out of Leona's Clinch. Ylva is left with strikes like Elbows, Knees, Forearm Attacks, and the like.

I haven't yet written Robotech: Broadsword's Combat Ranges to satisfaction. I'll keep working on it while we keep this scene going. As always, let me know if you have questions.

It was Ylva's turn to act. What does she do?
"Almost." If not for the steel obstacle, that kick could've hurt plenty. "Good try." The taunts sound half-hearted at best. The Swede's focus is elsewhere, after all. The foe grabbed her hair. The kick didn't land. Leaves an opening, at the very least. Ylva's not going to waste that, if it's avoidable. Best way to throw an attacker? Make them worry about their own well-being. Ylva's arms, in position to defend herself - their mission changes within a heartbeat. Where this Leona can reach her, the same holds for herself. The left arm extends for the first strike of a flurry, aimed at the head of her adversary. Mostly a distraction for the last one; the left hand again, trying to find an opening. Aimed straight for the other woman's eye - tough as they are, they still need to see if they want to make their brute force count.

Called shot against her right eye, if possible. Just an average strike, if that's allowed?
+7 to hit before any modifiers, think called shot varies depending on the target, right?
Called shot against her right eye, if possible. Just an average strike, if that's allowed?
+7 to hit before any modifiers, think called shot varies depending on the target, right?

Yes, Called Shots take a Strike penalty. The smaller the target, the bigger the penalty, but if it's successful, sometimes it's worth it.

My yellow d20 came up with a 14. The die Leona is using also rolled a 14. The Called Shot penalty alone (-5 for an eyeball) is enough to put it in Leona's favor.

Ylva's jab to the eye was fast but Leona shifted just in time to parry the blow. The Clinch continued.

D. Rex D. Rex It was Ricky's turn to take action! How does he use it?
Like a bozo the clown inflatable punching bag, Ricky had only gone back up to be punched back down. His body reacting to the punch by bending with it. Though it didnt do all that much good. That still hurt!

Ricky took a step back in response to the blow, looking stunned. "You could just let us go, eh?" He said taking a second step back.

Looking woozy, his third step back seemed like he tripped over his own feet. Likely more of his trickery, but rather than go for Liana, Ricky used the footwork feint to turn heel and gain momentum in the opposite direction.

Stumbling rapidly toward Leona or whatever the tiny ones name was, and crashing his body into her.

Not an accident, of course. He was hoping to body check her to get her off of the VIP. And to see if she was also built like a friggin robot.

Target: the Latina one
Special Move: Body Block/Tackle
+5 strike, +3 damage

Sdc: 68/57
Silanon Silanon D. Rex D. Rex Oh, Mister Rexter St. Dexter? See this spoiler! =)

I roll my teal d20... Natural 20! Critical hit right there! My teal d6 rolls a 5. Double that for the crit to 10. Double Ricky's P.S. damage bonus (+3) and Ricky gets in his best hit yet at 16 points of damage!

"What the hell?!"

Ricky flung himself with such terrific momentum that Boxer Liana momentarily gawked at him as if he had lost his marbles! Ricky slipped past the grappled VIP and slammed his shoulder deeply into the unsuspecting Leona. He hit her square in her ribcage. To Ricky, Leona felt as if she were wearing armor underneath her slim business suit. Sure, there was strong flesh and muscle, but now the test pilot and engineer in Ricky became firmly convinced there was something else under there!

Ylva felt a sharp, brief pain in her head. The impact knocked Leona loose and then some! When Ylva and Ricky looked up, they saw Leona flying off of her feet to slam loudly into the row of lockers behind her.

Landing on her feet, Leona did not cry out from pain and or act as if she had felt any. She didn't even gasp for breath. Instead, she looked down to one of her hands. In it, five beautiful blonde hairs with a fleck of blood upon them. Leona shot a hateful glare at Ricky. She gritted her teeth.

"Pendejo, you are so dead!" she screamed.

Liana gave her toothy grin, curled her fist and shouted, "Let's see how this fool likes a bum rush!!"

Ricky was in trouble! Liana wound up a powerful Uppercut meant for his back and kidney area while Leona fired off a picture-perfect Roundhouse Kick to Ricky's ribs. Using teamwork, they threw together in a way that made so that they would not connect with each other whatever happened.

Finding himself between Liana's fist and Leona's leg, Ricky knew if both of these connected, he might feel the same way his poor Veritech Jezebel looked!

Unless one of them fumbles, they are not likely to hit each other.

What does Ricky do to defend himself?
At the angry latin woman, Ricky retorted with a look of all seriousness. "Queso mio, ese baja." He would deadass spit back in return like it was a grave insult. Simply stringing together the first Spanish words that popped into his head.

Though now being rushed by both of them, this was trouble. Thankfully the elusive stance of his style should help. Hopefully. Maybe.

Ricky twisted to narrow his profile, turning into a spin as he leaned toward ogre woman. Like a spinning gear, like a mamba or whatever dancer spinning into the arms of their lover, brushing past the side of the uppercut, while trying to keep close enough that she doesnt reactively adjust its trajectory.

The roundhouse kick being more tricky. Using their teamwork against them. As Ricky pressed towards the large woman, he was trying to get out of range of the kick. Even if he had to press himself flat against Liana to have the kick narrowly brush by him.

Dodge Liana: 13

Dodge Leona: 24
Liana's d20 rolled a Natural 1! I rolled again for Fumble Confirmation (1-5) and it rolled an 18. No Fumble, but a complete miss for that vicious Uppercut!
Leona's d20 rolled an 11 vs. Ricky's 8. Her Roundhouse Kick scores for 3d6 + Leona's damage bonus.
Ricky takes... (rolls)... 14 hit points of damage. Ouch!

Ricky bounced off of Liana's mighty chest as he felt the wind from her Uppercut slice past his ear. This, however, set Ricky up for Leona who embedded her shin and foot mightily into Ricky's ribs with a hit that felt like a baseball bat.

Silanon Silanon It became Ylva's turn. What does she do?

Again, if this were a cinematic presentation, Ylva now would be on the far left, then Leona, then Ricky, then Liana all in Striking Range (except that Liana and Ylva are too far apart to reach one another without spending an Action to move there).
The sharp pain as hair is torn away; reflexively, the Swede grits her teeth, only for a second wave of hurt to hit her mind. Where the gumshield would usually prevent the harm, the lower lip makes for a bad substitute. Nothing of significance; rather a wake-up call, unneeded at this point. The adrenal medulla already sends its hormone through the body, flipping the switch for the survival mode. Hard enough of a task as it is, with both of the foes proving capable and tough. Hard to judge how much effect the man's strikes should have had, he fights like noone she's seen before; but at least a deep breath might have been in order by now.

Not that it matters, he bought her some space at the very least. But the right way to thank him does not include words, for now. Where he and Ylva grouped up, they now do the same, and it's on her to even the chances once more. One step forward, towards Leona, changing her position just so that the distance is about right. "Done pulling hair like in preschool, are you?"

The right leg turns in place, the foot pointing rightwards; the knee is slightly bent as the left leg uses the momentum of the turn, gathering speed. At first, the kick seems to be aimed at the woman's side; the path is adjusted upwards as Ylva leans farther back, going for the head instead of the groin. The plan is simple, like most good plans are; allow her toes to connect with her foe's temple, with all the power that muscles and technique can muster. There's no fancy shout, just a hiss through her teeth as the lungs release the air within. The eyes give away utmost concentration, with a glimmering spark of excitement; for all the danger, there's a thrill in this that lab work alone couldn't quite replicate.

Description inspired by Savate's Fouetté - qualifies as a roundhouse kick, I believe. +8 to strike, +5 damage, and I want to do this called-shot-knockout thing. I have knockout on a natural 20, I believe, but it's worth a shot, right?
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I rolled my yellow d20 and got a Natural 20! Oh my gosh! You guys!

I rolled for Leona and without giving anything away, the dice were not nearly as friendly. That means Ylva's Roundhouse Kick to the head connects! Roundhouse Kick damage is her best solitary kick doing 3d6 damage (I rolled 11, doubled to 22) then double Ylva's provided Damage bonus of +5 multiplied by 2 and we get a smashing 32 point damage kick to the skull! Definitely the best hit of the fight, I think!
Sils KO attempt in Double or Nothing 28 May 2020.jpg

Folks, we are talking about this kick performed perfectly!

"Human Weapon Savate - Fouette, High Whip Kick"

"Kung Fu" by Derek and Brandon Fietcher

Ylva responded to Leona in such a way that made it clear to all - nobody messes with Ylva's hair and gets away with it!


Ylva's kick caught Leona wide-open, smashing the latina's face so powerfully it made Liana pause and gawk. Leona's head jerked to Ylva's left and stayed there a moment. But when Leona righted herself...

...not only was she still conscious, there was a terrible gash across her temple where Ylva had connected and Ylva's foot hurt from the impact! But all three of you noticed there was no blood coming from that gash. Not even a bruise! Instead, there was a piece of skin, torn like an orange peel from an orange, hanging there. And under that flap was a gun-metal gray surface where Ylva had banged her foot.

That surface was metal!

If Leona was humiliated and angry before, she was now furious as only Hispanic women could be! "Aaiee!! Mi cara!!" she screamed as she saw her reflection in the bright sheen of the lockers. "Tú diablaaa! You goddamned devil-womaaan! How am I gonna please Anaconda now?!"

But Liana just grinned and nodded. "Oh, y'all done it now! C'mon!" She pounded her fists together and eyed Ylva.

It was Ricky's turn. How did he choose to use it?
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